Friday, October 26, 2012

Joy on your Journey

We are all in our own way Magickal Practitioners with the Ability to Draw down the Moon and Rise like the Sun.

Everything is going to be Alright. Make every day Sacred and you begin to Heal. A Wave of Positive Energy is on its way. There will be Joy on your Journey. Things can and will get Better. Breathe Purity and Love into your Life and Listen to your Spiritual Helpers. In Darkness and Depression there is always Light. Be the Light and the Love of the Universe will Transform your World.

Believe Wholeheartedly in the Profound Truth that You are a Being of Light and the World is both your Playground and Paradise.

Communicate directly with your Guides, Ancestors and Angels. Deepen your Faith and Strive to be Extraordinary. Embrace the Loving Air of a New Day and make a Lasting Impression. This is your Life. Live it, Love it and make it something Beautiful.

The Light of Truth is that within each and every one of us you will find Psychic Energy, Inner Harmony and Enlightenment. Our Mission here on Earth is to Embrace and Accept our Greatness and Release all the Beauty of the Heavens that rests within.

Your Unique Destiny is one of Spiritual Wholeness, Epiphanies and Revelations. What makes it Unique is that every Soul is a Snowflake from Heaven and every Spirit a Fingerprint from God.

Gentle as the breeze Positive Change washes over those who Embrace Life in all its Glory.

When I gaze towards the Moon and Stars I See the Positive Loving Face of a Higher Power which Whispers to my Soul that everything we be Alright.

Live your Highest Intentions and work with your Spirit Guides to Create a Reality where Thought and Word are One. It is when we are Spiritually Open that a Gentle Stream of Inspired Thought leads us to Circles of Compassion and Friends of Enchantment. Lift your Vibration, Empower yourself and let yours be a Healing Journey where You are both Angel and Master.

We are Angels on Earth. We are Born with Extraordinary Gifts that are Truly Life Changing. Our Mission in Life is to find our True Self and Claim our Birthright.

It is True that your Soul leaves Footprints along every Path you take that others may Follow those steps which lead to Places of Spirit and Temples of Love.

Heaven becomes Visible to those Dance in the Realm of the Fae and Frolic in the Forest of the Unicorn for they are the ones whose Souls are made of Stardust.

It is when we start to Grow in all situations that we are able to Unite in Love and Harmony.

It was while sailing along Seas of Serendipity that I realized there is Beauty everywhere and We are an Evolving Culture of Love.

A Guiding Angel has taught me to Walk through Worlds that I may do my small part in Uniting the Mother Earth with her Children.

Give Birth to Beauty, Give Birth to Joy, Give Birth to Light and Give Birth to Love. Blessed are they who Birth to that which makes God Smile.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sail the Seas of Spirit

Karma Flows Freely for those who Sail the Seas of Spirit on Waves of Inspiration.

Paint a Portrait of your Highest Vision upon your Soul that the Angels, Ancients and Ancestors may See and Experience the Miracle and Beauty of Who You Are.

Live a Life of Truth and Goodness. Live a Life of Divine Expression and Aliveness. Live a Life of Liberation and Transformation. Live a Life of Love and Kindness. Live a Life of Spirit and Soul. Live a Life!

Conscious Choices enable us to Reclaim our Wholeness and Clearly see the Beauty of the Natural and Sacred Earth. Let every Choice be made from a place of Love and you Transform your Life into one of Light where the Winds blow Free and the Spirit soars on Angel Wings.

There is a Butterfly in my Soul that Floats through Fields of Possibilities leading me to a Life of Deeper Meaning and a Profound sense of Enlightenment.

Walk the Way of Divine Change as you integrate Ancient Teachings into your Soul and yours will be a Journey of Love that takes your Life to the Highest level of Spirit.

There is a House that Nature built where the Earth touches the Sky giving Birth to a Love that is Eternal, Ethereal and Enlightening.

Journey with me to a Place of Mystical Experience and Inhale the Divine. Pray with me of a Life that Transcends Boundaries where every Voice is a Sacred Voice and every Breath is the Breath of God. Love with Me.

The Spirit is a Star Shining Brightly above given Wings by God that it may lead us to the Glory of Love that is our Destiny.

Sacred are We of Light and Spirit who Seek to Live in Freedom and Walk in Peace as we Embrace the Dawn of each new Day as Masters of our own Fate.

There is a vast Ocean of Knowledge within our Collective Consciousness waiting for us to Unify in Spirit that it may Enlighten us and Inspire us to Spread our Wings and Soar with the Angels.

The Love I Feel for Humanity is a Blessing from Spirit which Guides me to a Place of Hope and Happiness where Joy emerges to Bring me Home.

There is a Reservoir of Infinite Divinity where the Spirit Dances in an Eternal Vibration of Joy. Meet me there and We will Celebrate in Blissful Awareness the Oneness of Humanity.

Dance within the Beauty of Life and Open your Soul to the Possibility that You are a God and Heaven Exists within.

Build Castles of Joy that Shine your Light and Create a Reality that Serves the Betterment of the World. Let your Contribution to the World be a Life of Lifted Spirit where Love is Shared. Build Houses of Happiness that Reflect your Beauty and Create a Higher State of Being that Inspires, Enlightens and Enchants all Humankind.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Art of Inspiration

Savour your Journey for every Moment is a Miracle to be Cherished. We are Blessed Beings of Light and if we Open our Souls we will Realize that every Breath is a Visionary Experience. Liberate your Shamanic Essence and Listen to the Voice of God which Resonates within. Transformation is a Choice. Choose to Change in ways that Positively impact not only yourself but the World around You.

Envision a Future of Profound Harmony where all are at One with the Beauty of Nature.

Life is Art and I am the Art of Inspiration. Let me Love you in Creative ways which stimulate the Imagination and move you to Live your Dreams.

I am at my Happiest when immersed in the Breath of Life and the Sacred Womb of Love.

The Beauty of Existence is Graced by the Singing of Birds and each Song is a Prayer for cleaner air and a Better tomorrow. Let us join Together in Harmony to save Mother Earth that the next Song the Birds sing will be a Love song.

Like a Tree from a Seed our Life will Blossom if we Plant Light and Love in the Fertile Spiritual Landscape that is the Garden of our Soul.

Trust your Spirit and yours will be an Awakened Life of Personal Transformation that Radiates the Divine like a Ray of Sunshine on the Soul.

Live your Life on your Terms and you will find Peace within yourself. It is by Living our True Self that we become Angels of Light. Believe in your Abilities and approach everything with Reverence and Respect. Happy are they who Live in Gratitude and Love in Kindness. You are the Creator. Create a Spiritually Powerful Life that Evolves into a Higher Vibration.

A Child at Play is a Song of Love that Lights the Universe with Inspiration and Imagination.

There is an Eternal Spring within you Flowing with Waters of Inspiration and Insight. Let the Beauty of your Inner Self wash away your struggles and fears that you may come to the Realization that Life was Created to make you Smile.

In all of the Universe there are none more Beautiful than you. Let your Love be an Offering to Sacred Mother Earth. Make Divine Choices and the Voice of God will lead you Home. In all the Heavens there are none more Glorious than you. Believe that You are on a Path of Heart and that you have the Choice to build Bridges. Bridges of Opportunity. Bridges of Bliss and Bridges of Transformation. In all the World there are none more Sacred than you.

Every Woman is Divine. Every Man is Holy. Every Child is Sacred. We are Gods and Goddesses and Heaven is but a Home waiting to be built. Let us Gather in Harmony and Create a Heaven we can be Proud of.

Glorious Blooms the Flower of Belief. Believe in yourself and you Create a World of Magickal Moments and Breathtaking Beauty.

To Breathe is To Pray. Breathe with me in Pastures of Peace and ours will be a Prayer of Love that Opens the Floodgates of Joy .

Those who are Kind in Thought emit Positive Energy for theirs is a Brighter Flame that Illuminates a Path to a Place of Stillness, Grace and Beauty.

I am the Moon and Sun of Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment. Dance with me upon the Shores of Loves Ocean.

It is not that i see the Future, it is that i see the Light within and Release it that all may see the True Beauty of the Inner Self.

Seeds of Goodness grow Flowers of Gratitude which create Gardens of Radiant Spirit where Kindness Blooms.

Be a Visionary Dreamer and Walk this Sacred Landscape as a Messenger of Light touching every Soul with the Love in your Heart.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 05, 2012

The Call of Spirit

An Extraordinary Transformation is happening within the Heart of the Earth. People are beginning to feel the Call of Spirit stronger than ever before and are acting in ways both Kind and Compassionate. There is more Love in the Universe than at any other Time in History. Feel the Love, Live the Love, Share the Love and Be the Love.

Listen to the Tribal Drumbeat in your Soul and allow the Ancients to take you on a Unique Spiritual Journey. The Wisdom of the Ancestors is within us waiting for us to Embrace their Knowledge and Change our World for the Better.

Love Inspires Harmonious Connections. Love Plants Seeds of Positive Thought. Love creates Miraculous Transformations. Love invites the Heart to Open and the Spirit to Rise. Love is the Higher Path to Destiny. Love is Who We are Born to Be. I Love You.

Extraordinary Moments are made by Ordinary People. We are Born with Greatness. We are Born with the Ability to Change lives. Light the way for others by showing Compassion for all Humanity and Sharing your Gifts in a way that Helps the Planet. The time has come to Spread your Wings and do something Extraordinary.

Today is a new Day. A new Opportunity to Inspire others. A chance to Ignite new Possibilities and Guide people toward Enlightenment. A chance to show your Love in a way that Touches all people. Today is a new Day.

Cultivate your Spiritual Gifts by Dreaming the Impossible and Living a Thoughtful and Inspiring Life. We have a Global Responsibility and by Living our Spiritual Vision we begin to Create a Community of Hope and Happiness where Peace and Freedom are Realities.

Blessed are they who Walk in Beauty. Bold and Magnificent are they who Light the Candle of Love. We all have something Miraculous to Share. Gift the World with that which makes you Special.

Let our Collective Vision be a Healing Prayer that Contributes to a better World for every Living thing. Earth is a Home we Share not Own.

Awaken to the Mystic Fire within your Soul and it will Inspire you to make a Sacred Contract with the Mother of all Life that Aligns your Spirit with Love.

We are Cosmic Brothers and Sisters expanding the Boundaries of Existence by sharing Messages of Light and Connecting with Heaven and Earth.

Prayers of Love are a Gift that Generates Positivity and makes the Soul come Alive. Love is the Foundation upon which the House of Happiness is built. Pray yourself Home.

We raise our Spiritual Intelligence when we approach our Life with Grace and Gratitude.

Sacredness is Kindness. Holiness is Compassion. Divinity is Caring. Happiness is Love.

Belief is a Choice. I choose to Believe that Life is Sacred and that the Holy Waters of Heaven will one day Cleanse my Soul and call me Home.

The Universe is Alive and We are Blessed to have been Born of Love in a Time where Heart and Soul connect. Live the Love that is your Essence and Share that Love with the Universe. We are the Light, We are the Love and We are the Miracle that will Transform the World.

Let us Embrace the Gifts in every Moment and the Divine in every Breath. It is when we Realize that We are the greatest Miracle that we Touch the Face of God.

Like petals on a Flower each morning we Rise to the Heavens for it is in that Angelic Garden that we may Immerse ourselves in the Soul of Love.

We Blossom into Beauty when we look outside ourselves and Truly See the Blessings that surround Us.

Give your Life to Love for every time we Love with all our Heart we take an Evolutionary Leap which brings us that much closer to Heaven.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )