Friday, January 31, 2014

In Joy I Walk with Angels

believe you are on the right path and life becomes a series of enlightening and enlivening experiences overflowing with joy and compassionate energy in which like minded hearts and love minded souls gather as one in celebration of the glory and beauty of this world and beyond.

let us live for the greater good. let us gather as one and create a community of spirit that embraces the greater good. let us love for the greater good. life is at its most blissful and beautiful when people give themselves over to the greater good.

beautiful and strong are they who raise their vibrations by lifting the spirits of others for they are messengers of joy whose mission is to share their love with all humanity.

when we express ourself through spirit we experience bliss for within the heart of spirit is a powerfully transformative energy that when accessed guides us to fields of infinite potential where flowers of peace and love grow.

talk to your soul and enjoy the benefits of its wisdom. talk to your spirit and let its guiding light flow throughout your mind and body. talk to yourself and embrace the loving thoughts which make you a divine blessing. talk, listen, live and love.

live in beauty and the path before you will lead to healing and transformation. truth has beauty, joy has beauty, hope has beauty, kindness has beauty, compassion has beauty, faith has beauty and love has beauty. live in beauty.

by using your unique essence and authentic purpose to connect and communicate with love minded souls you bring about miracles. to love purely with sacred intent is to understand the universe and learn through joy. share the beauty of your true self and the gift of freedom will be yours.

mine is a passion and purpose to live in a pure and organic way that i may impact my world with a life of profound healing and blissful relaxation.

to find spiritual meaning one must simply smile for within joy their is wisdom. let us journey together to a place of discovery where every smile is a blessing.

live for the good of all. love for the good of all. we are all one and when we live and love for the good of others we live and love for the good of ourselves.

personal discovery affects positive change and creates joyful realization for the more we know and love ourself the better our life will be.

when we allow our true radiance and sacred wisdom to venture freely into this reality and beyond we experience insight and growth which guide us to a place of loving energy and spiritual connections that will transform our lives.

live what you love. live what makes your soul sing. live what makes you whole. live what makes your spirit soar. live what makes you happy. live....

explore your higher purpose with passionate dedication. live the light within and create a rejuvenating atmosphere of positive energy where awareness is heightened and love flows freely. life is a joyous adventure and by committing to a new way of being you make miracles with every breath.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, January 24, 2014

Live Boldly With Integrity

live boldly with integrity and you empower and nurture your sacred essence. live bravely with positive intention and you inspire and nourish your divine self. how we choose to live dictates how our lives will unfold.

uplifted and enthusiastic are they whose determination to help others in a conduit of wellness and light that empowers and inspires. they are the sacred souls who in silent communication touch us in ways that make the flower of our spirit blossom. live your life in service of others and others will serve you well.

to accomplish something worthwhile you must first believe you are worthy. the moment you believe in your greatness is the moment that everything you do becomes worthwhile. you are worthy of all the joy and happiness life has to offer. believe in yourself. love yourself. you matter. you make a difference.

we have the ability to heal ourself. what the mind believes it manifests. a positive attitude and spiritual outlook can create miracles. a belief in yourself and in the power of thought and action to transform is soul nourishing and spirit nurturing. you have the ability to heal yourself. let the healing begin.

welcome positive change and you create a life you love that is filled with empowering experiences and valuable lessons that resonate with a high vibrational energy which touches mind, body, heart and soul in sacred and healing ways.

when we share the beauty of who we are freely and lovingly we enhance our connection to the self, inspire our connection with others and experience a connection with the divine. giving of ourselves in a positive way not only makes a world of difference it makes the world a better place.

the beauty of being alive is that every moment is an opportunity to live more fully. we can at any time create unity and harmony. it is our birthright to be loved and our destiny to love. we are the beauty of being alive. we are the beauty. we are.

the joy of knowing cultivates mindfulness and inspires us to make a positive contribution to humanity. look deep into your essence and embrace those profound truths that make you the beautiful soul you are.

look deep into your soul and experience your greatness and beauty by shining brighter that others may see the grace, glory and grandeur of your sacred self.

when we make the miraculous discovery that the source of love within us is aglow with extraordinary radiant energy waiting to transform our lives we begin our revelatory journey to the sacred and divine.

loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world. when we love ourself we listen to life in a way that has a transformative impact that inspires us to turn our dreams into realities. to love who you are is life's greatest discovery.

you are deserving and worthy of a sense of connectedness that leads to greater awareness and a portal of understanding where the soul may enter into enlightenment. you are deserving of light. you are worthy of love.

we are each on our own unique path. mine is a path of transformation through prayer. mine is a comforting and inspiring path of deep gratitude. Mine is a path of infinite possibilities and life affirming messages from countless realms and dimensions. may your unique path be a dance of self discovery where you embrace each challenge as an opportunity to love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Be Who You Are

i choose to live an empowered life of inspiring ideas which makes mine an extraordinary metaphysical voyage into the true nature of the self and beyond.

there is a great joy to being different. there is great pleasure in not only thinking outside the box but recycling the box and making a hat out of it. there is extraordinary happiness not in pushing the envelope but in being the envelope and pushing back. my elevator doesnt go to the top because tents dont have elevators. my deck isnt missing a card because it only has one card and thats the fool. i am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but its okay because i love to spoon. i could go on forever but forever has other plans. be who you are. you are beautiful.

today i give thanks that i am alive. today i am grateful for all of my blessings. today i am awake and aware. today i see the truth and feel the love. this is who i am today.

light the fire of inspiration and embrace a new way of thinking. know and believe in yourself as you embark on a self healing journey of uplifting life experiences. choose to change and change for the better. you are worthy. you are wonderful.

loving relationships help us make better life choices for a loving relationship is an inspiring story that changes how we feel about ourself in a way that enriches and enlightens.

life when seen through eyes of love is filled with transformative gifts and blessings that change lives and make the world a better place for all.

my three year old told me yesterday that he wanted an imaginary friend. he has to be invisible. i remember the old howie mandel line: when i was a kid i had imaginary friends, they were real kids, i just imagined they were my friends. my son will have real friends and imaginary ones because i think he can learn from both. so i will walk with him through landscapes of imagination where we will find treasures of spirit and together we will live a fairy tale of joy and happiness. i must bid adieu now as i have to feed his unicorn.

within thoughts and beliefs that are positive and inspiring you will find the life you truly desire. infuse your mind, body and spirit with things that are healthy, holistic and spiritual. what you feed your soul determines whether you are sitting at the table of the sacred. nourish yourself with truth, beauty, light and lovingkindness. think yourself holy and believe yourself happy.

look closely and you will see the beauty of ordinary people. look with clarity from the heart and you will see the magnificence of their being. look with knowing from the soul and you will see the glory of their greatness. when we look at the world through eyes of spirit we inspire others to open to awareness and awaken to a new vision where they see the beauty in everything.

in blessings and prayers i give to you my light. in thoughts and actions i give to you my love. in love and light i give to you my very soul for you are worthy and you are wonderful.

a positive awareness brings miracles into your life for when we are truly aware we experience the divine and life becomes a cause for celebration.

to achieve the extraordinary one must simply love who they are for when we love ourself the sky opens, the spirit soars, the heart sings and the soul dances.

believe that you will find greater freedom and greater freedom will find you. believe that you are a divine tapestry woven of love and love will find you. believe that only good will come and good will find you. believe in yourself and you will find that others believe in you. believe my friend. believe.

we are spiritual seekers. the heart of the universe beats within us. we are born of love and it is our destiny to do extraordinary things. with every breath of our soul we cultivate compassion and inspire kindness. we are messengers of hope. the spirit of heaven flows through us creating waves of light. we are beautiful. we are wonderful. we are one.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Beneficial Life of Elevated Consciousness

you are exquisitely beautiful. yours is an uplifting and beneficial life of elevated consciousness. you are a sensitive and poetic reflection of the sacredness of the universe. your dance of life is a mystical realization of the grace and glory of your greatness. you are a miracle to be cherished. i love you.

we are one with the earth. we exist to inspire. we are one with the universe. we exist to ignite the spirit. we are one with each other. we exist to love. we are one.

live fully in the moment. embrace the eternal now. touch the world with the beauty of your soul. share the light of your being. love fully in the moment.

by fostering more compassion and inspiring more kindness one can unleash the transformative power of the greater life force energy within thereby creating a beautiful flowing river of light and love that embraces and enriches all humanity.

with clarity and authenticity connect mindfully with others for you are a remarkable soul and by connecting with people in a positive loving way you can change the world.

to create an extraordinary life one must embrace the present moment with a belief in their greatness and a desire to live that greatness in a way that benefits all humanity for when we serve we empower. speak your truth, live your dreams, see yourself in a new way, enrich your appreciation for the world around you and yours will be an extraordinary voyage that joyfully embraces the pulse of creation.

whatever you do make it sacred. whatever you think make it positive. whatever you say make it inspiring. whatever you feel make it joyful. life is what we make it.

live your journey. live it in ways sacred and mystical. live it with grace. live it with kindness and compassion. live it with heartfelt sincerity. live it with passion and purpose. live it with joy as your guide. live it with positive intention. live it with inspiration and imagination. love your journey.

if we awaken to our souls purpose we embrace humanity and create possibility as we challenge our perceptions and walk ancient pathways of love and light.

embrace your sacred self in a way that unites spirit and soul. when we are grounded in spirit we live our journey in ways that are fruitful and fulfilling. when we are grounded in soul we walk our path in ways that are transformative and transcendent. love your true self in a way that unites spirit and soul.

taste the goodness of your true self and let the inner sunshine of your soul illuminate the wholeness of life that you may lay your burdens down and walk your sacred path with divine confidence and blissful self esteem.

live beyond your limits and seek soul changing experiences of light. love beyond your reach and seek sacred connections of truth and beauty. we are the creators of our destiny and we are capable of creating a life of love that transcends and transforms.

i experience true joy when i hear the heartbeat of the universe. i experience unimagined bliss when i see the beauty of angels of light. i experience breathtaking bliss when i feel the touch of a kindred soul. life is a series of sacred experiences. let us experience each other in ways profound that embrace heaven and earth.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Positive Contribution To The World

a positive contribution to the world will create a profound cognitive and spiritual transformation which will give the soul power and lead to a deliberate life of sacred beauty and loving intent.

care for others and you experience expanded awareness. open all your senses to enlightened living and you create a lasting inner peace. participate positively in your everyday life and you give the soul power as your wishes are fulfilled and you discover the contentment you seek. the way you see yourself and the way you share yourself with the world determine the direction your journey will take.

your life can be a mythic story of compassionate living when you explore the world of spirit and allow the sparks of divinity to light a path of love to a place of angelic transmissions and richly profound experiences.

if you are reading this i ask only that you see me through spiritual eyes. i ask only that you respect my integrity and intent. i ask only that you show me the same love and light that i show you. i have seen to many people turn cold and bitter. i have seen too many lose themselves in pettiness and jealousy. i have seen too many turn their backs and raise their fists. if you are reading this i ask only that you know i love you and that you love me back.

blessed, brilliant and bold are the beautiful souls who awaken higher awareness by seeing every moment as an opportunity to learn and every breath a reason to love.

listen more deeply to the voice of your soul and wake up refreshed to a storied life of greater joy and fulfillment for it is when we embrace the love and healing power that radiates within and understand our true self that the heart opens and the spirit soars.

touch other human beings with life giving blessings that attach at the heart and reach out to the soul. align with the natural goodness inside of you and immerse yourself in the experience of beauty. radiate thoughts and move forward into a new reality of love and light. you are a profound and inspiring visionary being. live your truth and love your life.

we have the power to heal and transform. we have the power to elevate the spirit. we have the power to touch hearts in ways profound. we are powerful. this is who we are.

dream yourself awake and connect more deeply with others as you journey along a path of passion and poetry. Dream yourself alive and cultivate sympathetic joy as you voyage to a place of peace and purpose. to live is to dream.

live a life of authenticity and respect for when we embrace out true self spiritual healing occurs and ours becomes a voyage of the heart where love is the destination.

dance with life and make every moment a consciousness expanding experience. when we live with enthusiasm and playfulness we create something quite special.

ours is a world filled with light beings. you are a light being. i am a light being. it is through awakening and awareness that we will see the light and embrace the soul of humanity.

create the life you truly desire by expanding your consciousness and committing to a belief in yourself. a more fulfilling life comes to those who see the joy in unity and connect with others in ways positive that inspire. beauty and bliss are the rewards for those who immerse themselves in transformation. smile with the knowledge that a journey of ascension is yours to create.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )