Thursday, May 29, 2014

May we all be Lovers of Humankind

all would benefit greatly if the world had more humanity and dignity. may we all be lovers of humankind. may we all be lovers of sacred mother earth. let us all make it our purpose to feel and share limitless love.

honor yourself fully and you lighten the load. truly believe in yourself and you open gateways to opportunity. love yourself for the miracle of beauty that you are and you transform into the butterfly of spirit that is your destiny.

positive healthy beliefs illuminate the spirit and create a foundation of love from which we can accomplish great and wondrous things.

let today be a celebration of your divine beauty. let us gather together and rejoice in the light of your sacred self. you are truly a blessing. believe in your greatness and rest in the knowledge that you are loved.

smile and you make a difference. laugh and you make a difference. be caring and you make a difference. be kind and you make a difference. it is really quite easy to make a difference. know that your life is meaningful and significant for every day you make a difference.

we each have within us deep and extraordinary insights which when we shine a light on them will create infinite possibilities. journey to the core of your being and embrace your true self for it is there that you will become empowered and it is there you will find enlightenment.

love deeply from your heart. connect deeply with others. dive deeply into the waters of pure intention. know that no matter how shallow people get you can always reach deep within and embrace yourself more lovingly that you may in turn inspire awareness and show them all the depth of their beauty.

a profound experience is one which inspires heart and soul in a way that embraces the sacred love within. it is my sincere desire to make every moment a profound experience.

live with purpose. live with passion. live a positive and hopeful existence. live with joy. live with beauty. live an inspiring and imaginative. live with light. live with love. live.

a life lived well is heart infused with self discovery and growth for it is within the heart that dreams blossom and love blooms. all that is good in life happens first in the heart.

sharing your light with others and a sincere desire to serve the planet helps us grow and blossom as it creates unlimited possibilities for spiritual development and divine transformation.

if you are hurting know that within you is a reservoir of beautiful healing energy that is released by belief. to believe in ones own transformative power is to embrace the sacred self in a way that facilitates well being.

we ascend into greater joy when we live in meaningful ways. we raise our spirit to its highest purpose when we create a caring and nurturing environment. we reach into the heavens when we give our love unconditionally. we with our every thought and action make the choice of which direction our life will take.

be a spiritual seeker. venture into the open arms of mother nature and let her healing gifts guide you to a happier and healthier tomorrow. connect with others on a soul level. discover the divinity within. live the beauty of who you are in a way that makes the angels sing. being a spiritual seeker isn't about finding anything, its about realizing you are already there.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Boundless Moments of Happiness

there is a nurturing loving place of joyful significance where greater feelings of joy and boundless moments of happiness dance together in harmony and bliss. seek not beyond your reach for that place is in your heart and in your soul. it is the essence of who you are. it is the home of who you truly are. the time has come. go home.

you are as beautiful as each star in the sky. you are as wondrous as the ocean and as breathtaking as the mountains. you are that part of nature which knows love. you are magnificent.

i love the goodness within you for its truth and beauty. i love the reality of who you are for its authenticity and uniqueness. i love the path you are on for i believe with all my heart it leads to peace, joy and happiness. i love you.

experience your beauty. experience your wisdom. experience your gifts. experience your blessings. experience your light and experience your love. life isnt an experience we have, its an experience we are.

today dream yourself awake and connect more deeply to that part of you that is inspired for it is there that you will experience the miraculous. today love yourself aware and embrace the true beauty of who you are. today light the lamp of joy that all may see the love you have in your heart. these are the gifts you can choose to give yourself today.

you are a loving gift of elevated spirit and compassionate soul. awake this morning with the knowledge that you are loved. i know that you have many struggles and that its getting hard to get along but you touch peoples lives in ways positive and we need you, so believe in yourself and believe that things will get better. you deserve the highest bliss and we who see your greatness and beauty are sending you love and healing energy. you are a blessing of sacred thought and generous heart. you are loved.

the wholeness of life will nourish you completely once you accept that you are the sustenance your soul needs. you are the water of life that will quench your sacred thirst. know and believe that you are a gift of the universe meant to bless the world with your love and a greater sense of happiness will come over you and accelerate your spiritual evolution. you are light. you are love. you are life. feast on the magnificence of who you are.

in those moments when i realize what a truly precious gift life is waves of spirit open positive energy pathways and carry me to my souls highest destiny where i am filled with love and light.

you have the ability to heal yourself. you have the gifts within to create a sacred life. you can at any moment awaken to a new paradigm if you so choose. you are amazing. you are beautiful. believe in yourself and give yourself permission to transcend and transform. you have the ability to love yourself.

to serve a higher purpose is to serve yourself in a higher way. serve yourself that which nourishes heart and soul. serve yourself kindness and compassion. serve yourself the things that make you happy. it is by truly loving yourself that you are able to show others the love they deserve. this day choose to serve yourself a generous portion of love.

when we connect with others heart to heart we connect to all that is and journey into sacred realms where we are embraced by a loving atmosphere that makes us fully awake, aware and alive.

learn to celebrate life and you journey into the profound. learn to open your heart and you become empowered. learn to embrace the earth and its spirits and you are rewarded with the light of happiness. life is a visionary journey and the more we learn the more fully alive we become and the more alive we are the more love we will be blessed with. the book of life is a beautiful one for those willing to learn.

( by MiCHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, May 09, 2014

A Place of Pure Joy

there is a place of pure joy within every soul and when we accept this truth and commit to exploring its beauty we open ourself to greater love.

the more confident you are the more empowered you are. the more compassionate you are the more able you are to heal your life. the more you believe in yourself the more likely you are to live and love with an open heart. it is when we make the choice not to want something more but to manifest something more that we change our world for the better.

embrace the fullness of life. to feel happy and fulfilled is to live a heart based truth which connects to divine love and opens a door into the soul. embrace the beauty of your true self.

unforgettable and uplifting are those who fill their lives with a passion for impacting others in ways positive and a purpose born of love that serves themselves and all humankind in ways that touch the soul of the divine.

be open to joy. awaken new possibilities. allow your spirit to soar. you are an incredible gift. you are a gentle and thoughtful blessing born to live a passionate and purposeful life of love and laughter.

with positive thought one can manifest blissful states of consciousness which explore the wisdom of the deepest self and inspire loving choices that change lives and transform worlds.

live more authentically. let yours be a sacred life experience that leads to harmony and happiness. discover your true self. let yours be a journey of joy that weaves threads of positive intention into a garment of love and respect. explore your beauty. let yours be a message of light and divine purpose. live, discover, explore, experience, embrace, enrich, enlighten, empower, inspire.....

when we open the heart to more love we enhance and enlighten our life in a in a manner that facilitates expanded awareness and inspires positive choices which in turn will guide us to a place of peace and serenity.

live a soul centered life of good intention with the knowledge that you are a beautiful being born of love who is evolving into light.

positive life change comes when we not only realize there is something greater but accept that we are that something. we are vibrations of pure love. we are a higher energy of healing light. ours is a mission to inspire. ours is a message of kindness. we are something greater and our greatness is beautiful.

we are in the midst of a spiritual evolution that will change our world in wondrous ways. this is a time of deep cleansing and higher states of awareness. open your heart and soul that the light may caress your true self and guide you to the coming transformation.

you are in charge of your destiny. you can shape your future into something extraordinary. you have the answers you are looking for within you. let this be the day that you move your life in the direction of joy. let this be the day that you transform your existence into one of love and light. you are in charge of your destiny. let this be the day. let this be your day.

if we as global citizens commit to creating flourishing communities of kindness and compassion we will change the world in ways positive and inspiring. love yourself and you change your life. love those in your household and you change their lives. love those on your street and you change your neighborhood. it all begins by loving who we are for it is when we love ourself that we are best able to love others. give yourself a hug and give the world your love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )