Friday, December 23, 2011

I Believe in Peace and Freedom

Something Extraordinary is Happening. There is Beauty in the air and Love in our Hearts. Whispers of the past are Inspiring us to Give and Share Freely. Something Extraordinary is Happening. Life is showing its true Wonder and Enveloping all Living things with Hope and Happiness. We are becoming a Community of Light. Something Extraordinary is Happening. A Wealth of Spirits are Guiding us along a Nurturing Journey to a place where Destiny awaits. Gods and Goddesses are Smiling upon us and Calling us Home. Something Extraordinary is Happening.

We are Connected. Our Celestial Blueprint flows from the Heart and Soul. We have a Rainbow Light within which is Infinite. Let us Grow together with Grace. Let us Live a Meaningful Life of Free Choice and Compassion. The Spirit of the Ancestors and Wisdom of the Ancients are with us always. Let us Embrace the Magick of Nature. Let us manifest Love in our Lives and Let us Journey Joyously to Global Unity. We are Connected.

Change is a vehicle of Joy when steered in the right Direction. Transformation is a Profound Message when we Manifest a New World rooted in Love. Be the Breath of Change. Breathe in Spirit, Breathe in Hope, Breathe in Joy and Breathe in Love. Humanity will soon Emerge from its Cocoon becoming a Gift of Light that leads to Greater Truth, Beauty and Wisdom. The Soul of Kindness will be the Blueprint for the New Earth. Change is upon us, Smile and Embrace it.

May your day be Blessed with Warmth and Loving Kindness. May the Divine Masculine and Feminine Inspire and Guide you. May you Believe you Can and Know you Will. May you Teach with the Soul and Listen with the Heart. May you generate Joy, Hope and Happiness throughout your Life. May all your days Illuminate each other and May that Light inspire you to Dream. May you walk a Path of Spirits and Angels as you Delight the Gods and May the Love in your Heart be the Message you Share.

Friends in Spirit. Friends in Dreams and Discovery. Friends in Joy, Peace and Freedom. Friends in Illuminated Consciousness. Friends in Wellness, Wisdom and Wonder. Friends in Down to Earth Spirituality. Friends in Eternity of Thought. Friends in Oneness with Life. Friends in Soul Based Energy. Friends in Loving Guidance and Inspiration. Friends in Hope and Happiness. Friends in Brotherhood of Divinity. Friends in Love, Laughter and Light. We are Friends and I Love You!

We are Interconnected with the Universe. We are a Unique Incarnation created by the Heavens. Let us Gather together in Peace and Live Life Joyously. Celebrate the Transformative Human Experience by Manifesting Positive Change. Shine your Light brightly and Illuminate the Labyrinth of Life that all may see their way to the Beauty of your Soul. We are a Cosmic Family and when we Share our Love we are Home.

Dream with the Spirits and Dance with the Ancients. Revel in Diversity and Connect on a daily basis to the Energy which Flows between people. Ours is a Ministry of the Heart. Pray at the Temple of the Self. Pray in Appreciation and Reverence for a World where Love is Wisdom and Wisdom is Life. Pray that the Journey of Mankind is a Conscious Healing Path of Inspiration and Spiritual Alchemy. We Live a Life that Matters when it Matters to us how we Live. Dream, Dance and Love................

Believing is Seeing. I Believe that mine is a Magical World and I See around me Radiant Divine Souls. I Believe I have been Blessed with many Gifts and I See Ancient and Indigenous People in my Dreams and in my Visions. I Believe in Peace and Freedom and I See a New Earth Liberated by Love. I Believe we are Children of the Sun and I See Mother Earth as Heaven. I Believe in You and I See how Beautiful Life can Be. Believing is Seeing. I Believe!

Your Life is a Gift and you are a Treasure to be Cherished. Love yourself and Mother Earth opens her arms . Believe in yourself and the Heavens Rejoice. Faith moves Mountains and when we have Faith in ourselves there isnt anything we cant do. Manifest your Vision, Live your Dreams, Inspire your Spirit and Joyfully Celebrate Life. You have within you the Magic to make a difference. Give the Gift of You and the World becomes a Better place for you are the Greatest Gift of All.

Live in the Light. Commune with the Divine and Liberate your Spirit. The World is a Land of Mystical Magic where Dreams become Realities. Believe in yourself and seek to generate Peace and Love. When we Believe the Heavens open and the Music of our Soul becomes a Symphony of Joy and Happiness. The soft Winds of Spirit are waiting for you to Sail the Seas of Consciousness. The Journey begins with two words - I Believe.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Living a Life of Love

Express your Loving essence in a way that influences Positive Change. Make your Life an Enlightened Exploration of Magical Spirit and a Myriad of Paths. Bless the World with Loves presence and Embrace the collective World Soul. Live your Ideas, Live your Truth, Live your Inspiration and Live your Bliss. Love your Life and Live in the Light for God is a Cosmic Painter and we are a Masterpiece. The Art of Existence is the Miracle of Life. Be the Work of Art you are meant to Be.

Let us Gather all Faiths and Philosophies and Talk with an open Loving Heart of our Spiritual Journey. Love is the Highest form of Communication and as Stewards of the Earth it is our Responsibility to make a Positive impact on the Planet. This is a Time of Great Change and Transformation. Infuse your Life with Love and you will Blossom in your own Garden. Let us Celebrate our Oneness. We are a Family of Sacred Truth and Divine Inspiration. To make our world Whole, Happy and Awakened we need only Love and Be Loved.

Bow to the Earth in Gratitude and Pour forth your Love. Life is a Shared Dream and We are the Heartbeat of God. Expand your Spirit and Believe that you can do anything you set your Mind to. A Sincere Love for all Beings will Benefit future Generations and make yours an Inspired Way of Life. Embrace the Glory of the Butterfly and burst from your cocoon into a new World where you can truly Thrive. You are a Glorious Being and the Pathway to Happiness begins with your next Step.

Every Person has a Message for the World. Every Person has something to Teach Me. Every Person has within them the Ability to Serve and Save Mankind. Every Person has the Fire of Love within their Soul. Every Person can Walk a Path of Peace and Understanding. Every Person can Create their own Reality. Every Person can Share their Insight. Every Person can Bring People Together. Every Person is Divine. I am every Person and so are You. Be the Person You are Meant to Be.

Can you see the Miracles happening? Look out your window at the Children playing, Walk through a Garden, Hug a Tree, put your feet in the River, Watch a Bird Fly, Look in the mirror and Smile, Read a Book, Listen to a Song, See through Loving eyes and Love, Love, Love.... Something Special is Happening in the Universe and those who See the Miracles will be the ones to lead the Way. You are the Light, You are the Love and You are the Greatest Miracle of all. Be the Miracle.

Dance with me in the Spirit of Celebration. The Heartbeat of God will be the Symphony that Ignites the Fire within. We as Beings of Light are Free to Love therefore we should use every Moment and every Breath to Foster the Positive and Inspire the Soul. Whoever you are Know that the Spirit of Universal Love is ready and waiting for you to fulfill your Purpose here on Earth. The Essence of your True Angelic Being is visible every time you Smile. Awake this Morning to Love - and Smile. May I have this Dance?

The Ability to Love is Life's Greatest Gift. Love Transforms Communities and lets us Know that We are all One. Mother Earths inhabitants are Shamanic Journeyers of Creative Spirit walking the Path of the Seeker. We each have a Message of Love to be Shared. We each have within us the Wisdom of the Ancients. There are a Jungle of Possibilities to those who make an Intentional Commitment to Serve the Betterment of Humankind. Experience Awareness and partake Joyously in bringing Truth and Light to the Universe. Love is your Gift - Share it - and it will bring you Happiness and Bliss heretofore unknown.

The Virgin Day has opened itself to me that i may Taste its Fruits and Savor its Nectar. The Greater Light of Praise and Gratitude has Shone upon me Guiding me to Manifest Positivity and Metaphysical Insight. Life is Spiritual Evolution and the larger the Evolutionary Leap you take the Greater the outcome. The Earth is Changing and by Living a Life of Love we can Converse with the World and Communicate with the Universe in ways that are Profound. The Virgin Night has arrived. I Wonder what She has for Me?

The Earth Walk fills my Heart with Wisdom and Inspires me to grow Spiritually. Every day I Love Life more. I find Heaven in the Simplest things. Every Smile is Heartwarming and Captivating. Every Hug creates Boundless Love and Joy. My Life is a Rainbow of Positive Transformations and Metaphysical Thought. A Fresh Vision every morn takes me on an Astral Voyage of Enormous Possibilities. Walk with me upon this Earth and the Heavens will unfold at our feet. I am Truly Blessed. You are Truly Blessed, We are Truly Blessed. Bless this Life. Amen!

The Power of Love is a Magnificent Gift which impacts Positively on the World. Love is a Matrix of Sacred Knowledge that Wakes us up to Joy and Teaches our Spirit to Soar. It is a Soul Nourishing Environment of Sweet Dreams and Celestial Wisdom. Love What Is, Love What Was and Love What Will Be. The Luminous Self embraces the Earth and Dances in the Heavens when we Live in Love. Love is the Key. Open the Door and Walk Joyfully into your Destiny.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 09, 2011

A Pathway to Heaven

A Pathway to Heaven opens when we follow our Spirit and Listen to our Soul. Shift your Awareness to the Sacred and Rejoice in the Dance of Love. Be a Light that Shines brightly and moves in Meaningful ways. Our Gifts become Profound when we Believe in ourself. Believe that you can make a difference and you Can. Believe that you can Change the World and you Can. Believe that you can Touch the Face of God and you Can. The Pathway to Heaven is waiting for you to Open it. Join me in the House of Belief and together we will walk Hand in Hand to Heaven.

To Live is to Love. Love every Moment. Love every Breath. Love every encounter and seek to bring out the Best in everyone. Love the Journey and be Receptive to Miracles. Love the Light of Creation and the Depth of Discovery. Love the Mystical Potential and the Divine Opportunities. Love the Truth of Who You Are and the Magic of Who You Will Be. Love the Cosmic Reality and the Spiritual Freedom. Love the Ancient Seers and the Ancestral Sages. Love Yourself and Love all Life. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love......................

Kind words and deeds will raise your consciousness and enable you to identify with the soul. Let yours be a message of joy and hope, for doing so will open you to the gifts of spirit. By creating an extraordinary life that fits your dreams you clothe your soul with enlightenment and inspiration. Write a new chapter and make the book of your life a story of happiness that celebrates love as a blessing.

We are caretakers of the earth and as such we must use our minds in the highest way by embracing the beauty of all living things. Hear the winds whispering words of wisdom that inspire and instill hope for a brighter tomorrow. The sunshine in our souls radiates in a way that allows each of us to light a path of heavenly wholeness. Plant seeds of love and the earth will reap a harvest of happiness and joy.

Imagine the best possible Outcome and Create it. Share the Gifts within your Heart with all of Humanity. When you Aspire to spread Cheer you Serve the Community and Connect to the Divine. Embedded in your Soul is a Loving and Healing Consciousness that can Positively impact the World around you. Create time for what matters and for Affirmative Prayer. The Joy of Existence is Imagining the Impossible then making it a Reality. Close your eyes and Imagine a Garden surrounded by Flowers where Children play and Heaven Smiles..........

Spirituality Unites Us! It Creates a Vibration that Connects us with a Higher Source. It Lights the Way to our Destiny and fills our Soul with Gratitude. On this day of your Life be a Flower that brings Joy. Be an Oasis of Kindness for Seekers and Angels. We are an Integral part of the Whole and by Uniting in Spirit we Transform the Heavens and the Earth. Gather with me in Freedom and Friendship for together we can build a World of Peace where all Live in Love.

The Eternal presence of the Divine is a Voice that speaks to our Soul guiding us to Awaken to the Wonderful Blessings around us. The Breath of God washes over our Spirit pointing us towards a Vibrant and Blissful Life. We all have Heaven within us and that Gives us the ability to Change the World. We are Messengers of Change. Arise this morn to Divine Love and Healing. Arise and use your Unique Spiritual Gifts to Enrich, Empower and Enlighten all you come in contact with. Awake! Arise! The Gates of Heaven open with a Smile!

Why isnt every day Christmas? Why isnt every day a day of Giving, a day of Beauty and Boundless Love, a day of Goodwill towards all, a day of Prayer and Purpose, a day of Sacred Living and Common Good, a day of Peace and Joy, a day Light and Laughter, a day of Caring and Compassion, a day of Magic and Miracles, a day of Spiritual Altruism, a day of Hope and Happiness, a day of Profound Transformation and a day of Global Consciousness? Why isnt every day Christmas?

There is an Angel within each of us who Awakens our Light and Enlivens our Spirit. We flourish when we Listen to the Voice within and allow ourselves to be Transformed into Knowingness. To be fully Alive is to Release the Angel that it may soar to the Heavens and Guide us on our Journey Home. We Blossom in unexpected ways when we Live an Inspired and Angelic existence. Share the Angel within with all Humankind and your Life will be filled with Blessings beyond comprehension. May you Live in Great Joy and May the Angel within Lift you to a place of Eternal Love.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

We are the Prayer

I am the Flow of Life. I am a Living Treasure walking a long and winding Path to a State of Bliss. I am the Temple of the Soul and a Messenger of the Ascended. I am Joy, Laughter and Aliveness. I am a Sharer of Light and Giver of Love. I am all things Magickal. I am here for the Benefit of Seekers. I am Sacred in Body and Breath. I am the Roots of Awakening and the Seeds of Awareness. I am The Ancient One.

Take Grand Leaps into Hope and Happiness. Breathe in Joy. Feel the Miracle of Life and Celebrate your Beauty. To be fully Alive is to Love and be Loved. Harvest Bliss and Share what you reap with all whose Souls need nourishing. The Voice of your Spirit is calling you to Awaken to your Light. Become who you are for who you are is an Angel on Earth. Raise a Cup of Blessings to the Heavens and give Praise for every Smile.

The Universe is in Transition and we can aid the Transformation of Mother Earth by Creating a Global Community of Openheartedness and Enlightened Awareness. The Sun is bathing us with a Brighter shade of Love and the Winds of Change are Sweetly blowing Waves of Joy our way. Experience the Happiness available to you then Share it with everyone you meet. This is a Beautiful and Miraculous time in our history. Give your Love freely into the Universe and Be the Miracle.

Love is who we are. We are an Extraordinary Gift to be Treasured and Cherished. We are a growing Tapestry of Illumination and Transformation. We are an Enlightened Heart filled with Beautiful Blessings. Love is who we are. We are a Song the Soul sings. We are a Poem written in the Heavens. We are the Heartbeat of Sacred Mother Earth and the Breath of God. Love is Who We Are!

Love makes things Real. It Inspires Kindness in our interactions. It Creates flourishing Societies and Visionary movements. It opens Doorways into other Dimensions and brings more Joy into everyday Life. Love is our True Spiritual Purpose. It is a Celestial Phenomenon that says God Lives in Me. It is the Light of Compassion and the Holiness of Immortality. Love makes things Real and i really, really, really Love You! What is your Reality?

Immerse yourself in Songs, Poems and Prayers. Sing a Song of Limitless Possibilities and Absolute Joy. Make your Life a Poem of Ancient Wisdom and Boundless Possibilities. Pray for the kind of Life your Soul is yearning for and Illuminate your dark places. Love flows Freely when we allow the Light in our Heart to Connect us with the Sacred. Global change begins with a Song, a Poem and a Prayer. Amen.

Walk with me on Clouds of Awareness and make your Visions a Reality. Be all that you are and join with me in Building a Joyous Community. Let us Plant our Roots deeply in the Garden of Life that we may reap a Harvest of Insight and Inspiration. Embody a new Way of Being and make a Sacred Contract with yourself to Facilitate and Cultivate Change. Together we can Create a Global Network of Spiritual Realization and Soul Engaging Love. Walk with me on Clouds of Awakening....

We are the Prayer. We are Sacred Creations and the Womb of our Existence is overflowing with Wisdom. We are a Prayer of Goodwill towards Humanity. We are a Prayer of Truth that Rejoices in the Happiness of others. Life is a grand Treasure hunt that exceeds Expectations when we make Love our Philosophy. Explore the vast Dimensions of Life with Joy as your Guide and you Heal the Heart and Mind. Smile for we are People on the Grow and We are the Prayer.

( Words by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Conversation with the Earth

Begin this day with the Joyous Sharing of Love. Manifest Change, Make Conscious Choices and Transcend your Limitations. Greet this Morning with Laughter and Lightheartedness. Bathe in Sunshine, Cleanse your Soul and Enhance every Environment. Welcome this moment with Reverence for the Earth. Love your Divinity, Kindle your Creative Spirit and Establish Peace within. This is your Life! Listen to the Voice of your Guides and make it something Special.

I Feel the Breath of God. Angel Wings encompass me and at once I am Whole. The Morning is Heaven saying Hello and I am Grateful. From Bud to Flower life is a Miracle. I Raise my Head in Contemplative Prayer and give Thanks for the Blessings of my Existence. The day is my Opportunity to Create a Destiny that touches Souls in ways both Positive and Profound. Spirit Guides are by my side Illuminating a Path to a Pasture of Pure Thought and Inspired Intention. I Feel the Breath of God and I Smile in the Knowledge that I am Loved!

This is a Sacred Moment in Time. This is an Opportunity to Embrace that which is really Important. This is a Soul Quest for Boundless Love and Joy. Every Day is a Beautiful Day to be Alive. Every Day is an Original work of Art. Worship the Earth Mother and Immerse yourself in all that is Holy. This is a Magickal Moment in History. This is an Opportunity to have a Compassionate Dialogue with your Spirit Guide. This is a Multi- Dimensional Doorway into a Place of Pure Love. Live in the Moment, Love in the Moment and Smile for you are Blessed!

Believe You Can! Believe you can reach a Higher state of Beingness. Believe you can Transform your Life from the inside. Believe you can Raise the Vibration of the Planet. Believe you can Navigate the Light and See your Joy. Believe you can Generate Divine Love. Believe you can make a real Difference and Believe you can Live a Happy and Fulfilling life of daily Bliss and Angelic Revelations. Believe!

I am a Self Governed Human. I am Free to Live and Love how i Choose. I am a Keeper of the Flame and my Destiny is to Illuminate the World so that all may Find their way. I am a Being of Spirit. I am Free to Live in Communion and Union with all Peoples. I am a Messenger of Truth and my Fate is to Connect people with their Inner Guidance. The Soul of Humanity is Preparing for a New Heavenly World. You are a Self Governed Human. What is your Destiny?

I Greet this day Bathed in Angelic Light. I approach the morning Nurtured by Spirit. This is my day to Walk a Path of Discovery and Creation. The World is here for us to Live our Dreams. Move Joyfully through the day Sharing all that makes you Beautiful. Share your Light, your Truth, your Spirit and your Love. I Greet this day Inspired and Awakened. Good Morning Universe - I Love You!

I was Conversing with the Earth today and we spoke of the Kinship of all Living things. We spoke of Sacred Connections and Earth based Prayer. We Conversed at length on the Songs of the Elders and our own Divine Nature. We talked of the Cosmic Walk and the Magickal Childe within. Ours was a Conversation that Inspired me to Dream and Infused my Heart with a Blueprint for Wellbeing. The Earth is our Ancient and All Knowing Mother. Fortune Smiles upon those who Honour and Respect Sacred Mother Earth. I was Conversing with the Earth today and we spoke of my Love for her and her Love for Me!

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Voice of the Soul

Divine Blessings to One and All. The Chant of my Heart is one that Embraces all Humankind. Let us Gather as One in a Celebration of Beautiful Heart Centered Love. We can Accomplish anything when we seek to Raise the Spirits and Touch the Souls of others. Join with me in the Light of Creation and we will make Miracles. Pure Love and Kindness will be our Guide and each Moment will be Bliss. Divine Blessings and Love to One and All.

I am in Love with the Planet. I am in Love with the Voice of the Soul. I am in Love with the Dance of Life. I am in Love with Positive Thought and Divine Dialogue. I am in Love with Transformative Evolution. I am in Love with Smiles and Hugs. I am in Love with Miracles. I am in Love with this day. I am in Love with the Sun, Moon and Stars. I am in Love with the Beauty of the Green Earth. I am in Love with the Air and Water. I am in Love with Love and I am in Love with You!

Dear Universe, I just wanted to update you on how things stand: I dried a tear today, I followed the Spirit of the Wolf to a Place of Divine Knowing where my Soul Awakened, I did my part to Nurture the Global Family, I Celebrated the Dance of Life, I Created an Atmosphere where Dreams can Blossom, I saw an Angel of Light who Raised my Spirits, I built a Life of Meaning, I expressed my Love for Humanity, I savored the Holy Oneness of all Life, I communicated an Inspiring Message and I walked a Path of Love. Dear Universe, This is where i Stand. Tell me Who will join me on this Path?

Turn on the Light of your True Self. Live your Spirit and Dance in Celebration of Peace and Goodwill. Come Home to your Growing Awareness and let your Soul guide you to Discover the sheer Beauty of your Life. Nurture your Inner Child that it may come out and Play with Friends Imagined, Inspired and Infinite. Turn on the Light and See the Love that is your Destiny.

Your Life is a Gift. Share that Gift and Be a Greater presence in the Universe. Be a Touch of Inspiration to all you come in contact with. Every Moment is an Opportunity to Touch a Soul in way that is Life Enhancing. You Life is a Miracle. Share that Miracle and Be a warm and open Vessel of Light. Be a Spiritual Mentor to those who need Guidance. Every Breath is an Opportunity to fill your Heart with Love. Your Life is Yours to make whatever you want it to be. Make it Beautiful.

Blessed am I who Listens to my Heart. Blessed am I who Love and Accepts Myself. Blessed am I who forms a Beautiful Connection with people i meet. Blessed am I. Blessed are you who Gives the Gift of your Smile. Blessed are you who Loves without boundaries. Blessed are you who Manifests the Divine. Blessed are you. Blessed are we who Know our Purpose. Blessed are we who Live our Truth. Blessed are we who Create Miracles. Blessed are we. On this night Look around you and Rejoice for Blessings Abound.

The Sun is Shining and I wish only to Serve all Sentient Beings, all Living things and all that is Sacred on Earth and in the Heavens. I wish to Dance through your Soul and Sing a Song of Spirit that makes your Heart Smile. I walk an Ancient and Powerful Path. I walk in Harmony with Earth and Sky. I walk Confidently towards a Brighter Tomorrow. The Sun is Shining and I Love the Earth, I Love the Heavens and I Love You!

The Power lies within you to Manifest your Dreams. Paint the Sky with Rainbows and Venture down Creative Paths of Soul and Spirit. Unite people of all Walks of Life by Contributing to the World in a way both Positive and Healing. Serve the Betterment of the Universe by Embracing the Angel within and Building Castles in the Heavens. You are the Dream - Live that Dream in a way that Inspires Love.

Start the day with a Prayer. Be a Friend of Humanity and Connect to the Spiritual World. The Earth is a Living Being and with every Breath we Nourish her. Share your Miracles, Share your Blessings and Share your Gifts for We are all Children of the same Universe. Be a Voice of Light, Be a Fairy Child on an Enchanted Journey and Be a Spiritual Mentor who lives for the Benefit of All. End the day with a Prayer and let that Prayer be Sacred and Celebratory. Amen!

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Monday, October 31, 2011

An Exploration of Spirit

( Words of Wisdom from Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Every day is an Exploration of Spirit. A time to find the Treasures the Universe has to offer. Today i Wish to find Bliss and Happiness. To find a way to make Love and Joy flow into my Life. To find Emissaries of Divine Light who hold all things Sacred. I wish to uncover Infinite Possibilities and Transforming Power. I wish to unearth Mystical Experiences and activate my Spiritual Gifts. I wish to find Mother Earth and Father Sky watching over me with Open Arms. What Treasures are you Hoping to find today?

Good Morning Life. I look forward to spending the day with you. I look forward to bringing out the Light in others and opening my Soul to the Sacred. I look forward to Exploring the True riches of Enlightenment and Lighting a Candle of Love. I look forward to Living the day in Harmony and Balance. I look forward to Walking into a new Reality and finding Spiritual Unity with everybody i come in contact with. Good Morning Life. I Love You.

Love who you are. Love the Spirit of the Land and People. Love and Celebrate our differences. Love your Higher Self and Align with your Inner Shaman. Love the Ocean of Being and make room for Miracles. Love the Landscape of your Soul. Love the Teachings of the Heart. Love the Keepers of Sacred Traditions and make deeper Empathetic Connections. Love your Life Purpose and Love who You are.

The Power of Divine Love can transport us to a Sacred realm where the Truth of each Moment is Kindness and Compassion. A place where people Nurture the Children of the World that they may Live the Love that is their Birthright. Let us come Together for a Brighter Future and Create new Communities of Spirit. When we are born we are Kissed by a Butterfly and become Angels on Earth. The time is now make this Earth our Home and to make our Home our Heaven!

Your Soul is a Painting. A Masterpiece of Awakened Insight and a place where Karma flows Freely. Your Spirit is a Song. A Symphony of Contemplative Prayer and Transformation. You are a work of Art. A Creation of Beauty and Truth. The Global Community is a Gallery of Illuminated Souls and Inspired Spirits. We are each a Unique Incarnation to be Cherished and Valued. Your Life is a Canvas - Create, Paint, Sing, Dance, Live and Love!

Bless your Life for it is a Sacred Adventure. Bless the Divinity within for it feeds your Soul. Bless the Pathways of the Imagination for they Transform Human Experience. Bless the Mystic in you for it accesses Higher Dimensions. Bless the Nature of Creativity for it Paints a Portrait of Kindness. Bless the Light of Unity for it brings us Together and Bless you for you are everything that is Beautiful in Life.

Ours is a Web of Life that is Sacred. Rivers flow Sweet for those who Rejoice in Life and celebrate Heaven on Earth. Experience the Miracle of each Moment as you Dance in Joy and Light. The Heart opens when we Embrace the Sacredness in everyday Existence. There is a Sacred Choir within each of us Singing a Song of Peace and Freedom. Let us gather together as a Global Family and Manifest a Destiny of Love.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A New Way of Being

( Thoughts on Life by Micheal Teal aka The Ancient One )

Greet this day as a Feast of Love and Awareness. Celebrate your Aliveness and Shine your brightest Light. The Happiness you Deserve is but a Smile away. The Health of Humankind begins with a Hug and a Kind Word. Greet this day with Positive Wellness. Use your Sacred Imagination and Create a New Paradigm. A Paradigm of Loving Guidance and Inspiration. Good Morning Sunshine.

Welcome Beautiful Soul. Welcome to my Garden of Love. I am on a Heart Centered Journey to bring Light to the shadows. I am here to Share the Magick i have found and nourish your Spirit with Inspiration and Revelation. I am a Vessel of Peace who is on a Divinely Guided Path of Selfless Generosity. I Embrace the right to be Alive by Living and Loving in a way both Profound and Positive. Welcome Beautiful Soul. I Love You!

Free your Soul and your Life will Change forever. You will become a more advanced Human Being and a Living Manifestation of Love. Life is a Miraculous and Loving Journey and your Divine Blueprint is one of Enchantment and Imagination. By speaking a Language of Light you begin a Conversation with the Universe that enables you to Experience the Sacred. Free your Soul.

I Recognize that you are Truly Divine. I Feel the Healing Energy of your Thoughts. I connect with your Light. You are a Magnificent Individual. You are a Visionary Messenger. You are an Inspired Creation of the Universe. I Embrace the Heart of your Destiny. I AckNowledge your Heavenly and Earthly Treasures. I Awaken to your Sacred and Prophetic Essence. I Love You! Do you Recognize me?

Bathe in Awareness and Cleanse your Soul that you may Embrace the Life you were meant to Live. Radiate Grace and Enrich the World with the Beauty of your Heart. The Colours of your Spirit are a Rainbow of Joy and Divine Essence. Live your Dreams and Dream a Life of Purpose and Vision. We are Blessed with Choice. Choose a New Way of Being that Guides you to Love!

A good Breakfast is the best way to start the day: A cup of Divine Wisdom, A bowl of Evolving Spirituality and a Love most Profound, A plate of Passion and Purpose with a side of Soul Based Courage, Honey for the Spirit and Fruit from the Tree of Life. Eat Heartily for Life is a Feast. What is on your Breakfast table on this fine morn?

Create a Life worth Living. Plant your Dreams in Gardens of Profound Inspiration. Connect with your Soul and Honour the Place in which you Dwell. We are on the cusp of new Birth and Creativity. We are approaching a Global Transformation and Awakening. Open your Heart, Soul and Spirit to New Thought, New Consciousness and a New Way of Being. The time is now to Live in Love. I Love You!

More Wisdom From Buffalo Bear

The Earth is Changing

We must prepare for the coming storm.

We must care enough to save our Sacred Mother
Earth. Its time to be responsible for our own actions
and to teach the little ones to respect and honor
our planet.

Forgiveness , Tolerance , Understanding ,
Compassion , Love , Love , Love - these are all
crucial to our survival.

Our Collective Consciousness can raise Vibrations
of Love which will begin the healing process.

Recycle and stop polluting , those who do not
change will find the coming changes much more
difficult to deal with.

You have the Power to make a Difference. Never
hate anyone ar anything. Respect and honor our
Animal friends for what happens to them affects us

Pray for Sacred Mother Earth o be saved. Visualize a
world where no one goes hungry and we all live in
Peace and Harmony.

If we start to change one soul at a time then little
by little we will begin to heal and transcend to a
higher state of consciousness.

Visualize a world where we can all breathe easily
and even the tiniest plant is treated with honor and

We are entering a time of enlightenment and
increased spiritual activity.

Think not just of yourself but what will best serve
the higher goodness of the whole.

These are the words of Buffalo Bear Walks With
Wolves. She is a Lakota Medicine Woman who has
dedicated her life to helping others. Hers is a
wisdom which is timeless , a knowledge which
transcends and transforms. Listen to your heart
when you read her words and you too will begin a
transformation that will help heal our planet.

Buffalo Bear Walks with Wolves


Last year i was honored to receive an email from a
Lakota Medicine Woman called Buffalo Bear Walks
With Wolves. She has become a mentor and friend
and her words have enlightened and enriched my life.

She has an ancient body of knowledge which she
has chosen to share with me. Hers is an exciting
vision of a happier world. Her wisdom has helped
me on my way to achieving a higher sense of self.
Her wide ranging knowledge has awakened in me
strengths that were dormant. She is a visionary with
a deeply spiritual way of life. Hers is an authentic
education that is leading me on a journey of

Buffalo Bear has given me lessens to heal the heart
and deepen my spiritual roots. She has fed my
spiritual hunger with words uplifting and

I have had many influences in my life and will have
many more. Each person you meet can offer insight
and wisdom. Buffalo Bear has taught me much . I
would like to share some of her wisdom with you.
Please read the following and accept it with the
honor and respect it deserves.

Work for the good of everyone.

Walk on sacred Mother Earth softly
and with total beauty.

Time is precious.

People are Spirit Beings having Human
experiences not Humans having
spiritual experiences.

Be responsible for your thoughts , for
thoughts have power too.

Learn about respect not only for you
but for every living thing.

Everything happens for a higher purpose

Think before giving advice.

Appreciate who you really are.

Never judge another soul.

Make the right choices for the right

Open yourself to happiness and

Learn about true forgiveness and
unconditional love.

Make your earth walk a meaningful one.

What you do affects all.

You have the power to re-create what
you wish to change.

We all must pitch in to save sacred
mother earth.

Give up substances that contribute to
self abuse.

We must stop being selfish as all
around us suffer from negative choices.

You are responsible for yourself and
your happiness.

As you think , so shall it be.

You have the power to create what you
wish to experience.

These are just a sampling of the teachings of
Buffalo Bear. Her wisdom , insight and love of
sacred Mother Earth is heartwarming and inspiring.
Her and her husband Crowhawk are beautiful beings
of light and spirit.

Ever person that we cross paths with can teach us
not only about them but aboutourselves as well.
People are knowledge and knowledge is

I thank Buffalo Bear Walks With Wolves for her
incredible spirit , love and wisdom. I also thank her
for the gift of my name The Ancient One With Heart
Of Buffalo Journeys With Spirit Of White Wolf.

Friday, October 14, 2011

We are Love

I am Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. I am Truth, Beauty and Bliss. I am Love. You are Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. You are Truth, Beauty and Bliss. You are Love. We are Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. We are Truth, Beauty and Bliss. We are Love. I Love You!

( Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Make your Heart Smile

Believe in your Gifts and Listen to the Voice of your Spirit. Live in the Moment and Connect with your Angels. Embrace the sheer Joy of Being you and Immerse yourself in a Lifestyle of Compassion and Awareness. Transform your outlook and wear Happiness like a Flower of extraordinary Beauty. You are a Smile on the Face of the Divine Mother made up of Love. Fall in Love with yourself as I have fallen in Love with You!

I am a Humble Servant of God created with Love. I honour all Living things and seek to do Good in the World. It is my Desire to Accept each moment with an open Mind and Heart. With every Breath the Stars of Heaven unfold and Hope blooms like a Garland of Wildflowers. By serving the Highest in myself I bring a Smile to the Face of every Angel that Guides my Way. I have Awakened to who I truly am and in doing so have seen the Beauty of Who you Truly are.

There is a Light in the Sky which Guides me. There is a Voice in the Wind that Whispers my name and Inspires me to have a Loving Relationship with Sacred Mother Earth. There is a Beating in my Heart that moves me to Dance in Sacred Celebration of Kindness, Joy and Happiness. There is a Truth in my Soul that Cleanses my Spirit and moves me in Life Evolving Ways. There is Life, There is Light and There is Love. I am truly Blessed!

I Give you the Gift of a Smile. I Give you the Gift of a Hug. I Give you the Gift of Freedom to be Who You Are. I Give you the Gift of Revelations and Insight. When we Share our Gifts we bring Heaven Home and the Gods Rejoice. I Give you the Gift of Celestial Wisdom. I Give you the Gift of Miraculous Change and Spiritual Values. I Give you the Gift of Prayer for all Beings and I Give you the Gift of Love. Good Morning I Love You!

Join me and Together we can Create a Community of Love. A Community of Sacred Language and Surreal Beauty where Joy is Free Flowing. A Community of Hope and Compassion where Kindness is commonplace. Join me and Together we can Create a World of Absolute Respect and Graceful Simplicity. A World of Romance and Reason where the Angels walk among us. Join me and Together we can Create a Global Community of Shared Happiness and Humanity. Please Join Me!

There is a Spiritual Metamorphosis taking place. A Pathway to Sacredness, Authenticity and Truth is being forged within each of us. Open yourself to the Oneness of Humanity, Live your Dreams and Dance your Bliss. Create a Landscape of Loving Harmony that Reaches into the Beyond. See your Beauty, See the Magnificence of the Infinite, See the Miracle of Existence and See yourself as Divine. The Belief in God begins with the Belief in the Self. I Believe in Me and I Believe in You!

Taste the Fruits of Love and Nourish your Souls needs. Access your Spiritual core and take your Life to new Heights. You are a True Blessing and by Sharing your Beauty and Wisdom you will make your Heart Smile. Angels of White Light are waiting to Guide you to a place of Peace and Inspiration. Open yourself to their Wisdom and you will Grow and Blossom. You are Divine, You are Sacred and I Love You.

You have the Passion and Power to make a Difference. Within you is a Hope for a Brighter tomorrow and a Desire to make that Dream a Reality. The Great Spirit is calling each and every one of us to Embrace the Sacredness of Life. Give your Spirit, Give your Soul and Give your Love to Humanity and you Create a Heavenly Atmosphere of Joy and Jubilation. Open your Heart and Smile because today is the day we Change the World.

( Words bt Micheal Teal aka The Ancient One )

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love the Sacred Human

I Love You. That is my Contribution to the World. My words are my Love. I give them Freely in the Hope that they will touch your Soul. I Love You. That is my Song of Glory. My Spirit Rejoices when i am able to Share my Gifts with fellow Travelers. I Love You. That is the Story of my Life. Every Chapter in the book of who i am is Inspired by Beauty and Truth. I Love You. That is the Source of my Bliss. We are a Universal Tribe of People and all we need to do to survive is to open our Hearts and say I Love You!

This morning Awaken to your Spiritual Heart. Give the Earth a Loving Smile and Bathe in Gentleness. See the Miracles happening around you and be Grateful for your Blessings. We all Share a common bond and that bond is Love. By seeing the World through Loving eyes we open a portal to Heaven and beyond. Your Divine purpose on this Beautiful morning is to simply be Yourself for you are Magnificent.

You are the Heartbeat of God. You are the Face of Hope. You are an Angel in training and Life is your classroom. Create a Sacred Circle of Love and let the Beauty of its truth Blossom into Reality. You are an Instrument for Good. You are a Golden Thread of Kindness and Generosity. You are the Breath of Heaven. The story of your Life which is written in the Stars is a Fairy Tale of Love and Light. You are a Miracle and I Love You.

Beauty and Truth have called me to a place where Divinity manifests. We all have a calling and when we answer that call we Create a Mystical Union that Transforms. The Heavens open and the Angels sing Songs of Grace and Glory when we Listen to the Voice of Good. Dance the Ballet of Life with a Smile on your Face and Love in your Heart. Beauty and Truth have called me and i have answered by Making today a Perfect day. What is your answer?

A Drop of Love in the Ocean of Life creates ripples that reach to the Sky and Beyond. Love is Life's greatest Gift and it is meant to be Shared. There is no better time than this very Moment to tell somebody you Love them. Show your Love through Kindness and Compassion. With Greater Love comes Greater Awareness. The day you find yourself at Heavens doorway you will be greeted with a Smile for a Smile is the Souls way of saying I Love You.

Sing with Joy and Awaken to a morning filled with Possibilities. Make this day a Song of Celebration. The Flower of Life blossoms when we make Healthier Choices. Choose to Enjoy your Life more, Choose to find Peace inside and Choose be an Instrument of Love. You are a Bright Star in this Universe and when you Love your Life more you will Contribute Positively to the Betterment of this World and Humankind. This is your day - SING!

Love Life to its fullest. Love the Sacred Human in all its forms. Love the Divine presence within. Love that our Footsteps join together as do our Dreams. Love the Journey into Oneness. Love the Light of Awareness. Love the Whispered voices of the Angels. Love the Fire of your Intention. Love the Holiness in all things. Love the Seasons of Transformation. Love the Path you are on and Love yourself. Love, Love, Love,Love........

I am every person i have ever met. I am the man that gave me a bed when i had no place to sleep, I am the woman who bought me a meal when i had no food to eat, I am the woman who listened to my confessions and told me it would be okay, I am the woman who spent the night in a restaurant with me and bought me fries cause i had nowhere to go, I am the woman who sleeps next to me and the child who sees me as dad and I am the voice from above that called my name on the day i had chosen to die. I am You, I am Everyone, I am The Ancient One.

( Words by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 23, 2011

Evolution of Spirit

Walk humbly and Breathe New Life into the Evolution of Spirit. Challenge the Mind, Nourish the Spirit and Inspire the Soul. Make yours a Transformative Message that Refreshes the Heart. Make your Life a Living Document of Insight and Imagination. We all have a Unique Perspective and by Sharing our Wisdom we Enchant the World with Peace, Strength and Light. Smile in the Knowledge that with every Breath you Evolve.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Share My Words

I Share my Words not in judgement but in Love. I Give what is in my Heart not for compensation but for Inspiration. I offer what is in my Soul not for recognition but for Transformation. My intent is to Foster the Positive, My intent is to Bless your Voyage, My intent is to Awaken untapped Possibilities. I Share my words because I Love You, Open your Heart that you may see clearly how Loved you are.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smile - You are Loved!

The Beauty of the Earth Inspires me to Live a Life of Kindness and Compassion. The Morning Sun moves me to walk a Path of Harmony, Peace and Joy. The Soft Breeze guides me to a Sea of Serenity where i am Bathed by Grace. Every Breath is a Meaningful Experience and every Moment is an Opportunity to Share your Love. The Earth is our Mother and she wants us to be Happy. Smile - You are Loved!

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Earthly Echoes within my Soul are serenading me with Sounds of Love. The Cleansing Waters of Life are Bathing me in a Beauty that Inspires. The Blossom of my Being has Flowered in a way that is Natural and Nurturing. I am on a Metaphysical Pilgrimage of Spirit. It is my Desire to Walk a Path of Truth and Wisdom. It is my Calling to Share the Love in my Heart with all Humankind. Can you Hear the Echoes - they are saying I Love You!

Today I see the Sunshine as a Gift. The Birds singing softly are a Blessing and the Wind on my back is a Treasure. Today my Soul is Free and I am at Peace. Today i Choose to be Happy. I Choose to Embrace my Destiny and my Destiny is Love. Life is made of choices. React with Kindness, Reach out with Compassion and Give with Spirit from your Heart. Today i Choose to see Sunshine as a Gift. What do you Choose?

This Morning I stroll through Lifes Garden allowing the Flow of Universal Energy to Guide Me. Heaven is in my Heart and I am Inviting Inspiration to join me on my Journey. The Soul of the World calls my name and I answer with Truth, Beauty and Respect. Life is a Cosmic Experience where Freedom comes through Awareness. I Believe in your Worth, I Believe in your Wisdom and I Believe in your Spirit. Come stroll with me.

Open your Soul to the Heavens for you are Peace and Inspiration. Let Love flow from your Heart for you are a Source of Lightness. Drink deeply from Life in the Knowledge that you are Conscious Loving Awareness and the Universe is in you. I am awestruck by the Magnificence and Miracle of your every Breath for you are Life and Life is Beauty. I Bless the ground you walk on for You are Me and I am You. I Love You.

I am a Spiritually inclined Soul. I Live my Dreams and Love my Life. I soar beyond sight to places of Layered Dimensions as i Embrace the Oneness of Humanity. I Treasure Sacredness and wear my Divinity as a Garment of Bliss woven by Angels. I walk in Peace and Beauty as i Plant and Nurture Happiness. I am the Flow of Spirit, The Simplicity of Truth and The Pathway to Awakening. I am The Ancient One.

I Love You. I Love the Truth of Who you are. I Love the vast Ocean of Beauty within your Soul and the Light of your Spirit. I Love the depth and breadth of your Heart. I Love your Divinity and your Imagination. I Love the sound of your Heartbeat for it Inspires me to walk in Balance and Harmony. I Love your Radiant Energy and Creative Vibrancy. I Love You for to Love is to Live and to Live is to Love!

Dream the Impossible. Live the Unimaginable. Listen to the Sound of your Soul and you will hear a Symphony that Nourishes and Inspires. Ignite your Spirit with Creative Imagination and Immerse yourself in a Higher Level of Being. Connect with the Sacred as you Participate in your own Evolution. You are Radiant with the Glow of Greatness. Weave a Sacred Life worthy of your Magnificence for you are Divine.

Today I shall pursue Bliss. I shall make it my goal to Enhance my Life and Harmonize my Being. I shall serve the Greater Good and Awaken my inner Healer. Today I shall soar on the Wings of Creativity into the Heavens. I shall do things of Spiritual Import as a gesture of Reverence for the Miracle of Life. Today I shall Develop and Transform in ways touched by Inspiration. I shall Live my Destiny. Today!

I have a vital Message of Divine purpose. There is a Bridge of Love within your Soul which leads to a lush Garden of Beauty and Goodness. Your Heart is filled with Gentle Loving Energy and Realms of Light. Have Reverence for Yourself, Have Respect for Yourself and Have Faith in Yourself. You are a Vessel of Harmony, Truth and Love. My Message is Clear - Be the Miracle you are meant to Be!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Angel Whispers

"To connect with the angels we must trust our inner voice. Have a talk with your spirit guides, experience the extraordinary and embrace the beauty within for doing so will enable you to live the life you want to live. We are all Earth Angels and our souls are the place where heaven and earth meet. By knowing yourself you change the world for the better and live your higher self. Be love and you connect with the angels."

Micheal Teal

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life is a Poem and We are Poets

Life is a Poem and we are Poets. Poets of Spirit, Poets of Joy, Poets of Hope and Poets of Love. Envelope the Earth with the Beauty of your Words and Wisdom. Yours is a Voice that needs to be heard. The Heart of Humanity beats a Rhythm that Serenades the Souls of all living things. Radiate Goodness and make the Poem within you a Garment of Joy that you wear Proudly.

I Live in a place where Divinity manifests. A place of the Highest Inspiration where people of all faiths are welcome. I call this place Home. When we make our Home a place of Peace and Blessings we become True Angelic Beings. Join me in my Home in a Mystical Union of Beauty and Spirit. I Live in a place where Love manifests and so can you. Welcome Home!

Awaken your Light Body and give Meaning to your Life. Make Love to your Spirit and give Birth to a New Reality. A reality of Hope and Happiness where Joy flows like a river. Fall in Love with yourself and Create an Extraordinary Existence made of Kindness and Compassion. Climb to heights of Transformation that you may Enhance everyday life. Live the Love you are and You will Love the Life you Live!

Blessed Child of Light, when i look at you i see the Stars in your Eyes and feel the Heaven in your Heart. My Soul aligns with the Universe when i see you Smile. You are within me and were i to be without you my Life would be empty. So i spends my days looking within to the Playground in my Soul. Today i will venture inside and we will Frolic. Tomorrow you will venture outside and together we will Change the World.

My Spirit is filled with Hope for today is a new Opportunity to manifest the Life i desire. Today is a new Opportunity to Live a Charmed existence. Today is a new Opportunity to Paint a Picture with my Heart that Transforms into Light. What does Happiness mean to you? To me Happiness is the Opportunity to rest upon the Wind, to talk to the Angels and to experience Boundless Love and Joy.

Dream Wisdom. Create Profound and Transformative Soul to Soul relationships. Place your hand on your chest and feel the Heartbeat of God for you are Divine. We are all Sacred Beings of Love and Light. Live Beautiful, Embrace the Earth, Cleanse the Spirit and make every moment a Joyous Celebration of the Greatness within. I Love Who I Am, I Love Who You Are and I Love what comes next.

Live and Breathe Peace and Happiness. Smile as you Contribute to the Evolution of Spirit. Let Love be your Life and Life be your Love. Commune with your Soul and see your Journey as a Beautiful picture that rests upon the Wind. Mother Earth is calling you to Share the presence of Angels that all may see the Heaven in your Heart. Kiss the Sky, Hug the Planet and make Love to the Universe. You have my Blessing.

There is a Labyrinth of Love within my Soul that Guides me along a Profound Pathway of Warmth and Understanding that i may Live a Happy and fulfilling Life. Through Kindness to others and common Humanity i Contribute to society in a way that Connects our Spirits. Come with me to the Sea of Truth where Waves of Joy wash away all Life's worries and woes as we sit atop the Earth and Celebrate today.

Save our Ailing Planet. Every gesture no matter how small contributes to the betterment of Humankind. Give food and clothing to shelters, volunteer at a hospice, write a letter to the editor, contact your local politician, think with your Heart, Live a Spiritual Life, Recycle, Give blood, Sign your Donor Card, Embrace your own Greatness and Say I Love You more often. I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You......

( Words, Thoughts and Musings by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Home for your Soul

Love is a home for your soul, a spiritual blueprint which allows us to build a life guided purpose and divine light. Love washes over us like raindrops from heaven bathing us in meaning, purpose and joy. Seek the company of souls adrift and let your love wash over them as doing so will awaken humanity to unimaginable bliss. Love is the karmic whole that enables us to live life in a more conscious way. Love!

Micheal Teal

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Angelic Words ( by Micheal Teal )

Make your Life a Hymn from the Church of Love. Life is most Joyous when ours is a Song of Sacredness. Listen closely and you will hear a Choir of Voices serenading your Soul. These are the Voices of your Angels and Spirit Guides. Celebrate the Path to Heaven by making your Existence a Feast of Divine Ingredients and Inspiration. Pray at the Altar of the Self and Bless the God within. Amen!

Angel Wings are Touching You. Close your Eyes and Feel the Love. Awareness is a Sacred Gift and when we use it we Realize the Beauty all around us and Spiritually Transform. Thank the Earth, Bless the Universe and Reach for the Heavens for when we Open our Souls we Create a Life of Epiphanies and Revelations. Angel Wings are Touching You. Open your Heart and Feel the Embrace of Joy.

Something Special is Unfolding. See through Loving Eyes and Experience the Gift of Life for the Miracle it is. A Lovely Reality is upon us and the day is Dawning when a New Spirituality will Inspire us to Live a Perfect Life. A Life of Awareness where we Blossom and Grow. A Life bathed in Gentleness where all are Enraptured in Love. See the Miracles happening and Understand your Place in the World. Welcome to the Future.

I seek to Create a Better World by Blessing everyone with Love and Light. I am a Facilitator of Knowledge through Spirit. I Celebrate Life by using the Power of Love to make the Heart Lighter and bring Heaven to Earth. Let us Adore each other for we are Brothers and Sisters of the Sun and Moon. Angels and Spirit Guides gather with me in a Dance that is Joyful, Playful and Profound. I am The Ancient One.

Listen to your Authentic Voice. Listen to the Blessed Within. Listen to the Wisdom of your Spirit. Hear the Call of your Soul as you Ignite Transformation. Hear the Heavens in your Heart as you Discover your Karmic Gifts. Hear the Whispers of your Imagination as you Create a World of Beauty. Listen to the Divine Guidance and Revelations that are all around you. Listen - you'll be surprised what you Hear!

There is Wonder in all Life. Begin this day by showing gratitude for the Sun, Joy for the Trees and Love for the Waters. Touch the Sky with your Soul every time you see a Child Smile. There is Beauty all around and the more we Embrace Beauty the higher we Elevate the Spirit. There is Wonder and Beauty in each of us. Look within and unleash your Magnificence. Feel the Love that is your Destiny.

There is Wonder in all Life. Begin this day by showing gratitude for the Sun, Joy for the Trees and Love for the Waters. Touch the Sky with your Soul every time you see a Child Smile. There is Beauty all around and the more we Embrace Beauty the higher we Elevate the Spirit. There is Wonder and Beauty in each of us. Look within and unleash your Magnificence. Feel the Love that is your Destiny.

I Love You. I Love your Smile and the way your Eyes embrace my Soul. I Love every Conversation we have ever had. I Love when you have come to me in times of sadness, happiness, sorrow and joy. I Love the Touch of your Hand. I Love your Creativity. I Love the way you Walk. I Love how you Accept me for Who I was, Who I am and Who I Will be. I Love You - for to Love You is to Love Life and Life is Sweeter when you are Loved.

The Peace within you is calling to the Spirit within me that we may walk this Earth together in Harmony and Peace. Each of us is Connected by our Divine Nature and Sacred Essence. We are Brothers and Sisters of Love and Light. There is a Holy Oneness rooted in the Heart that Inspires and Elevates. Savor and Celebrate your Life, Recognize your True Value and Manifest Love, Joy and Happiness!

The Winding Pathway of Spirit has brought me to a place in my Life where i recognize the Sacredness of the Soul and seek to Bless each moment with Joy and Radiant Goodness. I have a Spiritual Purpose. I have a Destiny guided by Angels. I Breathe in Imagination and Breathe out Inspiration. Life is to be Shared. Love is to be Shared. I give to you my Life and Love that you may Blossom.

I Dream of a World of Wholeness where every Life is at One with the Universe. I Dream of a World where the Rose Garden of the Soul is Free to Blossom. I Dream a World where the Chant of Creation is a Song that reverberates throughout the Universe inspiring the Spirit and Imagination of the Angel in us all. I Dream a World where Dreams become Realities. I Dream a World and then I wake ready to build the World of my Dreams.

You are a Source of Light and Beauty. You are a Painter of Spirit and the World is your Canvas. Make your Life a Masterpiece by Discovering the Divine within and making every Breath a Song of Hope. There is an Art to Transformation and we are Artists of the Soul. Create a Sacred Environment that Serenades the Universe like a Lullaby from a Music Box. You are a Work of Art and Heaven is your Gallery.

Life becomes a Miracle when we Share our Light with the World. We all have the ability to Change a Life. We are Angels on Earth and when we Spread our Wings we Touch Souls and Inspire Hearts. Live a Truly Empowered Life by reaching out and seeking to Embrace the Spirit of all Humankind. Be a Catalyst for Transformation by Living your Best Life. You are a Miracle and I Love You!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poems by Micheal Teal

The simple life

Is a most beautiful thing
And flowing
By the intricasies
Has wrought
Gift of nature
As beauty was meant
Is genius
Is beauty
Is nature
Is life
Oh how i long for the simple life



The leaves
My hair
Seasons of my life
Be allowed
Run their cycle
Brings with it serenity


this is a poem about prejudice
Dedicated to those brave enough to
Follow their own path in the face of opposition

The way it is

Once while out a walking
In the neighborhood
I spied a little girl
Made of balsa wood
The wind had swept her away
An unsuspecting load
Then left her lying face down
In the middle of the road
There were holes in her cheeks
Where the tears
Had broken through
And her hands
Reached out for mercy
As if she always knew
That this is a world
Where it doesn’t matter if you're good
Cause you'll always go to hell
When you're made of balsa wood


A Child of the Earth

A child of the earth
With the wisdom of the ages
Daughters of the moon
Magicians ,seers and sages
Nature and nurture
In a reality not yet fulfilled
Peace ,love and happiness
In a dream that cannot be killed
The flower children
Will always bloom

Monday, August 08, 2011

Thoughts of Beauty and Bliss ( by Micheal Teal )

We are in the midst of a New Age of Transformation and Sacredness. Be a Practitioner of Light and Love. Embrace the Bounties of the Natural World and use them to Reconnect to your Innate Spirituality. Remember that when you were Created the Universe expected you to Smile. Absolute Joy is possible and it begins with a Smile. The time is now for change. Limitless Opportunities await. Live, Love, Laugh and Smile.

The Gift of Listening is one of the Greatest Gifts we can give someone. I Hear you and my Heart goes out to you. I Understand you and I Wish you all the Joy life has to offer. I Accept you and Share with you the Light within my Soul. Let me Illuminate your dark places. Let me help you Create an Extraordinary Life. Let me show you how to Embrace your Sacred Self. I am Listening, I am Listening!

Have you said I Love You today? Every time we say I Love You a Flower grows. Every time we say I Love you a Child Smiles. Every time we say I Love You a Spirit Soars. Every time we say I Love You a Soul Rejoices. I Love You for your Compassion. I Love You for your Free and Open Voice. I Love You for your Wonder and Joy. I Love You for your Integrity and Truth. Have you said I Love You today?

My Intuitive Visions are Prophetic Dreams which guide me to bring deeper Meaning to my Life. The Divine speaks to me in whispers Inspiring me to Free the God within. I have found Peace in Who I Am and the Energy of Love has taught me that all are capable of being Happy. I am Natures Revelation. I am a Metaphysical Garden of Perception where the Highest Good Grows. I am The Ancient One.

The World of Spirit is filled with unmapped Territories. Our Soul Mission on Earth is to take our Mystical Experiences and Share them for by Sharing our Wisdom we Enrich Lives. The Glorious Mystery of Existence is a Theatre of Imagination and Revelation where anything is Possible. Live the Possibilities and Manifest Love wherever and whenever you can. You are the Embodiment of Love - Be Who You Are!

There is a Sacred Dimension to every part of our Existence. Life is a Divine Blessing a Journey rooted in Holiness. The Earth is a Transcendent Field of Spiritual Knowledge and we are its Guardians. Let us walk our Path with Honour, Respect, Integrity and Compassion. By living in Harmony on Mother Earth we open Gateways to Heaven. Live your Divinity and Love your Sacredness.

To maintain a State of Love one must Practice Goodwill and Kindle a Joyful mood. One must Dance in the Heavens and Sing a Song of Divine Beauty. You must reach inside your Soul and find that part of you which Liberates, Inspires and Transforms. You must Live in a World of Peace and Freedom where you allow your Innate Gifts to Flow. To maintain a State of Love you must be the Child of God you were meant to be.

I am painting the Light within with a brush coloured with Love. My Heart is filled with Passion and Angelic Energy. The Truth of my Existence is that I am here to Share my Spirit and Soul. I am here to provide Wisdom, Guidance, Inspiration and Enlightenment. The Bliss and Beauty of my Being reaches out to all Humankind for i am a humble servant of Divinity and your Happiness is my Desire.

Plant your Roots firmly in a Landscape of Love. Share your Heart and Grow into your Soul. Embrace all you do with Confidence and Know that the Source of Happiness is within you. Life is a Dance of Spiritual Imagination where anything is Possible. Living is Extraordinary when we Awaken to an Inspired Destiny. Live your Dreams by Dreaming a Life that Celebrates the Beauty of Who You Are.

Each day is a Wonderful Opportunity to Release the Happiness within. Each moment is the Opportunity to Unlock your Destiny and Find your Inspiration. Redesign your Life by taking the Treasures within and Sharing them with Humankind. You are a Celestial Being and Heaven is a place in your Heart where Love grows. Each day is a Miracle waiting for you to set it Free.

Each day is a Wonderful Opportunity to Release the Happiness within. Each moment is the Opportunity to Unlock your Destiny and Find your Inspiration. Redesign your Life by taking the Treasures within and Sharing them with Humankind. You are a Celestial Being and Heaven is a place in your Heart where Love grows. Each day is a Miracle waiting for you to set it Free.

Happiness comes to those who Live in Lightness and Love. It is not something one seeks, it is something that one Creates. We all have within us the ability to Manifest Joy. We all have within us the ability to Transform and Transcend. Explore this Truth and Discover your Highest Purpose and Deepest Wisdom. Love what you do, Love who you are and Happiness will be your Reward.

Sing, Dance and Play together. Smile at the Sun and Give the World a Hug. Live, Laugh and Love. Engage your entire Being and Give the Gift of Grace and Gratitude to everyone you meet. Cultivate Contentment and make Compassion inhabit each Moment. Speak the Language of Love and realize that Happiness is already here. Sing and Dance for Lifes a Celebration. Can you come out and Play!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Field of Dreams

Simple yet Profound is the New Pathway to Heaven. We are interconnected with the Universe. We are Beings of Light sharing Mother Earth and Love is all thats needed to Heal the Planet. Be Kind, Honest, Compassionate, Inspiring, Aware, Awakened, Sacred and Loving. Embrace complete Spiritual Freedom and Open your Soul to all living things. The Way is Simple yet Profound - Love is the Way!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Words Flowing Freely

I Live in Harmony and Brotherhood. I am a Lighted being of Compassion opening Doorways between Dimensions and Sharing what i Learn. I seek to bring Kindness into your Life and Love into your Heart. It is my Desire to be a Sweet, Giving and Nurturing Mystic that Inspires the Spirit. I have Realized my own Divinity and the Goodness of all Creation. I am Light, I am Love, I am Truth - I am The Ancient One.

Use the Fabric of your Life to weave a Robe of Natural Goodness and Extraordinary Aliveness. Take your Deep Love of Humankind and use it to Transform and Shape your Spiritual Journey. By taking what Inspires our Heart and Sharing it we Uplift, Motivate and Inspire our Lives, Friends, Family, Community and more. Feed your Soul with Freedom and make Joy your Destiny.

I walk a bonding Pathway of Earthly Love. The Map of my Dreams guides me to Journey to Places of Spirit where i can make a World of Difference. Every Story has Soul and mine is a Story of Extraordinary Experience and Transformative Blessings. I have ignited the Sacred Fire and its flame lights my travels that i may find my way to You. I am Body and Breath, I am Poet and Poem, I am The Ancient One!

Share the Fruits of your Wisdom. When we Share our Gifts we Create a land of Limitless Light that Shines upon all Living things making Life Beautiful. Share the Callings of your Soul. By giving who we are into the World we Create an Environment of Divine Love that makes Life Miraculous. Humanity Blossoms when we Awaken its Spirit. Give, Live, Share and Love.

Be Compassionate and Kind. Be a Light that Shines Brilliantly. Be a Discoverer of Universal Truth. Be an Explorer of the Miraculous. Take grand Leaps and yours will be a World of Sacred Participation where you Live Spiritual Truths and Manifest the Life you Desire. Be Worthy of Respect. Be a Ambassador of Hope who works under the Banner of Love. Be an Angel on Earth. Be Yourself. I Love You!

Take a Deep Breath of Joy, Inhale a World of Spirit and Create an Atmosphere of Lovingkindness. We are part of a Living Entity known as the Universe. Every moment of our Existence is a Shared Reality. A Reality we can make into anything we want. Let our Shared Reality also be a Shared Vision. A Vision of Hope, A Vision of Happiness, A Vision of Peace and a Vision of Love.

Step through the Doorway of Love into a World of Wisdom and Compassion. Be a Sacred Activist and fight for a Planet where Peace is a way of Life for all peoples. Be a Spiritual Revolutionary and make the World a Better Place by being a Better Person. You are an Extraordinary Soul and you have the Ability to Impact Humankind in a way both Positive and Profound. Step through the Doorway - I'm Waiting!

A Rich Inner Life of Spirit begins with a Child like Belief in Love. Love from a Childs perspective is Pure and Innocent, Honest and Authentic. Shake your Soul free and Lift your Spirit to the Heavens. The Earth is your Playground when you Share who you are and what you have with others. Reach out to those in need, then Reach in to your Heart for within you is a Gateway to God. You are a Child of God.

Open the Gateway to the Divine Presence within. Honour your Dreams and Believe in Possibilities. Awaken to a Greater Horizon and integrate Joy and Purpose into your Life. Yours is a Miraculous Sojourn. A Journey of Positive Transformation and Conscious Manifestation. Gods paint brush has made yours a Portrait of Beauty. Now is the time for you to Paint a Portrait of Love and Kindness. Artist as Art.

When the Roses Bloom in the Garden of your Soul you will Awaken to Spirit and Transformation. Water your Garden with Light, Laughter and Lovingkindness. Plant Seeds of Grace, Gratitude and Sacred Knowledge. Be a Gardener of Hope and Happiness and yours will be an Orchard of Beauty and Bliss. The Sun is shining on the Fertile Fields of your Existence. Tend your Garden with Love and Love will be your Harvest.

Transcend your Thoughts, Reach for the Heavens and hold all things Sacred. Open your Heart to Divine Blessings and let Love and Joy flow into your World. You can build a Better Life by Actualizing your fullest Potential, Creatively Motivating People and making each and every moment Extraordinary. Bring forth your Beauty and allow the Universe to Experience the Miracle of You.

To achieve Serenity and Peace profound we must bathe our Souls in an ever deepening pool of Wisdom. We must Embrace our Innate Connection to the Universe and plant Flowers of Gratitude. To achieve Tranquility and Transformation unbound we must interact with Kindred Souls and learn to Love from the inside out. Life is what you make it so make it something that Raises your Spirit to the Heavens.

Love is my Intention. My Highest Vision is a Place of Sacred Possibility where Orchards of Beauty Inspire Soul Awakening. My desire is a New Humanity built on Joy and Nurtured with Spirit. As a Flower Blossoms from seed we Blossom from Love. The energy of the Universe is with us each moment of the day and we can have that energy fill us by Smiling and Giving the World a Hug.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Ancient One Speaks

( The Ancient One / Micheal Teal )

Free your Spirit. You are Remarkable and Enlightening. The Truth of Who We Are is this: We are Angels on Earth, We are Divine Messengers of Hope, We are Gentle and Loving Beings of Light. Open your Heart and Experience your Magnificence. Free your Soul. You are Creative and Meaningful. Life is your Canvas and now is the Time to Paint your Masterpiece. Be Free, Be Kind and Love, Love, Love....

Challenge the Imagination, Engage the Spirit, Find the Transcendent in ordinary Life and pay Tribute to the Beauty of your Soul. Now is the time to Thrive. Paint the Sky with Rainbows of Joy. Radiate Loving Energy and Plant Seeds of Hope and Lovingkindness. You are Sacred, You are Divine, You are Unique, You are Inspiring and You are Beautiful. Wake to a New World that you Create with Love.

The Light within you connects to a Flowing Source of Love. Blessings of the Universe are in Communion with your Soul. With every Breath you are Touched by Inspiration. You are Glorious and Beautiful. Be aware of the Miracle and Magnificence of your Existence. Be aware that you are Loved. Be aware that you are Destined to rise above the ordinary. You are the Answer you've been waiting for.

An Angel of Light came to me in a Dream and fed my Soul tools for Positive Living. She touched my Spirit with words of Kindness and filled my Heart with Blessings. An Angel of Love came to me when i awoke this morning and fed my Soul tools to Generate Ideas that Uplift and Inspire. He touched my Spirit with Liberating Wisdom and filled my Heart with Sacred Resources. An Angel of Joy came to me.

There is a Truth within your Soul. A Spirit Reflecting Truth to Savor and Celebrate. Let that Truth lift you to a Place of Peace. Within each and every one of us is a Healing Energy . Within each and every one of us is a Mystical state of Understanding. Global Transformation will take place when we as a Collective Consciousness access our Common Truth. The Truth is Simple - The Truth is Love!

Explore the Human Experience. Explore the World of Spirit. Explore the Inner Workings of your Soul. Explore Pathways of the Heart. Explore the Mystical Truth. Explore different Realities. Explore your Essence and Existence. Explore your Higher Self. Explore Good Nature and Humanity. Explore Divine Feminine Energy. Explore Life with Greater Confidence. Life is an
Adventure - EXPLORE!

You are a Divine Light of Eternal Goodness. You are River of Inspiration Flowing Freely. You are a Visionary of Peace. Every Heart Driven Moment is a Treasure that Touches the Soul. Every True Life Purpose is a Blessing of Kindness and Compassion. You are a Sacred Offering from the Heavens. You are a Soothing Essence of Beauty. You are a Gentle Teacher of Spirit. I Love You!

Mine is an ever Questing Heart. I seek to Inspire your Spirit and make your Path a Sacred Ground for Soul Expression. I Embrace the Mystic Roots of the Divine and my Ancient Spiritual Heritage. I Imagine the Unimaginable, Believe in the Unbelievable and Dream of Undreamed of Possibilities. I am at One with the Universe . I am Diversity and Dignity. I am a Wind of Change. I am The Ancient One.

Explore your Creative Essence. Swim with the Energy of Angels and Give Voice to the Ancestors. Speak Profound Truths and Awaken to the Sacred. We are all Connected through Love and ours is a Journey of Peace and Freedom. Raise your Voice, Raise your Spirit and seek to Serve the Highest Good. Hope Sparkles in every Heart. Open your Heart and Chart a Path where the Waters run Sweet with Love.

I am Awake. I am Aware. I am Alive. My Spirit has Evolved to a place of Meaning, Purpose and Joy. I am a Painter of Ideas and Humanity is my Canvas. I am a Mystic of Wonderment and a Minister of Inspiration. I Dream my World into Being and make every Breath a Prayer. I am a Source of Light and Beauty. I am Awake. I am Aware. I am Alive. I am The Ancient One and I Love You!

I have seen the Overwhelming Beauty of your Soul. I have been touched by the Magnificence of your Spirit. I have lived a lifetime of Peace and Joy within your Heart. I am Father, Brother, Mentor and Lover. I am Truth, Freedom, Peace and Passion. I have seen the Miracle of your Divinity. I have been Inspired by the Majesty of your Sacredness. I have lived a Lifetime of Bliss within your Essence. I Love You!

Make your Heart Sing by finding the Peace you deserve and going beyond what you Believe. Dreams of Happiness become Reality when we Design and Determine our own Destiny. Earthly Beauty and Heavenly Dreamscapes are within our Reach once we commit to a Life of Loving Kindness and Loving Service. Make your Heart Sing and make it be a Song of Joy.

Life is an Elegant and Ethereal Exploration to find Meaning. A meaning that lies within. A meaning of Inspiring Beauty innate to the Human Condition. The Universe is our Mother and the Sun and the Moon reside in our Spirit and Soul. Dive deeply into Life and Honour the Experience. Make a Difference, Help people Flourish and Dance in Comfortable Shoes. You are the Meaning you've been looking for.

I Think i will Fall in Love with my Life today. I Think i will Serve Earth and Humankind. I Think i will Elevate my Thoughts to a place of Blessedness and Beauty. I Think i will be my own Light of Lovingkindness. I Think i will be a Poet of the Universe. I Think i will Cultivate a Lifetime of Joyous Celebration. I Think i will Transcend the ordinary and Dance among the Stars. I Think, I Can, I Will!

I have Lived my True Nature. I have walked the Earth in Peace and Friendship. I have given the shirt off my back and my last dime to those in need. I have made Kindness a Priority and Compassion a way of Life. I have Orchestrated my own Universal Dance. I have Explored New Possibilities. I have Shared my Humanity. I have Aligned with a Higher Goal. I have Lived and I have Loved. I Am The Ancient One.

Positive Energy Abounds and Vision becomes Reality when we live a life of Poetic Beauty that serves the Highest Good. Life is a Miracle of Truth, Love and Light. Awaken the Peace within and illuminate a Path to Awareness. Yours is an Immortal Intellect and a Spiritual Intelligence that fills your Soul with Blessings. Follow your own Rhythm, Follow your own Dreams and Happiness will follow you through Eternity.

Today Shine your Brightest. Liberate your Natural Joy and Express your Authentic Voice. Today Nurture your Sacred Garden. Whisper Inspired Revelations and Plant Seeds of Kindness. Today Beautify your Inner Being. Harvest your Dreams and Connect Spiritually to all of Life. Today Journey into Consciousness. Embrace the Glory of the Divine Self and Radiate a Kindness most Profound. Today!

In Loving Spirit I Explore the Colours of the Rainbow, I Whisper in the Breeze and Awaken your Aliveness, I Reenergize Body and Soul and I practice Peace. In Loving Service I Inspire the Soul, I participate Joyously in Life, I Cultivate Wholeness and I facilitate Spiritual Wellbeing. In Loving Wisdom I walk Heavenly and Earthly planes, I Express my Gifts, I Seek the Truth and I Give to You my Love!

Let us Create a Community both Beautiful and Ethereal. Let us move in ways Significant and Enlightening. Let us Glean Wisdom from the Deepest part of ourself and Create a New Vision. The Essential Soul is Transformed into Light when we Share our Love. The entire Cosmos is within our reach when we Share our Spirit. Let us Create a Community both Imaginative and Inspiring. Let us call this Community Home.

There is a Shift in Awareness. We are in the midst of a time of Great Change and Transformation. Now is the time to Rejoice in your Essence. Now is the time to Awaken Kindness. Beauty surrounds us and to find Joy we must simply open our eyes to the Realities within our reach. A time of Extraordinary Loving is upon us. Sing, Dance and Celebrate for the Future is now and Now is Miraculous.

You are a Light in the Sky that Shines Beautifully. You are an Inspiration to Behold. You are a Celestial Soul connected to the Earth. You are genuine Honesty and Joy. You are Crafted from Love and yours is a Journey of Spiritual Foundation and Universal Truth. You give Nourishment to others in a way that Breathes Compassion. Your Smile is a Transforming Embrace that Enriches and Enlightens. I Love You.

I am in Love with Sacred Mother Earth. She holds me in her Embrace and Teaches me to Live as Divine Being. I Celebrate her Beauty and Dedicate my Life to making her Proud of Me. I am in Love with Sacred Mother Earth.

A Sweet and Kind Heart expresses Love and Compassion in a way that Sparkles with Inspiration. Illuminate your Lifes Purpose walking a Joyful and Magickal Path. Feast your Soul on Dreams of Evolving Humanity and unbridled Light. Every encounter we have is a Blessing that Teaches us of the Extraordinary Miracle that Life is. The Heartbeat of Mother Earth resonates within Celebrating Who You Are!

All Beings are Divine. There is a Magic and Wonder to Earth born things that is Sacred. Universal Blessings flow abundantly when we Live from a place of Pure Unconditional Love. Embrace Earth and Revolutionize your Spirit for there is a Garden of Healing and Happiness within you waiting to be set Free. You are Special, You are Beautiful, You are Inspirational, You are Divine and You are Loved.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Am The Fire

I am the Fire. I have walked over hot coals and faced my fears. I have held hands in the night with strangers who are now my friends. I have communed with nature and grown as a human being. I am the Fire. I have heard the drumming and my soul danced. I have heard the singing and my spirit soared. I have heard the silence and my heart smiled. I am the Wind, I am the Earth, I am the Fire!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kind Words and Loving Thoughts from The Ancient One

The Divine within speaks directly to my Soul inspiring me to generate Joy and Harmony to all I am Blessed to cross Paths with. I like to go Beyond what I believe to a place of Dreams where Imagination makes the Heart Sing and the Soul Dance. I walk a Labyrinthian Landscape of Earthly Beauty and Heavenly Dreamscapes. I am the Mystical Nature of Life. I Am The Ancient One.

The Sun and Moon are within you. We are all part of a Living Organism called the Universe. Utilize your Natural Gifts to Inspire and Create Change. Touch the depths within and Kindle a Soul that Elevates the Imagination to new heights. Dive deep into Life and find a Purpose that serves Humanity. Make a difference by Helping people Flourish. You are the Sun and Moon - I Love You!

Be your own Light. Elevate your Thoughts to a place of Consciousness and Bliss. Serve Earth and Humankind by making yours a Journey of Peace and Lovingkindness. Be your own Truth. Elevate your Spirit to a place of Wonder and Imagination. Create your Hearts Desires by making yours a Destiny of Evolution and Ascension. Be your Own light and your World will be a place of Blessedness and Beauty.

If you Walk a Path of Truth, Love and Light yours will be a Journey of Sacred Knowledge and Poetic Beauty that serves the Highest Good. Vision becomes realty when we Embrace Life as a Miracle. Listen to the Whisperings of your Soul and Live always with Gentleness and Love. Live your True Nature and your Path will lead you to a Garden in the Sun where your Spirit may roam Free.

My Souls Diary is filled with Songs, Poems and Prayers. Songs of Absolute Joy and Intrinsic Goodness. Poems of Boundless Possibilities and Extraordinary Compassion. Prayers of World Peace and Respect for the Planet. My Souls Diary is filled with the most Glorious Memories of Wonderful Places and Inspiring People. Places where Happiness is a way of Life and People who Resonate and Radiate Love!

Let us Create a Spiritual Embassy where Love is our Mission. Let us Live in Lightness as we seek the Highest Purpose and Deepest Wisdom. Let us Connect with the Angels as we Reach for the Heavens. Let us make our Message one of Hope and Healing. Let us Open our Hearts as wide as the Sky and invite everyone in. Let us Cultivate Wonder and Joy in all we do. Let us Create a Spiritual Embassy.

Make Life Beautiful! Bless your Voyage and open your Soul to Greater Compassion. Life is a Journey of Opportunity and Possibility and you are Master of your own Fate. Smile and the Angels Rejoice, Laugh and the Heavens Celebrate, Sing and the Earth Awakens, Dance and the Universe Glows. You are here to Make a Difference. Make life Beautiful! You are Life and You are Beautiful.

I choose as my Destiny to Bless, Uplift and Heal the World - One Soul at a Time! I choose as my Purpose to live with Dignity and move in Transformative ways. Life is about Choices. Every crossroad is a Choice and we get to decide which road to take. I choose as my Destiny to Give my Heart and Soul to the Betterment of Humankind. I choose as my Purpose to Live for Love and Love my Life.

The God within has called me Home and asked that I Share my Love with all Humankind. The Goddess within has spoken to me in Dreams and asked that I share my Soul with the Universe. I have answered by filling my Soul with Love and Sharing it with all Living things. We are Angels on Earth, We are Manifestations of Divinity whose Destiny is Joy. Live your Birthright and Know your Birthright is to Love and be Loved!

Kindness is Good for you. Kindness teaches us to Live Joyfully with Heart. Kindness is the Sparkle in our Soul that Lights our way. Kindness is a Spiritual release of Altruistic Inspiration. Kindness is Love among all Beings. Kindness is the best kind of Giving. Kindness is that which Enriches daily life. Kindness is our Extraordinary Compassion fulfilling its Destiny. Be Kind!

May you Live in Great Joy, May you Embrace the Earth with Pure Heart Centered Love, May you Kindle your Inner Glow that all may Experience the Beauty of Your Soul, May you Generate Personal Transformation as you Cultivate Joyful Awareness, May you find Peace and Comfort in all you do, May you practice Goodwill and walk a Path of Bliss and Happiness, May you Love and be Loved forever and always.

If you are reading this then know its you I am talking about. You are a Goddess of Beauty and Bliss who has Blossomed in unexpected ways. You are a Harvest of Happiness whose Spirit makes one embrace the Dance of Life. You are an Inspiration who Transforms all you encounter. You are a Blessed Being that Lights the Way with Kindness and Compassion. I Celebrate who you are because I Love You.

Have a Love Affair with Life. Give the World a Hug and Embrace Nature in all its Beauty. Kiss the Sky and tell the Sun it is Loved. Plant Flowers in your Heart that Blossom into a Garden of Earthly and Celestial Delights. Breathe Joy into your Life by Freeing the Mind and Spirit. Have a Love Affair with Life and make it an Enduring Love that Invigorates the Soul. Life is what you make so make it LOVE!

I Love all the Natural World, I Love the Spirit of Exploration, I Love our Collective Evolution, I Love realms of Myth and Mystery, I Love Vision, Beauty and Wisdom, I Love the Goodness of all Creation, I Love the Souls Anatomy, I Love the Radiance of Being, I Love Kindness infused with Compassion, I Love Interplanetary Communication, I Love living a Happy Life and I Love You.

I have tasted the Sweetness of Loving and realized that Happiness is already here. I have Discovered that what makes me come Alive is a Soul and Spirit that Sing and Play together. I have sipped from the Cup of Human Kindness and found that Inspiration and Imagination are what Transforms the World. I have listened to and Heard the Language of Love and Know that it is my Mother Tongue. I Am The Ancient One.

The Angels and The Universe have called me Home to ask me to Share this Message: Cultivate Kindness for from Kindness grows a Love most profound. Make your Dreams a Reality that Benefits others as well as yourself. Treat Mother Earth as you would your own Mother. Make the road map for your Future one that Guides you to Embrace the Joy of Breathing and Know that every Breath is the Breath of God.

Wake with the Knowledge that I Love You. Wake with a Depth of Trust that allows you to make Karmic Decisions. Wake with a Focused Consciousness that Manifests your Desires and Radiates a Golden Quality. Wake with Blessings from above and Celebrate your Uniqueness. Wake with Boundless Creativity and Access your True Life Purpose. Wake with the Knowledge that I Love You.