Friday, December 28, 2012

A Positive Force Of Inspiration

The Bliss of the Universe Flows like Grace in the Souls of We who Accept that We are Ancient Travelers who have Walked this Path before.

The Universe is giving Birth to a new World fashioned from Love whose Beauty knows no Bounds and whose Freedom is a Positive Force of Inspiration.

Walk toward the Light and You will find the Purest and Deepest Love. Let the Rivers of your Life guide you to a new Reality where Joy is your Companion and Blessings are with you Always. Walk toward the Light and if you Believe you will find your way Home.

Kissed by Heaven I Awake and Greet the Day with Love in my Heart. We are Sacred and it is when we Embrace that Spark of Light within that we become Master of our Life.

My Compassion has a Heart that is Bright and Alive. My Kindness has a Spirit which Glows with Guidance and Inspiration. My Love has a Soul that is Generously Blessed with Celestial Consciousness. These are the Gifts I Share with You.

I am Brilliant in my Madness and Beautiful in my Insanity. I Dance Naked in the Dreams of those who see not the Illusion of Life but the Delusion of Life. Mine is a Reality of Faeries and Aliens , of Unicorns and Yetis and of Clowns and Magicians. I am Delightful in my Dementia and Mystical in my Mania. I am The Ancient One.

I am on a Glorious Journey of Exploration into the Light. As I Walk my Chosen Path the Darkness within me casts Shadows which offer Balance and Perspective. Light and Darkness are One as are You and I.

The Pure Serenity of the Soul is a Gentle Energy which Empowers the Awakened to Walk a Path of Light and Live a Life of Grace and Glory.

Live within the Immortal Light of your Divine Beauty as you Delight in Experiences Mystical and Magickal for You are both God and Goddess and Life is Cosmic Dance of Joy in the Garden of Paradise.

A Simple Gesture of Love is a Sacred Song that will Dance upon the Clouds and Live in the Hearts of each and every Soul for Eternity and Beyond.

Dance with me a Shamans Dance and in Divine Grace we shall bring Joy to the World.

Yours is a Life that Matters and if You live it that way You Illuminate the Road to Wellness and Inspire others to Embrace their own Beauty.

Guided by Gratitude and Grace I Evolve to Higher Dimensions that I may Better Serve the Earth. It is my Desire to Share a Laugh, A Smile and a Dream with every Soul I meet. Through Kindness I can Build a Community of Compassion and a World of Love.

The Dawn of a New Day is upon us and the Light of Love is the Sunshine that will Warm our Heart and Lead us to Paradise on Earth.

You are a Treasure to be Cherished. Your every Breath has Significance. The more you Believe in Yourself the Better your Life with Be. You are Worthy and You are Wonderful. Believe It !

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 21, 2012

Bless Every Moment With Kindness

Bless every moment with Kindness. Kindness is the Inspiration which will Awaken all Humanity to live a Life of Positive Thought and Loving Action.

We have a Universe of Light and Love within us waiting to be Born.

i have slept on the street while still living my truth and accepting the sacredness of my being. i have been threatened at gunpoint while still sharing a message of hope and loving who i am. i have walked deeply into darkness while still uplifting spirits and embracing the beauty of my soul. i refuse to be defined by my struggles. i am a man of courage and generosity whose mission in life is to elevate those around me. i have loved....

i cherish others for the spirit in me realizes that we are all glorious angels and that a life built from love breathes in beauty and impacts people in ways positive and profound.

in prayer i become fully present and the lightness of my heart reaches into celestial realms and touches the hand of god.

Grand and Glorious are they who are Positive and Happy for they are the Enlightened Souls which Inspire us to Fall in Love with Life.

The Face of Nature is a Beauty that Cultivates Esoteric Thought and Inspires Expanded Awareness.

I have the Freedom to Choose so I choose Love. Emerge from the darkness into a new found Freedom. The REvolution is here and We as Global Citizens must claim what is ours. Live your Freedom, Love your Freedom and Believe in your Freedom. We must not only Embrace our Freedom but demand that ALL be Free. We must Dance in our Freedom as we Fight for the Freedom of others for We are only Free if we Stand in our Freedom with an Outstretched hand to Greet all those who Seek what we have. Be Free and in your Freedom release others from their Shackles.

I am Rich in Spirit and Alive with Joy for I hate no One and I Love Myself.

Inspiration and Insight come the Moment we put down our weapons and Open our Hearts.

Blessed is the Soul that sees a Glimpse of God in every Smile and a piece of Heaven in every Heart.

Transformation is Possible if we Support each other with Joy and Laughter. We can Build a new World by making all our Prayers be for the Benefit of others. Kindness should not be a random act but an Innate part of who we are. The day it becomes Natural and Normal to be Kind is the day that Life and Love become One.

It is when we stop to See how Beautiful Life really is that we Experience Heaven in all its Glory.

I Live my Life as an Ancient Prayer of Radiant Glory. I Live every Breath as a Celebration of Who I Am. I Live with a Smile on my Soul and Love in my Heart. I Live with Inspiration as my constant Companion. I Live!

In Celestial Realms I Dance with Angels for I have always known that Heaven is in the Heart and Paradise is in the Soul.

Bring Happiness and Light with You in everything you do. Bring Joy and Peace with You everywhere you go. Its what we carry with us that dictates our future. Carry stress, anger, anxiety.... and yours will be a bleak future. Carry Hope, Inspiration and Love and yours will be a Future filled with Beautiful Souls and Enlightening Experiences.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 14, 2012

Bless the Earth for She is our Mother

The Feminine Spirit nourishes the Earth in Ways which make us Happy and Whole. Bless the Earth for She is our Mother and every Tree and Flower are our Siblings.

All of us have Dreams worthy of Great Respect. The Key to Life is to create Realities worthy of Great Respect. We are Spiritual Alchemists and at any time We have the Ability to Transform our Lives into something Beautiful.

I am Thankful for my Heavenly Journey. I am Thankful for the Shared Experience of Life. I am Thankful for Little Things. I am Thankful for the Goodness growing inside me. I am Thankful for the Boundless Love of Friends and Family. I am Thankful for You and I am Thankful for Me. I am Thankful. Thank You.

Yours is an Ocean of Bliss in a Universe of Beauty where all you need do to be Happy is Float in the Freedom of your Destiny.

Love is like a Beam of Light from the Heart which Immerses us in Great Joy. It is a Sacred Unfolding which fills our Soul with Rainbows of Bliss and Transformation. Love is that which makes us One. To be in Love is to be Alive.

Empowered with the Highest Intent I walk a Path of Love as I seek to bring people Together in Light.

Butterfly Kisses give my Soul Wings that I may Fly to a place of Mystical Visions and Infinite Blessings.

Reverence for the Earth is a Miraculous Gift that when Shared creates a Light of Love which Embraces all Humanity.

Spiritual Growth is Enhanced by the Little Joys in Life. A Life well Lived is a Life of Simplicity. The Simpler we make our Lives the more Sacred they become. Remove Obstacles, Alleviate Stress, Vanquish Anxiety and Banish Anger. Its not what we acquire which makes us Happy its what we let go of. Simplify your Life and your Life will be Simply Beautiful.

Intuitively Spiritual I Journey into Consciousness guided by an Esoteric Love and a Profound Vision.

Naked and Free is the Innocence of a Child for their Heart is Open and their Soul is Pure.

At my core is a Message of Hope. What my Heart is saying is that we Shape our Future in a Positive way when we Walk in Light and Live in Love.

I am a Blossoming Rose in a Fertile Garden of Inspired Awareness waiting for the Sun to Rise that I may show my true Beauty.

Angels come to visit me and I am Immersed in Profound Beauty and Meaning as they Bless me with Transformational Power and an ever Expanding Love.

Bring Love and Compassion with you always and yours will be a Voyage of Discovery which Empowers your Soul as it helps Humankind Awaken.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 07, 2012

The Light Of Eternity

You are Divine and Beautiful. A Flower in the Gardens of Heaven and Earth. The Light of Eternity shines in your Eyes for yours is a Life Immortal.

When we Connect with who we Truly are we Invest in a Profoundly Spiritual Future of Life Changing Transformation. Have the Courage to be Yourself and your Reward will be a Life of Beauty where Miracles happen.

The Miracle of Life is an Expression of Love from the Heavens. We are Children of Light born Beautiful, Unique and Profoundly Spiritual. The Dawn of a New Reality is upon us and it Beckons a Time of Peace, Love and Understanding.

I look out over the Mountain of my Existence and I see the Beauty before me and I am Blessed for in that Beauty i see the Face of God and She looks just like You.

My Life is awash with Angelic Energies and Unique Opportunities. I attract these things because I have Purity of Intent and the Wisdom of the Ancients. We all have Greatness within us waiting to be set Free. Accept your Magnificence and Share the Beauty of your Existence for You are a Masterpiece.

You are a Finely Crafted work of Art connected Beautifully to an ever changing Universe. Live the Life you Deserve for you are something Special.

Life is Alchemical. It is something that We can Change at any Moment. The Key to Transformation is Belief. Believe you are Worthy, Believe you are Special, Believe you are Gifted and Believe you are Beautiful. A Better Life and A Better World begin with the words I Believe.

Love your Life Purpose and Respect your Unique Special Gifts for doing so Creates a Joyous Energy which will Guide you on a Holy Adventure that will Change your World.

A Gentle Touch can make yours a Heartwarming Story of a Path to a Positive Future. Kindness Creates Kindness. Kindness Generates Kindness and Kindness Inspires Kindness. Be Kind by Sharing your Light and Love in ways that Touch the Soul.

The Spirit Soars in the Moonlight of an Extraordinary Day when we Embrace the Reality that being Kind and Generous is something that Empowers Growth and Change.

The Light of Awareness shines Brightly on those who are Spiritually Centered and Grounded for they are the ones who truly Believe in Love.

It is in Service to others that I find Profound Inner Peace.

Clarify your Intent with Moments of Light which Illuminate the fact that this is a Sacred Dance of Evolving Souls and We are Beings of Wonder and Splendor.

Sing not only for the Shower but for every Moment of your day. Life is meant to be a Celebration. It is our Destiny to Sing, Dance and Play.

Our Love is Sacred. It is a Beautiful Star in the Divine Galaxy. We are Celestial Beings and our Love gives Birth to Transforming Light. Our Love is Sacred.

Allow more Happiness into your Life by approaching every day with Childlike Joy. Return to the Innocence of Youth for it is there that the Heart is most open to Divine Light and Love. We can all experience Peace, Beauty and Bliss by Learning how to Frolic in the Playground of our Soul.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 30, 2012

Embrace the Divine Within

Listen to your Heartbeat and let its Ethereal Rhythm guide you to Embrace the Divine within and Transform your Life in ways that have a Positive Impact on Humanity.

Life is an Extraordinary Fantasy for those of us who have Danced with Faeries, Run with the Unicorns and Rode on the Mothership for We are Joyous in the Belief that Life is meant to be something More.

Embrace with Gratitude the Greatness of your Being and Decorate your Spirit with Joy for a Life infused with Love, Light and Laughter is one which Dances Freely in a Heavenly Place between Reality and Imagination.

The Flower of our Existence when watered with Love will Bloom in ways Magickal and Miraculous.

I caught my Inner Self and Outer Self playing the Game of Life today. There is a Beauty to Balance that makes our Existence all the more Enjoyable.

Upon hearing a Child Laugh I knew in my Heart that the True Beauty of Life is the Purity and Innocence that Children are Blessed with.

It is by Speaking with Kindness that We can make the Greatest difference. Angels and Spirit Guides rejoice when we let Love be our Gift to the World. Treat me with Love and I can hold the Moon in my Hands and the Sun in my Heart.

The Greatest Miracles occur when we Ignite the Flame of Hope with the Essence of Love.

A Loving Embrace can Heal the Soul for it uses the Higher part of Yourself to Serve the Greater Good.

Create Unique Experiences by Climbing the Mountain of Awareness for our Guides give Messages to us when we are Ready and Aware.

Graceful and Welcoming is the Love that Enhances the Lives of others for it Embraces the World with Joys and Pleasures that always provide a Positive Outcome.

The Wind Whispers Songs of Mother Earth and We her Children need only Dance to make the World a Better Place.

Deep Personal Transformation occurs when we Realize that the Universe within us is the true Heaven and We in all our Glory are God.

I am Transformed for I am the Light. Glory be to All who Embrace their Light and Live their Divinity.

Explore what is Possible. Turn Possibilities into Realities. Empower yourself with Possibilities. The Impossible becomes Possible when we choose Belief over Fear.

Magickal things happen to those of us who Believe in Faeries for ours is a Life of Spiritual Exploration where Dreams are Realities Crafted from Love.

If you Choose a Life of Prayer and Intention which Honors Sacred Mother Earth your Journey will be Blessed with Angelic Visitations that will Connect you with Kindred Souls of Divine Light.

Let us gather in a Place of Beauty where the Light of Heaven enters our Soul and the Voice of the Ancients whisper Words of Love which Guide us to Great Epiphanies and Spiritual Transformation.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 23, 2012

Blessings On Your Journey

Blessings on your Journey. Blessings on the Pure Essence of Love that is your True Self. Blessings on the Eternal Sunshine of your Soul. Blessings on the endless Source of Inspiration within your Heart. Blessings on the Positive Impact you have on peoples Lives. Blessings on your Special Gifts and Awakening Dreams. Blessings!

Messengers of Love and Light flutter around the periphery of our Spirit. If we Listen with our Spirit and See with our Soul we will receive a Message that will Transform our World and Inspire us to Live our Greatness.

Live together in Peace, Love together in Freedom and Rejoice in the Knowledge that Life is Beautiful and so are You.

When we water our Gardens with Love everything in it Blossoms. As you Walk through this Life be sure to Share a Smile with All for doing so will Contribute to Creating an Earthly Garden where every Soul is in Bloom.

Life is meant to be a continuous Journey of Sacred Sharing and Divine Love where with Clear Awareness and Positive Thought people join Together as One under God.

Every now and then We must Clean the Window to our Soul that We may better See the unfolding Miracles that occupy our World.

Transform your Reality by Walking a Path of Well Being and Spirit. Change your Life by by Creating something Beautiful that Embraces your Empathic Nature. Be the Bliss that is your Birthright.

Love is a Life Altering embrace that Brightens the Spirit and Rejuvenates the Soul.

Embrace your Shadows for it is by Walking through the Darkness that we find our True Light. The Shadows are filled with Extraordinary Experiences for those Brave enough to Face their Fears. Balance creates Beauty and Blessings that fill the Heart and Soul with Love.

To be a Spiritual Warrior of Wisdom, Beauty and Grace is to Choose a Life that Journeys beyond this Plane into Realms of Revelation and Revolution where each Breath is an Epiphany that brings you closer to God.

The most Meaningful Message we can Share with Humanity is to Love Wholeheartedly with the Purest of Intentions.

Increased Awareness of the Invisible Life that surrounds You will Empower your Heart and Soul as it Guides you to Treasured Moments which Inspire your World.

Deep and Gentle Wisdom has a Positive Impact for it Embraces your Passions and Shapes your Beliefs with Love.

Connect with the Soul World and it will Guide you on a Profound Journey of Spirit to a Place that is Sacred where Life is a Colorful Tapestry of Diversity and Divinity.

The Marriage of Compassion and Intuitive Insight creates a Loving Self Awareness which Facilitates Transformation, Joy and Contentment.

Romance the Divine by Fostering a Deeper Understanding of People from all Walks of Life. Embrace many different Cultures and your Spirit Self will unfold Magickally and yours will be a Heavenly and Holistic Existence of Vision where all your Dreams come True.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 16, 2012

Awakened By Whispers

My Heart is covered with Blossoms that Touch the Soul of others with Beauty and Kindness. Awakened by Whispers from the Spirits and in Love with Life I seek to Impact the Lives of those I meet with Compassionate Wisdom and Ethereal Knowledge.

Small Miracles Shine the Brightest. Let a Child be the one to Teach you how to Love for they approach it from a Place of Purity and Innocence.

I Love my Perfect Imperfection. I Love those Battered and Bruised parts of my Being that make me Unique and Important. I Love being Incomplete for it means I always have a Place to Grow. I Love every Scar for when you put them together they Paint a Portrait of Survival and Spirit. I Love Who I Am for I am a Child of the Universe. I Love my Perfect Imperfection.

Be fully Aware that You are the Fairest Flower. A Beautiful Pearl in Lifes Ocean both Eternal and Ethereal. Fresh and Alive are they who Love who they are.

Happy and Holy are We who Realize that Prayer Liberates the Soul and puts us at Peace with our God.

To be a Pure and Gentle Source of Light which Dances upon Mountains of Magick and Lives in the Joy of Eternity, One must have a Thankful Heart which Drinks from the Cup of Love.

Be Uniquely You and the Heart of every Angel that crosses your Path will Gift your Life with Divine Energy that will Awaken Moments of Love that Transform.

A Soul Inspired by the Flower of Life and Motivated by the Ocean of Love is Divine Gift Immersed in Miracles that brings Joy to the Universe.

Listen to your Heart and Live with the Knowledge that the Highest Vibration of Love is an Act of Enlightenment that creates a Revolutionary Impact.

A Being of Love is as Free as the Sky and as Beautiful as the Universe.

I wish Balance and Blessings for all who wear their Sincerity as a Garment of Spirit for they are the Light which Shines on the Souls of those in need of Guidance.

I find my Way by following the Moonlight of my Soul to a Place of Greater Self Awareness where I am Empowered to move Forward and Live a more Inspiring Life.

The Sound of Laughter is a reminder of the Bliss of Being Alive. Communicating with one another through Laughter is a Glorious Experience that makes the Soul Smile and Opens the Garden Gates to Heaven.

You are a Being of Light and You have the Ability to Create a Beautiful Inner Space where with Loving Intention you can Miraculously Transform your Life.

What is Life after all but an Opportunity to Dance in the Light of Love.

Be True to Who You Are and Embrace the Joy of Being You. Open your Soul and let the Love within Flow Freely. Be deeply Compassionate and find something Beautiful in everything you see. Be a Reality to be Proud of. Be Who You Really Are for Who You Really Are is Magnificent.

I Accept Who I Am. I am Kissed by each Blessing and Inspired by every Soul. I am a Radiant Heart and an Illuminated Spirit. I am Sincere in my Desire to Create a Better World. I am Honest in my Efforts to Impact People in a Positive Way. I am Connected to the Angels and in Communication with the Ancients. I Love Who I Am.

( by Micheal Teal/ The Ancient One )

Friday, November 09, 2012

Worship The Day

Worship the Day with indestructible Enthusiasm and yours will be a more Purposeful Life of Infinite Possibilities and Spiritual Significance.

We are constantly Evolving and the day is upon us when we will Awaken to the Radiance of our Spirit and Rise above the Mountains of Existence to a place of complete Happiness and Sacred Beauty.

I live in an Ethereal World where I make my own Magick with the Earth, Moon and Stars as my Companions.

In every Star i see the Possibility of a Brighter Tomorrow. I see the Beauty of the Universe and the Glory of God. I see my Soul and the Light of a new Day where All people live in Love, Peace, Freedom and Kindness.

Within your Soul there is a place of Celebration where you can connect to your Heartself and Manifest your Truth and Destiny.

Immerse yourself in the Heaven of Freedom for it is a Delicate and Subtle place where your Soul connects to the Universe and the Impossible becomes Possible.

Make every moment Sacred by creating Truth and Beauty in everything you do and yours will be a Life that Blossoms like a Flower.

Your Soul Expands every time you you Shower the World with Blessings and Let your Light Shine.

We are Branches on the Tree of Life connected to the Earth by Love.

There are Beautiful Landscapes of Love within our Souls. It is when we allow ourselves the Freedom to bring out the Radiance within that we Immerse ourselves in Sacred Transformation and make Positive choices which Nourish the Body Temple and Inspire Holiness.

Create a Living Universe of Love by Living your Higher Purpose and Helping every individual have a more Joyful Life. To serve Connects us with Angels and Creates an Ethereal Transformation that Kisses the Face of God.

In the Eyes of every Soul on Earth you can See the Wisdom of the Ancients, The Knowledge of the Elders and the Beauty of the Ancestors.

If you can bring a Smile to the Face of another Human Being then you have Gifted their Soul with something of Spirit whose Beauty will Change their Life.

Live the Highest in yourself and contribute Positively to Humanity by releasing the Natural Bliss of your Soul, for to be a Leader of Change one must Radiate Divine Grace and Love Who they Are.

An Enlightened Society is built upon the Mystical Marriage of Light and Love. To Create a Better World we need only Shine our Light and Share our Love.

Life is meant to be a Cosmic Dance of Love where everyone has a Partner and the Music never stops.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 02, 2012

A Divine Flow of Energy

Mother Earth is a Goddess who manifests a Divine Flow of Energy which opens a Spiritual Gateway that keeps Joy in the Hearts of those who Believe.

Who You Really Are is a Being of Light created from the Greatest Good. Who You Really Are is a Being of Love born with Natural Beauty and Overflowing with Bliss. Who You Really Are is One whose Spiritual Calling is to Live their Truth. Awaken to Who You Really Are!

We are Flowers of Light and when we allow ourselves to Bloom we bring Souls together to Create a World of Beauty where Loving and Nurturing Energy Abounds.

Mother Nature is Alive with a Beauty and Brilliance that Inspires the Imagination and Touches the Soul in ways that Nourish and Nurture.

The Heart and Soul are made of Love for they are the Gifts from Heaven which allow us to Weave a Tapestry of Light and Positive Transformation.

When you Love from your Heart and Soul as you Live from your Mind and Spirit you Manifest an Infinite Awakening where every Moment is a Celebration of being Alive in the World.

Open the Door to Happiness with Blessings of Love as you follow your Heart and yours will be a Rainbow of Experiences guided by Spirit.

Love is the Guiding force behind those who Blaze Trails, Manifest Miracles and Walk a Path that brings Joy to All.

My Song is a Love Song and the World is my Stage. Sing with me and Together we can Change the World.

The Laughter of Children is what Nurtures the Earth. Children gift us with a Special Love that is Deeply Rewarding and Leaves a Lasting Impression. A Child at Play is a Lesson in Spirit for Heaven is a Playground for Angels, Ancients and Ancestors. God Bless the Child.

A Brighter Future for Humanity begins with an Open Mind and an Outstretched Hand. A Smile is a Positive Contribution to a Better World. Share your Light, Love and Kindness as doing so Creates a Flow of Energy that Blesses and Transforms.

We are an Enlightened Species who are Born to Traverse the Universe in Metaphysical Ways and have Experiences, Extraordinary and Profound.

Journey down a new Path of Harmonious Coexistence by Embracing Earths Magick as a Profound Step on the Path of Self Discovery.

The Earths Sacred Rhythm is a Song of Truth that Blooms like a Flower of Love in the Souls of those who Aspire to a Peaceful Joyous Life.

Journey into the Oneness of Inner Stillness and Discover your Joy for yours is a Destiny of Soul Aspirations where Peace, Love and Harmony reign Supreme.

You are a Unique Being of Light and yours is a Life of Meaning. Know that you were Born to Shine and that by Sharing your special Gifts you Foster Connectedness and Journey to Transformation. Every Breath is an Angelic Offering and Every Action is an Opportunity for Growth. Live, Love and Embrace the Beauty of Who You Are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 26, 2012

Joy on your Journey

We are all in our own way Magickal Practitioners with the Ability to Draw down the Moon and Rise like the Sun.

Everything is going to be Alright. Make every day Sacred and you begin to Heal. A Wave of Positive Energy is on its way. There will be Joy on your Journey. Things can and will get Better. Breathe Purity and Love into your Life and Listen to your Spiritual Helpers. In Darkness and Depression there is always Light. Be the Light and the Love of the Universe will Transform your World.

Believe Wholeheartedly in the Profound Truth that You are a Being of Light and the World is both your Playground and Paradise.

Communicate directly with your Guides, Ancestors and Angels. Deepen your Faith and Strive to be Extraordinary. Embrace the Loving Air of a New Day and make a Lasting Impression. This is your Life. Live it, Love it and make it something Beautiful.

The Light of Truth is that within each and every one of us you will find Psychic Energy, Inner Harmony and Enlightenment. Our Mission here on Earth is to Embrace and Accept our Greatness and Release all the Beauty of the Heavens that rests within.

Your Unique Destiny is one of Spiritual Wholeness, Epiphanies and Revelations. What makes it Unique is that every Soul is a Snowflake from Heaven and every Spirit a Fingerprint from God.

Gentle as the breeze Positive Change washes over those who Embrace Life in all its Glory.

When I gaze towards the Moon and Stars I See the Positive Loving Face of a Higher Power which Whispers to my Soul that everything we be Alright.

Live your Highest Intentions and work with your Spirit Guides to Create a Reality where Thought and Word are One. It is when we are Spiritually Open that a Gentle Stream of Inspired Thought leads us to Circles of Compassion and Friends of Enchantment. Lift your Vibration, Empower yourself and let yours be a Healing Journey where You are both Angel and Master.

We are Angels on Earth. We are Born with Extraordinary Gifts that are Truly Life Changing. Our Mission in Life is to find our True Self and Claim our Birthright.

It is True that your Soul leaves Footprints along every Path you take that others may Follow those steps which lead to Places of Spirit and Temples of Love.

Heaven becomes Visible to those Dance in the Realm of the Fae and Frolic in the Forest of the Unicorn for they are the ones whose Souls are made of Stardust.

It is when we start to Grow in all situations that we are able to Unite in Love and Harmony.

It was while sailing along Seas of Serendipity that I realized there is Beauty everywhere and We are an Evolving Culture of Love.

A Guiding Angel has taught me to Walk through Worlds that I may do my small part in Uniting the Mother Earth with her Children.

Give Birth to Beauty, Give Birth to Joy, Give Birth to Light and Give Birth to Love. Blessed are they who Birth to that which makes God Smile.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sail the Seas of Spirit

Karma Flows Freely for those who Sail the Seas of Spirit on Waves of Inspiration.

Paint a Portrait of your Highest Vision upon your Soul that the Angels, Ancients and Ancestors may See and Experience the Miracle and Beauty of Who You Are.

Live a Life of Truth and Goodness. Live a Life of Divine Expression and Aliveness. Live a Life of Liberation and Transformation. Live a Life of Love and Kindness. Live a Life of Spirit and Soul. Live a Life!

Conscious Choices enable us to Reclaim our Wholeness and Clearly see the Beauty of the Natural and Sacred Earth. Let every Choice be made from a place of Love and you Transform your Life into one of Light where the Winds blow Free and the Spirit soars on Angel Wings.

There is a Butterfly in my Soul that Floats through Fields of Possibilities leading me to a Life of Deeper Meaning and a Profound sense of Enlightenment.

Walk the Way of Divine Change as you integrate Ancient Teachings into your Soul and yours will be a Journey of Love that takes your Life to the Highest level of Spirit.

There is a House that Nature built where the Earth touches the Sky giving Birth to a Love that is Eternal, Ethereal and Enlightening.

Journey with me to a Place of Mystical Experience and Inhale the Divine. Pray with me of a Life that Transcends Boundaries where every Voice is a Sacred Voice and every Breath is the Breath of God. Love with Me.

The Spirit is a Star Shining Brightly above given Wings by God that it may lead us to the Glory of Love that is our Destiny.

Sacred are We of Light and Spirit who Seek to Live in Freedom and Walk in Peace as we Embrace the Dawn of each new Day as Masters of our own Fate.

There is a vast Ocean of Knowledge within our Collective Consciousness waiting for us to Unify in Spirit that it may Enlighten us and Inspire us to Spread our Wings and Soar with the Angels.

The Love I Feel for Humanity is a Blessing from Spirit which Guides me to a Place of Hope and Happiness where Joy emerges to Bring me Home.

There is a Reservoir of Infinite Divinity where the Spirit Dances in an Eternal Vibration of Joy. Meet me there and We will Celebrate in Blissful Awareness the Oneness of Humanity.

Dance within the Beauty of Life and Open your Soul to the Possibility that You are a God and Heaven Exists within.

Build Castles of Joy that Shine your Light and Create a Reality that Serves the Betterment of the World. Let your Contribution to the World be a Life of Lifted Spirit where Love is Shared. Build Houses of Happiness that Reflect your Beauty and Create a Higher State of Being that Inspires, Enlightens and Enchants all Humankind.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Art of Inspiration

Savour your Journey for every Moment is a Miracle to be Cherished. We are Blessed Beings of Light and if we Open our Souls we will Realize that every Breath is a Visionary Experience. Liberate your Shamanic Essence and Listen to the Voice of God which Resonates within. Transformation is a Choice. Choose to Change in ways that Positively impact not only yourself but the World around You.

Envision a Future of Profound Harmony where all are at One with the Beauty of Nature.

Life is Art and I am the Art of Inspiration. Let me Love you in Creative ways which stimulate the Imagination and move you to Live your Dreams.

I am at my Happiest when immersed in the Breath of Life and the Sacred Womb of Love.

The Beauty of Existence is Graced by the Singing of Birds and each Song is a Prayer for cleaner air and a Better tomorrow. Let us join Together in Harmony to save Mother Earth that the next Song the Birds sing will be a Love song.

Like a Tree from a Seed our Life will Blossom if we Plant Light and Love in the Fertile Spiritual Landscape that is the Garden of our Soul.

Trust your Spirit and yours will be an Awakened Life of Personal Transformation that Radiates the Divine like a Ray of Sunshine on the Soul.

Live your Life on your Terms and you will find Peace within yourself. It is by Living our True Self that we become Angels of Light. Believe in your Abilities and approach everything with Reverence and Respect. Happy are they who Live in Gratitude and Love in Kindness. You are the Creator. Create a Spiritually Powerful Life that Evolves into a Higher Vibration.

A Child at Play is a Song of Love that Lights the Universe with Inspiration and Imagination.

There is an Eternal Spring within you Flowing with Waters of Inspiration and Insight. Let the Beauty of your Inner Self wash away your struggles and fears that you may come to the Realization that Life was Created to make you Smile.

In all of the Universe there are none more Beautiful than you. Let your Love be an Offering to Sacred Mother Earth. Make Divine Choices and the Voice of God will lead you Home. In all the Heavens there are none more Glorious than you. Believe that You are on a Path of Heart and that you have the Choice to build Bridges. Bridges of Opportunity. Bridges of Bliss and Bridges of Transformation. In all the World there are none more Sacred than you.

Every Woman is Divine. Every Man is Holy. Every Child is Sacred. We are Gods and Goddesses and Heaven is but a Home waiting to be built. Let us Gather in Harmony and Create a Heaven we can be Proud of.

Glorious Blooms the Flower of Belief. Believe in yourself and you Create a World of Magickal Moments and Breathtaking Beauty.

To Breathe is To Pray. Breathe with me in Pastures of Peace and ours will be a Prayer of Love that Opens the Floodgates of Joy .

Those who are Kind in Thought emit Positive Energy for theirs is a Brighter Flame that Illuminates a Path to a Place of Stillness, Grace and Beauty.

I am the Moon and Sun of Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment. Dance with me upon the Shores of Loves Ocean.

It is not that i see the Future, it is that i see the Light within and Release it that all may see the True Beauty of the Inner Self.

Seeds of Goodness grow Flowers of Gratitude which create Gardens of Radiant Spirit where Kindness Blooms.

Be a Visionary Dreamer and Walk this Sacred Landscape as a Messenger of Light touching every Soul with the Love in your Heart.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 05, 2012

The Call of Spirit

An Extraordinary Transformation is happening within the Heart of the Earth. People are beginning to feel the Call of Spirit stronger than ever before and are acting in ways both Kind and Compassionate. There is more Love in the Universe than at any other Time in History. Feel the Love, Live the Love, Share the Love and Be the Love.

Listen to the Tribal Drumbeat in your Soul and allow the Ancients to take you on a Unique Spiritual Journey. The Wisdom of the Ancestors is within us waiting for us to Embrace their Knowledge and Change our World for the Better.

Love Inspires Harmonious Connections. Love Plants Seeds of Positive Thought. Love creates Miraculous Transformations. Love invites the Heart to Open and the Spirit to Rise. Love is the Higher Path to Destiny. Love is Who We are Born to Be. I Love You.

Extraordinary Moments are made by Ordinary People. We are Born with Greatness. We are Born with the Ability to Change lives. Light the way for others by showing Compassion for all Humanity and Sharing your Gifts in a way that Helps the Planet. The time has come to Spread your Wings and do something Extraordinary.

Today is a new Day. A new Opportunity to Inspire others. A chance to Ignite new Possibilities and Guide people toward Enlightenment. A chance to show your Love in a way that Touches all people. Today is a new Day.

Cultivate your Spiritual Gifts by Dreaming the Impossible and Living a Thoughtful and Inspiring Life. We have a Global Responsibility and by Living our Spiritual Vision we begin to Create a Community of Hope and Happiness where Peace and Freedom are Realities.

Blessed are they who Walk in Beauty. Bold and Magnificent are they who Light the Candle of Love. We all have something Miraculous to Share. Gift the World with that which makes you Special.

Let our Collective Vision be a Healing Prayer that Contributes to a better World for every Living thing. Earth is a Home we Share not Own.

Awaken to the Mystic Fire within your Soul and it will Inspire you to make a Sacred Contract with the Mother of all Life that Aligns your Spirit with Love.

We are Cosmic Brothers and Sisters expanding the Boundaries of Existence by sharing Messages of Light and Connecting with Heaven and Earth.

Prayers of Love are a Gift that Generates Positivity and makes the Soul come Alive. Love is the Foundation upon which the House of Happiness is built. Pray yourself Home.

We raise our Spiritual Intelligence when we approach our Life with Grace and Gratitude.

Sacredness is Kindness. Holiness is Compassion. Divinity is Caring. Happiness is Love.

Belief is a Choice. I choose to Believe that Life is Sacred and that the Holy Waters of Heaven will one day Cleanse my Soul and call me Home.

The Universe is Alive and We are Blessed to have been Born of Love in a Time where Heart and Soul connect. Live the Love that is your Essence and Share that Love with the Universe. We are the Light, We are the Love and We are the Miracle that will Transform the World.

Let us Embrace the Gifts in every Moment and the Divine in every Breath. It is when we Realize that We are the greatest Miracle that we Touch the Face of God.

Like petals on a Flower each morning we Rise to the Heavens for it is in that Angelic Garden that we may Immerse ourselves in the Soul of Love.

We Blossom into Beauty when we look outside ourselves and Truly See the Blessings that surround Us.

Give your Life to Love for every time we Love with all our Heart we take an Evolutionary Leap which brings us that much closer to Heaven.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 28, 2012

Spirit of the Ancestors

The Spirit of the Ancestors is the Voice in our head that Calls us Home and the Song in our Heart that brings us Closer to Heaven.

Life is Energy Flowing constantly through every Living thing. We are a River of Grace and Beauty meant to Flow in Freedom. Flow with Hope in your Heart. Flow with Love as your Guide. Flow with the Knowledge that We are all part of a Cosmic Community of Light. Flow!

The Evolution of Human Consciousness begins with a Smile for it is through Kindness that the Spirit and Soul truly Evolve.

In Love with the Universe I walk the Path of the Warrior as the Fae dance around me and Angels sing me Songs of Joy. Imagination is another Dimension where true Reality hides until We are ready to Accept it and set it Free.

We are all on the same Path. We all Breathe the same Air. We all are a Source of Love and Light. We are Children of God and Heaven is a place in our Heart where Soul and Spirit are woven Together. Embrace the Beauty and Blessings of Life and Rejoice for We Are One.

Let the Vision of your Life be one of Love and Intention. It is when we Live our Highest Self that we Inspire our Dreams and Create a better Tomorrow.

Every Breath is an Opportunity to Breathe in Hope, to Breathe in Joy and to Breathe in Inspiration. Transformation begins with a deep Breath.

To Love and Serve is to plant Flowers of Enlightenment. Love Beautifies everything and Infuses it with Spirit. Life is an Ancient Prayer that when said with the Highest Light is Medicine for the Soul. Embrace the Truth of Who You Are and Live every Moment with Passion and Joy. Love yourself as much as your Soul Loves You and Share that Love with the Universe.

Profound and Uplifting is a Smile that Warms the Soul. Smile from the Heart and Free yourself to become the Visionary Messenger that is your Destiny.

Say Yes to Light, Say Yes to Love, Say Yes to Joy, Say Yes to Peace, Say Yes to Freedom, Say Yes to Happiness and Say Yes to You.

Like Stars in the Sky we need to Communicate with each other by Sharing our Light.

Serve Humanity equal portions of Peace, Love, Hope and Healing and yours will be a Life of Miraculous Spiritual Experiences.

We Create Reality. Be Gentle with yourself, Raise your Vibration and make everything you do a Creation made from Love.

Respect for Life will Guide you along a Path to Wholeness where you will experience great Joy and Growth.

Let your Spirit sing. Let it Sing a song of Love. Let it Serenade your Soul. Let it Raise its Voice to the Heavens that the Angels may know your Beauty.

Freedom is to Frolic in Paradise and True Freedom is the Knowledge that Paradise is something you Create with every Kind Word and Loving Smile.

Bless each Moment of Life for every Moment is an Opportunity to Radiate Goodness and Share the Magick of your Soul.

By living life as a spiritual practice you Contribute to a Better World and Awaken the Angel within.

Life is a Luminous Tapestry of Rainbow Light embraced by the Sun and Nurtured by Sacred Mother Earth.

Today I will Teach my Soul to Fly and make my Life a Playground for Transformation. I will Embrace the Dance of Life and Build a Bridge to Enlightenment. I will give Birth to Wisdom and Manifest Dreams of Peace. This I will do Today. Tomorrow - The Possibilities are Endless.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 21, 2012

Let Your Soul Dance

Let your Soul Dance as your Spirit Teaches you to wear your Life like a Rose. Transform your Outlook to that of only Happy Thoughts and Emotions. Be a Rainbow of Light designed by Nature to Illuminate the Flow of Divine Grace. Live your Higher Truth and Be the Love that Inspires the World to Dream.

The Greatest Contribution we can make to Humanity is Love. The Greatest Contribution we can make to Earth is Love. The Greatest Contribution we can make to the Universe is Love. The Greatest Contribution we can make to Heaven is Love. The Key to Life and the Answer to every question is Simple for it is Love. Everything is Love.

Love Illuminates a Path of Hope and Joy that leads to a place of Peace where the Stars of Heaven unfold to Welcome you Home.

To all Dreamers I say invite your Soul out to Play for the Beloved Child of God within is waiting in Silent Joy for the day that you Realize that Heaven is a Playground.

Live and Breathe Change. Love and Embrace Life. Commune with your Heart and Connect with your Destiny. The Time has come to Be Who You Truly Are.

On the Edge of Reality is an Enchanted Realm where a Family of Light Beings gather with the Fae and Dance the day Away. This is a Place i call Home.

May you explore the voices of the natural world and achieve a blissful state of eternal happiness.

All the earth is our home and if we let our light shine freely we will open our hearts to abundant blessings. Existence is a collective experience and by enhancing the life you live you can inspire the imagination of those around you. Together we create miracles, so let us dance as flowers in the wind and celebrate the gifts that inspire us to rise above the ordinary.

May you plant Seeds of Transformation as you See a Higher Purpose. May the Blessings of the Universe lead you to a more Tranquil and Peaceful Self.

The Waters of Consciousness are filled with Thoughts and Prayers of Grace and Tenderness. Live in Joy and Share a Smile with everyone you meet. Life is meant to be an Everlasting Harvest of Love where all Sentient Beings are Eternally Connected. Feel the Connection, Embrace the Consciousness and Live your Destiny.

The Heart rejoices when we Nurture our Gifts for we are Bringers of Light born to Shine.

Be a Vehicle of Light and Live your Life with great Purpose and Meaning. Those who walk with Spirit in each step are Free as the Wind and Blessed with Richness of Life and Wealth of Love.

Divinely Guided, Bathed in Sunshine and Bursting with Joy, mine is a Journey where nothing is Impossible.

Within the Metaphysical Field there is a Sacred Garden where the Light of Love nourishes all Life. Join me there and we will Rejoice in the Rapture of Being Alive.

Be receptive to Miracles and Create a new Reality of Higher Truths and Infinite Dimensions of Love. Transformation begins with the words I Believe.

Every Soul is Unique. Celebrate Who You Are and Enrich your Life with the Beauty and Blessings of Nature.

May you Live the Call of your Heart and Love the Calling that is your Life.

To Live fully is to Create a Life of Love and Compassion where every moment Sparkles with Inspiration and Transformation.

Beyond the Dream is the Vision. Beyond the Vision is the Light. Beyond the Light is the Love. Beyond the Love is the Life. Beyond the Life is the Heaven. Beyond the Heaven there is You. The Answer has always been You.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 14, 2012

Walk in Peace where the Grass is Green

May soul directed energy guided by spirit nourish and embrace you always.

I wish you a walk in peace where the grass is green that you may honour your needs and be the hero of your own life. May yours be a plan of unfoldment where you achieve the highest peak of spiritual fulfillment and may you access your heart intuition as you thrive and blossom in a sacred place of peace.

I wish you a journey where love and joy flow into your life. May you make each day extraordinary as you are embraced by divine light and may you bring forth the beauty within as you access your inner guidance and find your piece of heaven.

You are a radiant light whose very essence illuminates a labyrinth of potential and basic goodness. May you journey to a place deep within where love is your essence and may you live your dreams as you align with the higher self and awaken the teacher within.

When we share our gifts we create a greater living presence in the universe, thereby connecting us to the divine.

I wish you love in your heart , food on your table and a heavenly spirit that makes every day a blessing.

May you know the beauty in your soul as you live
a life of unlimited possibilities and may your
journey take you to places of peace and freedom
where all your prayers are answered.

May yours be a journey of truth , love and light where you explore the infinite and live your personal vision.

Awaken the Love within you and let your Heart soar. Experience the Sacred by Communicating with Angels and Spirits. The Healing Light of Creation looks Kindly on those who Embrace Self Empowerment with Creative Inspiration and Mystical Transformation. We are Cosmic Wanderers and when we Explore Greater Spiritual Depths we Achieve Balance and Peace. Joyfully Celebrate the Beauty of Who You Are and Live a Life of Spiritual Service for you are God and Goddess on a Soulful Journey of Truth and Evolution.

I wish you a journey into paradise where your spirit comes out to play with your soul.

May you be Bathed in Holy Light and have the Angels Teach your Soul to Fly.

We Experience the Sacred when we make Celestial Connections. The Gates of Heaven are already open for those who talk to Angels, Ancestors, Ancients and Spirits.

Shift into a Higher Consciousness and Create a Blissful Future. The Divine Light shines Brightest on those Brave enough to Climb the Sacred Mountain on their way to Spiritual Enlightenment.

May you celebrate compassion as you immerse yourself in awareness and May you connect with the divine as you reach for the stars and rise to the heavens.

Write a new chapter and make the book of your life a story of happiness that celebrates love as a blessing.

Nature is a Song in my Heart that Serenades my Soul and makes Fairy Tales come true.

Inspire your Spirit by connecting to the Magnificence of your own Being. It is when we Love, Honor and Respect ourselves that we truly Blossom.

Communicate with Spirit. A Spirit Dancing is Beauty and Grace for the Soul. We are all Born of Eternal Goodness and by Breathing in the Divine we Liberate our Being and Embrace the totality of Who WE Are. It is a Heart driven Life that is filled with Prayerful Treasures. The Doorway to Change opens into a House of Light and a Home of Love. Let your Heart Inspire and Empower You for you are a Sacred Vision and Love is your Essence.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 07, 2012

Whispers of the Divine

The Soul is Exquisite and Beautiful. It is Who We Are and Who We Are meant to Be. Bring Peace and Comfort into your Life by Immersing yourself in the Miracle and Majesty of your Soul. Positively Impact Change by Embracing the Light from Heaven and setting Sail on a Journey to Greatness. It is once we Accept that we are part of the Sacredness of all Creation that our Lives become a Soul Nourishing Experience. Feed your Soul, Love your Life and Live your Truth. You are Exquisite and Beautiful.

The Whispers of the Divine guide us to Live and be Happy. All we have to do is say Yes and Dedicate our Lives to Feeling the Joy.

Walk a Path of Spirits and Angels. Pray with your Heart and you Delight the Gods. We are Beings of Light and by Embracing this Truth we bring Heaven to Earth and God into our Soul.

I have written a Letter of Intention to the Universe: I intend to be a Caretaker of Life and Love. I intend to Heal myself Now. I intend Immerse myself in the Kindness of others. I intend to Climb to the top of the Mountain and Sing. I intend to Teach with my Heart and Learn with my Soul. I intend to let Joy become my new Reality. I intend to Live, Laugh, Love and Learn. I intend to Be Free and I intend to be Me!

Harvest and Enjoy the Fruits of this fine Day. It is when we Fall in Love with Life that the Celebration begins.

In my Heart of Hearts I Seek to be a Light that guides your Way. In my Soul of Souls I Inspire a Growing Goodness. In my Spirit of Spirits I Ignite a Flame of Peace, Passion and Purpose. We are Living Poetry and I Love You.

Peace is a living Gift which Opens a Portal to Understanding. Give Peace and your Life will be a most Wonderful thing to Behold.

Create more Grace and gather Wisdom as you Seek to be of Service to Humanity. It is through Service that we Embrace the Magick of Spiritual Connectedness.

Be a constant Inspiration by planting Seeds of Possibility. Your Soul's Journey is Richly Robed by all the Love within. Make every Moment a Life Changing Experience. Moments of Prayer and Meditation. Moments of Joy and Empowerment. Moments of Dreams and Aspirations. Kindness to the Self will manifest a Plateau in your Life from which you can See clearly all the Beauty you have Created.

There are Karmic Consequences to every Choice we make. Choose Love and the Consequence will be endless Lifetimes of Joy, Happiness and Light.

Where Spirits Rise there can be found Love and Golden Light. There can be found Intuitive Guidance and Limitless Consciousness. Where Spirits Rise there is a Poetic Heart waiting for you to come Home.

God Bless the Children for they are the Heroes that Save us from ourselves and make us Realize that we are All made out of Love.

Let the Wind blow through your Heart and Free the Inner Moonlight of your Soul that you may Dance, Laugh and Sing your way to Heaven.

Your Soul already Knows where your personal Evolution will lead you. It can already Sense the Miraculous. Listen to your Soul.

Love has no Boundaries, no Prejudices, no Gender, no Religion and no Race. Love when it is Real is Simply Love. I Love You.

The Energy of the Universe brings us Closer to Heaven. Nurture your Higher Self by Walking through Metaphysical Fields of Radical Transformation. We are Crafted out of Love and when we Craft our every Moment out of Love we Claim our Birthright and Embody Wisdom, Timelessness and Awakening. A Life lived Faithfully and Beautifully is a Celestial Symphony which Manifests in Healing Communities of Light. Have a Love Affair with your Life by Embracing the Energy and Living in the Light.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Soul of Humankind

Take Joy in and Bloom into Happiness. Shine your Heart on all Humanity and make every Breath an Ethereal Experience. We are Great Sages on a Cosmic Journey of Light and Energy. We are Universal Wanderers roaming through Alternative Realities and Spiritual Dimensions Enjoying Togetherness and Radiating Love. Let us make sure that the Message we Communicate is a Beam of Light from our Deepest Inner Being that opens a Doorway into the Heart of all Sentient Beings. Let ours be an Aesthetic Impact which envelopes the World in a Kindness so Beautiful as to bring Heaven into the Soul of Humankind.

I am a Soul Nurturer living a more Meaningful Life by gathering Inspiration and spreading it across the Universe on Wings of Imagination. I am part of the Greater Whole and through Sacred Unfolding I have achieved Peaceful Harmony and Spiritual Serenity. I am The Ancient One.

Mine is a Path of Personal Growth. A Journey in Harmony with the Earth and Sky where I am open to the Blessings of the Earth and where I can Serve all Sentient Beings. I am the Master of my own Dreams creating Positive Vibrations wherever I can.

The Key to Transformation is to Love every Moment and have a Healthy relationship with Yourself.

Sacred Mother Earth is at a crossroads and we as caretakers must align ourselves with the spirit in an attempt to reverse the damage that we have caused so that future generations can live peacefully and sustainably in celebration of the divine. We must live a life of meaning and contribution as we serve to protect our planet. The river of inspiration is within us and we must strive to make sure its waters are clean.

Share your Beauty. Share your Spiritual Perspective. Share the Path of your Heart. Share your Creative Journey. Share your Ambitions and Accomplishments. Share the Positive Energy which Radiates from Within. Share your Passion for Life. Share the Desires of the Soul. Share the Gift of Being Human and Share your Love. Share!

Beauteously revealed like a Moonbeam on a Lake is the Soul of those who Smile with Love in their Heart. To Smile is to Share the Gift of You in a way that Illuminates, Inspires and Enlightens.

Join me in a Sacred Embrace of Timeless Beauty and Blossoming that makes the Soul Sing and envelopes the World with Love and Purity.

The Light inside Illuminates a Kingdom of Transformation within where Grows the Love that will Liberate your Spirit and set you Soul Free.

I journey deeply into spiritual realms as I strive to cultivate an authentic self and use my mind in the highest way. It is my intent to dance in the suns freedom while facilitating self discovery and promoting goodwill and lovingkindness. I am a navigator of inner spheres who invokes growth of the soul and desires to live in harmony with earth and sky. The beauty of all living things inspires me to strive for perfect harmony and to serve all sentient beings. My wish is for a brighter tomorrow where we all live in harmony beneath celestial curtains of happiness and freedom.

Liberate Reality and you become more Conscious of your Natural Goodness. Set your Soul aflame and the Light of your Being becomes Healing and Enlightening. Touch the Sky and let your Intuition guide you to a World of Mystique and Magick where there is Great Joy and Happiness. We are Free Souls and ours is a Life that Generously Blessed with Imagination and Inspiration. What we Imagine will Inspire us to Liberate it that it may Soar into a new Reality for Liberation is Transformation.

To Love a Child is to Float in a River of Bliss as you come closer and closer to Spirit.

You are the Universe. You are the Breath of Spirit. You are the Joy in Living. You are a Rainbow Light of Beauty. You are Love and You are Loved.

To attain True Mastery we must Expand our Consciousness and Illuminate our Journey with Good Intentions. Mastery comes when we fill our Soul with Light and Embrace the Sacredness of all Life. We are Masters, Mystics and Messengers on a Mountain of Love.

Welcome Thoughts of Love into your Life and you will Rise above all Boundaries to a new Freedom among the Clouds and a great Transformation among the Stars.

I am a unique light in this world, a winged song of creation reaching across the heavens and challenging your thoughts that you may discover your limitless potentials. The whispers of the angels speak through me and guide me to serve humanity by celebrating bliss and divinity and fostering infinite love. The music of life is within us all. Find the divine within and yours will be a song of truth and beauty.

We are an Earthly people rooted in the Heart of Eternity. We are every Flower and every Tree. We are Nature in all its Glory. We are Love.

My contribution to humankind is to make a lasting impression by bringing forth the beauty within and nurturing spiritual growth. I seek to live my highest truth with abundance and joy while dancing within the warm embrace of Mother Earth and Father Sky. I assist people by helping them free their creative spirit and express their spirit in ways which awaken unlimited possibilities. I teach you to navigate change that you may liberate your highest potential and journey to a more evolved consciousness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 24, 2012

Barefoot and Free

Barefoot and Free I walk along the Shamanic Highway a Living Manifestation of Divinity. With Mystical Curiosity I see Beyond this Reality to the Temples in the Sky. Mine is a Rainbow Path of Truth, Beauty and Love where Faeries Dance and Angels Sing. I Live my Life with Open Arms and a Soul laid bare for all to See. I Embrace differing Cultures for in Heavens Glory i Believe that We are All One and that when we find our Way Home to Love Peace will prevail on Earth. I am The Ancient One.

Love is the Music of the Soul and those who find their Way to Heaven are the ones with the Courage to Dance.

Naked and Free i Rejoice in a Divine Love that Ventures outside the Box as it takes the Spirit to new Heights of Passion and Ecstasy.

We Inspire the Soul to Smile by Living with Greater Meaning and Loving with Greater Passion.

May all Beings be Happy and May the Dance of Life be a Celebration in Harmony with Earth and Sky.

Smile for you have much to Smile about. You are a Beautiful Spirit. You Travel through this Existence with the Freedom to Choose which Path you will take. Your Heart and Intuition are Priceless Treasures which Lift the Vibration of your Being. You Experience the World with Pure Joy and Boundless Love. Yours is an Evolutionary Journey of Serenity and Contentment. You are Exquisite, Enchanting and Ethereal. Smile!

Have Faith in yourself and Cultivate the Habit of Happiness. Love yourself always and your Life will become an Amazing Miracle of Absolute Beauty and Everlasting Bliss.

God Bless the Children for they are the Heroes that Save us from ourselves and make us Realize that we are All made out of Love.

Be Thankful for the Little Things for they are Blessings in Disguise. Love all People and give Freely of the Kindness in your Heart. This Precious Life is something to be Cherished. Be Grateful for You are Alive and You are Loved.

We all have Dreams and if we Follow our Dreams they will lead us to a River of Spiritual Nourishment where Love is Food for Thought, Heart and Soul.

Embark on an Extraordinary Voyage of Love that Radiates the Divine within and Embraces the Light of Creation. Enlightenment comes through Exploration of Spirit. By making Choices that are deeply Metaphysical and Spiritual you open Portals to other Dimensions and Doorways to Higher Realms.

Live from the Heart, Love from the Soul and Joy and Hope will be your constant Companions. Love creates a Bridge of Light leads to a Destiny of Bliss. It is through Kindness that we develop Sweet Bonds that Dance the Soul Alive. Create the Life you want by wanting others to find Peace, Freedom and Happiness. By choosing a Compassionate Life you Awaken and Heal Humanity. The Sacred Role of Helping Others leads to Landscapes of Love. Welcome to Nirvana! How may I be of Service?

Give Love to others and you Create the Life you Deserve. It is through Service to the Betterment of all Humanity that we Illuminate ourselves and Experience the Miraculous.

A Light that Shines Brilliantly is a Miracle that Gifts the World with Love. The Time has come for Transformation that You may be a Pillar of Light.

Your highest Calling on this Infinite Journey is to Embrace the Glow of Happiness and fill every Moment with Wonder and Contentment.

In my Heart of Hearts I Seek to be a Light that guides your Way. In my Soul of Souls I Inspire a Growing Goodness. In my Spirit of Spirits I Ignite a Flame of Peace, Passion and Purpose. We are Living Poetry and I Love You.

In Heavenly Realms there Exists a Festival of Love where a Cosmic Light and the Touch of God envelope people with increased Aliveness. It is a Celebration of Higher Vibrations and Joyous Transformation where people Dance and Sing in Appreciation and Profound Respect. Let us Gather as one on this Earthly Realm and Create our own Festival of Love. A Celebration of Soul and Spirit where the Sky opens as you Awaken to Ascension.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 17, 2012

We are the Prayer

The Human Spirit is a Beacon of Light born of Divinity and Destined to Illuminate Kindness in All things. The Human Heart is a Profound Teacher born of Love and destined to Embrace a Greater Happiness. The Human Soul is a Field of Experience destined to Manifest Wonders and Share Inspirational Messages. We are Messiahs of Spirit, Heart and Soul and ours is a Monastery of Kindness and Compassion where All are Welcomed for All are Loved.

Heartfelt Greetings and Blessings of Love to my fellow Beings of Light. Let us Prepare the Soul for this Dance of Life by Living and Giving Love. Let us make every Breath a Prayer of Thanks. We are Immortal Souls and ours is a Mystical Union destined to Manifest a Blissful Tomorrow.

We Exist together in Harmony we are Ancient Beings of renewed Energy giving Birth to a Whole new Reality. We are the Earth and Sky. We are the Sun and Moon. We are Past, Present and Future. We are the Energy of Life and We are Beautiful.

May we Celebrate the Happiness of others as we Heal our Hearts and Minds. May we Walk in Clouds of Awareness and Dance in the Sunshine of Sacred Creation. May we Create a Dream of Goodwill towards Humanity and May we Live that Dream. We are the Prayer and The Prayer is Love.

We are a Spiritual Community of Gods and Goddesses embraced with an Awakening Love that Touches the Soul and Transforms the World.

And in the Forest i saw a Child made of Love and Leaves whose Pure Beauty served as a Message of Hope that Inspired me to Open the Garden Door to Grace and Gratitude.

Sail with me to a Higher Consciousness where the Door to Enlightenment is always Open. Let us Live a Godly Life as Compassionate Kind Souls awakening all of Humanity to our Uniqueness and Beauty. May ours be a Profound Pilgrimage of Conscious Love that Blesses every Moment. Let us Teach by Being a Powerful Light that Rejuvenates the Spirit and Manifests Miracles. Sail with me to a Higher State of Being where the Door to Heaven is always Open.

Intention and Connection are an Elixir for the Soul which will bring about a Peaceful Joyous State of Collective Transformation.

Seekers of Truth be sure to draw Inspiration from the Sun as you Clear your Mind and Heart to make room for Spiritual Wholeness.

I am Sacred and Earthly, I am Human and Divine, I am a Dream within a Dream, I am You and You are Me, I am Beautiful.

Today i will be Alive in the Moment. I will Encourage the Sun to Shine and the Flowers to Bloom. I will Manifest and Create Miracles that i can Share will all Humanity. Today i will be who i was Born to be. Today I am Love.

The Heavens expand the Horizon for those who Awaken the Spirit and Inspire the Soul. True Freedom and Happiness comes to those who Share the Lightness of their Being. Release the Beloved within and lead a more Compassionate Life. Transformation comes from Giving and Sharing Kindness and Compassion. Live in Joy, Live in Beauty, Live in Freedom. Love every Living thing with Lightness and Ease. Rejoice for in Truth there are no Gates in Heaven for you cant put a Gate on Rivers and Streams.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Beautiful Bouquet of Love

Commune with your Tribal Spirit and Rediscover your Evolutionary Soul. We are Ancients united in Light. We are Masters with the Ability to make Miracles happen. We are Healers of a Greater Spirituality that are Destined to Awaken this Heavenly World. The Whole Flower Blossoms when Nurtured and Nourished with Love. See the World as a Flower and look at every Living thing with Love in your Heart. Live, Love and Teach for We are Shamans of Transformation on a Journey of Transcendence.

A Life that is Balanced has a Symmetry that Enhances and Enriches like a Beautiful Bouquet of Love.

Nurture, Inspire and Invoke Peace within. Embrace the Gifts of Love, Light and Laughter that surround you for doing this Weaves a Dream that will Create a Beautiful Sanctuary of Reality and Radiance.

You are the Breath of Life that makes the Heart Sing and the Dreams of Life are made Better by your Presence and Essence.

Gifted by the Divine I walk in Wisdoms Light with Love and Compassion for All Humanity.

Every time you Listen when the Mind and Body speak is an Act of Grace. By truly Listening we let our Energy Flow in ways that Benefit all Humankind. I have Listened and I have Transformed.

Shaped by Love and Enchanted by the Earth i wander through Portals of Discovery on a Voyage to Pure Beauty and Bliss.

A Gifted Human Being guided by Angels will Experience the Joy of Love with a Pure Awareness that serves as a Gateway to Inspiration. The Free Soul Dreams not of Hope for it Knows that Happiness is not something you Wish for its something you Create. Believe in your Heart that you are the Sun and the Moon. Believe that you are the Blue Skies of Heaven. Believe that you are a Blessed Creation. Change your Thinking and with Pure Intention create the Happiness you Desire and Deserve.

Free your Heart and Liberate your Soul. Being Who You Are is Lifes greatest Challenge. Those who Transcend are those with the Courage to Embrace the Light of their own Consciousness. We are Immortal Beings at One with the Universe. Free your Thoughts and Celebrate your Spirit. You are Worthy of Great Love.

Care and Kindness are Garments of Love one wears with Pride. Happiness is your own Creation. Life is a work of Art and we are Artists free to Paint any Future we Desire.

The Highest form of Prayer are the words I Love You. Love is the Temple of Truth and Beauty within our Soul. Love is all that Exists in the Heart of God. Love is the Spirit that Glows. Love is Family and Friendship. Love is Inner Harmony and Enlightenment. Love is a Sacred Language as Beautiful as the Sunset. Love is the Energy Flowing inside of You. Light the Way to Heaven by Living the Prayer that is Love. The time has come to embrace Love. Let us Pray!

A Life of Meaning is a Life of Extraordinary Experiences, Divine Light and Sacred Love. To Achieve this Life you need only to Love and Cherish yourself.

Rich with Wisdom are they who Live with Positive Intent. The Heart of Mankind overflows with Love every time a Kind Word is Spoken. Live with Positive Intent and Speak in Kindness.

You are a Beautifully Crafted Sacred Song of Love and Happiness. Close your eyes. Hear the Music. Dance!

We are Teachers and Philosophers. There is a Divine Joy within us which fills our Heart with Deep Love. We are Destined to make a Significant Contribution to the Evolution of Humanity. We were born to Create something Beautiful. If each of us were to Live our Destiny as Truth the Universe would be a Light of Love that calls Heaven Home.

Children of Light look in your Heart and see the Gift of Life. Be a Sacred Dancer that makes the Moon Smile. Be a Butterfly that Dreams of a Clear Blue Sky. Know that you are Divine, Awake and Profoundly Connected to Spirit. Children of Light you are Extraordinary and Compelling. Yours is a Heart on Fire. Within your Soul is an Oracle of Divine Love which Inspires Immense Gratification on your Eternal Voyage. Children of Light I Adore You for I was once a Child of Light and now I am an Ancient of Love.

If you are Aware you are Dreaming you are truly Alive.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Live in Service to Humanity

Live in Service to Humanity and every Breath is a Heartfelt Achievement. A New Consciousness is here and We are all Spiritual Teachers sharing Sacred Holy Words with a Global Congregation of Loving Souls. Connect with your Inner Self in ways Profound and your Life will be filled with Mystic Experiences, Creativity and Spiritual Energy. The Greatest service we can give Humanity is that of Love for when one serves Love, every day is a Feast of Friendship and a Celebration of Life.

A Tribal Perspective creates a Better Reality and a Shamanic State which allows the River of Human Experience to Flow Freely to a Unifying Place of Divine Guidance.

It is We who hold the Rainbow that have the Heart of Gold.

This is an Extraordinary and Miraculous Time. The Coming of Angels is upon us. The day has arrived where Evolution and Harmony will be the Sacred Dance that Connects us to the Universe. Welcome to the Transformation.

Become your own Hero and fulfill your Spiritual Destiny. You are a Unique Soul and by Exploring the Mystery of Who You are you will Experience the Metaphysical as you Adventure into the Beyond.

Awaken to Spirit, Awaken to Inspired Living, Awaken to Laughter and Lightheartedness. Arise and make Profound Changes. Arise and Live Joyfully with Heart. Arise and Think Compassionate Thoughts. Awake and Arise with the Knowledge that Love makes things

Every time you Open your Heart you Change a Spirit and Transform a Soul. It is those small things like a Gentle Touch, a Loving Smile and a Compassionate Hug that have the Greatest Impact. The Meaning of Life is quite Simple we are here to Love and be Loved.

This is a Time of Great Change. A Time of Holy Encounters and Sacred Unions. A Time of Higher Dimensions of Reality. The Awakening of Humanity is upon us. Let us Bless all Humankind and Connect with the Divine. This is a Time to become Inspired. This is a Time to do something Extraordinary. This is a Time to Believe with all your Heart that Dreams come True. The Dove of Peace is Here. The Great White Buffalo is Here. The Butterfly of Beauty is Here. The Time has arrived for all People to Transform into Light and Love.

A Smile is Food from Heaven that Nourishes the Soul with Higher States of Love and Joy.

Step into a Higher Plane of Existence and Experience Union with the Divine. We are all Connected by Angels, Ancients and Ancestors. We are a Family of Light. We are a Family of Love. We are Sacred and Beautiful.

For those who Believe in Magick and Miracles life is an Enlightened Exploration that Celebrates Humanity's Spiritual Evolution.

In a Universe filled with Miracles explore the Richness of Life and make the Reality you need the Reality you Live. A New World is Born with every Breath so Listen to the Whispers of Spirit and Breathe from your Soul. There is a Divine Plan waiting for the Opportunity to reveal itself.

I am a Light that Shines Bright for i have the Sun in my Hand and Heaven in my Heart.

There is Beauty in the Creation of all Things. Trust your Heart as you Travel on the Road to Immortality and Manifest your Highest Self. Allow the Divine Spark within to Light a Path to Wisdom that you may Contribute more Positively to the World. Challenge Perceptions by using your Innate Spirituality to Motivate and Inspire. Life is a Cosmic Symphony and You are a Song. Let the Music of your Soul be the Soundtrack to a Life where Love is the Truth, Beauty and Light of your Existence.

Live your Life in Meaningful ways. Be a Generous Soul and a Positive Cosmic Being. Like a Cloud floating across the Sky to a Place of Light ride the Waves of the Universe to your Place in the Sun.

In a Flowering Universe it is those who are in Love with their Life that fulfill their Spiritual Destiny.

The Breath of God is within us. When we Inhale we accept Love and Light from Heaven. When we Exhale we Release little Miracles that travel Across the Universe touching Souls in ways Profound.

Dreams, Hopes and Desires come to those who when unable to find their Wings our Guided by Spirit to Create their Own for We are Born to Fly.

Listen to the Heartbeat of God and it will become the Music of your Life.


Great Spirit, Divine Messenger of God

I come to you in Gratitude for i have Awakened from the Dream that is Life and found myself in a Reality of Light and Love.

Great Spirit, Divine Messenger of God

Thank You for the presence of Angels in my Life for i have accepted their Guidance and mine has become a journey Heavenly Inspired.

Great Spirit, Divine Messenger of God

Bless You for the boundless Love and Joy you have shown me for through you i have found a Better way to Live and am now ready to Evolve to the next level of Spirituality.

Great Spirit, Divine Messenger of God

I Love You

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 27, 2012

Kissed by Butterflies and Caressed by Angels

Sing Together in Harmony. Sing of Home, Heart and Spirit. Sing of Truth, Beauty and Light. Raise your Voices to the Heavens. Lift your Spirits to the Angels. Elevate your Soul to heights of Eternal Joy and Happiness. Sing of Love and let the Song be that which Inspires you to Live the Love of which you Sing.

I Love You All. I Love your Heartfelt Purpose. I Love your Joy in the present Moment. I Love the Deepest levels of your Soul. I Love your Connection to the Light. I Love the Rose Garden of your Spirit. I Love the Reflection of the Divine in your Eyes. I Love your Guiding Wisdom and Sacred Energy. I Love your Inner Journey. I Love your Unique Essence and Empathic Listening. I Love the Fire of your Intention. I Love You All.

Dream of a World of Peace, Freedom and Understanding. Wish for a World of Love, Laughter and Light. Transform your Dreams and Wishes into Realities.

If you let the Light flow through you the darkness has nowhere to hide.

I Stretch my Soul to the Sky, I Bend my Spirit to the Beauty of the Land, I Raise my Heart to the Radiant Sun and every Moment becomes a Blissful Experience.

Your Unique Purpose is to Call on the Spirits that they may Embrace your Gifts and Guide you to Ignite your own Flame and stay True to your Path. Those who are Original and Authentic are those who have Discovered that they are the Universe.

Seeds sown in Love create a Garden of Light where Wisdom and Kindness give Birth to new Ideas. Change your Thoughts by Designing your own Universe. You are God and Goddess. Your Destiny is a blank canvas and you are an Artist of Spirit. Write a Song of Sacred Energy. Paint a Portrait of Spiritual Community. Your personal Quest is whatever you Choose it to Be. Choose to be a Guiding Force whose Inner Light shines so Brightly that every Soul can see there is Beauty in all Things.

Make Vibrant Choices that Serve the Highest Good and you Inspire Greater Awareness and Growth. Be the Guiding Hand which leads people to Landscapes of Beauty and Belief. Choose to Live your Greatness.

We are all Spiritual Teachers and Facilitators. We all have Heaven and Earth within our Soul. We are Born of Love and it is Love that we shall Teach.

I See a Future Kissed by Butterflies and Caressed by Angels. I See a Future where We Love who We Are and We Love each Other. I See A Future.

Bathe in the Waters of Love where Miracles happen and you will Emerge into a World that Enlightens you.

Share your Joyful Existence. Share the Cherished Gift that is your Life. Share your Gratitude for this Day. Share the Sacred Wells of Healing Energy within your Soul. Share your Hopes and Dreams. Share your Good Thoughts and Actions. Share your Artistic Visions. Share that which makes your Heart Sing. Share the Magick within You. Share your Beauty. Share your Truth and Share your Love. Life is its most Kind, Loving and Compassionate when we Share.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 20, 2012

There Are Butterflies in my Soul

Dream the Future. Dream a Sacred Place of Light and Inspiration. Awake and make your Dreams come True. Awake and Step into your Essence. Be Infinitely Grateful for your Blessings. Be Infinitely Grateful for Awakened Individuals and Illuminated Connections. Dream of Living in Service to the Divine. Dream of Living in Sheer Joy and Gentleness of Spirit. Live the Dream. Be the Dream. Love the Dream. Awake!

Your Higher Purpose is to Live Harmoniously with Sacred Mother Earth. Live your Purpose and you Heal the World.

Let your Soul Sing. Emerge anew with a Message that Touches the Heart. The Beauty of People is our Ability to Transform and Transcend. Let your Spirit Fly.

In Clarity and Purity i say to you that All things are Interconnected and that we Begin to Live when we Accept and Embrace that We are One.

Loving People is the Way. Loving People is Positive and Empowering. Loving People is Spiritual Evolution. Life is Simple - Love People.

It is when we Transcend our Limitations that we Journey to Transformation. Share your Light with the World for when we Share our Light we bring Joy to the World as we Inspire others to do the same. We are all Spiritual Messengers and by spreading a Message of Love we Create a Universe that is Sacred. Live the your Divinity by Transcending those things that deny you the Happiness that is your Birthright. Smile, Laugh, Sing, Dance, Live and Love. This is the Day and This is the Time for you to Fly Free.

I am Inspired in Dream. I Dream of Souls Illuminated by Love. I Dream of Harmony with Nature. I Dream of the Oneness of all things. I Dream of a Life Woven together with Threads of Joy. I Dream of Fields of Possibilities. I Dream of Happiness and I Dream of You.

Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit and Wing to Wing let us Fly to the Heavens and Dance with the Angels.

I Bathe in Angelic Light. I Walk a Path of Beauty and Bliss. I Dine at the Table of Gods and Goddesses. I am Human. I am Sacred. I am Light and I am Love. Believe in your Greatness and you will Dance among the Stars.

There is Joy in Achievement. I Choose to Achieve Love. I Choose to Achieve Happiness. I Choose to Achieve Kindness. This Morning when I awoke I looked in the mirror and Smiled. What a Wonderful Achievement.

My Spirit is an Arrow of Love with a Beautiful Destination and a Gentle Heart. My Spirit is an Eternal Flame with Clarity of Intention and Divine Resonance. My Spirit is the Companion of my Soul. Blessed is the Spirit.

We are Spiritual Allies. We are Ambassadors of Alchemy on a Glorious Journey to Educate and Empower. We are Embraced by the Light and Immersed in the Infinite. We are the Way and the Way is Beautiful.

There are Butterflies in my Soul which Inspire me to Live a Life of Love. I Experience a Transformation every time they Spread their Wings. They Embrace the Light within my Soul and Guide me to a World of Spirit. They are Sources of Wisdom which manifest Joyful Living. There are Butterflies in my Soul which Fly Freely in the Garden of Paradise that is my True Essence. They are my Imagination and my Inspiration. It is their Truth and Beauty that gives me Wings for it is the Butterflies within that will one day Transform me into the Angel that is my Destiny.

Expand and Enrich your Life by Journeying within to meet the Love that is your Essence. We are the Embodiment of Love. Personal Transformation takes place when we Live the Love we are meant to Live.

The Recipe for Change begins with the Nectar of Devotion and ends with a Feast of Friendship. The Table is set and the Meal is Ready all you need do is Transform.

Circle of Light. Circle of Life. Circle of Love. Life is a Circle of Miraculous Transformation. You emerge into a Brighter and more Beautiful World when you Acknowledge and Appreciate the Circle. Circle of Light. Circle of Life. Circle of Love.

Joy Creates Joy. Light Creates Light. Love Creates Love. The Way to Serenity is to Create a Life that Connects to your Souls Wisdom. Through Positive Thought we Create Positive Action. Our Life is a blank Canvas and we are Artists of Spirit. Reach across the Heavens and use Gods paintbrush to Create a Portrait of Flourishing, Flowering and Fields of Beauty where Love is the Sunshine that Embraces every Moment of your Existence.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 13, 2012

Breathing in Love

Cultivate the Sweet Bonds of Love and You create a World of Wonder and Imagination where you fulfill your True Destiny and Connect with the Higher Self.

Mine is a Life of Shamanic Evolution. To Live a Better Life i need only Listen to the Ancients and the Ancestors. I seek to Live from Inspiration that i may have a Positive Impact on the World. Through Esoteric Teachings, Angelic Lessons and Sacred Prayer i have Created a Formula for Wholeness that Flows like a River. Open your Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart and Soul to the Wisdom of those who have Walked this Path in Lives gone by and You will Transform into the Butterfly you were Born to Be.

Help the World. Transform your Outlook and Enhance everyday Life with the Guidance that Exists within. Explore and Experience those things that make the Soul Smile. Help the World. Climb to Greater Heights of Happiness. Immerse yourself in Divine Transformation. Help the World. Celebrate Freedom and Plant Seeds of Grace and Compassion. Play Joyfully and in every Moment and every Breath be Love. Help the World.

Lay the groundwork for your True Hearts Desire by Living a Passionate Life and Breathing in Love.

One morning while looking in the mirror i saw my true Beauty. I saw the Glow of my Spirit and Radiance of my Soul. It is when we see our own Beauty that the Transformation begins. We are all Flowers in a Celestial Garden. See the Beauty of Who You are and Bloom.

The Beating Heart of Mother Earth is the Soundtrack to my Life that Inspires me to Help others Help themselves. I have Climbed the Holy Mountain and Discovered the Path of Enlightenment. Today i choose Happiness and Joy as my Companions. Heaven is inside of me and I am now able to experience Love in a way that Positively impacts the World. I am the Essence of Loving Kindness and the Expression of Beauty and Light.

It is when we See the Miraculous Wonders around us that we truly become Spiritual Beings of Light.

In Gratitude and Grace i Explore the Divine within for it is a Sacred Gift leads to a Life of Joy and Abundance. My Heart is on Fire with Intuitive Awareness. I am Unique and Beautiful for I am a Holy Man on a Journey of Awakening Spirit. The Blossoming of my Soul is Guiding me to a Life of Love. In Happiness and Harmony i seek to Serve Humanity in ways Purposeful and Profound. I am The Ancient One.

Child of Creation when you Smile you Raise the Consciousness of Humanity. Child of the Universe when you Sing you Create a Greater Harmony. Child of the Earth when you Dance you Grow and Evolve. Child of God when you Love all is Right with the World.

The Soul of Humanity is a Place of Peace where Spirit Exists as an Expression of Love.

Sacred Intention keeps the Heart and Mind Free. Inspire the Universe by filling every Cell of your Body with Light and Love. Bring people together for the Greatest Good and Create a Miraculous Blueprint for Spiritual Evolution. Be a Living manifestation of Kindness and Doorways to the Divine will Open for you. Our Intention creates our Reality. Love each other Deeply and your Heart begins to Glow and Grow. Live your Sacred Intention.

The Light of Spiritual Awareness shines Brightest in the Eyes of a Child.

Light the Love in your Soul by Enriching the Quality of everyday Life, Rejoicing in your Gifts and Helping Humanity by putting Goodness into the World.

We live in a world Enriched by Divinity and Diversity. Hold close those things that make you Unique and those things that make you Sacred.

The Gateway to Higher Realities opens when we say the words I Love You.

I am here to Honor You. I am here to Create a Divine Council of Light and Love. I am here to Freely give the Gift of Magickal Moments and Hidden Treasures. I am here on a Profound Journey of Healing. I am here to Commune with Nature and Embrace the Tribal Spirit. I am here to Nurture and Love all who Bless me with their Presence in my Life. I am here to be a Glorious Light that Blossoms, Blooms, Inspires and Enlightens. I Am Here!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )