Friday, March 28, 2014

Make Choices that are Right for your Soul

more benevolent outcomes are the reward when you embrace the lightness of your being and immerse yourself in the energy of spirit. commit to manifesting a life of divine bliss and you will hear the angels sing as you make choices that are right for your soul.

life lived in a positive manner will guide us along a metaphysical path that is tender and nurturing for when we make love affirming choices we become more vibrant and alive.

opportunity for change is all around us. vibrations and impressions of divine light beckon us to live at play in the universe. open mind, body, spirit and soul as you move into the miraculous. your sacred essence is a beautiful flower which when watered with love will transform your life.

sail with me through oceans of goodness into a world of deeper self reflection where the true self rejoices in the knowledge that it is alive and aware.

i gaze through portals of light and i see the highest good of all. i walk through landscapes of love and i bask in the sunshine of transformation. we are each capable of miracles. let us gather as one in an environment of great joy and change the world for the better.

approach everything with love. look at every experience through the eyes of kindness. raise yourself up to a state of grace. the waters of life are overflowing with extraordinary insights and transformational potential for those with the courage to dive in.

ours is an eternal path of spiritual ascension and the longer we are on the path the more loving and compassionate we become. we are students of light and every life we live we shine a little brighter.

by choosing to make positive life affirming choices we empower others to seek a higher reality. we are a celestial family and every act of kindness and show of compassion leads us one step closer to an eternity of total bliss.

love yourself more. love your true self. love the kindness of your heart. love the temple that is your body. love the sacred library that is your mind. love the strength of your spirit and love the beauty of your soul. love yourself more.

enjoy the experience of life with the understanding that you are a beautiful beacon of light from which love flows. it is the realization of our sacred self that transforms us into masters , messengers, mystics and miracle workers. live your divinity.

allow love to flow. allow the breath of creation to guide you to your greatness. allow your soul to open to an expanded state of being. allow your inner child and eternal self the opportunity to play freely. allow light into your heart. allow love to flow.

we are spiritually minded beings and by expressing our angelic self through kindness we create a life of harmony and balance which raises our vibration and manifests miracles every day.

the clearer your vision the greater the possibility that you will grow into your divinity. it is by having clarity of spirit that we open our lives to the sacred beauty that is our birthright.

in meaningful ways i seek to create karmic interactions whereby i may inspire a positive atmosphere of light as i bring forth waves of kindness that are empowering to all.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bring More Joy Into Your Life

with the purest intent dedicate yourself to bringing more joy into your life for it is through love we heal and by actively pursuing positive transformation we awaken the heart and set free the treasures within.

you are a gifted soul with the deeply transformative power to create miracles. live your truth and believe in your magnificence for greatness isn't something we achieve its something we accept and share with the world.

we are all of great worth and a happy life is waiting for us when we learn to love, honor and respect how truly magnificent we are. believe in yourself and yours will be a path of glory, greatness, beauty and bliss.

when we live in service to the light our spirit expands and transforms for when you embrace your sacred responsibility the heavens bless you with a more positive and fulfilling life.

you are an exquisite blessing. you are a beautiful soul. you are a sacred miracle. you are light and you are love. i honor who you are for you are amazing.

there is a beautiful place in the heart where the light of truth nourishes your spiritual and emotional needs that you may better connect with the divine. open your heart and listen to the beauty of its wisdom and feel the bliss of its warm embrace.

positive patterns of thought will bring healing into your life. seeking guidance from spirit will help you achieve inner happiness. reaching out to others in an uplifting way will give you great joy. the choices we make if caring and compassionate will lead us to an enchanted life of love and light.

listen to your inner voice for within its words of wisdom you will find self love and empowerment which will guide you to open the gateway of inspiration and become more spiritually alive.

assist others. assist others on their path. assist others through their trials and tribulation. assist others to follow their purpose. assist others to live their dreams. assist others to love themselves. it is when we are in service to others that we are most able to assist ourselves and live our greatness.

be grateful for everything. be thankful for everything. i am grateful for you. i am thankful for you. i am grateful to be alive. i am thankful to be alive. be grateful for life. be thankful for love.

within you are gifts of grace and a powerful spiritual energy that when released will nourish your spirit and guide you to mindful experiences in which you lovingly communicate with like minded souls as you move towards a greater humanity.

a balanced and joyful life comes to those who see their life path clearly and walk that path in ways that are beneficial to not only their life but to the lives of others.

a simple change like making better choices can be a powerful healing force for positive thoughts and actions spiritually transform mind, body and soul.

uplift the spirit by consciously creating a doorway to transformation in your mind that transcends the ordinary and when opened leads into dimensions and realms of light and love.

live your radiance for when we accept, honor and believe in our true self we create within us a transformational power that will change our life and the world around us for the better.

compassionate communication and acts of kindness weave a tapestry of soul and spirit which bathe the world in healing light and sacred love.

within each of us is the blessed fruit of divine spiritual wisdom. nourish your soul by feasting on the bounty within and you will have the sustenance you need to manifest a life of beauty and bliss.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, March 07, 2014

Your Unique and Sacred Purpose

welcome change into your life. invite the extraordinary gifts within out to play. awaken your soul and make clearer choices as you fulfill your unique and sacred purpose. you are capable of greatness. welcome love into your life.

together we can create a loving community of joyful and transformative experiences where people live in mutual respect with kindness as their template and compassion as their foundation.

listen with your heart open for what you hear will change your life and inspire you to become your highest self.

yours is a life beautifully crated. a healing journey of love and light. you have within you the wisdom of the ancients. you are a blessing to be shared. live your greatness. love your path. be the angel on earth you were born to be. you are loved.

make yours a compassionate voyage where you fill your heart with joy and cultivate the extraordinary for it is when we are at our kindest that miracles happen.

walk pathways to the sacred. bring healing light to yourself and others. celebrate the magic of each day. believe that every moment is a lesson and a blessing of profound inspiration. life is a joyful experience for those who are open to its beauty and brave enough to live their greatness.

deep personal transformation comes about when we embrace the possibilities that life affords us for when our eyes are truly open the opportunities for growth and positive change are limitless.

a new humanity of infinite possibilities is emerging and those who use their sacred radiance to cultivate inner knowing and create powerful spiritual communities will be the blessed souls who illuminate the path to a kinder and more loving world.

be your higher self. be the gentle and loving soul that is your sacred essence. be a messenger of light. you have the choice of who and how to be. you have the choice of how to live your life. be your beautiful self.

each of us in our own special way is a profound gift and a glorious work of art. share the beauty of your soul and you enrich your spiritual life. we are the embodiment of love and by giving our love to others we serve earth and humanity.

we are enlightened beings in a universe of infinite possibilities. ours is a soul designed to be awakened and by nurturing our potential for greatness we can transform our lives. we are spiritual warriors in a world of unlimited opportunities.

stirring in your soul is a reservoir of wellness and joy. immerse yourself in its sacred beauty and you will grow upwards to a place of miracles and love.

you are filled with greatness. you are filled with positive energy. you are filled with light and you are filled with love. open your heart and soul that the beauty within may flow freely and transform your life as it inspires the lives of others.

think of joy. think of kindness. think of bliss. think of beauty. think of compassion. think of love. what we think shapes our reality. think yourself happy.

you are capable of deep transformation. embrace the angel within and live radiantly for it is when we love and respect our true self that we release our greatness and live our purpose.

discover the sacred beauty within and be your highest self. the light of divine joy is in us all and when we live authentically with love as our guide we create a reality both positive and profound that inspires and transforms.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )