Friday, November 18, 2005

Dance with me Upon this Earth

Dance with me upon this Earth. Transcend the ordinary and Dance with me. Life is a Celebration and you were Born to Bloom.
You are a Poet of the Universe and you are dressed with beams of Light. You have a Passion for Living that Speaks to the Soul. Live with me in a World without limits. My Confidence Soars when you Romance my Soul. Dance with me upon this Earth and Cultivate a Lifetime of Joy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

God Bless Rosa Parks

In this Eternal Dance we call Life we are at times given the Opportunity to witness Greatness. Rosa Parks with a simple act of defiance Changed a nation. There are many Paths to Enlightenment and Rosa Parks with her Courage and Conviction Enriched and Enlightened a nation. The Voice of her Soul is with us today and forever. Let us not let her passing go unnoticed. Let us Embrace the Truth and Rejoice in her Journey to Personal Freedom. She was and is a Flame of Hope that one day we will realize that we are all Brothers and Sisters. Rosa Parks has helped me Awaken my Divine Self. She is a Unique and Special person who Radiates Love and Light. God Bless Rosa Parks!



You are Wisdom and Guidance
You are Unique and Treasured
You are a Blossomed Leaf


You are Hope and Persistence
You are Clarity and Kindness
You are the Beauty of the Rain


You are Serenity and Grace
You are Bliss and Contentment
You are the Soul of Nature

God Bless Rosa Parks
God Bless One and All


You are Trust and Belief
You are Exploration and Expression
You are the Sands of Life

God Bless Rosa Parks
God Bless one and All

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Knowledge , Wisdom and Truth

Knowledge , Wisdom and Truth are the Keys to our survival as a people. The recent earthquake in Pakistan is a Testament to the fact that we are capable as a people of helping others. Its a shame it takes tragedies of this magnitude to awaken our compassionate selves. We should be reaching out at all times . We should be using our Minds in the Highest Way. We all have a Soulful purpose. It is our duty to Promote a Culture of Peace. We should all have the Freedom to Blossom.

The hurricane in New Orleans , the earthquake in Pakistan and the myriad of other tragedies around the globe should Inspire us to Embrace the Beauty of all Living things and to work towards opening a Pathway to Healing and Peace. The Dance of Life can be one of Great Beauty and Freedom. We must Seek to Enrich all Life.

The Heart of the Human Spirit is Open to Infinite Possibilities. Look within and Seek to make all Beings Happy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Celebrate your Harvest

I am always taken aback by the juxtaposition of those who have to those who have not. I was at a Literary Festival on the weekend and was struck by the amount of Homeless in the area of the festival. Each of us whether rich or poor are a Divine Manifestation. We are all a part of the Luminous Tapestry that is Sacred Mother Earth. Having lived on the streets for a short time myself my Heart goes out to all those who are less fortunate. We each should Celebrate our Harvest as we are Truly Blessed. The beaten , battered and broken are nonetheless still are Brothers and Sisters. By Helping them we pay Tribute to the Spirit Within.

It was an Awe filled Encounter that has touched me profoundly. The gap between rich and poor widen day by day. So we as a people must strive to level the playing field so that all may Reap the Benefits mankind has to offer. Nature speaks with many Voices. Listen to the Sounds of Truth that surround you. Give who you are into the World.

Whispered Prayers
Of Spirit and Love
Set me Free
That my Soul may Soar
With the Eagles and the Angels

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Wind , Fire , Flood and Rain

Wind , Fire , Flood and Rain. Mother Earth has a Memory and a Mean Streak. Global Warming is here and its pretty pissed. Our past is threatening our future. Its time to take this threat seriously and to listen to what our own planet is saying to us. What its saying is HELP! The Waters of the Earth are rising and we as responsible people must take action individually and as a whole. There is Wisdom in every Soul. We need to reduce consumption , reduce pollution , recycyle , restore and take an active interest in our Evolution.

The Voice of the Land is speaking to us. The House of our Fruits is shaking on its foundation but its not too late. The Beauty of the Green Earth can and must be Preserved. Thoughts forge Reality and we must begin to Change our way of Thinking to that which is Sacred and which fosters a Spiritual Awakening. We are all Connected - every Person , Every Plant , every Drop of Rain.

These are Socially urgent times in our Evolutionary Journey. This Planet is our Garment and to this point we have not worn it well. Nature Speaks but man has a deaf ear. We must turn our ear to the Wind and listen to that Voice in the Wilderness and let it Stimulate our Thoughts and Inspire us to Awaken the Healer within. This is a time for Healing. We must rebuild a Relationship with our Planet. One of Mutual Respect. Bless the Breath of Life that brought us here.

Wind , Fire , Flood and Rain
Nature Speaks
Thoughts Overflowing from God
Timeless Wisdom
Mysterious and Beautiful
Tragic and Fragile
Profound Teachings
Embrace the Truth

These are my Thoughts for the day.


Friday, September 23, 2005

A Voice in the Wilderness

Sometimes at night I hear a Voice in the Wilderness of my Soul crying out for Humanity in a world that is becoming increasingly inhumane. I see images of Africa , Iraq , New Orleans ... Images of Poverty , Starvation and Devestation. Freedom means little when you have no home or food. Democracy means little when you are jailed for your Opinion or for the Color of your skin.

My Dreams are of Salvation . I Pray for a World of Peace where Sacred Mother Earth is Honored and Respected. We live in a world of Infinite Possibilities. Seek your Peace and Follow your Inner Guidance. Reach out to those in need and Lift their Spirits as you Raise your own Vibration. When we Help others we are in Communion with the Soul.

My goal in Life has always been simple - I wake up in the morning and if i am still alive when its time to go to bed then i've had a Good day.