Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Musings from The OldMan

Teach me Joyful Awareness that I may let my Spirit out to Play. Teach me to Speak with Integrity that i may tell you how much I Love You. Teach me to Feed my Hungry Soul that i may have a Feast of Happiness. Teach me to Awaken the Beauty within that I may know how special i am. Teach me to bring more Kindness into my Life that I may great each day with a Song in my Heart and Smile on m Face. Teach Me.....

Dive inward to the hidden depths of your soul and discover the wisdom innate to who you are. Love is a Gateway to God and when we make our Spiritual Aspirations that of Compassion and Kindness we create Heaven in our Hearts. Smile and Touch the Face of God.

The deepest part of myself is transformed into light when i advance on the path of evolutionary vision. The sunrise of my soul radiates a brighter shade of authentic spiritual love when i embrace a destiny of enlightened awareness. I am a spiritual sophisticate, a thought leader, a mystical revolutionary and a soulshaman seeking to create a community that is beautiful, enigmatic, experiential and ethereal.

Now is the perfect opportunity to remember who you are. You are a spiritual epiphany born to generate goodwill. You are a heroic spirit destined to create new possibilities. You are life and you are love. Remember this always.

Walk the Earth in Love and Friendship. Be grateful for your blessings and live more mindfully. Expand your natural capacity for kindness and open the window to your soul. Life is what we make it and every day we write a new chapter in our life. Make that chapter one of heart centered expression and joyous living. The earth loves you, love it back and the karmic winds will bring you bliss.

My roadmap for Happiness: Begin at Heartfelt Conversation, Take a left at Connection to the Spirit, Travel down the Highway of your Souls Purpose til you reach your Deepest Dreams then turn right on Creative Inspiration until you find yourself at the corner of Inconceivable Benefits and Limitless Bliss. Rest, Relax and then turn around and go back because its not the Destination that makes us Happy its the Journey.

Take me to a place of Sacred Possibility where the Beauty of Existence inspires the Soul. Take me to the Forest of my Consciousness that I may listen to the Birds of Spirit sing. Take to the Gates of Initiation that I may be Immersed in Ancient Knowledge. Take me to the Fountain of Life where Humanity bathes in Grace and Illumination. Take me to the Heavens within that I may touch the Face of God. Take Me!

The light of the self can transform the world when we cultivate universal compassion. Smile and feel your soul dance, Laugh and watch your spirit soar, Love and experience your hearts joy. You are a being of light and you have the ability to Change The World.

Live in Joy. Approach each day with a smile on your face and love in your heart. Become who you are for who you are is an angel on earth. A beautiful being of light who is a blessing for all. Celebrate your spirit and rejoice in the knowledge that you are an inspiration. The road to eternal happiness begins with belief. Belief in truth, honesty, integrity, hope, compassion and love. I Believe in You!

Reach out to the Heavens in thanks for this day, this life and all the love that surrounds you. Give thanks for the gifts of spirit that are your very essence. You are a unique light and now is the time for you to shine your brightest.

Soar with Inspiration to a place where your Soul Flourishes and your Spirit Thrives. Express yourself Creatively and manifest random acts of Imagination. Let your Heart sing, for today is the day to be Joyously Alive. Live a Liberated Life that allows you the Freedom to share your Unique Self with the Universe. Acknowledge the Creator within and be that which you were born to be - LOVE!

Mine is an Ever-Questing Heart seeking the company of Souls Adrift. I am an Ambassador of Light traveling the Spirits Journey to places of Pure Wisdom and Sacred Vision. I am Living my Life one Dream at a time. I am Shaping my Reality in a way that is Guided by Love. My Heart is the Heart of the World. I am The Ancient One.

I am a Painter of Words and my mind is my canvas. Mine is a Poetic Exploration of Life and Love. I Celebrate the Human Imagination and Honour the Human Spirit. I have a Shamanic Consciousness that guides me to Greater Spiritual Enlightenment. The Universe is one Song and by making Earth Friendly Choices it becomes a Love Song. I am a Painter of Words and YOU are my Masterpiece.

Today i awake with the perspective of Joy. I connect more deeply with myself and seek to Live an Inspired Life. Today i build a Bridge of Spirit and Rejoice as the Bird of Peace within my Soul soars Heavenward. Today I Am Free!

Every day is Earth Day: Plant a Flower and you honor the Earth, Bathe in the Sunlight and you Nurture the Planet, Walk through the Forest and you Nourish the World. Every day is Earth Day: When you walk instead of drive, When you recycle instead of throw away, When you eat healthy instead of eating poorly. Every day is Earth Day: When you Love your Mother for Earth is our Mother and she needs a Hug!

Tonight I move joyfully with the moon as i create the life of my dreams. I walk a path of heart along a river of love. Tonight I embrace the human experience of divinity as i breathe in an atmosphere of hope and happiness. Tonight I am Sacred, Tonight I am Holy, Tonight I am Transformed!

Earth is an Angelic Kingdom of Light and Love. Move beyond the ordinary and let Kindness be your Inspiration and Motivation. Give the World a Hug. Life is a Rainbow Dance of Spiritual Awakening and now is the time to Celebrate. Celebrate Friends, Family, Life and Love. By making Lovingkindness your Destiny you open the Heart of the Universe and say I Love You to Sacred Mother Earth!

Set your Spirit Free and Evolve the Love within. Every Smile Beautifies the World and by Sharing that Love we Sing our Hearts Open. Kindle your Creativity and Water the Tree of Life for by doing so you Nourish the Sacred. With every Breath we Create our Life Anew. Embrace the Immortal and know that Destiny is something we Forge in our Soul. The Universe is yours to Love Infinitely!

Template for Happiness: Live a Life of Prayer, Offer Goodness to the World, Awaken Possibilities Within, Bathe in Positive Energy, Open your Heart to Greater Love, Journey into Consciousness, Radiate Kindness Beautify your Inner Self and Walk the Earth in Friendship.