Thursday, July 21, 2011

Words Flowing Freely

I Live in Harmony and Brotherhood. I am a Lighted being of Compassion opening Doorways between Dimensions and Sharing what i Learn. I seek to bring Kindness into your Life and Love into your Heart. It is my Desire to be a Sweet, Giving and Nurturing Mystic that Inspires the Spirit. I have Realized my own Divinity and the Goodness of all Creation. I am Light, I am Love, I am Truth - I am The Ancient One.

Use the Fabric of your Life to weave a Robe of Natural Goodness and Extraordinary Aliveness. Take your Deep Love of Humankind and use it to Transform and Shape your Spiritual Journey. By taking what Inspires our Heart and Sharing it we Uplift, Motivate and Inspire our Lives, Friends, Family, Community and more. Feed your Soul with Freedom and make Joy your Destiny.

I walk a bonding Pathway of Earthly Love. The Map of my Dreams guides me to Journey to Places of Spirit where i can make a World of Difference. Every Story has Soul and mine is a Story of Extraordinary Experience and Transformative Blessings. I have ignited the Sacred Fire and its flame lights my travels that i may find my way to You. I am Body and Breath, I am Poet and Poem, I am The Ancient One!

Share the Fruits of your Wisdom. When we Share our Gifts we Create a land of Limitless Light that Shines upon all Living things making Life Beautiful. Share the Callings of your Soul. By giving who we are into the World we Create an Environment of Divine Love that makes Life Miraculous. Humanity Blossoms when we Awaken its Spirit. Give, Live, Share and Love.

Be Compassionate and Kind. Be a Light that Shines Brilliantly. Be a Discoverer of Universal Truth. Be an Explorer of the Miraculous. Take grand Leaps and yours will be a World of Sacred Participation where you Live Spiritual Truths and Manifest the Life you Desire. Be Worthy of Respect. Be a Ambassador of Hope who works under the Banner of Love. Be an Angel on Earth. Be Yourself. I Love You!

Take a Deep Breath of Joy, Inhale a World of Spirit and Create an Atmosphere of Lovingkindness. We are part of a Living Entity known as the Universe. Every moment of our Existence is a Shared Reality. A Reality we can make into anything we want. Let our Shared Reality also be a Shared Vision. A Vision of Hope, A Vision of Happiness, A Vision of Peace and a Vision of Love.

Step through the Doorway of Love into a World of Wisdom and Compassion. Be a Sacred Activist and fight for a Planet where Peace is a way of Life for all peoples. Be a Spiritual Revolutionary and make the World a Better Place by being a Better Person. You are an Extraordinary Soul and you have the Ability to Impact Humankind in a way both Positive and Profound. Step through the Doorway - I'm Waiting!

A Rich Inner Life of Spirit begins with a Child like Belief in Love. Love from a Childs perspective is Pure and Innocent, Honest and Authentic. Shake your Soul free and Lift your Spirit to the Heavens. The Earth is your Playground when you Share who you are and what you have with others. Reach out to those in need, then Reach in to your Heart for within you is a Gateway to God. You are a Child of God.

Open the Gateway to the Divine Presence within. Honour your Dreams and Believe in Possibilities. Awaken to a Greater Horizon and integrate Joy and Purpose into your Life. Yours is a Miraculous Sojourn. A Journey of Positive Transformation and Conscious Manifestation. Gods paint brush has made yours a Portrait of Beauty. Now is the time for you to Paint a Portrait of Love and Kindness. Artist as Art.

When the Roses Bloom in the Garden of your Soul you will Awaken to Spirit and Transformation. Water your Garden with Light, Laughter and Lovingkindness. Plant Seeds of Grace, Gratitude and Sacred Knowledge. Be a Gardener of Hope and Happiness and yours will be an Orchard of Beauty and Bliss. The Sun is shining on the Fertile Fields of your Existence. Tend your Garden with Love and Love will be your Harvest.

Transcend your Thoughts, Reach for the Heavens and hold all things Sacred. Open your Heart to Divine Blessings and let Love and Joy flow into your World. You can build a Better Life by Actualizing your fullest Potential, Creatively Motivating People and making each and every moment Extraordinary. Bring forth your Beauty and allow the Universe to Experience the Miracle of You.

To achieve Serenity and Peace profound we must bathe our Souls in an ever deepening pool of Wisdom. We must Embrace our Innate Connection to the Universe and plant Flowers of Gratitude. To achieve Tranquility and Transformation unbound we must interact with Kindred Souls and learn to Love from the inside out. Life is what you make it so make it something that Raises your Spirit to the Heavens.

Love is my Intention. My Highest Vision is a Place of Sacred Possibility where Orchards of Beauty Inspire Soul Awakening. My desire is a New Humanity built on Joy and Nurtured with Spirit. As a Flower Blossoms from seed we Blossom from Love. The energy of the Universe is with us each moment of the day and we can have that energy fill us by Smiling and Giving the World a Hug.

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