Friday, December 23, 2011

I Believe in Peace and Freedom

Something Extraordinary is Happening. There is Beauty in the air and Love in our Hearts. Whispers of the past are Inspiring us to Give and Share Freely. Something Extraordinary is Happening. Life is showing its true Wonder and Enveloping all Living things with Hope and Happiness. We are becoming a Community of Light. Something Extraordinary is Happening. A Wealth of Spirits are Guiding us along a Nurturing Journey to a place where Destiny awaits. Gods and Goddesses are Smiling upon us and Calling us Home. Something Extraordinary is Happening.

We are Connected. Our Celestial Blueprint flows from the Heart and Soul. We have a Rainbow Light within which is Infinite. Let us Grow together with Grace. Let us Live a Meaningful Life of Free Choice and Compassion. The Spirit of the Ancestors and Wisdom of the Ancients are with us always. Let us Embrace the Magick of Nature. Let us manifest Love in our Lives and Let us Journey Joyously to Global Unity. We are Connected.

Change is a vehicle of Joy when steered in the right Direction. Transformation is a Profound Message when we Manifest a New World rooted in Love. Be the Breath of Change. Breathe in Spirit, Breathe in Hope, Breathe in Joy and Breathe in Love. Humanity will soon Emerge from its Cocoon becoming a Gift of Light that leads to Greater Truth, Beauty and Wisdom. The Soul of Kindness will be the Blueprint for the New Earth. Change is upon us, Smile and Embrace it.

May your day be Blessed with Warmth and Loving Kindness. May the Divine Masculine and Feminine Inspire and Guide you. May you Believe you Can and Know you Will. May you Teach with the Soul and Listen with the Heart. May you generate Joy, Hope and Happiness throughout your Life. May all your days Illuminate each other and May that Light inspire you to Dream. May you walk a Path of Spirits and Angels as you Delight the Gods and May the Love in your Heart be the Message you Share.

Friends in Spirit. Friends in Dreams and Discovery. Friends in Joy, Peace and Freedom. Friends in Illuminated Consciousness. Friends in Wellness, Wisdom and Wonder. Friends in Down to Earth Spirituality. Friends in Eternity of Thought. Friends in Oneness with Life. Friends in Soul Based Energy. Friends in Loving Guidance and Inspiration. Friends in Hope and Happiness. Friends in Brotherhood of Divinity. Friends in Love, Laughter and Light. We are Friends and I Love You!

We are Interconnected with the Universe. We are a Unique Incarnation created by the Heavens. Let us Gather together in Peace and Live Life Joyously. Celebrate the Transformative Human Experience by Manifesting Positive Change. Shine your Light brightly and Illuminate the Labyrinth of Life that all may see their way to the Beauty of your Soul. We are a Cosmic Family and when we Share our Love we are Home.

Dream with the Spirits and Dance with the Ancients. Revel in Diversity and Connect on a daily basis to the Energy which Flows between people. Ours is a Ministry of the Heart. Pray at the Temple of the Self. Pray in Appreciation and Reverence for a World where Love is Wisdom and Wisdom is Life. Pray that the Journey of Mankind is a Conscious Healing Path of Inspiration and Spiritual Alchemy. We Live a Life that Matters when it Matters to us how we Live. Dream, Dance and Love................

Believing is Seeing. I Believe that mine is a Magical World and I See around me Radiant Divine Souls. I Believe I have been Blessed with many Gifts and I See Ancient and Indigenous People in my Dreams and in my Visions. I Believe in Peace and Freedom and I See a New Earth Liberated by Love. I Believe we are Children of the Sun and I See Mother Earth as Heaven. I Believe in You and I See how Beautiful Life can Be. Believing is Seeing. I Believe!

Your Life is a Gift and you are a Treasure to be Cherished. Love yourself and Mother Earth opens her arms . Believe in yourself and the Heavens Rejoice. Faith moves Mountains and when we have Faith in ourselves there isnt anything we cant do. Manifest your Vision, Live your Dreams, Inspire your Spirit and Joyfully Celebrate Life. You have within you the Magic to make a difference. Give the Gift of You and the World becomes a Better place for you are the Greatest Gift of All.

Live in the Light. Commune with the Divine and Liberate your Spirit. The World is a Land of Mystical Magic where Dreams become Realities. Believe in yourself and seek to generate Peace and Love. When we Believe the Heavens open and the Music of our Soul becomes a Symphony of Joy and Happiness. The soft Winds of Spirit are waiting for you to Sail the Seas of Consciousness. The Journey begins with two words - I Believe.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Living a Life of Love

Express your Loving essence in a way that influences Positive Change. Make your Life an Enlightened Exploration of Magical Spirit and a Myriad of Paths. Bless the World with Loves presence and Embrace the collective World Soul. Live your Ideas, Live your Truth, Live your Inspiration and Live your Bliss. Love your Life and Live in the Light for God is a Cosmic Painter and we are a Masterpiece. The Art of Existence is the Miracle of Life. Be the Work of Art you are meant to Be.

Let us Gather all Faiths and Philosophies and Talk with an open Loving Heart of our Spiritual Journey. Love is the Highest form of Communication and as Stewards of the Earth it is our Responsibility to make a Positive impact on the Planet. This is a Time of Great Change and Transformation. Infuse your Life with Love and you will Blossom in your own Garden. Let us Celebrate our Oneness. We are a Family of Sacred Truth and Divine Inspiration. To make our world Whole, Happy and Awakened we need only Love and Be Loved.

Bow to the Earth in Gratitude and Pour forth your Love. Life is a Shared Dream and We are the Heartbeat of God. Expand your Spirit and Believe that you can do anything you set your Mind to. A Sincere Love for all Beings will Benefit future Generations and make yours an Inspired Way of Life. Embrace the Glory of the Butterfly and burst from your cocoon into a new World where you can truly Thrive. You are a Glorious Being and the Pathway to Happiness begins with your next Step.

Every Person has a Message for the World. Every Person has something to Teach Me. Every Person has within them the Ability to Serve and Save Mankind. Every Person has the Fire of Love within their Soul. Every Person can Walk a Path of Peace and Understanding. Every Person can Create their own Reality. Every Person can Share their Insight. Every Person can Bring People Together. Every Person is Divine. I am every Person and so are You. Be the Person You are Meant to Be.

Can you see the Miracles happening? Look out your window at the Children playing, Walk through a Garden, Hug a Tree, put your feet in the River, Watch a Bird Fly, Look in the mirror and Smile, Read a Book, Listen to a Song, See through Loving eyes and Love, Love, Love.... Something Special is Happening in the Universe and those who See the Miracles will be the ones to lead the Way. You are the Light, You are the Love and You are the Greatest Miracle of all. Be the Miracle.

Dance with me in the Spirit of Celebration. The Heartbeat of God will be the Symphony that Ignites the Fire within. We as Beings of Light are Free to Love therefore we should use every Moment and every Breath to Foster the Positive and Inspire the Soul. Whoever you are Know that the Spirit of Universal Love is ready and waiting for you to fulfill your Purpose here on Earth. The Essence of your True Angelic Being is visible every time you Smile. Awake this Morning to Love - and Smile. May I have this Dance?

The Ability to Love is Life's Greatest Gift. Love Transforms Communities and lets us Know that We are all One. Mother Earths inhabitants are Shamanic Journeyers of Creative Spirit walking the Path of the Seeker. We each have a Message of Love to be Shared. We each have within us the Wisdom of the Ancients. There are a Jungle of Possibilities to those who make an Intentional Commitment to Serve the Betterment of Humankind. Experience Awareness and partake Joyously in bringing Truth and Light to the Universe. Love is your Gift - Share it - and it will bring you Happiness and Bliss heretofore unknown.

The Virgin Day has opened itself to me that i may Taste its Fruits and Savor its Nectar. The Greater Light of Praise and Gratitude has Shone upon me Guiding me to Manifest Positivity and Metaphysical Insight. Life is Spiritual Evolution and the larger the Evolutionary Leap you take the Greater the outcome. The Earth is Changing and by Living a Life of Love we can Converse with the World and Communicate with the Universe in ways that are Profound. The Virgin Night has arrived. I Wonder what She has for Me?

The Earth Walk fills my Heart with Wisdom and Inspires me to grow Spiritually. Every day I Love Life more. I find Heaven in the Simplest things. Every Smile is Heartwarming and Captivating. Every Hug creates Boundless Love and Joy. My Life is a Rainbow of Positive Transformations and Metaphysical Thought. A Fresh Vision every morn takes me on an Astral Voyage of Enormous Possibilities. Walk with me upon this Earth and the Heavens will unfold at our feet. I am Truly Blessed. You are Truly Blessed, We are Truly Blessed. Bless this Life. Amen!

The Power of Love is a Magnificent Gift which impacts Positively on the World. Love is a Matrix of Sacred Knowledge that Wakes us up to Joy and Teaches our Spirit to Soar. It is a Soul Nourishing Environment of Sweet Dreams and Celestial Wisdom. Love What Is, Love What Was and Love What Will Be. The Luminous Self embraces the Earth and Dances in the Heavens when we Live in Love. Love is the Key. Open the Door and Walk Joyfully into your Destiny.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 09, 2011

A Pathway to Heaven

A Pathway to Heaven opens when we follow our Spirit and Listen to our Soul. Shift your Awareness to the Sacred and Rejoice in the Dance of Love. Be a Light that Shines brightly and moves in Meaningful ways. Our Gifts become Profound when we Believe in ourself. Believe that you can make a difference and you Can. Believe that you can Change the World and you Can. Believe that you can Touch the Face of God and you Can. The Pathway to Heaven is waiting for you to Open it. Join me in the House of Belief and together we will walk Hand in Hand to Heaven.

To Live is to Love. Love every Moment. Love every Breath. Love every encounter and seek to bring out the Best in everyone. Love the Journey and be Receptive to Miracles. Love the Light of Creation and the Depth of Discovery. Love the Mystical Potential and the Divine Opportunities. Love the Truth of Who You Are and the Magic of Who You Will Be. Love the Cosmic Reality and the Spiritual Freedom. Love the Ancient Seers and the Ancestral Sages. Love Yourself and Love all Life. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love......................

Kind words and deeds will raise your consciousness and enable you to identify with the soul. Let yours be a message of joy and hope, for doing so will open you to the gifts of spirit. By creating an extraordinary life that fits your dreams you clothe your soul with enlightenment and inspiration. Write a new chapter and make the book of your life a story of happiness that celebrates love as a blessing.

We are caretakers of the earth and as such we must use our minds in the highest way by embracing the beauty of all living things. Hear the winds whispering words of wisdom that inspire and instill hope for a brighter tomorrow. The sunshine in our souls radiates in a way that allows each of us to light a path of heavenly wholeness. Plant seeds of love and the earth will reap a harvest of happiness and joy.

Imagine the best possible Outcome and Create it. Share the Gifts within your Heart with all of Humanity. When you Aspire to spread Cheer you Serve the Community and Connect to the Divine. Embedded in your Soul is a Loving and Healing Consciousness that can Positively impact the World around you. Create time for what matters and for Affirmative Prayer. The Joy of Existence is Imagining the Impossible then making it a Reality. Close your eyes and Imagine a Garden surrounded by Flowers where Children play and Heaven Smiles..........

Spirituality Unites Us! It Creates a Vibration that Connects us with a Higher Source. It Lights the Way to our Destiny and fills our Soul with Gratitude. On this day of your Life be a Flower that brings Joy. Be an Oasis of Kindness for Seekers and Angels. We are an Integral part of the Whole and by Uniting in Spirit we Transform the Heavens and the Earth. Gather with me in Freedom and Friendship for together we can build a World of Peace where all Live in Love.

The Eternal presence of the Divine is a Voice that speaks to our Soul guiding us to Awaken to the Wonderful Blessings around us. The Breath of God washes over our Spirit pointing us towards a Vibrant and Blissful Life. We all have Heaven within us and that Gives us the ability to Change the World. We are Messengers of Change. Arise this morn to Divine Love and Healing. Arise and use your Unique Spiritual Gifts to Enrich, Empower and Enlighten all you come in contact with. Awake! Arise! The Gates of Heaven open with a Smile!

Why isnt every day Christmas? Why isnt every day a day of Giving, a day of Beauty and Boundless Love, a day of Goodwill towards all, a day of Prayer and Purpose, a day of Sacred Living and Common Good, a day of Peace and Joy, a day Light and Laughter, a day of Caring and Compassion, a day of Magic and Miracles, a day of Spiritual Altruism, a day of Hope and Happiness, a day of Profound Transformation and a day of Global Consciousness? Why isnt every day Christmas?

There is an Angel within each of us who Awakens our Light and Enlivens our Spirit. We flourish when we Listen to the Voice within and allow ourselves to be Transformed into Knowingness. To be fully Alive is to Release the Angel that it may soar to the Heavens and Guide us on our Journey Home. We Blossom in unexpected ways when we Live an Inspired and Angelic existence. Share the Angel within with all Humankind and your Life will be filled with Blessings beyond comprehension. May you Live in Great Joy and May the Angel within Lift you to a place of Eternal Love.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

We are the Prayer

I am the Flow of Life. I am a Living Treasure walking a long and winding Path to a State of Bliss. I am the Temple of the Soul and a Messenger of the Ascended. I am Joy, Laughter and Aliveness. I am a Sharer of Light and Giver of Love. I am all things Magickal. I am here for the Benefit of Seekers. I am Sacred in Body and Breath. I am the Roots of Awakening and the Seeds of Awareness. I am The Ancient One.

Take Grand Leaps into Hope and Happiness. Breathe in Joy. Feel the Miracle of Life and Celebrate your Beauty. To be fully Alive is to Love and be Loved. Harvest Bliss and Share what you reap with all whose Souls need nourishing. The Voice of your Spirit is calling you to Awaken to your Light. Become who you are for who you are is an Angel on Earth. Raise a Cup of Blessings to the Heavens and give Praise for every Smile.

The Universe is in Transition and we can aid the Transformation of Mother Earth by Creating a Global Community of Openheartedness and Enlightened Awareness. The Sun is bathing us with a Brighter shade of Love and the Winds of Change are Sweetly blowing Waves of Joy our way. Experience the Happiness available to you then Share it with everyone you meet. This is a Beautiful and Miraculous time in our history. Give your Love freely into the Universe and Be the Miracle.

Love is who we are. We are an Extraordinary Gift to be Treasured and Cherished. We are a growing Tapestry of Illumination and Transformation. We are an Enlightened Heart filled with Beautiful Blessings. Love is who we are. We are a Song the Soul sings. We are a Poem written in the Heavens. We are the Heartbeat of Sacred Mother Earth and the Breath of God. Love is Who We Are!

Love makes things Real. It Inspires Kindness in our interactions. It Creates flourishing Societies and Visionary movements. It opens Doorways into other Dimensions and brings more Joy into everyday Life. Love is our True Spiritual Purpose. It is a Celestial Phenomenon that says God Lives in Me. It is the Light of Compassion and the Holiness of Immortality. Love makes things Real and i really, really, really Love You! What is your Reality?

Immerse yourself in Songs, Poems and Prayers. Sing a Song of Limitless Possibilities and Absolute Joy. Make your Life a Poem of Ancient Wisdom and Boundless Possibilities. Pray for the kind of Life your Soul is yearning for and Illuminate your dark places. Love flows Freely when we allow the Light in our Heart to Connect us with the Sacred. Global change begins with a Song, a Poem and a Prayer. Amen.

Walk with me on Clouds of Awareness and make your Visions a Reality. Be all that you are and join with me in Building a Joyous Community. Let us Plant our Roots deeply in the Garden of Life that we may reap a Harvest of Insight and Inspiration. Embody a new Way of Being and make a Sacred Contract with yourself to Facilitate and Cultivate Change. Together we can Create a Global Network of Spiritual Realization and Soul Engaging Love. Walk with me on Clouds of Awakening....

We are the Prayer. We are Sacred Creations and the Womb of our Existence is overflowing with Wisdom. We are a Prayer of Goodwill towards Humanity. We are a Prayer of Truth that Rejoices in the Happiness of others. Life is a grand Treasure hunt that exceeds Expectations when we make Love our Philosophy. Explore the vast Dimensions of Life with Joy as your Guide and you Heal the Heart and Mind. Smile for we are People on the Grow and We are the Prayer.

( Words by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )