Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Conversation with the Earth

Begin this day with the Joyous Sharing of Love. Manifest Change, Make Conscious Choices and Transcend your Limitations. Greet this Morning with Laughter and Lightheartedness. Bathe in Sunshine, Cleanse your Soul and Enhance every Environment. Welcome this moment with Reverence for the Earth. Love your Divinity, Kindle your Creative Spirit and Establish Peace within. This is your Life! Listen to the Voice of your Guides and make it something Special.

I Feel the Breath of God. Angel Wings encompass me and at once I am Whole. The Morning is Heaven saying Hello and I am Grateful. From Bud to Flower life is a Miracle. I Raise my Head in Contemplative Prayer and give Thanks for the Blessings of my Existence. The day is my Opportunity to Create a Destiny that touches Souls in ways both Positive and Profound. Spirit Guides are by my side Illuminating a Path to a Pasture of Pure Thought and Inspired Intention. I Feel the Breath of God and I Smile in the Knowledge that I am Loved!

This is a Sacred Moment in Time. This is an Opportunity to Embrace that which is really Important. This is a Soul Quest for Boundless Love and Joy. Every Day is a Beautiful Day to be Alive. Every Day is an Original work of Art. Worship the Earth Mother and Immerse yourself in all that is Holy. This is a Magickal Moment in History. This is an Opportunity to have a Compassionate Dialogue with your Spirit Guide. This is a Multi- Dimensional Doorway into a Place of Pure Love. Live in the Moment, Love in the Moment and Smile for you are Blessed!

Believe You Can! Believe you can reach a Higher state of Beingness. Believe you can Transform your Life from the inside. Believe you can Raise the Vibration of the Planet. Believe you can Navigate the Light and See your Joy. Believe you can Generate Divine Love. Believe you can make a real Difference and Believe you can Live a Happy and Fulfilling life of daily Bliss and Angelic Revelations. Believe!

I am a Self Governed Human. I am Free to Live and Love how i Choose. I am a Keeper of the Flame and my Destiny is to Illuminate the World so that all may Find their way. I am a Being of Spirit. I am Free to Live in Communion and Union with all Peoples. I am a Messenger of Truth and my Fate is to Connect people with their Inner Guidance. The Soul of Humanity is Preparing for a New Heavenly World. You are a Self Governed Human. What is your Destiny?

I Greet this day Bathed in Angelic Light. I approach the morning Nurtured by Spirit. This is my day to Walk a Path of Discovery and Creation. The World is here for us to Live our Dreams. Move Joyfully through the day Sharing all that makes you Beautiful. Share your Light, your Truth, your Spirit and your Love. I Greet this day Inspired and Awakened. Good Morning Universe - I Love You!

I was Conversing with the Earth today and we spoke of the Kinship of all Living things. We spoke of Sacred Connections and Earth based Prayer. We Conversed at length on the Songs of the Elders and our own Divine Nature. We talked of the Cosmic Walk and the Magickal Childe within. Ours was a Conversation that Inspired me to Dream and Infused my Heart with a Blueprint for Wellbeing. The Earth is our Ancient and All Knowing Mother. Fortune Smiles upon those who Honour and Respect Sacred Mother Earth. I was Conversing with the Earth today and we spoke of my Love for her and her Love for Me!

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Voice of the Soul

Divine Blessings to One and All. The Chant of my Heart is one that Embraces all Humankind. Let us Gather as One in a Celebration of Beautiful Heart Centered Love. We can Accomplish anything when we seek to Raise the Spirits and Touch the Souls of others. Join with me in the Light of Creation and we will make Miracles. Pure Love and Kindness will be our Guide and each Moment will be Bliss. Divine Blessings and Love to One and All.

I am in Love with the Planet. I am in Love with the Voice of the Soul. I am in Love with the Dance of Life. I am in Love with Positive Thought and Divine Dialogue. I am in Love with Transformative Evolution. I am in Love with Smiles and Hugs. I am in Love with Miracles. I am in Love with this day. I am in Love with the Sun, Moon and Stars. I am in Love with the Beauty of the Green Earth. I am in Love with the Air and Water. I am in Love with Love and I am in Love with You!

Dear Universe, I just wanted to update you on how things stand: I dried a tear today, I followed the Spirit of the Wolf to a Place of Divine Knowing where my Soul Awakened, I did my part to Nurture the Global Family, I Celebrated the Dance of Life, I Created an Atmosphere where Dreams can Blossom, I saw an Angel of Light who Raised my Spirits, I built a Life of Meaning, I expressed my Love for Humanity, I savored the Holy Oneness of all Life, I communicated an Inspiring Message and I walked a Path of Love. Dear Universe, This is where i Stand. Tell me Who will join me on this Path?

Turn on the Light of your True Self. Live your Spirit and Dance in Celebration of Peace and Goodwill. Come Home to your Growing Awareness and let your Soul guide you to Discover the sheer Beauty of your Life. Nurture your Inner Child that it may come out and Play with Friends Imagined, Inspired and Infinite. Turn on the Light and See the Love that is your Destiny.

Your Life is a Gift. Share that Gift and Be a Greater presence in the Universe. Be a Touch of Inspiration to all you come in contact with. Every Moment is an Opportunity to Touch a Soul in way that is Life Enhancing. You Life is a Miracle. Share that Miracle and Be a warm and open Vessel of Light. Be a Spiritual Mentor to those who need Guidance. Every Breath is an Opportunity to fill your Heart with Love. Your Life is Yours to make whatever you want it to be. Make it Beautiful.

Blessed am I who Listens to my Heart. Blessed am I who Love and Accepts Myself. Blessed am I who forms a Beautiful Connection with people i meet. Blessed am I. Blessed are you who Gives the Gift of your Smile. Blessed are you who Loves without boundaries. Blessed are you who Manifests the Divine. Blessed are you. Blessed are we who Know our Purpose. Blessed are we who Live our Truth. Blessed are we who Create Miracles. Blessed are we. On this night Look around you and Rejoice for Blessings Abound.

The Sun is Shining and I wish only to Serve all Sentient Beings, all Living things and all that is Sacred on Earth and in the Heavens. I wish to Dance through your Soul and Sing a Song of Spirit that makes your Heart Smile. I walk an Ancient and Powerful Path. I walk in Harmony with Earth and Sky. I walk Confidently towards a Brighter Tomorrow. The Sun is Shining and I Love the Earth, I Love the Heavens and I Love You!

The Power lies within you to Manifest your Dreams. Paint the Sky with Rainbows and Venture down Creative Paths of Soul and Spirit. Unite people of all Walks of Life by Contributing to the World in a way both Positive and Healing. Serve the Betterment of the Universe by Embracing the Angel within and Building Castles in the Heavens. You are the Dream - Live that Dream in a way that Inspires Love.

Start the day with a Prayer. Be a Friend of Humanity and Connect to the Spiritual World. The Earth is a Living Being and with every Breath we Nourish her. Share your Miracles, Share your Blessings and Share your Gifts for We are all Children of the same Universe. Be a Voice of Light, Be a Fairy Child on an Enchanted Journey and Be a Spiritual Mentor who lives for the Benefit of All. End the day with a Prayer and let that Prayer be Sacred and Celebratory. Amen!

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )