Friday, March 14, 2014

Bring More Joy Into Your Life

with the purest intent dedicate yourself to bringing more joy into your life for it is through love we heal and by actively pursuing positive transformation we awaken the heart and set free the treasures within.

you are a gifted soul with the deeply transformative power to create miracles. live your truth and believe in your magnificence for greatness isn't something we achieve its something we accept and share with the world.

we are all of great worth and a happy life is waiting for us when we learn to love, honor and respect how truly magnificent we are. believe in yourself and yours will be a path of glory, greatness, beauty and bliss.

when we live in service to the light our spirit expands and transforms for when you embrace your sacred responsibility the heavens bless you with a more positive and fulfilling life.

you are an exquisite blessing. you are a beautiful soul. you are a sacred miracle. you are light and you are love. i honor who you are for you are amazing.

there is a beautiful place in the heart where the light of truth nourishes your spiritual and emotional needs that you may better connect with the divine. open your heart and listen to the beauty of its wisdom and feel the bliss of its warm embrace.

positive patterns of thought will bring healing into your life. seeking guidance from spirit will help you achieve inner happiness. reaching out to others in an uplifting way will give you great joy. the choices we make if caring and compassionate will lead us to an enchanted life of love and light.

listen to your inner voice for within its words of wisdom you will find self love and empowerment which will guide you to open the gateway of inspiration and become more spiritually alive.

assist others. assist others on their path. assist others through their trials and tribulation. assist others to follow their purpose. assist others to live their dreams. assist others to love themselves. it is when we are in service to others that we are most able to assist ourselves and live our greatness.

be grateful for everything. be thankful for everything. i am grateful for you. i am thankful for you. i am grateful to be alive. i am thankful to be alive. be grateful for life. be thankful for love.

within you are gifts of grace and a powerful spiritual energy that when released will nourish your spirit and guide you to mindful experiences in which you lovingly communicate with like minded souls as you move towards a greater humanity.

a balanced and joyful life comes to those who see their life path clearly and walk that path in ways that are beneficial to not only their life but to the lives of others.

a simple change like making better choices can be a powerful healing force for positive thoughts and actions spiritually transform mind, body and soul.

uplift the spirit by consciously creating a doorway to transformation in your mind that transcends the ordinary and when opened leads into dimensions and realms of light and love.

live your radiance for when we accept, honor and believe in our true self we create within us a transformational power that will change our life and the world around us for the better.

compassionate communication and acts of kindness weave a tapestry of soul and spirit which bathe the world in healing light and sacred love.

within each of us is the blessed fruit of divine spiritual wisdom. nourish your soul by feasting on the bounty within and you will have the sustenance you need to manifest a life of beauty and bliss.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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