Friday, December 27, 2013

Shine A Light On The Magick Within

when you polish your imperfections you shine a light on the magick within. the truth of who we are is that we are beings of holistic bliss and infinite blessings. by accepting our true self we open ourselves to the inspiration around us and are better able to see the vision of spirit in the air. flow and grow in the joy and grace of positive evolution as doing so creates a passion for helping others and an incentive to help yourself. the opportunity to awaken is here and the moment you embrace the reality that you are an enlightened soul your spirit will be uplifted and your heart will sing. be perfect in your imperfection for flaws are but flowers waiting to blossom.

do you realize the importance of your journey. do you know how significant your actions are. are you aware of how meaningful your life is. are you aware of how special you truly are. know that the greatest truth in life is that you are a beautiful being of light and you are loved.

let us exchange positive energy. let us share the love within. we each have within us the light of the divine and by sharing the beauty of our soul we make profound changes in our lives and the lives of those we touch.

open the door to healing and you let something extraordinary in. open the door to wholeness and you let something magnificent in. open the door to love and you let something miraculous in. welcome. come on in. my door is always open.

create beautiful things and yours becomes a life expressed as pure joy. there is beauty in passion, there is beauty in purpose, there is beauty in your smile, there is beauty in your touch, there is beauty in your heart and there is beauty in your soul. create sacred things and yours becomes a life expressed as pure love.

expect miracles and allow love to flow through you. it is by opening ourselves to possibilities that we begin to see truth and beauty. it is by believing in that which is beyond our reach that we begin to see magick and miracles. it is when we are open to belief that we transform and ascend.

you control your own destiny. fuel the imagination and build your dreams. be a prism of light and source of spirit that helps people grow. live from your essence and allow the deepest love within the freedom to fly. embrace the feelings that move you and move forward into a greater tomorrow. you control your own fate.

in moments of change the flames of opportunity illuminate a path to a place of sensitivity and insight where we may see our beauty and manifest our dreams. hold me in transformation and as we become one we will also become many and the glowing presence of our destiny will put a smile on our soul.

with joy and goodwill connect more deeply with spirit and you will create a higher awareness and enthusiasm for life that will transform you in ways that reach across the universe into realms of light and love.

in prayerful introspection see the eternal truth and beauty deep within as you provide inspiration for others and achieve the life you so desire.

the voice of the soul lovingly communicates the greater possibilities and sacred opportunities that are waiting for us in higher dimensions and the life beyond. listen to your soul and you change your life in a positive way that will guide you through eternity.

it is when we have the courage to heal that our life becomes a sacred journey of inner transformation and mystical revelations where we accept and love our true self.

toward the horizon i can see a spiritual solution that will one day lead us to planetary healing and transformation. therefore i choose to love each and every day with all my heart for i know that miracles can happen and i believe that joy and happiness will one day be our reward.

the light of your countenance is such as to inspire me with its radiant glow of love. you are a glorious melody and my soul dances in the presence of your glory and greatness. you are my friend. you are my every breath. you are my wife and the mother of our child. you are a gift and a blessing. i love you.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 20, 2013

Claim Your Joy

claim your joy. evolve with every beat of your heart. claim your joy. fully experience life. claim your joy. embrace compassionate spirituality. claim your joy. heal through awareness. claim your joy. soar into clarity. claim your joy. be open to the world around you. claim your joy. fall in love with yourself. claim your joy. live the truth of who you are. claim your joy.

Freely express your Humanity in ways that Enrich the Lives of Others and you not only Awaken to All that You Are, you also Awaken others to the Beauty of who they Are.

when we serve most lovingly we embrace our sacred self and embark on a wonderful journey of spirit where we live in light and love in a way that blankets the world with heavenly joy.

i share with you direction and guidance. i embrace you with the bright light of understanding. i gift you with inspiration that turns dreams into reality and opens the door to self empowerment. i love you.

live in light and you will have harmony within. we who listen to the ancient heartbeat of sacred mother earth and respond with love are the ones who will change the world.

life is miraculous when we live with purpose and seek to open hearts. a positive direction and perspective makes one feel more alive and instills a feeling of peace and harmony. let us come together as a conscious spiritual community of magickal light beings and celebrate the beauty and richness of life, love and each other.

it is by awakening the love within that we bring more happiness into our life and inspire ourselves to walk a path of joy and wonder where every moment is miraculous and profound.

i have bled and i have risen for i am worthy of happiness. i have been broken and i have risen for i am deserving of love. it is the light within that guides me to rise. it is the sacred within me that moves me to persevere. i will always rise for i am a person of value with a destiny that is divine. i have been battered but i have risen for i am the ancient one.

positive thought and heart centered action have a transformative power that can change your life forever. to create a joyful life and a greater sense of harmony we must first believe it is possible and then take action in a way befitting the beautiful angel we are destined to be.

embrace the light and you feel more empowered. embrace the truth and you feel more aware. embrace the sacred and you feel more spiritual. embrace the love and you feel more alive. life is a warm loving embrace for those who walk their path with their arms wide open.

listen with your heart and celebrate the sacred for it is when we open ourselves more fully to the beauty within that life becomes a rewarding experience of limitless joy.

help people heal and yours will be a blessing infused life of love where the soul evolves in ways that leave you spiritually refreshed and embrace by the divine.

be true to yourself and you create wholeness. live an authentic life of gratitude and appreciation and you will experience more joy and happiness. higher living is the result of higher thought and higher action. love yourself and you manifest miracles.

yours is an inspirational story. you are a beautiful flower and the book of your life is one of blossoming and transformation. Each chapter is significant and meaningful. you are meant to touch lives in ways positive and profound. you are a fascinating individual of character whose very essence is glorious. yours is an inspirational story.

let us all come together in divine purpose. connecting and communicating in ways that tear down barriers and build bridges to a better way of life. with love and positive thought and action we can create an empowered future overflowing with spirit.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 13, 2013

There Is Always Love

there is always a higher and better way. there is always an opportunity to serve the greatest good. there is always a place for peace and tranquility. there is always sacred worth in the human spirit. there is always enough light to decorate your soul. there is always time for relevant change. i live my life with the knowledge that no matter the challenge if i look deep enough there is always love.

love and acceptance stimulate the spirit, expand consciousness and gently guide us through transformation and ascension.

i have something to give. no matter how battered my spirit i persevere because i know my worth. no matter how bruised my soul i forge ahead because i know value. no matter how beaten my body i continue to climb because i know my significance. once again i rise. once again i soar. once again i fly. mine is a life of meaning and contribution. i have something to give.

there is a greater wisdom in the soul of those who live without limitations for it is when we push the boundaries of existence that we find the greatest treasures and discover the greatest truths.

there is joy in every breath when we embrace our beautiful planet and allow the great winds of happiness to transport us to a place of joyous loving relationships where every moment is precious and all people dance freely in the light of a better tomorrow.

life becomes a beautiful tapestry woven of joy and happiness when we celebrate the things we love in a soulful way that honors all things sacred and inspires others to share their light.

the gift of transformation is something we give ourself. we give it when we cleanse our soul. we give it when we sail on oceans of inspiration. we give it when we create nurturing environments that enrich and enlighten. we give it when we walk a path of healing and empowerment. we give it when we seek to liberate and illuminate the lives of others. we give it when we truly love ourself. the time has come to gift yourself with the treasure that is transformation.

if you are in need of love and light know that i am here. if you are in need of love and light know that we are here. if you are in need of love and light know that you are here. love and light are always here and once you know and believe it your life transforms.

it is not those times when you cant see the light that are the most difficult. it is those times when you see the light but just dont care. it is those instances when life has beaten you to within an inch of your life and you feel you have no fight left in you. it is that moment when light stops being saviour and starts being apathetic and unsympathetic. i have walked this path many times in my life and have always risen. i am a survivor. i am the hero in my book of life. i refuse to allow those without heart, without soul, without conscience to keep me down. at the end of the day it is my belief in my innate goodness that keeps me alive and inspires me to help others. so when darkness and light become different sides of the same coin know that you can find me in the periphery of an alternate reality playing with my inner child. i am brave, i am strong and i am beautiful. this is who i am.

positive perceptions and beliefs enhance and enrich the lives of those who live their truth and embrace their wholeness. theirs is a blossoming path of empowerment, meditation and prayer leading to a rich inner life. cultivate the positive and you liberate you spirit and soul.

a meaningful loving life is achieved when we find freedom within and soar on the wings of intention to a place of timeless wisdom and pure giving where joy is our new reality.

when you awaken the knowledge within you reach a higher spiritual reality. when you manifest your souls purpose you enter a new awareness which will guide you to the life you deserve. life is beautiful when we are awake and aware.

you are a spirit child. a child of light born of love. you are soul being. a being of bliss born of pure heart and divine purpose. you are a miracle to be shared.

a positive outlook brings peace into the soul and elevates your sacred vibration. a belief in yourself opens you to all blessings and infuses the spirit with infinite power. compassionate choices allow the flower of life to blossom in ways that fill our heart with hugs and happiness. the joy and beauty of life is that we by our thoughts and actions can create goodness and greatness.

( by MiCHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 06, 2013

Consciously Create What You Desire

consciously create what you desire. create a life immersed in pure spirit. create a better future of deep gratitude where you surround yourself with beauty. create a journey of light that ignites passion and purpose. create a bliss inducing mission to help humanity. consciously create what you desire.

ancestral guides and angelic overseers lead me to a place of peace where lifelong dreams become infinite realities that i may in my turn lead others to live their dreams and love their life.

choose to believe that within you is a transforming energy that can make yours a happier and healthier life. choose to believe that by exploring higher realms you open the door to infinite possibilities. choose to believe that yours is a life of meaning and significance. choose to believe in your greatness and the miracle of your existence. choose to believe!

unfolding before us is a feeling of love. it is an all encompassing energy that blankets the soul. it is a gift from higher dimensions meant to uplift and inspire. we need only accept its beauty and embrace its truth for ours to become a life of sacred experiences where balance, harmony and bliss are the blessings that make each moment heaven on earth.

we reach new heights of joy when we walk a path of heart that opens our spirit to peace and our soul to miracles.

within each heart is a place of divine love and by opening your heart and sharing that love you have a positive impact on others that is transformational and truly wonderful.

a happy and meaningful life is the reward for those who accept their true self for by embracing the beauty of who we are we transmit healing energy and manifest infinite and profound spiritual guidance and inspiration. it is the belief that we create and control the joy in our lives that moves us forward to a place of positive change. your life has more meaning when you acknowledge the meaning of your life is love.

you deserve to be loved. connect more deeply with others. share your beauty and truth. activate more happiness. you deserve to be loved. awaken the joy within. nurture your sacred self. know that you are worthy. you deserve to be loved. believe in your greatness. embrace your magnificence. accept that you are a blessing and a gift. you deserve to be loved. i love you.

from within your heart is a reservoir of positive energy that illuminates your highest and greatest good. open your heart and release its content for you are an angel of enlightenment born to bring bliss to the world.

when we nourish the light within we create a spiritual environment overflowing with positive thoughts, ideas and actions in which we honour one another and experience each and every moment of our lives in a loving way.

yours is a unique spiritual path of greater soul insight and deeper awareness. look at the beauty within and let the purest light of its love guide you to experience life in ways that serve the betterment of all humankind.

walk a sacred path of spirit and feel the love and warmth of truth and beauty flow into your life for it is when we embrace our divinity that hearts and heavens open.

positive changes and a divine consciousness ignite the spark within which moves the spirit to a place of freedom, the soul to a place of peace and the heart to a place of love.

in quiet reflection i embark on a path to transforming with wholeness of mind and spirit as my goal. in spontaneous inspiration i am empowered and exhilarated by the experience of profound healing i receive from every smile and warm embrace. in esoteric philosophy i have come to believe that more joyful feelings are mine to create. in quiet reflection i embark on a path to love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 29, 2013

Service To The Self

service to the self heals the heart and soul that we may live a more peaceful life for it is when we truly love ourself that we climb mountains and manifest miracles.

inspirational thoughts and positive actions will guide you along a path of compassionate evolution where higher roads lead to bridges of light that reach into the heavens.

Plant your Roots in Fertile Landscapes of Love and Kindness and Water them with Caring and Compassion for this is how we Blossom into Beautiful Beings of Light.

There is an Aura of Enchantment in the Souls of we who Live in Love and Unity for we are the ones who Light the Inner Fire with Inspiration and Compassion.

transform your life by growing and changing in ways that illuminate the goodness of your spirit for lasting happiness comes to they who embrace the beauty of their sacred self and share that beauty with all of humankind.

the floodgates of opportunity open for those spiritually guided souls whose devotion to the divine inspires them to be a beacon of light serving humanity in ways positive.

we rise to greatness when we allow the light of the soul to guide us on an enchanting voyage of hope and inspiration where the heavens open and you can hear the angels sing.

make positive changes. make choices that benefit yourself and others. make decisions that foster joy and facilitate happiness. shape your life in ways positive and profound for life is yours to create. make loving changes, choices and decisions.

We are Kindred Spirits with every Flower and every Tree on Sacred Mother Earth. We are the Breath of Life and the Soul of Beauty. We are Nature. We are One.

depend on yourself more. nourish your heart and soul. believe in yourself more. nurture your mind and spirit. love yourself more. live in the moment and make that moment beautiful. how we treat ourself dictates how the world, the universe and beyond treats us. depend on, believe in and love yourself. you are amazing.

Positive Life Energy and a Passion for Living lead to the Highest Good. Live, Love and Embrace your Highest Good.

become fully aware of the glory of the light of creation and the spirit will emerge in ways that create personal growth opportunities and inspire you to see the miraculous and make a difference in the world.

Embark on a Spiritual Path of Peace and Fulfillment where every Moment is Experienced and Enjoyed with great Love and Gratitude for doing so will Evoke Spirituality and Raise the Soul to Joy.

infused with healing light and flowing with positive energy are those who see their own beauty and the beauty of others as gifts from the universe to be shared.

the possibilities are limitless when you listen to the soul. the opportunities are infinite when you listen to the healing words which angels whisper. with ease, joy, honesty and integrity embrace every possibility and opportunity before you for they are your reward for being sacred and divine.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 22, 2013

Believe In Who You Are

you are a unique spark of light. the pulse of all creation beats within your heart. you are an awakening soul on a voyage of balance and harmony. you are a blessing born to share your gifts and change the world. this is who you are. believe in who you are.

be passionate about helping others. help them awaken. help them evolve spiritually. help them gain new insights. help them explore the subtle realms of the soul. help them find their purpose. help them see the beautiful light within. help them transcend and transform. be passionate about helping others.

You are a Flower Unfolding. You are a Blessing of Light born to Shine Brightly. You are a Gift of Love meant to Warm Hearts and Embrace Souls. You are Beautiful and I Love You.

trust your intuition. trust the voice within. trust the inspiration and guidance of your sacred self. trust the path of evolving consciousness. trust the light within your soul. trust the love within your heart. trust begets belief and when you trust and believe in yourself you become whole and happy.

explore and embrace your truest and highest self as doing so will open doorways to happiness and wholeness. it is when we live who we really are that we find the greatest joy in life.

make empowering choices and you begin to see miracles. we have the choice with each breath to evolve into a greater reality. make inspiring choices and you enhance your life experience. the choice is yours.

the more meaningful a relationship you have with yourself the more miracles you will experience and the more bliss you will bring into the world.

inspired by angels step joyfully into the pure light of your soul that it may activate healing and inner transformation as you experience the beauty of your sacred reality and the divine presence within.

It was when I saw my first Faery that I found the Courage to ride my Unicorn over the Rainbow to where the Angels lived who would help me build my Castle in the Sky.

Share your Joys. Share your Beauty. Share your Insights. Share your Light. Share your Dreams and Visions. Share your Heart. Share your Multidimensional Self. Share your Love. It is when we Share that we receive the Greatest Blessings and Rewards.

there is a nourishing white light within each soul that is filled with beauty and inspiration for us to share as we forge a path to inner peace and outer joy. awaken your sacred self and embrace the light of your destiny.

With greater purpose and heartfelt passion approach this and every day as a blessing to be cherished for doing so honors your glorious self and inspires a future that is filled with empowering positive experiences and energy.

Purity of Thought and Integrity of Intention will create Miracles in your Life. Angelic Guidance and Spiritual Consciousness will make every experience Transformative. Be a Channel of Joy and Fulfillment by making and living Choices that Enhance and Enrich your Life and the Lives of Others.

be who you truly are and yours will be a path of healing and self awareness where you feel the spirit of love in every thought, breath and action.

let us breathe kindness. let us inhale the beauty of life. let us venture into realms of happiness and dimensions of joy. let us breathe love.

a higher sense of self cultivates compassion as it inspires a life dedicated to actions that benefit the good of all. embracing the higher self is time positively spent as it supports and fosters beliefs that illuminate a path of divine potential. align with your higher self, awaken your authentic self and live a life of health and wellness where every individual is a gift and a blessing.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 15, 2013

Choose To Be Changed

Choose to be Changed. Choose to Uplift the Human Spirit. Choose to Light the Way to a Whole New World. Choose to live Relevantly and Meaningfully. Life is about Choices. Choose Wisely. Choose Spiritually. Choose to be Changed.

Thankful and Grateful are they who Explore the Higher Self and Seek the Divine Source of Love for they are the Soul Adventurers who by example live a life of Positive Purpose and Intention and Reap the Rewards of their Sacred Journey.

once you accept that you are a beautiful soul of all embracing love you will feel the greatest joy and life with transform into something sacred and wonderful.

Reach into the Core of your Being to that place of Spiritual Sustenance and Complete Awareness for it is there you will find the Strength and Courage to Manifest your Dreams and Live your Passionate Visions.

know and believe that you are special, that you make life brighter, that you are worthy, that your presence makes the world a better place, that you are deserving, that you have a positive impact on others and that you are an inspiration. life is so much better when we know and believe.

goodness in our actions serves as divine inspiration and guidance for others as it lights up the world.

The World is a Wonderfully Magickal Space for those who Remember what it is like to be a Child and live that Truth with a Smile on their Heart.

Create with me a Loving Spiritual Community. With Meaning and Purpose let us forge Pathways of Profound Change. With the Highest of Aspirations let us Build a Foundation of Beauty and Light. Create with me a Loving Spiritual World.

inner peace and joy comes to those who live their authenticity by nurturing and supporting healing from the heart and soul. they are the seers and sages who have blossomed into the realization that we are the masters of our own destiny.

You are a Source of Light. You are a Mystical Being of Sacred Beauty. You are a Miracle to be Shared. You are a Gift and a Blessing. You are a Source of Love. Be Who You Are.

we experience significant growth when we express our thoughts and feelings in ways that inspire the spirit. love and miracles are thoughts and feelings waiting to be shared. smile with the intent of changing lives and blossom into the flower of life that is your true self.

take charge of your life and make your purpose deeper levels of happiness. make yours a path of spiritual living that leads to a lifetime of joy. love yourself and others in ways that are positive. you are the architect of your own existence and you can build something beautiful if you take charge of your life.

we attain true wellness when we accept that ours is a karmic and heavenly destiny of caring, compassion, healing and wholeness. be the loving soul that is your birthright.

souls are nourished when we greet each day with passion and joy. spirits are nurtured when we live each moment with sweetness and compassion. hearts are made whole when shape our thoughts and emotions with love. a luminous path to a life of bliss is the path you create with your very next step.

explore the possibilities of transforming realities by bringing more peace and joy into the lives of others while evolving your consciousness into something mystical and marvelous.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 08, 2013

Fully Alive In The Moment

Draw from the Strength of your Spirit for its is a Creative Wellspring of Divine Knowledge and Spiritual Riches. It is by Embracing the Gifts of Spirit that we become more fully Alive in the Moment and Feel more Connected to a Higher State of Consciousness.

profoundly spiritual are your natural gifts and when you use them they heal and enrich the lives of others. the more connected you feel with those divine treasures and inspired insights the more beauty and joy you will have in your life.

within each soul is a sacred symphony that guides us to a place of peace where we may dance our dreams.

an inviting smile is the foundation of an enlightened society for it is when we can share our love freely and see the beauty in others that earth becomes heaven.

Live your Faith in a way that Cultivates Self Awareness and Inspires Pure Goodness. Live your Faith in a way that Creates Beauty and Wonder as it Transforms your Life and the Lives of Others. Live your Faith in a way that Manifests Bliss and Lights the Lamp of Happiness. Live your Faith.

treat yourself with kindness and you become a beacon of inspiration. treat yourself with compassion and you connect with your sacredness. treat yourself with love and your spiritual aspirations become realities that are life altering and transcendent. how we treat ourselves determines our path. treat yourself with respect. treat yourself with honor, treat yourself with dignity. you are a blessing. you are a gift. you are a miracle. treat yourself with truth as your guide.

on a rainbow bridge of peace and happiness i dance in the light of my own sacredness for i have come to the realization that it is when we accept our divinity and embrace our greatness that we increase our capacity for compassion and are beneficially guided to inner and outer worlds of love and light.

i am collecting kindness. who will donate. i am collecting strength and inspiration. who will donate. i am collecting meaning and direction. who will donate. i am collecting caring and compassion. who will donate. i am collecting truth and beauty. who will donate. i am collecting common sense and wisdom. who will donate. i am collecting joy and happiness. who will donate. i am collecting love. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate. who will donate...

deep and meaningful are the lives of we who serve the spirt for we have a shared awareness and loving supportive energy that creates healing and wholeness.

the dreamcatcher for me is less about catching dreams and more about capturing their essence and immortalizing them in my soul that i may always see and experience their beauty.

Open all Doors and you Gift yourself with Infinite Possibilities and endless Opportunities. Fear not what is behind each door. Know that your Thoughts and Beliefs will Create the Realities you need to Manifest a Life of Love and Light. Open the Door to your Mind and Think Positive Thoughts. Open the Door to your Body and Believe you are Beautiful. Open the Door to your Heart and Know you are Loved. Open the Door to your Spirit and see the Miracle of your Existence. Open the Door to your Soul and say Welcome Home I Love You. Open All Doors.

nurture your true calling by sharing your beauty and essence in a way that moves others to unify mind, body and spirit for you are a profound gift and a sacred blessing.

be a bringer of changes. be a special joy that inspires people to traverse uplifting plateaus of light. be an active participant in your spiritual evolution. be a lover of live who sees the sacred in all people. be the beautiful soul that is your destiny. be!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, November 01, 2013

Beautiful Souls Who Grow From The Earth

my guides and angels are those beautiful souls who grow from the earth as flowers of inspiration creating a garden of benevolent prayer and healing energy that makes life a song of spiritual freedom and divine love.

uplift everyone with kindness and compassion. inspire everyone with beauty and truth. transform everyone with love and light. uplift, inspire and transform.

we find fulfillment when we set our inner compass to love. a pure intent and an open heart will guide you to know your greatness and create an environment of self discovery that enhances serenity and calm. by building a foundation of spirit yours will be a house of joy and happiness. it is your life to shape. it is your life to live. it is your life to love. it is your life.

i love you for i know your greatness. i love you for i know your light. i love you for i know your beauty. i love you for i know your truth. i love you.

the spirit is full of adventure and those brave enough to leap into the unknown with courage and belief are the ones whose authentic soul energy will enlighten all humanity.

it is when we embrace eternity as a living prayer and celestial celebration that our consciousness evolves to a place of sacred earth wisdom that uplifts and transforms.

a contemplative mind, spiritual aspirations and intuitive wisdom are profoundly glorious gifts we are born with that if embraced strengthen our beliefs and inspire miracles of healing.

there is something extraordinary about you. there is something refreshing and revitalizing that moves the soul towards freedom. there is something transformational that inspires clear inner knowing. there is something miraculous that embraces the light of truth and radiates a love most profound. there is something extraordinary about you.

when we keep the heart warm we contribute to a better world for the heart is the dwelling place of all the is great and good. open your heart to the warmth and love of an ever evolving spiritual consciousness.

mine is a richer life journey soul fueled by the passion and desire to make a difference and create greater peace and joy.

healthier thoughts create happier lives and happier lives create healthier love and healthier love creates a happier world and a happier world creates healthier thoughts.

let us awaken together with a smile on our soul and stimulate flowering of the spirit. let us with gentle guidance inspire others to immerse themselves in the joy of helping and healing. let us live our lives in a most rewarding way that we may voice our truth as we embrace the heart of humanity. let us be loved. let us be love. let us awaken together with a smile.

you are a kind giving spirit born to contribute something positive and beautiful to the world. that happens when you realize that you are positive and beautiful.

your authentic divine self is an ever evolving spirit full of light and love. your unique sacred self is an ever evolving soul that is powerful and transformative. your true ethereal self is an ever evolving being of light radiant with clarity and compassion. this is who you truly are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 25, 2013

Beyond This Life

there is a life beyond this life where healing energies flow and the divine spark of our sacred self is free to evolve thoughtfully and insightfully. let us transcend dimensions and gather there as a loving community of light.

love, teach and guide. share the beauty of your sacred wisdom. give freely of your heart and soul. expand and explore consciousness. love, teach and guide. share your inner self. give freely of your mind and spirit. inspire and empower others. love, teach and guide. share the beauty of who you are. give freely of your greatness. embrace the universe with a smile. love, teach and guide.

we are lovingly crafted beings of light who shine like the stars. we have a natural psychic ability which is sacred that if allowed the freedom to blossom will take us to the highest realms of existence where we may live a life which is extraordinary and inspired. we are not a reflection of the divine but the divine itself. we are gods and goddesses of grace and glory and the day we embrace our greatness is the day the heavens open and the universe smiles.

blooming around us every day are dimensions of the self which if explored will inspire us to journey along a path of positive direction to a place of knowledge and light that we may live a more loving life where we speak with angels and commune with spirits.

when we make choices that are beneficial not only to ourself but also to others we experience wholeness and connect to the divine. choose a path of miracles and wonders.

prayers and good thoughts serve humanity by creating a flow of positive energy that creates a loving environment that is healing and transformational.

energy flows smoothly when we embrace change. we awaken the sacred when we accept that we are divinely unique. we see the world of spirit in all planes of existence when we live in perfect harmony with our true self. life is about finding the treasures we already have and rejoicing in our greatness.

soar upward on your path to new heights of love and live your true purpose for you are a vibrant light and the world is yours to illuminate.

it is when i see my breath in the cold night air that the realization of life embraces me and i approach the world in a nourishing way with the knowledge that i am alive and i am blessed.

We are each in our own way a Channel of Light. We are Empowered Individuals whose Mission is to Explore the Frontiers of Spirit and Share what we Learn with all of Humanity. It is by Embracing our True Self that we begin a Life of Joyful Guidance and Loving Tenderness. We are Miracles.

you create a happier you by embracing spiritual optimism and uniting with your higher self, for the flow of positive life energy emerges when we explore, empower and encourage the abundant blessings within our reach.

a simple shift of perception will open a sacred gateway and create significant change in your life. peaceful and joyful are they who see from the soul, hear from the heart and live from a place of light and love.

we live our greatest joy when we find our own truth. gratitude and a positive attitude are good for the soul as they inspire and transform. find your true passion and purpose for it is when we embrace who we really are that we become one with the light.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 18, 2013

You are a Wonderful Gift

create a sacred environment that celebrates other realms and yours will be a rewarding path of greater self understanding. with clear intention build a solid foundation of love and yours will be a refreshingly positive journey of devotion that raises your hands in joy. share the beauty of that which makes you unique and yours will be a ceremony of spiritual illumination that blesses and energizes one and all. you are a wonderful gift and life is yours to shape in any way you choose.

mine is a prayer for planetary well being. a prayer in harmony with the heavens. a prayer of guidance and perspective. mine is a prayer for better people to create a better world that our children and their children may have a better life. mine is a prayer.

walk with me along avenues of exploration and together we will light a fire of hope and create positive change.

When we Build our Lives on a Foundation of Spirit we Inspire ourself and others to Light the Lamp of Love and pursue their Hopes and Dreams with a Passion and Purpose that Transcends and Transforms.

inspire yourself by sharing with others a gentle embrace and a kind word for it is when we show our love and compassion that our light shines brightest.

connect more deeply with the wisdom of sacred mother earth and yours will be a magickal journey of radiant vibrant energy and a reverence for all life.

a passionate joy for life liberates the soul and cultivates authenticity. celebrate life and the beauty of your humanity and divinity will flow seamlessly into the souls of every path you cross creating a temple of light which illuminates all that is good.

positive passionate people are the ones who take inspired action to change the world. they are the ones who illuminate and inspire others with the purity of their soul and the greatness of their heart. be positive. be passionate. be the miracle.

hear your angels and make your life a prayer of compassion that purifies the soul and inspires others to express their love and gratitude in a joyful way.

give love freely and life becomes a place of wholeness where wonderful opportunities create a flow of love which connects hearts and inspires souls.

It is when we Open ourselves to the Divine and Nourish our Spirit that we Realize we are Living in a Miracle.

i am grateful to be alive. i listen to the voice of my heart. i live more fully and facilitate spiritual transformation. i am grateful to be alive. i nourish my faith. i am grounded in wisdom. i am grateful to be alive. i explore new possibilities. i heal the soul with sacred knowledge. i am grateful to be alive. i embrace the world with enlightened empathy. i live to love and love my life. i am grateful to be alive.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 11, 2013

Your True Purpose

your true purpose is to follow your passions and dreams. to fill your life with empowering and blissful experiences. to share the greatness within you. to explore sacred realms. to embrace innate spiritual connections. to listen to the guidance of ancients and ancestors. to know a deep sense of joy. to laugh. to learn. to live. to love. this is your true purpose.

Bless the Good for they serve Humanity by Lighting the Way for Others that they may Blossom into their Greatness.

celebrate your uniqueness. rejoice in the magnificence of your soul. dance in the sunlight of your spirit and awaken to the miracle of your life. you are worthy and you are wonderful. celebrate.

Within your Higher Self is a Cosmic Gateway which when Opened will Transform your Life with Healing Vibrations and Empowering Alternatives that Light the Way to Love.

reward yourself by finding the hidden treasures within for this is a time of transformation and you are ready to soar.

in sacred groves where angels dance i walk in balance and serenity with the knowledge that life is a bountiful harvest for those who live with a joyful exuberance and a love that waves bright.

I Believe in the Opportunity to Grow. I Believe in a Love that Heals. I Believe in Shamanic Ideals. I Believe in the Enrichments of Life. I Believe in the Power of Positive Thoughts and Intentions. I Believe in You. I Believe in Me. I Believe.

Life becomes a Journey of Ancient Wisdom and Ancestral Healing the Moment we look within and see with Clarity the Compassion of the Heart and Beauty of the Soul.

giving, nurturing, sharing and nourishing are spiritual gifts and it is when we use those gifts to serve others that we create a life that is profound and meaningful.

Living in the Light creates a Greater Spirituality which leads to a more Caring and Generous way of Life where Compassion Flowers and there is always a Song in your Heart.

it is through purification and liberation that we expand our horizons. it is through esoteric exploration and loving awareness that we soar beyond our boundaries. life is ours to create. life is ours to live. life is ours to love. welcome to a new life.

the beautiful healing energy of positive thought brings awareness to the heart and radically changes your world that you may live a happier life.

align with the universe and a personal transformation of divine energy and consciousness will begin where life's gifts unfold as you become inspired and healed.

Love your Life more. Love the Joyous Embodiment of Light that is your Birthright. Love the Exquisite Path of Spiritual Evolution before You. Love every Intimate and Personal Experience that leads you to a Higher State of Consciousness. Love the Beauty of Who You Are. The more we Love our Life the Better our Life will Be. Love your Life more.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, October 04, 2013

Who Are You On This Day

Who are you on this Day - Are you a Precious Gift on a Path of Joy. Are you a Boundless Beauty of Radical Aliveness. Are you a Nurturing Dream of a Brighter Future. Are you a Shamanic Soul of Deepening Perception who Serves the Highest Good. Are you your True Self - Who are you on this Day

all paths are healing paths where if you feel compassion for yourself you experience sacredness in a beautiful way.

walk the extra mile towards a brighter and more beautiful tomorrow. take the extra step into the light of a new dawn. reach through your limitations into other realms and dimensions. opportunity and possibility are the treasures we discover when we are brave enough to venture beyond our boundaries.

the divine shines when we are alive with wisdom and knowledge for we are moving in the right direction and soon will be surrounded by love and immersed in good.

Talk with Angels and a Joyful Feeling will embrace you in a way that Inspires you to Elevate Peoples Awareness and Raise Peoples Consciousness.

the uplifting truth is that you are a wonderful soul and the moment you open yourself fully to receiving, your life becomes a sacred experience of spiritual revelations where angels sing and sunbeams dance.

a divine blessedness dwells in the realms of spirit and by journeying there we enter a peaceful and dreamlike state that will inspire us to enjoy the beauty of who we are and to embrace with joy and delight the splendors of heart and soul.

Relax into your Body and allow the Expanding Spirit the Opportunity to Massage your Soul that you may be immersed in Bliss and enveloped by Love.

clear and good intentions give birth to the experience of joy and transform life in ways simple yet profound.

divine is the love that dances across the cosmos and extends its soul to the heavens for it is a love of promise and hope that affirms the sacred.

uplifted and transformed are those with a special purpose to learn from within and be nourished by the fruits of their sacred harvest for theirs is a beautiful life force that ascends to the sunlight.

We are all Teachers and Healers who Inhabit a Holy Space that is Unlimited and Eternal. By embracing the Sacredness of all things we Contribute to the Universe in a way that Creates a Kind of Love that Transcends. Teach Me and I will Teach You. Heal Me and I will Heal You. Love Me and I will Love You.

this is what i wish for: an abundant life, passion and purpose, peace and freedom, kindred souls guided by spirit, honesty and sincerity, kind words and gentle hearts, global compassion and universal light, happiness and a joyful expression of love that benefits all beings.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 27, 2013

Move Into Bliss

make your life vision a reality. move into bliss and embrace your true power. create a caring community where the richness of love is shared freely and joyously. if we envision it we can create it. let us come together and make this world the oasis of beauty and happiness it is meant to be.

evolutionary and revolutionary change comes from touching the heart of humanity with generosity of spirit and the light of love. beautiful are they who realize that a life of greater meaning is a life of greater love.

We enjoy Greater Harmony when we Acknowledge and Serve the Feelings and Needs of Others. The more Passionate and Caring we are the more Love and Light we bring into our Lives.

be kind to yourself and you become more fully alive for love of self creates a spiritual portal that leads to bliss.

there is a place of deep connection within where the whispers of ancestral spirits create a rhythm for life that when truly listened to awakens the heart and embraces mind, body and soul with powerful healing energy. listen!

We have within us the ability to Dive Deeply into Love and Create a Vibrant Community of Kindness and Compassion where we Cultivate what brings Joy and Live our Highest Purpose.

the purifying flow of love and the unity of all existence are eternal and infinite. to cultivate lasting transformation we must live our eternity and love our infinity with happiness as our companion and joy as our intent.

if we approach the journey of self discovery playfully and poetically we acquire a greater awareness and inner sense of knowing which will lead us to illuminating power and emotional well being.

It is when we become more Compassionate toward Ourself that the Breath of Love guides us to Moments of Awakening that foster Spiritual Growth.

cleanse the heart and your life becomes more empowered and purposeful. open the heart and you create miracles that lovingly embrace mind, body and soul.

experiment and explore the transformative healing powers of love. we are empathically connected and by embracing the innate wisdom of the heart we experience divine blessings in life transforming ways. we are the embodiment of love and when we live our true self life becomes and eternal love affair of ecstasy and bliss.

open the doorway to spirit and step into love. wonders await those brave enough to live an authentic life. open the doorway to the soul and experience the extraordinary.

joy and happiness are closer than you think. celebrate your greatness and open mind, body and soul to the sacred beauty of your true self. it is when we believe in ourself that transformation begins and life becomes a prayer of gratitude.

i offer you comfort and inspiration. i offer you hope and wonder. i offer you spiritual breakthroughs that are good for your heart. i offer you my love.

marvelous and mystical are those evolved souls who in service of the spirit transcend awareness and embrace the healing power of belief for they are the gardeners of heaven that plant seeds of happiness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Truest Intentions

To Experience a New Life one must have the Truest of Intentions. To Experience a New Self one must act in ways that are Life Affirming and Positive. Share your Unique Gifts and you will Experience a time of Healing and Awakening. Engage in Higher Self Communication and you will Experience the Beauty of your True Soul. Life is to be an Experience of Heavenly Blessings. To Experience a New Tomorrow one must Manifest a Better Today.

fully express your life as a prayer of gratitude and walk towards your own light for their is wholeness within you and by giving thanks you will shine your brightest.

Life is a Matter of Choice and if we Choose to open the Gateway to the Inner Self and let in the Light of Truth we will Cultivate a Brighter Existence and Manifest a Greater Glory where Love is Everything and Everything is Love.

Let us Celebrate the Wonder of Life as we Live from Truth and Sacred Action. Let us Embrace our Divinity in a way that honours Mother Earth. Let us with True and Authentic Energy Manifest a Collective Transformation. Let us Gather in Grace and Glory as Global Citizens with Joy as our Objective. Let us Be the Message that will Change the World.

it is when our inner and outer realities are one in passion and purity that our blessed life becomes its most magickal and beautiful.

say yes to change. say yes to joy. say yes to peace. say yes to opportunity. say yes to happiness. say yes to enlightenment. say yes to love. say yes to life. say yes.

beautiful moments calm the heart. look in the mirror for it is when we see our true self that we see the beauty of the moment.

Flowing Freely within the Soul is a Stream of Positive Energy and that Energy is released whenever we Laugh. With every Guffaw we purge the negative and open ourselves to Joy. With every Chuckle we Heal old wounds. With every Chortle we Lift ourselves towards our Dreams. Children Laugh themselves Silly. Children Laugh themselves Sacred. Open your Mind, Heart and Soul to the Reality that Transformation is but a Laugh away.

Listen to your Spirit and yours will be a Bright Future. Listen to your Heart and yours will be a Life pulsating with Love. Listen to your Soul and yours will be a Journey of Miracles. Listen to the Voice of the Ancients and you will be at Peace with Heavens. Life improves when we Listen.

I awaken to the Cosmic Breath of Life and I am Blessed. I see the Sweet and Inspiring Smile of a Child and I am Blessed. I feel the Ecstasy of a Pure and Blossoming Love and I am Blessed. Life Transforms the Moment we Realize that We are Blessed. I am Blessed.

love yourself in ways that make you come alive. love yourself in ways that raise your spirit. love yourself in ways that inspire your soul. love yourself in every way possible.

We light the Path of others with pure Spirit when we Think and Act with Love in our Heart and Kindness in our Soul.

Live your Treasures. Live your Gifts. Live those things within that make you Unique. Live your Truth. Live your Greatness. Live every Moment as an Expression of your Love. Live your Dreams. Live your Joy. Live.

soulful people radiate the purest love. spiritual people glow with positive energy. sacred people vibrate with a passion guided by love. it is my glorious calling and divine purpose to be soulful, spiritual and sacred.

bathed in thoughts of spirit and inspiration i rejoice for i am sacred and alive.

live your higher self. love your true self. embrace your sacred self and believe in your evolving self. to be fully alive is to experience the miracle of who you are.

smile with positive intent as you blossom fully into joy as life becomes more beautiful with every act of kindness and more loving with every pure thought and purpose.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 13, 2013

Drink in the Beauty of the Sun

Drink in the Beauty of the Sun and its Healing Energy will fill your Soul with Insight and Inspiration.

Invite Miracles into your Life. Life is filled with Limitless Possibilities and Infinite Opportunities. Invite Joy into your Life. Ours is a World where Blessings abound. Invite Love into your Life. Transformation begins with Kindness. Greet this Day with a Smile and Know that Happiness is but an Invitation away.

an extraordinary life comes to us when we embrace the beauty of spirit. seek your higher self and you will discover an abundant source of inspiration. with a grateful heart immerse yourself in universal oneness as doing so will bathe your soul in the energies of love and compassion. you are beautiful. share your true beauty and celebrate your greatness.

look to the teachings of the past. look to the wisdom of the ancients. look to the knowledge of the elders. look to the purity of youth. look to the innocence of a child. look to the light in the eyes of an infant. look at your friends. look at your family. look into the soul of a stranger. look in a mirror. if you look hard enough you will be amazed at what you see. look!

Every day is filled with Miracles for those who see with Eyes of Compassion. Those who Live their Innate Kindness are Beings of Spiritual Insight whose Mystical and Metaphysical Essence is such as to Inspire growth of the Soul. Share the Beauty of who you are and every day will be a Profound Experience of Light and Love.

within each of us is a place where love resides. a spiritual plane of light that inspires a positive way of living. we are generously blessed by the energy of the universe. look within and free your true beauty.

honestly and fearlessly burst into a new reality where dreams and visions are the foundation of the house of love you are building and every moment is a beautiful experience.

If we Open our Mind to Positive Healing Thoughts the Soul will lift us to a Place of Boundless Love where Imagination and Creativity are the Fruits of Joy that Nourish our Sacredness.

as a psychic mine is a spiritual journey of radiance and resonance. it is a path of inspired wellness and deeply loving experiences. when i look at others i see the child within dancing in sacred oneness with ancients, ancestors, spirits and guides. i see that the soul has many faces and every one is smiling. as a psychic i am touched and enlightened by the beauty i see in every person i am blessed to meet on the road that leads home to me.

make a life of joy by living your true greatness. allow more love into your life and yours will be an angelic oasis where miracles abound. a new reality is waiting all you have to do is create it.

i have psychic flashes that mark my every moment. i meet a person and my soul takes a photograph and i can see their energy. i touch another being and their past lives course through my veins. i hold another person and luminous dreams of sacred events embrace my heart. i look into the eyes of another and i can see their life from birth to death. i have psychic flashes. smile that i may see your future.

Adventure into the Beyond. There is a World of Magick and Miracles in other Realms and Dimensions waiting for those Brave enough to Live outside the Boundaries. We as Beings of a Celestial Nature will Expand and Evolve by Embracing the Unknown. Life is simple really You can either Walk with the Wounded or Dance with the Faeries. May I have this Dance.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, September 06, 2013

Feel The Sacred Light Flowing Within You

feel the sacred light flowing within you. feel the higher vibration of your own truth. feel the uniquely distinctive essence of your spirit. feel the nurturing beauty of your soul. feel the love you have glowing with divine glory in your heart. feel the exultant joy and enlightening bliss that is your birthright. feel. feel. feel. feel. feel. feel....

to accomplish your sacred purpose and evolve to a higher level of spirit you must shine the light of love on all as you immerse yourself in pure positive energy and live an inspiring life where you experience the miraculous.

You are the Flower of Life and your Beauty is a Heavenly Gift which Nurtures and Empowers. Bless the Breath of Life that Graces this Existence with the Divine Essence of the Sacred Feminine.

Choose to Believe you are Blessed. Choose to Believe that within your Heart is Great Joy. Choose to Believe in Higher Spiritual States. Choose to Believe that Life is a Loving Prayer of Peace and Freedom. Choose to Believe in your Greatness. Choose to Believe in your Goodness. Choose to Believe. Choose...

spiritually pure are those whose song of love is a healing garden where you experience the sacred and bathe in heavenly light while faeries and spirits dance.

Bless You. Bless your Life. Bless your Radiant Goodness. Bless the Purity of your Heart. Bless the Beauty of your Soul. Bless the Kindness of your Purpose. Bless your Compassionate Spirit. Bless You. Bless your Life.

Honor Ancient Culture. Give Thanks and Praise to your Ancestors. Embrace your Elders. Life is an Experience to be Shared for every Moment provides us with Wisdom and Knowledge.

Listen to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and you Experience the Divine. Sacredness is Alive in the Womb of our Mother and it Emerges in the form of Trees and Flowers. Listen with your Soul to your Mother as she is speaking to you in Whispers guiding you to Rise with the Morning Sun and Embrace the Sweetness of Life. Listen.

Its important to take your Dogma out to Play. Throw it a Bone of Pure Consciousness and Love. Nourish it with the Energy of Hope and let it Drink from the Well of Joy.

guided by inspiration the earthly soul shares the joy and beauty of its spirit as it radiates heavens healing energy for it knows that by harnessing the forces of light you illuminate a path to love.

I built a Temple of Light within my Heart to Help people Learn from Ancient Teachings that they may Step into their Greatness. The doors are always Open and All are Welcome in.

( MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Sacred Responsibility

we have a sacred responsibility to serve humanity in a way that promotes peace and inspires hope. we have a destiny to create something meaningful and significant that touches lives in a positive way. let us as spiritual seekers make it our mission to experience love in every moment.

Awake with the Knowledge that You are a Gift to the World. You are in this present Moment capable of accomplishing Great things. Arise with the Realization that You are a Treasure to Behold. You are at this Time in your Life capable of manifesting Miracles. Awake and Arise. The World is yours to Create.

We are but Flowers in the Garden of Life and those who Touch the Face of God are the ones who not only Stop and Smell the Roses but also plant Seeds of Love.

children of the earth set your soul aflame with the greater glow of happiness and make every moment a wondrous experience for you are blessed and beautiful.

Dream your Joy into Being. Dream of a Nurturing Kindness. Dream the Best Possible Outcome in any Situation. Dream you have a Positive Impact on the World around you. Dream you are Connected to the Divine. Dream you are Free from Limitations. Dream you are Serving all Humanity. Dream you are Loved. Awaken and do everything You can to make your Dreams come True.

let us build a house of love where the hearts true nature can dwell peacefully in an atmosphere of joy, laughter and aliveness. let us build a home where the souls sacred beauty may live happily in an atmosphere of illumination, inspiration and transformation. let us build a world...

We are Sacred Creations. We are People on the Grow. We are Beings of Light. We are Conduits of Positive Energy. We are Ancient and Wise. We are Miracles. We are Manifestations of the Divine. We are Beautiful. This is Who We Are.

the god and goddess that live within us are there to purify the soul and benefit the universe. salvation, peace and joy comes to those whose spirit and devotion are a source of inspiration for others. affectionate cultivation of the sacred self and a higher path of service elevates the lives of they who are courageous enough to open themselves so profoundly that their god and goddess may roam free.

personal freedom and spiritual emancipation are the result of positive choices and profound change.

Live your Life as a Living Prayer where every question is answered with Love and you will Grow and Evolve as a Being of Spirit while you attain Divine Awareness.

Divine is the Realization that there are Different kinds of Miracles. To Walk on Water or Raise the Dead may be a Miracle for some while a simple Smile and a kind Hello may be a Miracle for others.

walk with me along the highway of common good where people engage in loving activities as they immerse themselves in a higher dimensional reality.

it is in the infinite horizons of interplanetary communication that some of us find our sacred purpose for within possibility there are treasures to behold that lead to a blissful state of beingness and happiness.

Immerse yourself in Higher Spiritual Understanding and Live your Greatness. For the Good of Humanity let the Luminous Rays of your Inner Beauty point the way to Greater Knowledge of you for the Better you Know yourself the more Nourishing will be the Bread of Life. Let yours be a Quest to Help Humanity. Bring a Spiritual Message with you on your Journey and let that Message be that Sunshine and Shadows are Kindred Souls that lead to Balance and Beauty. Immerse yourself in the Creative Evolution of your Soul.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Beauty Of Your True Self

the more you love yourself the more others will love you for they will see within your love the beauty of your true self.

Light a Fire of Compassion and Joy deep within You and yours will be a Meaningful Existence where Visions become Clear and You become more Alive.

Within the Heart is a Flower of Love which Blossoms whenever we Touch another Soul in a Positive way.

Glory Be to those of Happy Mind and Loving Heart. Glory Be to those of Sacred Beauty and Pure Intent. Glory Be to those who see the Light in Others. Glory Be to those who Live what they Believe. Glory Be to those who Create Good Karma. Glory Be to those who Live in the Now. Glory Be!

There Exists within you a Bountiful Harvest of Thoughts and Feelings which when Shared will enable others to Feel the Love and Kindness of your True Self. Look within and Release the Uplifting Vibrations of your Sacred Essence.

see the beauty of people. see people through the eyes of the soul for it is then that love and acceptance will embrace the spirit. See them with a singing heart of pure awareness and you will experience the glory of your own greatness. see them as divine light and they will see you in the same way they see the morning sun. see the beauty of people.

the sunshine of my essence is a light of purity and hope which when shared creates something beautiful and magickal. the dawn of my transformation is here and i share its truth with all humanity. open your heart and let the sun shine in.

A Positive Thought powered by Love becomes a Creative Reality that Blesses Life with the Energy of Inspiration and the Joy of Transformation.

Kiss me like the Sun Kisses the Flowers that I may Blossom into the Heavenly Being I was born to Be.

sweet is the song of love that fills the heart with wonder and makes each moment a joyful experience that illuminates the world with blessed beauty.

there are those who follow their dreams and there are those who create their dreams. there are those who think great thoughts and there are those who do great things. there are those who pray for a better tomorrow and there are those who do their best to make tomorrow better. which are you.

a life finely crafted from love immerses the soul in kindness and empowers people to live a spiritual life which lights the way for others.

By making your Thoughts and Actions a Positive Affirmation you Create a Joyous Energy which Evolves your Soul as it Transforms the Soul of Others.

Bless the Eyes of Compassion for they will see you through some difficult Times. It is because of the Kindness of Beautiful Souls that we will Awaken with a Joyous Expression of Spiritual Contentment and a Desire to Serve the Greater Good.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Gift Of Choice

Every moment of our Life we are Blessed with the Gift of Choice. Choose Wisely and Life becomes a series of Delightful Experiences that Enrich and Empower.

Rooted in the Reflecting Light of the Heart is a Radiance which Ignites the Soul and Creates Greater Spiritual Awareness. Look to your Heart for it is there You will find Prayerful Treasures and True Life Purpose.

My Spirit is Inspired and my Soul is Elevated with every Smile I see for within that Moment is the Glow of Grace and the Glory of Heaven.

Generate Ideas that Empower. Use the Kindness of your Words to Inspire. Live your Life in a way that Motivates. You have within you not the Power to move Mountains but the Power to Change Lives and by Changing Lives you make the Earth Smile.

to open the gateway to positive living and experience meaningful transformation we must simply believe that it exists and that we are worthy.

You have an Essence of Pure Enlightenment. You have a Inner Landscape that is Uniquely Beautiful. You are a Unique Manifestation of Love and Light. At your Core is the place where Earth and Heaven meet. Live your Destiny by Seeing your True Self and setting it Free.

awake this morn and breathe in inspiration. let every breath be filled with positive life choices. embrace each moment with unbound gaiety and mystic intent. awake this morn and light your soul with love.

Listen to your Angels. The Energy of Angels not only Inspires the Soul it also Transforms limiting Beliefs. Angels motivate us with Empowering Realizations which Guide us to Create a Blueprint for a Positive Future. Angels are Heavenly Helpers that provide us with the Opportunity to Look within that we may see the Sacred Gifts of Inner Peace and Joy. Listen to your Angels.

we experience the higher self when we embrace the joy of loving service for every act of kindness opens a doorway to our divine beauty and sacred essence.

timeless and ancient are the past life incarnations which feed my mind, body and soul with wisdom, knowledge, truth, beauty and light.

Create the Energy you Seek by Exploring Enlightening Alternatives and by Empowering yourself with Compassion and Understanding. Caring and Kindness are the Greatest Reservoirs of Positive Energy Life has to offer.

set your intentions to happiness for to know joy is to know your true self and your true self was born of love and destined to be happy.

tonight i say a prayer for the earth. a prayer of love for a mother we have neglected. a prayer of light for a nurturing friend much to often ignored. a prayer of hope for a kindred soul who deserves better. tonight i say a prayer for the earth.

be kind to yourself. enrich your life journey by giving yourself the love you deserve. know that you are special and by showing yourself that you are worthy of all the joy life has to offer you release healing energies that transform. be truly compassionate to yourself. walk dimensions of spirit in balance and harmony as you manifest your dreams. look within at the wellspring of karmic information and use its inspirational messages to create an uplifting atmosphere of blissful awareness. be loving to yourself.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Bless And Transform

Nurture, Nourish, Inspire, Create, Awaken, Enrich, Engage, Enlighten, Invoke, Transcend, Empower, Unite, Initiate, Bless and Transform. This is your Task for the Day.

Share with me a Dream of Bright Happy Days. A Dream where people join Together to Celebrate the Sacredness of Mother Earth. A Dream of Light that Liberates the Divine within. Share with me a Dream of Beauty where the Wind Dances as the Spirit Sings. A Dream of Kind Thoughts and Loving Actions. A Dream of Wonder and Magick where all Emerge into an Enchanting new Existence. Share with me a Dream.

there is a stream of love which flows through the entire universe that elevates every experience for those brave enough to be their true self in spite of opposition.

Sweet are they with Heaven in their Heart who Breathe Joy into every Moment for they are Messengers of Love and through their Kindness we Bloom like Flowers in Paradise bathing in the Sunlight of Love.

I wish love and kindness unto all beings. We are born of the same light and therefore are brothers and sisters. We are the spirit of the sky and the heart of the earth. I call upon your soul to create a life of beauty that brings joy to all.

To sit Under the Moon and be Caressed by the Divine Wonder of its Loving Light is to be truly Alive.

mine is a tribal heartbeat. within my soul is a shamanic and mystical symphony of purity and passion. the beauty of the now is a spiritual aphrodisiac that has a profound healing effect on my battered heart. the flow of grace from those that mean the most to me frees my mind as it explores the depths of my being. divine is the rhythm of my existence. if life is a song then my life is a hymn of birth death and rebirth. with every breath i am born anew. with every smile life begins again. i am eternal. i am infinite. i am the ancient one.

Beyond the Infinite is a Place of Ecstatic Inspiration and Liberating Ways where people Nourish Positive Relationships and Celebrate the Oneness of All Life.

Your Hearts Prayer is one that Embraces the Sacredness of Love and if you wish to Honour that Prayer simply contribute to the Well Being of Others for every Act of Kindness is a Prayer that has been Answered.

by deepening your compassion and allowing the flow of positive energy to envelope your thoughts and feelings you enrich the lives of others as you grow into your sacred self.

Let today be a Glorious Nw Beginning. Let it be a time of Uplifting Energy and Continuous Prayer. Let today be a Mystical Experience where the Cleansing Waters of Love Transform each and every Soul on Earth.

Life is a Symphony of Love and We are meant to Celebrate its Beauty. Let us Live in Light and Dance in Joy.

we have within us a natural goodness. we have within us countless gifts of spirit. we have within us a life changing power to heal and transform. we have a heart of purity and a soul of dignity. be fully engaged in every moment of your life and liberate the miracles within as you embrace the vastness of your being. you have within you a natural greatness.

Live each day with Love as your Guide and your Journey becomes a Heartfelt Gift where every Moment is a Stepping Stone to a Higher Dimension.

Shape your Reality with the Sacred and you will have a Life Divine where every Moment is one of Deep Love and Transformational Light.

Let Basic Goodness be your Highest Purpose and yours will be a Path to Wholeness where Flowers of Love and Light Blossom within your Soul.

It is when we Help others find Happiness that we Create a Circle of Compassion which Generates Love and Manifests Miraculous Change.

Nourish your Passions with Profound Spoken Truths as you Embrace the Energy of Love and yours will be a Life of great Joy and Spiritual Well Being.

a contemplative path leads to a gateway of change where you will find peace and serenity. a place where the fabric of your dreams weaves a reality of joyful awareness. contemplate your path and your path will create for you a hope giving journey of beauty and bliss.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, August 02, 2013

Speak To Me Softly

Love is the Language of Life. Speak to me Softly for the Whispers caress my Heart and the Words inspire my Soul.

you are stronger than this. breathe in light. you are better than this. breathe in inspiration. you are smarter than this. breathe in wisdom. you are more compassionate than this. breathe in love. breathe in life. breathe in joy. breathe in happiness. breathe...

life is filled with struggle and we either allow our hardship to define us or we use our pain to inspire us. there will always be battles to be fought and burdens we must carry. let us not wallow in self pity but arise as warriors of spirit with a mission of light and a message of love.

Yours is a Soul that is Heaped with Blessings. Connect with Yourself and you will find the Passion, Spirit and Inspiration needed to Experience Meaningful Transformation.

Holy is the Life which is Inspired by Oneness for it is when we Realize that We are One that we see our Sacredness and Manifest a Life of Love.

Rich in Positive Energy are they who are Confident in their Direction. Believe in Who You Are and What You Do for Belief is that which enables one to Build a Life of Meaning and Significance which Benefits all Humanity.

Embraced with Passion the Soul is swept away to a place of Awakening Love where God and Goddess are One in Spirt.

We are Holy. We are Extraordinary. We are Beings of Love. We are Beautiful. We are Vibrantly Alive. We are Evolutionary Spirits. We are a Blessing. We are Miraculous. We are Absolutely Wonderful. This is Who We Are. Be Who You Are.

live with passion and be grateful to be alive. have a higher purpose and be compassionate with yourself. embrace your loving spirit and dance in the glorious light of your hearts inspiration. cherish who you are and make a conscious choice to benefit humankind with your true self. we are masters, mystics and messengers on a journey of brilliance and beauty. live the miracle of your magnificence.

In the Ocean of Imagination is a Song of the Soul which serves as the Soundtrack to Life and the Moments that make our Journey Special are the Lyrics that Serenade our Spirit.

While walking in the Direction of your Dreams be sure you see your Higher Spiritual Self when it passes by for it is when we see our true self with Clarity that our Dreams come True.

i am happy with myself. i am happy with the purity of my intention. i am happy with my unique insight. i am happy with the angels in my soul. i am happy with my inner treasures. i am happy with my gentle and graceful spirit. i am happy with the love within my heart. i am happy with you. i am happy. i am. i

Evolved is the Spirit that sees the Miracle of Life with Glorious Intoxication and recognizes it as an Extraordinary Blessing.

There is much to Life we never See. The Visionaries are those who See beyond their Reach into Realms and Dimensions where the Mystical and Magickal happen.

we are born to shine. we have an innate radiance. we have a glow which emanates from the soul and reaches to the heavens. we are illuminated by love. we are born to shine.

Today I shall spend the day with myself. I will show myself Kindness. I will Respect and Honour myself. I will help myself Experience the Positive. I will be Happy with myself and I will Love myself.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Gift your Loving Radiant Heart with Butterfly Wings that it may Soar to Places of Light and Heal the Souls of those in Need for You are at your Core a Sacred Healer and Divine Goddess.

A Playful Wind caresses my Soul and Whispers in my Ear that I am Unique and Gifted.

Open the Door to the Sacred and Communicate with Angels for it is when we Talk to the Heavens that Mother Earth Transforms.

Life is a Divine Experience for those who are Infinitely Aware of their own Magnificence.

Gift the Earth with those Special Qualities that are Uniquely Yours and you Heal Hearts and Souls for it is when we realize that we are not alone that we Transcend our Struggles and Ascend to a Place of Peace and Purpose.

Delightful and Wonderful are those Guided by Spirit who Choose to Share the Beauty of their Journey in ways that Enrich, Enlighten and Inspire.

We Experience Joy when we Embrace the Blessings in our Life for Gratitude is a Deeply Nurturing Expression of Comfort and Peace which makes each moment Divine.

In the Heart of Beauty deep inside the Soul there are Healing Waters of Light which open Portals of Growth for those who Believe that they are Worthy.

You are a Self Created Being of Light, Let your Radiance guide you to a place where Love is a way of Life that you may Journey into Wholeness where you Live your Passion and Create Beauty with every Thought.

Plant Seeds of Change, Plant Seeds of Kindness, Plant Seeds of Love and you Serve Divinity while Re-Engaging the Soul and Connecting with your Perfect Blueprint.

Draw Wisdom from all and Embrace the Essence of your True Self as you Open your Heart to Greater Love and Facilitate an Environment of Insight and Inspiration.

To be at peace with life we must find our souls purpose for by doing so we cultivate wholeness and create a world of pure spirit.

If we walk in balance and peace the divine creative energy of our soul will inspire others to journey into realms of sacred exploration.

If we identify with the soul we awaken the authentic self , inspire the spirit and fuel the fire of transformation.

A peaceful mind is a springboard to positive transformation , for by cleansing the mind we inspire the spirit and motivate the soul.

Make Life a Gospel of Inner Peace and Soulful Joy where you Find your own Beauty and Liberate your True Self.

Every day i rise with the sun, swim in an ocean of light and walk a path of beauty that elevates the soul to great things.

May Freedom Encourage You and Hope Embrace You! May Truth Inspire you and Kindness Enlighten you! May Life Engage you and Joy surround you. May you Live your higher self and blossom for you have within you the ability to manifest and create miracles.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 19, 2013

We Are All Souls Of Light And Beauty

Be your own Guide, Manifest what you Wish and Share your Unique Gifts as you Speak your Truth and Journey to the Heart of the Divine. Embrace your gifts and leave a sacred imprint that awakens inner peace and connects with the human spirit. Let the light flow through you and the healing energy of the cosmos will transform your soul.

We are all souls of light and beauty who fire the eternal flame of love. Illuminate a path to a spiritual place where joy abides and you will positively impact the world.

Bring vitality to your life by embracing your passions and honouring the teacher within. Be a greater living presence in the universe by engaging the heart and making your environment an angelic kingdom of peace, freedom and joy. Create your reality as you Make your life a river of love flowing freely into an ocean of beauty and bliss.

Discover your souls purpose and yours will be a life of blessings and abundance. Go beyond perceptions on a transcendental journey to the purely divine where the universal language is love and bliss is your birthright.

Transform your world, Speak your passion, Create your vision and embrace the the wisdom of the gods and the sweetness of life will be yours. Keep a special place in your heart for your unique spirit and breathe in peace as you journey to he womb of love.

We are guardians of the earth connected by soul and spirit. Love the earth and you love yourself and all living things. Explore alternative lifestyles and ideas for every soul can teach us and every spirit can touch us in a way both positive and enlightening. When we live with a peaceful heart we create a joyful life of unique blossoming and illuminating insights.

Find the music within and let the symphony of your soul play a song of love, kindness and compassion where you Honour your innate gifts and live life joyfully.

Live your true nature, Celebrate Diversity, Orchestrate a Universal Dance of Love and let the Winds of God take you to a Garden in the Sun.

You are a divine gift. The sun and moon are within you. Explore human nature and the joy of spirit. Find and live your purpose as you inspire to create change. Elevate your imagination to new heights and seek to make a difference in the world. Rejoice in your gifts for they are many and you were born to share the magnificence of your being.

The divine essence within you is one of beauty that will inspire your soul and bring you closer to heaven. Let your heart be a watering hole for the spirit and let love be the drink that quenches its thirst.

Make yours an inspirational garden where you live in harmony with the natural landscape and you will experience radiant bliss beyond words. Make every moment a choice, every breath a prayer and joy will envelope you like raindrops from heaven. Be a source of light and beauty by cultivating higher values and dreaming your world into being. Yours is an evolutionary path of light and a sacred cycle of transformation. Allow your souls compass to lead you to love.

Lift your voice and let your soul dance for life is a celebration and happiness is a song. Unleash your unique essence and walk a path of spiritual transformation as you manifest a life of meaning, purpose and joy. Be a painter of thoughts and make yours a masterpiece of love.

Hope sparkles in every heart. Walk a path of peace, beauty and relaxation where the waters of love run deep for the evolving human spirit is in bloom and with each blossom we manifest planetary oneness.

Let the Winding Pathway of your Soul lead you to a Lush Garden of Peace and Tranquility where the Heart Blooms and the Spirit Dances. Live in Harmony with the Higher Spirit and Shine a Light upon your Inward Path as you Live your Life with your Greatest Joy! Begin the day with Love!

May the great spirit walk with you always and may the holy grail within your soul nourish you that you may taste heaven.

Miracles happen every day if we listen to the Heart and Live in a constant state of LovingKindness! You have divinely gifted abilities that are blessings of love and light. Share them and yours will be a liberated life of spirit and soul. Let your Inner Child Sing for there is Enlightenment Within You!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, July 12, 2013

Dance Upon The Earth

Live your true nature, Celebrate Diversity, Orchestrate a Universal Dance of Love and let the Winds of God take you to a Garden in the Sun where you Speak your Truth, Transcend the Ordinary, Dance upon the Earth and Cultivate a lifetime of Joy!

May yours be a path of truth where the divine spark of inspiration guides you to a kingdom of infinite possibilities where joy is everywhere and May you Illuminate the path to awareness and awaken the peace within as you open yourself to enlightened living. For the dawning of a newborn sun is upon us and we are given the task of casting rainbows and sharing sacred knowledge.

Plant seeds of new possibilities and yours will be a path to revelation where visions of hope and beauty inspire the soul. Embrace all paths, Discover diversity, Rejoice in the Light and seek to encompass the spiritual heritage of humankind. The universe is one song. Make earth friendly choices and the voice of your heart will tell tales of love that make the spirit sing.

Embrace your essence and celebrate the beauty of the human imagination as you Inspire the purpose within by transcending limitations and achieving self mastery. See your life clearly for you are a breath of inspiration and yours is a soul flowering from within guided by the divine.

Live profoundly in esoteric significance as you swim through the waters of hope to the shores of love unbound. Liberate your talents and let the creative expression of your uniqueness be a beacon of inspiration for all humankind. Our souls adventure is one of purposeful intention guided by the divine. It is your destiny to thrive and blossom. Be a garment of illumination that clothes the soul in beauty and truth.

The blueprint of your being is heaven blessed and ready for you to build a foundation of peace, beauty, bliss and love! Allow the fruit of your soul to project loving thoughts that welcome enchantment and inspire greatness as you Walk in peace where the grass is green and plant seeds of lovingkindness.

Make your life a meaningful prayer of hope and peace where all beings are vessels of love sailing on seas of happiness to a place of bliss. Your true path in life is to embrace your own experience and cultivate acceptance as you plant seeds of change and serve your divinity. The magic of this and all moments is that we have the choice to love. Feel Love, See Love, Touch Love, Share Love, Hold Love and Be Love!

The road to a happy destiny is inspired by angels of love, peace, freedom and joy. Live in complete truth and trust your own intuition and you will leave a cosmic footprint that will guide believers to a place of bliss.

The radiant essence of your being serves as a beacon that all may see the glory and majesty of your soul. Enrich the world by cultivating awareness and using your creative vision to shine a light on the beauty of spirit. Be your own Guide, Manifest what you Wish and Share your Unique Gifts as you Speak your Truth and Journey to the Heart of the Divine. Embrace your gifts and leave a sacred imprint that awakens inner peace and connects with the essence of Humanity.

Stimulate your Soul, Engage your Goals, Walk in Harmony and Create a Path of light as you manifest a World of Angelic Love and Happiness. Recognize the truly divine and integrate spirit into everyday life as you Engage the heart and let the full bloom of lifes magnificence lead you to your unique soul purpose.

When the rose of love blooms then the gardens of life will provide a harvest that nurtures the spirit and nourishes the soul. Live with positive thoughts and embrace the divine presence within as you Journey into the Light, Deepen your Spiritual Knowledge and Live your Higher Self.

Ours is a great and wondrous universe of creative uniqueness and holistic inspiration. Connect to your spirits wisdom and embrace positive change as you establish harmony and further your souls development. Reach across the heavens and discover your limitless potential, by doing so you become the unique light is this world you were meant to be. Explore the deeper meaning of life by engaging the spirit that lives within you and by being a divine source of energy and love.

Life is a celebration of love and joy that inspires the spirit. Let the fire of your intention be a beacon that guides all to lovingkindness. Inhabit awareness and serve humanity angelic offerings that will lead all you communicate with to a place of celestial awakening. The dance of creation is one of omnipresent energy where if you allow your soul the freedom it deserves you will find your piece of heaven.

Let your life be a healing prayer that nurtures the spiritual. Communicate with love and the music of life will be a symphony of joy where you Access your inner guidance and journey to transformation as you discover your purpose.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )