Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Am The Fire

I am the Fire. I have walked over hot coals and faced my fears. I have held hands in the night with strangers who are now my friends. I have communed with nature and grown as a human being. I am the Fire. I have heard the drumming and my soul danced. I have heard the singing and my spirit soared. I have heard the silence and my heart smiled. I am the Wind, I am the Earth, I am the Fire!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kind Words and Loving Thoughts from The Ancient One

The Divine within speaks directly to my Soul inspiring me to generate Joy and Harmony to all I am Blessed to cross Paths with. I like to go Beyond what I believe to a place of Dreams where Imagination makes the Heart Sing and the Soul Dance. I walk a Labyrinthian Landscape of Earthly Beauty and Heavenly Dreamscapes. I am the Mystical Nature of Life. I Am The Ancient One.

The Sun and Moon are within you. We are all part of a Living Organism called the Universe. Utilize your Natural Gifts to Inspire and Create Change. Touch the depths within and Kindle a Soul that Elevates the Imagination to new heights. Dive deep into Life and find a Purpose that serves Humanity. Make a difference by Helping people Flourish. You are the Sun and Moon - I Love You!

Be your own Light. Elevate your Thoughts to a place of Consciousness and Bliss. Serve Earth and Humankind by making yours a Journey of Peace and Lovingkindness. Be your own Truth. Elevate your Spirit to a place of Wonder and Imagination. Create your Hearts Desires by making yours a Destiny of Evolution and Ascension. Be your Own light and your World will be a place of Blessedness and Beauty.

If you Walk a Path of Truth, Love and Light yours will be a Journey of Sacred Knowledge and Poetic Beauty that serves the Highest Good. Vision becomes realty when we Embrace Life as a Miracle. Listen to the Whisperings of your Soul and Live always with Gentleness and Love. Live your True Nature and your Path will lead you to a Garden in the Sun where your Spirit may roam Free.

My Souls Diary is filled with Songs, Poems and Prayers. Songs of Absolute Joy and Intrinsic Goodness. Poems of Boundless Possibilities and Extraordinary Compassion. Prayers of World Peace and Respect for the Planet. My Souls Diary is filled with the most Glorious Memories of Wonderful Places and Inspiring People. Places where Happiness is a way of Life and People who Resonate and Radiate Love!

Let us Create a Spiritual Embassy where Love is our Mission. Let us Live in Lightness as we seek the Highest Purpose and Deepest Wisdom. Let us Connect with the Angels as we Reach for the Heavens. Let us make our Message one of Hope and Healing. Let us Open our Hearts as wide as the Sky and invite everyone in. Let us Cultivate Wonder and Joy in all we do. Let us Create a Spiritual Embassy.

Make Life Beautiful! Bless your Voyage and open your Soul to Greater Compassion. Life is a Journey of Opportunity and Possibility and you are Master of your own Fate. Smile and the Angels Rejoice, Laugh and the Heavens Celebrate, Sing and the Earth Awakens, Dance and the Universe Glows. You are here to Make a Difference. Make life Beautiful! You are Life and You are Beautiful.

I choose as my Destiny to Bless, Uplift and Heal the World - One Soul at a Time! I choose as my Purpose to live with Dignity and move in Transformative ways. Life is about Choices. Every crossroad is a Choice and we get to decide which road to take. I choose as my Destiny to Give my Heart and Soul to the Betterment of Humankind. I choose as my Purpose to Live for Love and Love my Life.

The God within has called me Home and asked that I Share my Love with all Humankind. The Goddess within has spoken to me in Dreams and asked that I share my Soul with the Universe. I have answered by filling my Soul with Love and Sharing it with all Living things. We are Angels on Earth, We are Manifestations of Divinity whose Destiny is Joy. Live your Birthright and Know your Birthright is to Love and be Loved!

Kindness is Good for you. Kindness teaches us to Live Joyfully with Heart. Kindness is the Sparkle in our Soul that Lights our way. Kindness is a Spiritual release of Altruistic Inspiration. Kindness is Love among all Beings. Kindness is the best kind of Giving. Kindness is that which Enriches daily life. Kindness is our Extraordinary Compassion fulfilling its Destiny. Be Kind!

May you Live in Great Joy, May you Embrace the Earth with Pure Heart Centered Love, May you Kindle your Inner Glow that all may Experience the Beauty of Your Soul, May you Generate Personal Transformation as you Cultivate Joyful Awareness, May you find Peace and Comfort in all you do, May you practice Goodwill and walk a Path of Bliss and Happiness, May you Love and be Loved forever and always.

If you are reading this then know its you I am talking about. You are a Goddess of Beauty and Bliss who has Blossomed in unexpected ways. You are a Harvest of Happiness whose Spirit makes one embrace the Dance of Life. You are an Inspiration who Transforms all you encounter. You are a Blessed Being that Lights the Way with Kindness and Compassion. I Celebrate who you are because I Love You.

Have a Love Affair with Life. Give the World a Hug and Embrace Nature in all its Beauty. Kiss the Sky and tell the Sun it is Loved. Plant Flowers in your Heart that Blossom into a Garden of Earthly and Celestial Delights. Breathe Joy into your Life by Freeing the Mind and Spirit. Have a Love Affair with Life and make it an Enduring Love that Invigorates the Soul. Life is what you make so make it LOVE!

I Love all the Natural World, I Love the Spirit of Exploration, I Love our Collective Evolution, I Love realms of Myth and Mystery, I Love Vision, Beauty and Wisdom, I Love the Goodness of all Creation, I Love the Souls Anatomy, I Love the Radiance of Being, I Love Kindness infused with Compassion, I Love Interplanetary Communication, I Love living a Happy Life and I Love You.

I have tasted the Sweetness of Loving and realized that Happiness is already here. I have Discovered that what makes me come Alive is a Soul and Spirit that Sing and Play together. I have sipped from the Cup of Human Kindness and found that Inspiration and Imagination are what Transforms the World. I have listened to and Heard the Language of Love and Know that it is my Mother Tongue. I Am The Ancient One.

The Angels and The Universe have called me Home to ask me to Share this Message: Cultivate Kindness for from Kindness grows a Love most profound. Make your Dreams a Reality that Benefits others as well as yourself. Treat Mother Earth as you would your own Mother. Make the road map for your Future one that Guides you to Embrace the Joy of Breathing and Know that every Breath is the Breath of God.

Wake with the Knowledge that I Love You. Wake with a Depth of Trust that allows you to make Karmic Decisions. Wake with a Focused Consciousness that Manifests your Desires and Radiates a Golden Quality. Wake with Blessings from above and Celebrate your Uniqueness. Wake with Boundless Creativity and Access your True Life Purpose. Wake with the Knowledge that I Love You.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Ancient One Speaks

Choose to Live with Positive Thoughts and you will Manifest a World of Divine Heart. Choose to Kindle a Flame of Love at the Altar of your Soul and you will open a Gateway to Inner Transformation. Choose to Live your Possibilities and you will Create Joy and Purpose in your Life. Choose to Believe in your Dreams and you will meet the Master within. Choose to be your Authentic Self - A Gift to the Universe.

I am Embraced by the Light of my Souls Freedom. Mine is a Harvest of Joy which is Blossoming into a New World of Guiding Wisdom. The Heart of my Destiny is to Share my Wisdom, Knowledge, Guidance and Love with all Humankind. I have Journeyed into the Self and Awakened to my True Purpose. That purpose is to Breathe Life, Joy, Truth, Happiness, Spirit, Kindness and Love into the Universe.

The Spirit of the Eagle inspires me to Fly to new heights of Happiness. The Spirit of the Hawk motivates me to Seek Knowledge within. The Soul of the Buffalo guides me to Follow my Dreams and Color outside the lines. The Soul of the White Wolf leads me on an absorbing Journey of Authentic Loving Harmony where i Breathe the Rivers of Life as i Plant and Nurture Love.

Bless this day with the Gift of You. Bless this day with Waters of Hope and Rivers of Peace. Bless this day with a Lifted Spirit. Bless this day with Outpourings of Affection. Bless this day with the Breeze of your Soul. Bless this day with a Thirst for Discovery. Bless this day with the Power of Harmony. Bless this day with Extraordinary Achievement. Bless this day with Love. Bless this day with the Gift of You.

I am Wholeness of Being, I am Fullness of Life, I am a Reservoir of Vibrant Inspiration, I am Authentic Creative Expression, I am The Flame of Hope worthy of High Regard, I am Sacred Life Energy, I am the Brush that Paints and the Seed of Origin, I am Peace in every Breath, I am Truth in every Word, I am Celebration of the Now, I am the Mystical Landscape basking in the Glow of the Moon. I am The Ancient One.

Today i taught my Soul to fly and it in turn gave my Spirit Wings. Today I am a Child of the Universe in a Cosmic Sea of Positive Energy sailing towards a Holy Light. Life is a Cascading Waterfall of Truth, Beauty and Love. Life is a Rainbow Trail of Peace, Passion and Enlightenment. Today i taught my Heart to Love and it in turn gave my Life Meaning. Today I am a Man of Joy in a World of Inspiration.

I follow the Path of the White Wolf. Mine is a Journey both thought Provoking and Inspiring where the Highest Good is my Goal. I listen to the Earth Spirit Voices and Dance in the Suns Glory and Grandeur. My Soul is in Full Bloom and I Share my Gentle Loving Essence with Humanity. I celebrate Diversity and Venture down valleys of Imagination. I follow the Path of the White Wolf.

What is the Song your Soul can Sing? Is it a song of Hope, Is it a song Inspiration, Is it a song of Peace? What is the Story your Spirit will tell? Is it a tale of Heaven, Is it a tale of Beauty, Is it a tale of Glorious Illumination? What is the Life you were meant to Live? Is it a Life of Truth, Is it a Life of Joy, Is it a Life of Happiness? Sing you Song, Tell your Story and Smile for yours is a Life of Love.

I am the Gentle Voice of Clarity, I am Love and Understanding, I am The Eternal Dance, I am a Wondrous Robe that Embodies the Sacred, I am a Marvelous Tapestry of unrepressed Glory, I am the Song the Soul Sings, I am Guided by Spirit to Nurture and Heal, I am an Attitude of Receptivity expressed by Kindness, I am the Humanitarian Spirit Flowing Free and I am The Ancient One.

I go where the Spirit takes me. My Soul Shines like Moonbeams on the Lake and I am filled with Light. Each Soul has its own Path and mine is to sail the Waters of Hope that i might help Heal the Sacred Heart of Humanity. It is my Destiny to Inspire the Divine Breath of Life in all i cross Paths with that they may know the Love that lies within. I go where the Spirit takes me and today its taken me to you. I Love You.

Speak in your own Voice, Dance to your own Music and Open your Spirit and Soul to all the Blessings that surround you. The Doorway to Wisdom, Truth and Happiness is within and we hold the Key in our Heart. Walk in Harmony with the Universe and let the Warm Winds of Heaven guide you to Hidden Pathways of Love and Life. Be a Light that never goes out and Shine your Beauty on all Humankind.

Revel in Diversity, Explore with Imagination and Celebrate the Fullness of Life. Every person we meet has something to Teach us. If we Open our Hearts and Listen with our Souls we Evolve as Beings of Spirit. There are Limitless Realities to Delight the Mind and Inspire us to Connect to the Divine. To Love your Life you must be in Love with Life. Kiss the Morning, Smile at the Day and Love, Love, Love!

Today I will plant Seeds of Love and Tomorrow I will have a Harvest of Joy. The Heart of my Destiny is to water my Spirit with Happiness that it may Grow into a Tree of Life that bears fruit to Nourish the Soul. Let us join together in Peace and Harmony to Create a Garden of Beauty, Bliss, Angelic Love and Kindness. Breathe in the Earthly and Spiritual Treasures that surround you. Live, Laugh and Love!

Embrace your Light and Embody your Deepest Truth for you are a Divine Being and this is your time to Shine. Access your Inner Wisdom and Connect to your Spiritual Essence. The moment is now for Positive Life altering Transformation. You are a Magnificent individual. A Visionary Messenger Inspired by Beauty, A Flower Blooming Inspired by Love. Share your Light, Truth and Love!

I am The Other Way, Son of Man, Light of Day. Walk with me and Together we shall Create a Promised Land. I am The Light of Day, Daughter of Nature, The Other Way. It is time to live beyond the Physical To Embrace the Paranormal, Psychic, Sensual, Metaphysical, Occult and Spiritual as viable extensions of our Existence. I Am The Other Way, Son of Man, Light of Day.

Dedicate your Thoughts to Love, Visualize your Dreams, Come into Greater Wholeness and Live your Destiny. You are Respected. Live your Higher Self, Be alive in the moment, Discover your True Purpose and Open your Heart to Others. You are Admired. Journey to Transformation, Reach across the Heavens, Embrace Positive Change and Awaken your Spirit. You are Loved!

I am a Sacred Being living fully Alive in a World of Enlightened Awareness. I am a Holy Entity Imagining the Unimaginable in a Universe that is Karmically Pure. I am a Transcendent Soul nourishing Spiritual Growth in a Galaxy of Evolving Possibility. I am a Creative Spirit celebrating Humanity in a Consciousness of Healing and Transformation. My name is Micheal. I Am The Ancient One.

Inspire your Thinking by Celebrating Life with Spirit. Move forward on your Path of Light and Discover the Beauty of who you are. Personal Empowerment comes when we Live a Life of Harmony and Balance. Let today be a day where you Breathe Joy and Happiness. You are Loved and by walking into a new Reality you can Change the World forever. The Journey to Heaven begins with a Smile.