Friday, November 29, 2013

Service To The Self

service to the self heals the heart and soul that we may live a more peaceful life for it is when we truly love ourself that we climb mountains and manifest miracles.

inspirational thoughts and positive actions will guide you along a path of compassionate evolution where higher roads lead to bridges of light that reach into the heavens.

Plant your Roots in Fertile Landscapes of Love and Kindness and Water them with Caring and Compassion for this is how we Blossom into Beautiful Beings of Light.

There is an Aura of Enchantment in the Souls of we who Live in Love and Unity for we are the ones who Light the Inner Fire with Inspiration and Compassion.

transform your life by growing and changing in ways that illuminate the goodness of your spirit for lasting happiness comes to they who embrace the beauty of their sacred self and share that beauty with all of humankind.

the floodgates of opportunity open for those spiritually guided souls whose devotion to the divine inspires them to be a beacon of light serving humanity in ways positive.

we rise to greatness when we allow the light of the soul to guide us on an enchanting voyage of hope and inspiration where the heavens open and you can hear the angels sing.

make positive changes. make choices that benefit yourself and others. make decisions that foster joy and facilitate happiness. shape your life in ways positive and profound for life is yours to create. make loving changes, choices and decisions.

We are Kindred Spirits with every Flower and every Tree on Sacred Mother Earth. We are the Breath of Life and the Soul of Beauty. We are Nature. We are One.

depend on yourself more. nourish your heart and soul. believe in yourself more. nurture your mind and spirit. love yourself more. live in the moment and make that moment beautiful. how we treat ourself dictates how the world, the universe and beyond treats us. depend on, believe in and love yourself. you are amazing.

Positive Life Energy and a Passion for Living lead to the Highest Good. Live, Love and Embrace your Highest Good.

become fully aware of the glory of the light of creation and the spirit will emerge in ways that create personal growth opportunities and inspire you to see the miraculous and make a difference in the world.

Embark on a Spiritual Path of Peace and Fulfillment where every Moment is Experienced and Enjoyed with great Love and Gratitude for doing so will Evoke Spirituality and Raise the Soul to Joy.

infused with healing light and flowing with positive energy are those who see their own beauty and the beauty of others as gifts from the universe to be shared.

the possibilities are limitless when you listen to the soul. the opportunities are infinite when you listen to the healing words which angels whisper. with ease, joy, honesty and integrity embrace every possibility and opportunity before you for they are your reward for being sacred and divine.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 22, 2013

Believe In Who You Are

you are a unique spark of light. the pulse of all creation beats within your heart. you are an awakening soul on a voyage of balance and harmony. you are a blessing born to share your gifts and change the world. this is who you are. believe in who you are.

be passionate about helping others. help them awaken. help them evolve spiritually. help them gain new insights. help them explore the subtle realms of the soul. help them find their purpose. help them see the beautiful light within. help them transcend and transform. be passionate about helping others.

You are a Flower Unfolding. You are a Blessing of Light born to Shine Brightly. You are a Gift of Love meant to Warm Hearts and Embrace Souls. You are Beautiful and I Love You.

trust your intuition. trust the voice within. trust the inspiration and guidance of your sacred self. trust the path of evolving consciousness. trust the light within your soul. trust the love within your heart. trust begets belief and when you trust and believe in yourself you become whole and happy.

explore and embrace your truest and highest self as doing so will open doorways to happiness and wholeness. it is when we live who we really are that we find the greatest joy in life.

make empowering choices and you begin to see miracles. we have the choice with each breath to evolve into a greater reality. make inspiring choices and you enhance your life experience. the choice is yours.

the more meaningful a relationship you have with yourself the more miracles you will experience and the more bliss you will bring into the world.

inspired by angels step joyfully into the pure light of your soul that it may activate healing and inner transformation as you experience the beauty of your sacred reality and the divine presence within.

It was when I saw my first Faery that I found the Courage to ride my Unicorn over the Rainbow to where the Angels lived who would help me build my Castle in the Sky.

Share your Joys. Share your Beauty. Share your Insights. Share your Light. Share your Dreams and Visions. Share your Heart. Share your Multidimensional Self. Share your Love. It is when we Share that we receive the Greatest Blessings and Rewards.

there is a nourishing white light within each soul that is filled with beauty and inspiration for us to share as we forge a path to inner peace and outer joy. awaken your sacred self and embrace the light of your destiny.

With greater purpose and heartfelt passion approach this and every day as a blessing to be cherished for doing so honors your glorious self and inspires a future that is filled with empowering positive experiences and energy.

Purity of Thought and Integrity of Intention will create Miracles in your Life. Angelic Guidance and Spiritual Consciousness will make every experience Transformative. Be a Channel of Joy and Fulfillment by making and living Choices that Enhance and Enrich your Life and the Lives of Others.

be who you truly are and yours will be a path of healing and self awareness where you feel the spirit of love in every thought, breath and action.

let us breathe kindness. let us inhale the beauty of life. let us venture into realms of happiness and dimensions of joy. let us breathe love.

a higher sense of self cultivates compassion as it inspires a life dedicated to actions that benefit the good of all. embracing the higher self is time positively spent as it supports and fosters beliefs that illuminate a path of divine potential. align with your higher self, awaken your authentic self and live a life of health and wellness where every individual is a gift and a blessing.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 15, 2013

Choose To Be Changed

Choose to be Changed. Choose to Uplift the Human Spirit. Choose to Light the Way to a Whole New World. Choose to live Relevantly and Meaningfully. Life is about Choices. Choose Wisely. Choose Spiritually. Choose to be Changed.

Thankful and Grateful are they who Explore the Higher Self and Seek the Divine Source of Love for they are the Soul Adventurers who by example live a life of Positive Purpose and Intention and Reap the Rewards of their Sacred Journey.

once you accept that you are a beautiful soul of all embracing love you will feel the greatest joy and life with transform into something sacred and wonderful.

Reach into the Core of your Being to that place of Spiritual Sustenance and Complete Awareness for it is there you will find the Strength and Courage to Manifest your Dreams and Live your Passionate Visions.

know and believe that you are special, that you make life brighter, that you are worthy, that your presence makes the world a better place, that you are deserving, that you have a positive impact on others and that you are an inspiration. life is so much better when we know and believe.

goodness in our actions serves as divine inspiration and guidance for others as it lights up the world.

The World is a Wonderfully Magickal Space for those who Remember what it is like to be a Child and live that Truth with a Smile on their Heart.

Create with me a Loving Spiritual Community. With Meaning and Purpose let us forge Pathways of Profound Change. With the Highest of Aspirations let us Build a Foundation of Beauty and Light. Create with me a Loving Spiritual World.

inner peace and joy comes to those who live their authenticity by nurturing and supporting healing from the heart and soul. they are the seers and sages who have blossomed into the realization that we are the masters of our own destiny.

You are a Source of Light. You are a Mystical Being of Sacred Beauty. You are a Miracle to be Shared. You are a Gift and a Blessing. You are a Source of Love. Be Who You Are.

we experience significant growth when we express our thoughts and feelings in ways that inspire the spirit. love and miracles are thoughts and feelings waiting to be shared. smile with the intent of changing lives and blossom into the flower of life that is your true self.

take charge of your life and make your purpose deeper levels of happiness. make yours a path of spiritual living that leads to a lifetime of joy. love yourself and others in ways that are positive. you are the architect of your own existence and you can build something beautiful if you take charge of your life.

we attain true wellness when we accept that ours is a karmic and heavenly destiny of caring, compassion, healing and wholeness. be the loving soul that is your birthright.

souls are nourished when we greet each day with passion and joy. spirits are nurtured when we live each moment with sweetness and compassion. hearts are made whole when shape our thoughts and emotions with love. a luminous path to a life of bliss is the path you create with your very next step.

explore the possibilities of transforming realities by bringing more peace and joy into the lives of others while evolving your consciousness into something mystical and marvelous.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 08, 2013

Fully Alive In The Moment

Draw from the Strength of your Spirit for its is a Creative Wellspring of Divine Knowledge and Spiritual Riches. It is by Embracing the Gifts of Spirit that we become more fully Alive in the Moment and Feel more Connected to a Higher State of Consciousness.

profoundly spiritual are your natural gifts and when you use them they heal and enrich the lives of others. the more connected you feel with those divine treasures and inspired insights the more beauty and joy you will have in your life.

within each soul is a sacred symphony that guides us to a place of peace where we may dance our dreams.

an inviting smile is the foundation of an enlightened society for it is when we can share our love freely and see the beauty in others that earth becomes heaven.

Live your Faith in a way that Cultivates Self Awareness and Inspires Pure Goodness. Live your Faith in a way that Creates Beauty and Wonder as it Transforms your Life and the Lives of Others. Live your Faith in a way that Manifests Bliss and Lights the Lamp of Happiness. Live your Faith.

treat yourself with kindness and you become a beacon of inspiration. treat yourself with compassion and you connect with your sacredness. treat yourself with love and your spiritual aspirations become realities that are life altering and transcendent. how we treat ourselves determines our path. treat yourself with respect. treat yourself with honor, treat yourself with dignity. you are a blessing. you are a gift. you are a miracle. treat yourself with truth as your guide.

on a rainbow bridge of peace and happiness i dance in the light of my own sacredness for i have come to the realization that it is when we accept our divinity and embrace our greatness that we increase our capacity for compassion and are beneficially guided to inner and outer worlds of love and light.

i am collecting kindness. who will donate. i am collecting strength and inspiration. who will donate. i am collecting meaning and direction. who will donate. i am collecting caring and compassion. who will donate. i am collecting truth and beauty. who will donate. i am collecting common sense and wisdom. who will donate. i am collecting joy and happiness. who will donate. i am collecting love. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate...

deep and meaningful are the lives of we who serve the spirt for we have a shared awareness and loving supportive energy that creates healing and wholeness.

the dreamcatcher for me is less about catching dreams and more about capturing their essence and immortalizing them in my soul that i may always see and experience their beauty.

Open all Doors and you Gift yourself with Infinite Possibilities and endless Opportunities. Fear not what is behind each door. Know that your Thoughts and Beliefs will Create the Realities you need to Manifest a Life of Love and Light. Open the Door to your Mind and Think Positive Thoughts. Open the Door to your Body and Believe you are Beautiful. Open the Door to your Heart and Know you are Loved. Open the Door to your Spirit and see the Miracle of your Existence. Open the Door to your Soul and say Welcome Home I Love You. Open All Doors.

nurture your true calling by sharing your beauty and essence in a way that moves others to unify mind, body and spirit for you are a profound gift and a sacred blessing.

be a bringer of changes. be a special joy that inspires people to traverse uplifting plateaus of light. be an active participant in your spiritual evolution. be a lover of live who sees the sacred in all people. be the beautiful soul that is your destiny. be!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 01, 2013

Beautiful Souls Who Grow From The Earth

my guides and angels are those beautiful souls who grow from the earth as flowers of inspiration creating a garden of benevolent prayer and healing energy that makes life a song of spiritual freedom and divine love.

uplift everyone with kindness and compassion. inspire everyone with beauty and truth. transform everyone with love and light. uplift, inspire and transform.

we find fulfillment when we set our inner compass to love. a pure intent and an open heart will guide you to know your greatness and create an environment of self discovery that enhances serenity and calm. by building a foundation of spirit yours will be a house of joy and happiness. it is your life to shape. it is your life to live. it is your life to love. it is your life.

i love you for i know your greatness. i love you for i know your light. i love you for i know your beauty. i love you for i know your truth. i love you.

the spirit is full of adventure and those brave enough to leap into the unknown with courage and belief are the ones whose authentic soul energy will enlighten all humanity.

it is when we embrace eternity as a living prayer and celestial celebration that our consciousness evolves to a place of sacred earth wisdom that uplifts and transforms.

a contemplative mind, spiritual aspirations and intuitive wisdom are profoundly glorious gifts we are born with that if embraced strengthen our beliefs and inspire miracles of healing.

there is something extraordinary about you. there is something refreshing and revitalizing that moves the soul towards freedom. there is something transformational that inspires clear inner knowing. there is something miraculous that embraces the light of truth and radiates a love most profound. there is something extraordinary about you.

when we keep the heart warm we contribute to a better world for the heart is the dwelling place of all the is great and good. open your heart to the warmth and love of an ever evolving spiritual consciousness.

mine is a richer life journey soul fueled by the passion and desire to make a difference and create greater peace and joy.

healthier thoughts create happier lives and happier lives create healthier love and healthier love creates a happier world and a happier world creates healthier thoughts.

let us awaken together with a smile on our soul and stimulate flowering of the spirit. let us with gentle guidance inspire others to immerse themselves in the joy of helping and healing. let us live our lives in a most rewarding way that we may voice our truth as we embrace the heart of humanity. let us be loved. let us be love. let us awaken together with a smile.

you are a kind giving spirit born to contribute something positive and beautiful to the world. that happens when you realize that you are positive and beautiful.

your authentic divine self is an ever evolving spirit full of light and love. your unique sacred self is an ever evolving soul that is powerful and transformative. your true ethereal self is an ever evolving being of light radiant with clarity and compassion. this is who you truly are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )