Friday, November 29, 2013

Service To The Self

service to the self heals the heart and soul that we may live a more peaceful life for it is when we truly love ourself that we climb mountains and manifest miracles.

inspirational thoughts and positive actions will guide you along a path of compassionate evolution where higher roads lead to bridges of light that reach into the heavens.

Plant your Roots in Fertile Landscapes of Love and Kindness and Water them with Caring and Compassion for this is how we Blossom into Beautiful Beings of Light.

There is an Aura of Enchantment in the Souls of we who Live in Love and Unity for we are the ones who Light the Inner Fire with Inspiration and Compassion.

transform your life by growing and changing in ways that illuminate the goodness of your spirit for lasting happiness comes to they who embrace the beauty of their sacred self and share that beauty with all of humankind.

the floodgates of opportunity open for those spiritually guided souls whose devotion to the divine inspires them to be a beacon of light serving humanity in ways positive.

we rise to greatness when we allow the light of the soul to guide us on an enchanting voyage of hope and inspiration where the heavens open and you can hear the angels sing.

make positive changes. make choices that benefit yourself and others. make decisions that foster joy and facilitate happiness. shape your life in ways positive and profound for life is yours to create. make loving changes, choices and decisions.

We are Kindred Spirits with every Flower and every Tree on Sacred Mother Earth. We are the Breath of Life and the Soul of Beauty. We are Nature. We are One.

depend on yourself more. nourish your heart and soul. believe in yourself more. nurture your mind and spirit. love yourself more. live in the moment and make that moment beautiful. how we treat ourself dictates how the world, the universe and beyond treats us. depend on, believe in and love yourself. you are amazing.

Positive Life Energy and a Passion for Living lead to the Highest Good. Live, Love and Embrace your Highest Good.

become fully aware of the glory of the light of creation and the spirit will emerge in ways that create personal growth opportunities and inspire you to see the miraculous and make a difference in the world.

Embark on a Spiritual Path of Peace and Fulfillment where every Moment is Experienced and Enjoyed with great Love and Gratitude for doing so will Evoke Spirituality and Raise the Soul to Joy.

infused with healing light and flowing with positive energy are those who see their own beauty and the beauty of others as gifts from the universe to be shared.

the possibilities are limitless when you listen to the soul. the opportunities are infinite when you listen to the healing words which angels whisper. with ease, joy, honesty and integrity embrace every possibility and opportunity before you for they are your reward for being sacred and divine.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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