Friday, March 07, 2014

Your Unique and Sacred Purpose

welcome change into your life. invite the extraordinary gifts within out to play. awaken your soul and make clearer choices as you fulfill your unique and sacred purpose. you are capable of greatness. welcome love into your life.

together we can create a loving community of joyful and transformative experiences where people live in mutual respect with kindness as their template and compassion as their foundation.

listen with your heart open for what you hear will change your life and inspire you to become your highest self.

yours is a life beautifully crated. a healing journey of love and light. you have within you the wisdom of the ancients. you are a blessing to be shared. live your greatness. love your path. be the angel on earth you were born to be. you are loved.

make yours a compassionate voyage where you fill your heart with joy and cultivate the extraordinary for it is when we are at our kindest that miracles happen.

walk pathways to the sacred. bring healing light to yourself and others. celebrate the magic of each day. believe that every moment is a lesson and a blessing of profound inspiration. life is a joyful experience for those who are open to its beauty and brave enough to live their greatness.

deep personal transformation comes about when we embrace the possibilities that life affords us for when our eyes are truly open the opportunities for growth and positive change are limitless.

a new humanity of infinite possibilities is emerging and those who use their sacred radiance to cultivate inner knowing and create powerful spiritual communities will be the blessed souls who illuminate the path to a kinder and more loving world.

be your higher self. be the gentle and loving soul that is your sacred essence. be a messenger of light. you have the choice of who and how to be. you have the choice of how to live your life. be your beautiful self.

each of us in our own special way is a profound gift and a glorious work of art. share the beauty of your soul and you enrich your spiritual life. we are the embodiment of love and by giving our love to others we serve earth and humanity.

we are enlightened beings in a universe of infinite possibilities. ours is a soul designed to be awakened and by nurturing our potential for greatness we can transform our lives. we are spiritual warriors in a world of unlimited opportunities.

stirring in your soul is a reservoir of wellness and joy. immerse yourself in its sacred beauty and you will grow upwards to a place of miracles and love.

you are filled with greatness. you are filled with positive energy. you are filled with light and you are filled with love. open your heart and soul that the beauty within may flow freely and transform your life as it inspires the lives of others.

think of joy. think of kindness. think of bliss. think of beauty. think of compassion. think of love. what we think shapes our reality. think yourself happy.

you are capable of deep transformation. embrace the angel within and live radiantly for it is when we love and respect our true self that we release our greatness and live our purpose.

discover the sacred beauty within and be your highest self. the light of divine joy is in us all and when we live authentically with love as our guide we create a reality both positive and profound that inspires and transforms.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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