Thursday, December 24, 2015

Let Ours Be A Message Of Love

let ours be a message of love that brings people together in an uplifting and positive way that all may gather as one in a joyful celebration of their blessings and live in peaceful bliss.

we are elevated beings and every moment we have here on earth is an opportunity to connect with love minded souls.

this is a magickal time. a time to explore new worlds. a time to dance in the light of your sacred essence. a time to live your beauty. a time to immerse yourself in the glory of your greatness. a time to love. this is a magickal time.

you have the ability to inspire and if you listen to the spirit within you can guide others to move in a new direction that benefits the heart and rejuvenates the soul.

awaken your magnificence for you are beautiful and yours is a profound path crafted with love and blessed with the gift of life.

explore your true nature and breathe in the wisdom of your sacred self for you are a blessing and the moment you embrace the miracle of your existence is the moment that your life will change for the better.

through the spirit of generosity i have made my heart my home and my home a welcoming sanctuary and peaceful environment that embraces all with a love divine.

a life prepared with love is one of profound spiritual awareness that supports your evolution and guides you to the heaven within that you may in turn create a paradise all your own.

let this be a time of bliss where we come to understand that ours is a profound path rich with insight and filled with revelatory messages that will guide us to a place of natural beauty where we may enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

journey with me along shamanic pathways where we discover the truth within and embrace our visionary abilities as we immerse ourselves in peace and harmony.

truly love yourself and your life becomes a sacred walk through the enchanted forest of the soul where with every step you discover beauty and experience miracles.

something beautiful happens when we embrace a higher love. we begin a spiritual transformation that takes us to magickal realms and sacred dimensions where we experience the joy of our divinity.

spirits are everywhere. see with sacred eyes and you deepen your journey. angels are everywhere. see with divine intent and you embrace your highest self. how we look at life determines how life treats us. look at life with love as your guide and yours will be a journey of unique opportunities and limitless possibilities where you discover the miracle of your essence and beauty of your ethereal existence.

to nourish consciousness in a gentle loving way is to embark on a path of total well being. to nurture your true sacred self in a kind compassionate way is to open the gates of heaven.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, December 17, 2015

You Are A Miracle Of Joy

you are a miracle of joy whose innate goodness has the ability to heal and all you have to do to experience other worlds and make your way to happiness is believe that this is who you are.

spiritual empowerment and cosmic awareness are rewards that the universe blesses us with when we open our heart and are willing to believe just how beautiful we are.

wisdom enriches the traveler, knowledge empowers the messenger and love enlightens the seeker. life has gifts at every step along our path. be sure that you see, embrace, live and share them.

open the gateway to greater realities and you will discover that you are a higher dimensional being of light who with love and care can change the world.

we are gifted with sacred insight and when we nurture and cultivate our gifts we connect to the divine grace and glory of the cosmos.

loving and helping others reveals the beauty of our true self and creates a positive atmosphere that allows us to awaken into a new and more beautiful world.

awaken the soul, awaken the sacred healing power within, awaken the spirit, awaken the angelic essence of your true self, awaken the heart, awaken the glory of your greatness, AWAKEN!

you have the power to miraculously change for you are a being of light and at any moment you can simply by believing in the beauty of who you are create miracles.

an extraordinary life is the gift we give ourself when we are positively focused on planting seeds of love for this is a profound act that encourages growth deep within the soul.

by exploring other dimensions and seeking other realms we become a spiritually nurturing source of light for ourself and others as it is the willingness to venture into worlds beyond our reach and reality that brings the heavens to earth.

heavenly doors open when we nurture ourself with the pure energy and healing power of our divine essence.

breathe in the beauty of your true and sacred self and you will experience joy in heartwarming ways that nurture the soul and raise the spirit to a place of higher vibrations.

a healthier love of self awakens and transforms by making us spiritually self empowering which guides us to our divine nature and makes us a positive force on a path of great happiness.

to live happy lives we must love the lives we live and to love the lives we live we must first believe in and cherish who we are.

an authentic life path aligns with the divine and creates a loving perspective that touches the heart and soul in ways that inspire, uplift, enrich and empower.

to open the heart is to brighten your world and make yours a path of life changing insights which lead to growth and healing.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, December 10, 2015

We Begin To Shine Brighter When We Expand Our Perception

we begin to shine brighter when we expand our perception for it is then that we see with greater clarity the angels surrounding us and make the profound discovery that life is a truly holistic experience.

we are agents of creation in a galactic community whose soul purpose is to love and be loved.

as beings of light we have the ability to heal. we have within us the gifts of the universe which if shared spiritually empower ourself and others. as beings of love we have the ability to change the world.

live your destiny now. immerse yourself in spirit. dance in the light of your soul. you are a celestial being whose life is to be celebrated. you are a special gift in the land of the sacred. you are a messenger of hope and happiness. live your truth now.

the coming changes will manifest a reality of positive knowledge and deeper understanding which will lead us to higher levels of compassion that we may live the love that is our true divine nature.

open your heart today to the beauty of your highly spiritual existence and share with the world the glory of your divinity and the miracle of your true and sacred self.

positive spiritual aspirations and joyful participation in your existence soothe the soul and illuminate the way to divine universal energy which gives you the opportunity to experience other worlds and discover the transformative power of your sacred self.

you are the creator of your life and when you focus your intention on creating something beautiful you become an inspiration for yourself and others.

hope, confidence and a deeper connection with self is a marvelous gift we can share with the world that inspires miraculous healing and positively benefits all.

the more open and willing we are to experience love in all its glory the more opportunity we will have for spiritual growth and the more enriched and enlightened our life will be.

an amazing adventure of cosmic awareness awaits those who choose to awaken the beauty inside for it is when we cultivate and nurture our true authentic self that we become beacons of light and messengers of spirit.

a more rewarding life full of goodness is a gift we give ourself by believing in who we are and living our truth with a smile on our soul.

celebrate your magnificence with life affirming thoughts and soul satisfying actions that make a positive impact for you are a messenger of light born to share your beauty and change the world.

lift your dreams that you may see more clearly the spiritual tools woven into their divine messages and use those tools to create a life of sacred beauty where love is the only reality and happiness the only truth.

love and accept life and life will love and accept you. its not the law of attraction as much as it is common sense.

life becomes an incredible adventure for those who hear the whispers of angels and ancestors and follow them to dimensions of spirit where every thought and action are exquisite creations that manifest miracles of joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Walk With Me Through Landscapes Of Sacred Adventure

listen to the voice within telling you to believe in yourself and walk wth me through landscapes of sacred adventure and profound spiritual realization where together we will change our world and the world of others.

you are a beautiful soul of genuine love whose every step is a gift and whose every breath is a blessing.

you are an instrument of light and when you open yourself to new experiences your life becomes a song of love that serves as a beacon of hope to all blessed to experience the miracle of your existence.

there is a sacred healing space within us all where the love and light that is our birthright waits for us to realize our magnificence that it may blossom and illuminate our world with heavenly spirit.

open yourself to spirit by sharing the profound healing gifts within for it is when we share our truth and beauty that we become more alive and ours becomes a happier and healthier existence.

a soul centered approach to life creates heaven in your heart which helps you live your inspiration and be a catalyst for others to explore their own heart and soul.

may your gratitude be intense, may your thankfulness be passionate and may your love for life be positive and profound.

when we discover more loving ways to express ourself we align with the divine and ours becomes a life that serves the greater good of all.

when we create our reality from compassionate energy we bring about positive change that inspires kindness and attracts love.

cultivate self compassion and nurture positive relationships for these actions will immerse you in the healing waters of spirit that you may transcend this earthly realm and venture into new places of existence where you can see your true beauty and better appreciate the sacredness of all life.

you are a channel of light and when you do that which aligns with your heart and soul you breathe spirit into your life.

call forth the very best of who you are by releasing your spiritual gifts that the world may experience your extraordinary life and the divine, positive and loving path you are on.

a better relationship with the divine will empower and inspire you by embracing you with life affirming messages from the soul that enlighten and transform.

honour yourself on this day by releasing your magickal essence that it may share the healing and wholeness of your divinity by cultivating greater love and manifesting heavenly light.

compassionate actions empower and uplift by making room for spirit. take action today and the universe will thank you.

when you allow yourself to experience the brilliance of who you truly are you bring out your spiritual gifts and innate sacredness which will lead you to oceans of happiness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )