Thursday, March 31, 2016

Make Life Changing Choices

it is when i truly looked within that i saw the sacred and transformational healing energy of my essence and was empowered to make life changing choices which inspired intuitive intelligence that in turn would lead me to the light.

i am on a dedicated spiritual path where i live each moment with deep gratitude, compassion and understanding as i approach every day as an opportunity to serve others.

be who you were born to be and yours will be a life of limitless healing possibilities where you touch the heavens as you experience more joy and pleasure.

it is by embracing our divinity and allowing ourself to be touched in an intuitive way that we begin to create and manifest a sacred life of beauty where we traverse terrains of ethereal light as we make our way home to the glory of who we truly are.

change the quality of your life by releasing the magick within you and it will open sacred gateways allowing spirit and soul to come together making yours a positive and profound existence of compassion, kindness and self love.

create a loving atmosphere where you share yourself with others that they may experience the joyful vibrancy of your true nature as they learn that you are something extraordinary.

embrace the truth that there is something much greater coming your way and yours will be a journey of beautiful experiences in which your days are blessed with tremendous gifts that are profoundly life altering.

when we seek to make ours a journey through realms of spirituality we live an inspired life that encompasses our divinity and guides us to a place of ecstatic transformation.

let yours be a path which encompasses your divinity for you are a being of love whose sacred destiny is to live your light and be a great benefit to all.

yours is an ongoing incarnation of remarkable gentleness which if nurtured will make you an open hearted presence that inspires compassionate communication and unconditional love.

do that which expresses love and you create an atmosphere immersed in realms of spirit which allows you to discover and celebrate your divine self as you live your truth bathed in a universe of possibilities.

celebrate your true nature by living more spiritually as you enrich and enhance your life with love and respect.

loving and living are the same thing. it is when we immerse ourself in this reality that the divine within reveals itself and we become true beings of light.

embody a message of love and let yours be an adventure of discovery where you channel your higher self as you walk a path that nurtures the soul of who you are.

et your sacred essence and natural empowerment guide you on a spiritual journey where you discover new things which inspire your life and serve you well.

more heavenly worlds await those who see with clarity that the most beautiful sacred place is within and that by accepting and acknowledging their greatness they open themselves to a multitude of miracles and divine realities.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Friday, March 25, 2016

A Blessing Given To Us By The Universe

love of life is a blessing given to us by the universe when we are willing to explore our spiritual realities in a way that evolves our understanding of self and makes us aware of our sacred truth and divine perfection.

you have spirituality abilities that bring light to the world when you walk a path that supports positivity.

there are many realms of existence and by allowing the vibration of light within to guide us we can explore those realities in a way that celebrates our calling and honors our path.

we walk in a more joyful direction when we utilize our gifts to touch the soul of others in beautiful and harmonic ways.

be who you were born to be. a completely unique higher level being who is spiritually minded that walks in fields of energy and light while making their every step a meaningful message of love.

open yourself mind, body and spirit to the sacred beauty of your divine existence and your path will be one nourished by spirit where you are transformed and empowered by the love that flows into your life.

a simple smile can touch people in profound ways. it can be the spiritual stimulation that uplifts and captivates as it infuses you with positive energy. it can bring sacred insight and heavenly light to any situation. a simple smile can change the world.

swim with me in metaphysical waters and let the magickal spiritual inspiration of its essence wash away our our troubles that we may see with clarity the love and beauty that surrounds us every day of our life.

ours becomes a spiritually connected life when we open ourself to the power of the universe and let it guide us along eclectic pathways of light where we may walk on sacred ground to places of peace and freedom.

celebrate your path by allowing your thoughts and actions to be an inspiration to yourself and others that all may feel the love and experience the light of who you are.

when you dream into existence those divine desires that that enliven the heart and elevate the soul you create a positive ripple effect which brings people together and leads us all to higher spiritual realms.

we are born with gifts and when we use those gifts in service to those in need we achieve a higher state of wellness and ours becomes a life of sacred purpose.

a holistic healing approach to life in which you embody spirituality will guide you on a journey where exploration of self shows you just how divinely gifted you are as it teaches you ways to bring light and inspire love.

when you communicate with your higher self the radiant energy of the heavens rewards you with sacred opportunities for growth that you may blossom into the beauty of your being.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Appreciate The Beauty Of Your Life

you have extraordinary power and if you so choose you can be a channel of love and light whose highly transformational essence will liberate and empower that you may appreciate the beauty of your life as it takes you on an unforgettable journey of spiritual progression and divine ascension.

reverence and respect for yourself is a gift that reaches deep inside and wraps the soul in waves of love that are inspiring and beneficial.

you are a mystical being and a beautiful gifted soul. let yours be a welcoming atmosphere where all may come and experience the glory and greatness of who you truly are.

comfort and soothe you mind, body and soul with the pure positive energy and courage within for you are an angel on earth and once you spread your wings you will discover that anything is possible.

to dedicate your life to being a caring and loving person is to bless and heal the heart of yourself and others as you discover and embrace happiness on all levels.

miracles are for everyone and once you accept that you are an amazingly gifted and soulfully inspired being of light you will see them all around you and you will attract them into your heart.

the light of hope illuminates a path of clear direction to those with the strength to rise above their struggles and see that they can create amazing life changes which make a positive contribution to the world.

extraordinary transformations occur when we believe in and accept the insightful spiritual guidance that lives within the soul of who we truly are.

growth and evolution are blessings we gift ourself with by filling our heart and soul with faith as we seek to live a happy joyful life.

with an intention to empower immerse yourself in the possibilities of choice and yours will be a deeply healing journey of light and love for you are an incredible blessing and you are far more powerful than you know.

with courage and perseverance walk along a path of spiritually guided ways and you will connect to your purpose as you make your way to a positive and peaceful state of being.

open your heart and believe. by believing in yourself you become a source of inspiration that lights the way for others.

the second you realize that there is something greater than yourself you begin down a path of empowering positive change and complete well being as your quality of life ascends into a place both inspirational and uplifting where your magickal soul dances in the light of love.

every day we are immersed in holistic experiences which help us grow and expand. we just have to realize they are there and embrace the moments for the beautiful gifts that they are.

within each soul is a temple of light and when we pray at its altar we unearth the divine.

when we share the beauty within we help heal others and facilitate positive change as our life becomes a loving message of transformational energy and divine illumination.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Path Inspired By Angels

may ours be a path inspired by angels where we walk hand in hand through dimensions of spirit where every moment is an expression of pure consciousness that enriches the soul and where all thrive and flourish in the love and light of a better tomorrow.

when you truly believe in yourself you create an extraordinary life of sacred moments centered on the divine where joy and inner peace are gifts and blessings you give yourself and others.

wholeheartedly believe in who you are and yours will be a sacred life of the highest good which leaves a positive imprint on all of humanity.

unravel the secrets of the soul and you will discover a path of beauty and magick which will guide you to a place of profound change and ethereal transformation.

when we are loving and supportive we manifest a new reality where we inspire others to communicate with kindness and live their lives in a sacred and compassionate way.

we all have the capacity to transform and by looking within and using the miraculous tools we were born with we can shape the world around us in loving ways that enlighten.

we are each of in our own way angels and guides and by living this truth we open portals of spirit that will take us to higher dimensions of harmony where the purpose and intention of all is to live a life of love.

beautiful beings of light with love and blessings let us walk through fields of spirit as we touch the heart of humanity and raise the vibration of every soul that we may create an ethereal existence of bliss and beauty.

radiant emanations are released from your soul every day for you are an energetic being and by immersing yourself in the beauty of this sacred truth you allow your divinity to flow in a way that will open your heart and transform your world.

know that yours is a blossoming heart and that by sharing its love and highest vibration you make profound connections which awaken your humanity and encourage you to become more empowered.

live with gratitude and appreciation for the light of creation is shining down upon you and by elevating your awareness with thoughts and beliefs which are in service to the sacred you will touch the heavens with your heart as your spirit soars.

embrace your divinity by living more spiritually for you are a metaphysical masterpiece born of love meant to shine your light on the world that all may see and experience the beauty of your existence.

do everything with love and you will discover the real you. the sacred gift of life blesses us with abundant joy when we live our love and embrace our true and sacred self.

when we make loving choices the essence of our spirit creates for us more divine experiences which immerse us in beauty, harmony and extraordinary insights that we may transform and transcend to our sacred place in the heavens.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Birth Into Spirit

with compassionate clarity birth into spirit a new world which leads into the light of love for you are a sacred being and your destiny is one of inspiration and revelation.

when we look deep within and experience what makes us so beautiful we are able see our outer world realities with greater clarity and ours becomes a journey along healing pathways of collective transformation.

know that every moment is a precious opportunity to discover the beauty of this world and beyond. with every breath possibilities exist which are wondrously exciting. believe in the miracle of your existence and yours will be a destiny of divine light and sacred love.

life is filled with messages of love and the more thankful we are the greater will be our spiritual awareness for the impact of gratitude is such as to envelope our existence with energies and insights that guide us to true empowerment and enlightenment.

true empowerment and greater levels of love echo through the soul and by taking a personal inner journey in which we embrace our blessings we receive transformational spiritual rewards.

open yourself to spirit and make yours a life of soul centered priorities as this will lead you to a joy filled life of awe inspiring beauty and uplifting experiences.

spiritual activities cleanse the soul, create positive loving energy and empower future growth. so walk on fire, beat that drum and dance under the moon as you become who you truly are.

through positive thought we invoke the divine. through positive action we activate the sacred. see the possibilities which live within the positive and you will see the glory of existence as yours becomes a path of angelic connections and ethereal celebrations.

be a positive and uplifting love minded soul and you will evolve into spirit in miraculous ways as you grow into the greatness and glory of your true and sacred self.

ours is a changing world and we are beings of transformation. immerse yourself in change with the knowledge that growth comes from belief. it is by believing in yourself and the world around you that will change the moment and transform the future.

it is important that you tend to your spirit as doing so will create greater self realization and inspire you to make healthier life choices as you discover your exceptional and sacred gifts.

share your blessings with others for you are a beautiful vessel of pure light whose alive and inspired essence can change lives in ways that embrace the soul with love.

it is important to understand yourself better for when you know who you truly are that spiritual truth will guide you with love to a place of encouragement and empowerment where you may use your profound appreciation for your sacred self as a foundation from which you may build a vital life of miracles and magick.

when you come to the realization that you are blessed by angels the light in your heart will illuminate a path to a heaven of your own creation that has been waiting for you to make your way home.

when we balance our energy we tap into our destiny and open ourself to angelic guidance that we may grow spiritually and live sacredly.

the flow of your destiny dictates that you are one who was born to bring light to others and in doing so create a path of loving energy where insights are limitless and transformation is in every step.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )