Thursday, February 18, 2021

I was Standing at the Intersection of Common Sense and Truth


I was standing at the intersection of common sense and truth watching the world go by and wondering why so many were refusing to go in this direction when a stranger passed by smiled and said have a nice day. Today I will walk through the intersection saying hello I love you to everyone I meet.

make yours a sacred environment of loving nurturance and you will receive benefits from heaven that will open you to a realty beyond the physical where you may create your own destiny as you live the life you deserve.

I have a metaphysical mailbox in my soul where I receive messages from spirit and yesterday I got a note written in an angelic language that simply said I love you.

with gentle guidance and generosity of spirit make it your intention on this day to do the right things in the right way and everything will be alright.

I do my best each day to embrace a heart centered way of being where wishes and intentions turn into kind, caring and compassionate realities that bring me and those around me peace, love and light.

exhilarated and energized I embrace each new experience without expectation for I am on an evolving expanding path of enlightenment that leads to the ethereal.

wonders await and miracles appear for those who with heart centered mindfulness seek to prayerfully peacefully and positively impact the world around them in profound ways that serve the highest greatest good.

compassionate actions have restorative healing powers that are good for your mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.

the more contemplative the relationships I am in the easier it is to immerse myself in sacred experiences that open gateways to spirit where I may step into love.

when my life gets dark I like to turn on the light of love that I may see clearly the direction I need to take to emerge into greater happiness and wholeness.

with deeper aliveness, passionate caring and an open heart embrace your true powers and use them as sources of inspiration for yourself and others.

radiant and beautiful are those of sacred heart who with compassionate wisdom help others to cultivate that which brings them joy.

I was walking through fields of experiential exploration when I came upon a garden of loving kindness where I nourished myself with a lovingly crafted feast of inspiration, rejuvenation and transformation.

I have found in my life that when I have given the gift of love I have received blessings of light which have given me the healing power to grow in extraordinary and ethereal ways.

listen deeply, think honestly, act compassionately and love continuously as this will help you to breathe in more fully the beauty, bliss and blessings of life.

one day while creating happiness I was immersed in the blessedness of life when waves of kindness washed over me opening gateways to grace, glory, goodness and greatness.

with divine devotion as my guide and the highest good as my companion I walk each day toward a natural state of love which gives me the courage blossom into life in ways that are beneficial to myself and others.

when I write the spirit within consciously chooses words that create a flow of love and compassion meant to initiate inner and outer transformation for myself and all who need a kind word to help them get through the day.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 11, 2021

I Followed my Heart who led me to my Soul


I followed my heart who led me to my soul who guided me to my spirit who brought me to my true sacred self who walked me home where we all lived happily ever after.

create what you want in life. create a positive environment, create a happy home, create paths of inspiration, create places of peace, create the life of your dreams and create all the love you can whenever you can and wherever you can.

I try to do whats right every day, I try to make the best of every moment, I seek to feel love in every breath and I do my best to be my best no matter the situation. I may not always succeed but I always try and that for me has been what has kept me safe, secure, sane and sacred.

if love is the lesson then all we have to do to make the world a better place is listen, learn and love.

there is hope on the horizon. I know this because I along with many others have made an effort during these difficult times to venture out into the horizon and beyond to plant seeds of hope. there is happiness on our doorstep...

acts of love purify the heart and soul while creating within us a sea of beauty that helps us to bloom like a flower in heavens garden.

I was praying at the nexus of faith when I met a spiritual traveler who stood silently with me gazing at the universe and then just before leaving gave me a heavenly hug that brought me great joy and happiness.

if you have too much time on your hands use it to realign with your destiny, use it to beautify your world, use it to manifest the greatest good, use it to come home to yourself and use it to love.

a planetary awakening is upon us and the ones who have listened and learned are the ones who will guide us to a new reality of cleansing, clearing, caring, creating, elevating, liberating and loving.

inner exploration can create outer transformation which can manifest moments of bliss that change your consciousness and elevate your existence to its rightful place in the heavens.

I looked out the window the other day and saw dancing in the clouds waves of bliss so I went outside and invited them in where we talked of ways to nurture spirit and positively change life for the better.

I have a song to sing. a song of wholeness and oneness, a song of hope and happiness, a song of kindness and compassion, a song of love and inner peace. I have a song to sing.

angels of enlightenment visit me in my sleep and caress my thoughts with visions of joy and happiness which when I awake make it easier for me to adapt to lifes changes with wisdom, kindness, compassion and love.

we heal, grow, evolve and blossom when we with deep love and respect for life we embrace our world with wholeness of mind, body, spirit and soul.

life changed for me when I not only began to believe in myself but also began to believe that I deserved better and was worthy of more.

I was feeling down the other day so I reached for a higher level of being which connected me to spirit who radiated waves of positive energy that embraced my path with greater meaning and purpose.

life for me is a flower unfolding in a garden of heavenly light where angels dance with ancients to sacred songs that embrace us all with joyful freedom and limitless love.

whenever my son smiles and says I love you i feel the pulse of creation rejoice within me which lights up my world with a radiant beauty most sacred.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 04, 2021

The Day My Heart and Soul connected with My Spirit


I could feel a deep residing joy bubble up within me the day my heart and soul connected with my spirit and led me along a path of self discovery and healing.

I come to you with the greatest respect and ask simply that you think before you speak, speak before you act and act in a way that provides positive inspiration and direction.

my natural self and sacred self in the spirit of love gifted me with clarity, compassion, insight, inspiration and a passion for life that has seen me through the darkest times into the light.

I am motivated by lifes simplest and most beautiful blessings, the sound of a baby laughing, the heartfelt embrace of a loved one, the kindness of a stranger, the sunshine on a warm summers day...

with a pure heart and positive intention venture out on a path of greater spiritual awareness with love as your inspiration and destination.

deep personal growth for me began when I decided to shape my life in a way that made me a source of light for myself and others.

I make the choice each morning to embrace those things that motivate me to move forward and inspire me to do what is good for the heart and soul.

it is easier to love the life you live when your goal has always been and will always be to live a life you love.

I opened my heart and found within fuel for change which empowered me to see with clarity the path to miracles before me.

even in the darkest times there are messages of light waiting for us to discover their truth and beauty that they may embrace us with gifts, graces, goodness, guidance, glory and greatness.

with help from the spirit within I do my best each day to weave a life of growth and transformation in which I make unique and beautiful choices that fill my path with the healing light of love.

it depends on how I wake up and it depends on how I feel but sometimes I like to make believe and sometimes I like to make it real.

sweetly inspiring are the messages from spirit that awaken the sacred within and give us a deeper sense of meaning.

I once gave my love to others who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others, who gave their love to others...

genuine love and respect inspired by the sacred nurtures the heart and enhances the quality of life.

it is the clarity of compassion that inspires me to explore the depths of spirit by sharing my heart in positive loving ways.

it is by following the true natural flow of life that we open ourselves to receiving spirit and begin to connect with higher realities and realms.

the rewards are miraculous when with a deep love for each other we speak from the heart with the intention of helping heal the world.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Speak from the Soul, Listen from the Spirit and Love from the Heart

speak from the soul, listen from the spirit and love from the heart as doing so awakens our humanity, manifests our intentions and evolves our universe.

I set out one day with the intention of inspiring, empowering and enlightening myself which made me feel happy, free and totally alive.
value yourself as you seek your truth and you will create flashes of inspiration that will bathe you in rivers of good karma.

a life infused with divine light is one of unique purpose that serves the highest good while embracing the earth, stars, planets and heavens with love.

I like to walk toward the sunshine of spirit as doing so opens my heart and changes my vibrations thereby making it easier for me to embrace the universe as I sow seeds of love.

we all have the innate ability to be spiritual messengers, teachers, mentors, facilitators, guides and role models. let us gather as one and share freely our sacred abilities.

let us create together a new and better world. let us fill it with peace, freedom, joy and happiness. let us make it our purpose to do good for each other. let us listen to the voice of spirit. let us compose a symphony of love. let us all be better people who do better things in the best way possible.

the sun shines through a sincere smile and illuminates the beauty of life in simple sacred ways that enrich, expand, empower, and enlighten.

words of love heal the heart, uplift the spirit and transform the soul.

give yourself the freedom to live your dreams and love your life for you deserve all the goodness, greatness, love and light that this world has to offer.

heavenly is the heartbeat of those sacred souls whose healing touch radiates beauty, inspires change, speaks the truth and serves a higher purpose for they are angels on earth guided by grace who make the world a better place.

in the gentlest possible way walk along the road to wellness with the light of goodness as your guide as this will open doors to change that help you heal and grow into happiness.

I opened a portal of hope one morning and I heard the heart of nature beating which brought new meaning to my life that inspired me to see the good in the world.

believe completely. believe in life completely. believe in happiness completely. believe in the power of love completely. believe in yourself completely. life is better and more beautiful when we foster beliefs that express our goodness, greatness, grace and glory.

peace, love, light and laughter joined me for breakfast one day and we talked of spiritual exploration, esoteric meaning, cosmic rebirth and evolving into wholeness.

I have throughout my life intelligently crafted a unique spiritual path of hope, happiness, harmony and divine diversity that has made my journey magickal, mystical, inspirational and transformational.

there are other spiritual beings in the universe and if we open our minds we will bring into our lives breathtakingly beautiful new realities that will embrace us with an infinite light that connects us to the divine.

be a singer of sacred songs who brings people together with words of love that bless us with inspiration as they move us into the light.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Walking through Canyons of Introspection


I was walking through canyons of introspection with the intention of creating good karma when I came upon my immortal soul who was waiting to guide me on a personal heroic journey of celestial beauty that transcends the traditional and embraces the transformational when I realized that I was already on that journey and I had been my whole life.

the divine spark within lit a fire in my soul that warmed my heart and awakened my authentic self who with clarity of intention immersed me in a world of revelation and transformation where with higher purpose I have created a heaven I call home.

our horizons expand when we with active imagination, kind words and positive intentions send out into the world messages of joy, hope and happiness.

I wept with joy the day I discovered my true self because he embraced me with love, showered me with blessings, saturated my mind with ancient wisdom and gave me the strength, power and passion to transform.

the earth sings a song and I reach for the sun as the brilliant and beautiful dance with the divine in celebration of the pure sacred glory of a life well lived.

there is a light breeze that flows over the mountain of my spirit which guides me through the forest of my soul to a world of myth and reality where humanity and divinity live as one.

when my mind is hungry I feed it. when my body is hungry I feed it. when my spirit is hungry I feed it. when my soul is hungry I feed it. when my heart is hungry I feed it. what I feed myself determines how my day, week, month, year and life will go. I just made myself a bowl of kindness, compassion, love and light for breakfast this morning and I am looking forward to the day ahead.

simple, sincere, sacred and wise are the children of the world for innocence is inspiration that lights the world with love.

each and everyone one of us has an extraordinary story. it is a story of life, love, strength, courage and survival. open the window of your soul and set free your story that the world may know the brilliance and beauty of who you truly are.

I found the transcendent in the back of my mind stored in a box of memories from a past life and used them to build a bridge of blessings to the sacred love that is my destiny.

I find that when I pay tribute to the spirit within it fosters hope, embraces change, cultivates compassion and facilitates sacred self discovery.

theres a lot of crazy out there these days. I choose not to listen to crazy instead I listen to clarity and hope which during these difficult times has kept me safe and sane.

spread your wings and take flight along a lighted path of love where your visions are validated, your intentions are elevated and your heart and soul are captivated by all that is sacred.

we are all ethereal artists and within each of us are unique and special brands of creativity waiting for us to express our artistic essence to the world by making our life the masterpiece it is meant to be.

I received a call from my calling one day who told me to live my life in a way that showed the world I loved to love.

my footprints are in the wind and my heart prints are in the heavens for I am a being of light whose spirit soars freely through realms, dimensions and worlds most sacred.

do that which resonates with spirit as this will help you to transcend the trials of life with an enduring expression of love and lightness.

open your mind and free your dreams that they may in heavens glory lift your heart, raise your spirit and elevate your existence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Hearts True Purpose is to Deliver Us Love


the hearts true purpose is to deliver us love with a sacred embrace of spiritual well being that strengthens the soul of humanity.

with ethereal confidence, great honesty deep gratitude and a love divine I have made my way from the darkness into the light of hope and happiness which has brought me home to a joyous place of peace where every breath is a blessing.

I feel nurtured, nourished, liberated and transformed when I am wrapped in grace, beauty, bliss and love by my wife and son.

we benefit from goodness. we benefit from kindness. being good and kind are simple sacred choices that improve greatly the quality of life.

its important to let go of things that hinder your happiness because no matter the struggle there are always miracles happening and if we remove barriers that such as anger, stress... we can see with clarity the blessings that surround us.

I can feel my heart open when I make choices that are positive which serve the greater good.

I try every day in my own way to do something simple that is inspirational and uplifting as doing so has an impact that gives me a better quality of life.

create with me a compassionate community of unconditional love filled with deeply nourishing and divinely nurturing experiences in which we engage in sacred activities that heal, empower and elevate us into a heavenly new world of joyous beauty and spiritual happiness.

I have found that when I share my blessings with others it creates for me a path of awakening embraced by light that opens celestial gateways to positive personal growth of mind, spirit, heart and soul.

extraordinary transformations take place when we light the lamp of hope with the intention of creating a welcoming atmosphere in which we can care for and love people.

you are an incredible blessing. you are a beautiful gifted soul. you are a being of light. you are a being of love. thank you for being you.

my contribution to the world today will be to do caring loving things that bless and heal the heart.

hello trees its the forest, can you see us yet, we have been here all along waiting for you to open your eyes and come to your senses.

we evolve more effectively when we let love lead us on a healing journey to our home in a heaven of our own creation.

I find that when I am being who I am meant to be I live a more meaningful life in which soul and spirit unite with the energy of the universe to make miracles my reality.

it is my fundamental goodness that has brought me to brighter worlds in which I not only see the light I become the light.

I begin each day with energizing prayer, ecstatic mindfulness and heartfelt love as my path, purpose, intention, inspiration and tools for transformation.

in every heart is an all embracing light of love waiting to be released that it may give you, yours and the world around you a spiritually transformative and divinely beautiful hug.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One