Thursday, April 27, 2017

You are an Extraordinary and Important Individual of Light

you are an extraordinary and important individual of light whose truth, love and wisdom bless the world with sacred brilliance and radiant beauty.

opportunities and experiences that benefit us enormously come our way when we look within and access our divine truth and ethereal blessings.

live from the core of your essence. love from the center of your being. by living and loving from those sacred spaces within we become a gift to the world that helps heal humanity.

we are each in our own unique way agents of change who by living vibrantly with conscious awareness of our magickal blessings can create a loving community of gentle guidance and spiritual glory.

mine is a heart opening journey of unique purpose and spirit lifting insight in which i seek to use my powerful energies to create rewarding experiences that bring immense joy to every soul i meet along the way.

spirit resides within and by immersing ourselves in its sacred wisdom we are deeply blessed with waves of love that cleanse and transform our journey.

self love and worth are the keys to a life of happiness. so make the choice to fully embrace who you are and use those keys to open doorways to profound transformation and gateways to divine bliss.

powerful and meaningful is a path of pure passionate joy as it is one of holistic wellness which facilitates personal growth by inspiring us to live our best life.

a smile is a gift of transformational cleansing that we share with the world which opens the heart in a way that allows us to experience life more directly.

make an effort to connect with your angels as this will ignite growth while blessing you with the tools necessary to create a joyful life of spirit.

choosing a path of pure unconditional love where you allow yourself to be limitless is a deeply beautiful blessing that creates for us an empowering environment in which we make a positive impact on the world.

we ignite our purpose and grow in a positive direction when we love and believe in who we are.

full of inspiration and incomparable joy are we who elevate our self esteem by loving ourselves completely and unconditionally.

there is wisdom in your wounds. there is great knowledge in the broken parts of your being. life is filled with lessons and those who study hard and truly learn are the ones who triumph over adversity as they ascend into the light.

a positive uplifting approach to life helps us manifest loving relationships in which miracles happen as we align with our highest self.

true empowerment comes to those who live passionately as they seek a deeper purpose that is profound, significant and truly gratifying.

you are a unique and powerful force for good who by listening to the voice within is destined to live an empowered life of intentional actions which make a positive impact in the world.

connect to your purpose by living from a place of authenticity for it is by being true to yourself that you feel the power of who you are and continue to evolve in soul driven ways.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Blessings that Change our Lives in Empowering Ways

contemplative practices that enhance sacredness are blessings that change our lives in empowering ways while illuminating the natural beauty of who we truly are.

we evolve more effectively when we embrace the true nature of our spirit and cultivate self love.

be and love yourself as you venture along a spiritual path and you will find happiness in difficult times for to nurture and nourish the self is to transform and transcend the challenges of life.

commit to walking a path of love and service in an impactful manner that aligns with your highest values and yours will be a soulful life of wholeness and fulfillment.

if you believe and feel you are good enough you open gateways to your true self which makes your journey one of healing experiences that manifest joy and happiness.

focus your energy on nurturing your gifts as this will open the mind and heart in powerful and illuminating ways that bring you greater joy in life.

when you take courageous actions your soul self unfolds into your life in engaging and fulfilling ways that shine a light on a path of higher wisdom and spiritual aliveness.

listen to the healing voice of spirit and the light of revelation will guide you toward wholeness and happiness.

the power of the present moment is profound and transformative. immerse yourself in its sacred energy and you create a nurturing environment in which love flows peacefully to the heart of spirituality.

mindful self compassion is a tool for transformation that helps us make better choices which give us a more hopeful future where something miraculous happens.

you have sacred gifts which when shared with others open gateways to awareness which lead to life changing adventures along ascendent pathways to places of spiritual ecstasy.

cultivate compassion, communicate mindfully and live your purpose for by doing so yours will be a greater reality that brings more joy into the world.

love who you are as this will awaken your magnificence by guiding you to spiritual realms of healing and sacred growth where you may live with greater joy.

live your higher purpose in harmony with the universe by venturing along a mindful path of enlightened actions and vibrant relationships which open for you worlds of possibility where you experience the beautiful in every step.

i built a bridge to positive perception which opens my eyes to the stunning beauty of my soul self whenever i cross over into my destiny.

we are beings of goodwill who take steps that empower whenever we seek to enhance the quality of life for ourselves and others.

a deeper appreciation for our sacred gifts, divine energies and innate healing powers blesses our life in ways that inspire the spirit and beautify the soul.

life is a sacred story of esoteric discovery and by walking your path in graceful confidence toward your spiritual destiny you become awake and fully alive as you are embraced by the beauty of your ethereal self.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Within Us are Healing Energies and Liberating Powers

within us are healing energies and liberating powers that inspire positive change which unfold into our lives when we live our personal greatness.

you are a profound role model with a beautiful heart who enlightens the world when you move forward spiritually.

a happier life of greater impact that brings out the beauty of who we are comes to us when we embrace our adventurous spirit with celestial grace and ethereal gratitude.

live your true life purpose by using the power within you to breathe love into every aspect of your existence.

you bring balance and power to your life when you enjoy who you are as this is an act of self love which celebrates your beauty while being a catalyst for positive change.

go deeper inside as by doing so you will become more aware of the truth that you are a sacred alchemical being living an extraordinary life.

you are unique in the universe and the treasure of your life is that there are sacred gifts within waiting to be opened that all may see the sacred beauty of who you truly are.

devote yourself to creating an atmosphere of love and your life will be one of transcendent realities and profound lessons that fill your days with magickal energy and powerful light.

unconditional love of self is a beautiful heartfelt sacred blessing that ignites the fire deep within making ours an extraordinary existence of divine light.

explore larger truths and new planes of existence for doing so will cleanse the spirit while making your life one of extraordinary significance in which love flows through every moment of your journey as you discover your true nature and identity.

make a special contribution of deep meaning and significance by inviting spirit into your life as this is a positive transformative choice that awakens the higher self.

a soul directed life is one in which you embrace the joy of being with greater spiritual awareness as you venture down a path of sacred experiences to a place of lasting happiness.

life is an expanding and evolving spiritual adventure and by choosing to make ours a consciousness of love we create for ourselves a joyous journey of blissful satisfaction.

you empower your life when you share your gifts and abilities with others as this opens gateways to mystical realms and sacred dimensions where your mind, body and soul are infused with vitality and well being as you experience greater happiness.

love flows through each and every being and by removing obstacles such as stress and anxiety we give it the freedom to unfold which creates a sacred awakening that immerses us in experiences of enlightenment.

within the human energy field you will find a most meaningful message of eternal truth which is that we are all healers on a sacred journey of light.

yours is an extraordinary story and by embracing who you are it becomes a spiritually rewarding tale of transformative experiences and greater well being.

we create a better future of pure light that brings joy to our heart when we fall in love with our life.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Every Breath is a Blessing

every breath is a blessing and by sharing your sacred gifts you enrich the world with a message that inspires.

we are all rare and exceptional beings of light on a mystical journey who are worthy of love.

there is a place of spirit and evolving wisdom within us which empowers our lives when we embrace our divine existence with openness and authenticity.

loving yourself is a compassionate choice that opens you to experiences of healing, happiness and sacred wellness where you may share with the universe the fullest expression of who you truly are.

you are a great inspiration who is beyond amazing and by believing in yourself and loving who you are yours becomes a path in which you awaken to joy as you experience the miraculous and discover your life purpose.

make a difference today. be a heart opening beacon of love by using your sacred energies to uplift and inspire. today make a difference.

connect to your inner self by opening your mind, body and soul to the life force of the universe and yours will be a path of empathetic service where you experience the miraculous.

a positive inner spiritual life creates a profoundly sacred outer life where we love and live more fully our souls higher purpose.

come with me to a place where kindness prevails, where people vibrate at a different frequency, where healthy relationships heal the soul of humanity and love is our greatest life force energy. come with me.

love is the elixir of life and by nourishing our soul with its sacred beauty we cultivate and activate miraculous magickal gifts that inspire us to positively contribute to the world as we become our true self.

love and light surround us when we embrace self acceptance as this creates pure positive energy that guides us to our highest destiny and greater happiness.

live your spiritual values and yours will be a unique time on earth in which you ascend to a new reality of high vibrational beings and a more fulfilling life.

the heart of humanity is best served when we cultivate a life of love that awakens the spirit within.

a greater sense of awareness connects us with our sacred energy while releasing the gifts within and inspiring us to walk a positive spiritual path.

truly love yourself by celebrating each moment of your ethereal existence and a blessed unfolding of spirit will take place that helps you evolve in ways which create compassionate connections to all that is sacred.

a sincere smile is an expression of love which creates an inspiring atmosphere that nourishes our whole being.

there is inside of you a place of divine love and if you listen closely you will hear a voice echoing from its sacred center with messages that open magickal gateways to worlds where hopes, dreams and wishes come true.

open yourself to the spiritual by making yours a more choiceful life in which you unfold into deeply enriching manifestations of influence and impact where you blossom into beauty.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One