Friday, December 27, 2013

Shine A Light On The Magick Within

when you polish your imperfections you shine a light on the magick within. the truth of who we are is that we are beings of holistic bliss and infinite blessings. by accepting our true self we open ourselves to the inspiration around us and are better able to see the vision of spirit in the air. flow and grow in the joy and grace of positive evolution as doing so creates a passion for helping others and an incentive to help yourself. the opportunity to awaken is here and the moment you embrace the reality that you are an enlightened soul your spirit will be uplifted and your heart will sing. be perfect in your imperfection for flaws are but flowers waiting to blossom.

do you realize the importance of your journey. do you know how significant your actions are. are you aware of how meaningful your life is. are you aware of how special you truly are. know that the greatest truth in life is that you are a beautiful being of light and you are loved.

let us exchange positive energy. let us share the love within. we each have within us the light of the divine and by sharing the beauty of our soul we make profound changes in our lives and the lives of those we touch.

open the door to healing and you let something extraordinary in. open the door to wholeness and you let something magnificent in. open the door to love and you let something miraculous in. welcome. come on in. my door is always open.

create beautiful things and yours becomes a life expressed as pure joy. there is beauty in passion, there is beauty in purpose, there is beauty in your smile, there is beauty in your touch, there is beauty in your heart and there is beauty in your soul. create sacred things and yours becomes a life expressed as pure love.

expect miracles and allow love to flow through you. it is by opening ourselves to possibilities that we begin to see truth and beauty. it is by believing in that which is beyond our reach that we begin to see magick and miracles. it is when we are open to belief that we transform and ascend.

you control your own destiny. fuel the imagination and build your dreams. be a prism of light and source of spirit that helps people grow. live from your essence and allow the deepest love within the freedom to fly. embrace the feelings that move you and move forward into a greater tomorrow. you control your own fate.

in moments of change the flames of opportunity illuminate a path to a place of sensitivity and insight where we may see our beauty and manifest our dreams. hold me in transformation and as we become one we will also become many and the glowing presence of our destiny will put a smile on our soul.

with joy and goodwill connect more deeply with spirit and you will create a higher awareness and enthusiasm for life that will transform you in ways that reach across the universe into realms of light and love.

in prayerful introspection see the eternal truth and beauty deep within as you provide inspiration for others and achieve the life you so desire.

the voice of the soul lovingly communicates the greater possibilities and sacred opportunities that are waiting for us in higher dimensions and the life beyond. listen to your soul and you change your life in a positive way that will guide you through eternity.

it is when we have the courage to heal that our life becomes a sacred journey of inner transformation and mystical revelations where we accept and love our true self.

toward the horizon i can see a spiritual solution that will one day lead us to planetary healing and transformation. therefore i choose to love each and every day with all my heart for i know that miracles can happen and i believe that joy and happiness will one day be our reward.

the light of your countenance is such as to inspire me with its radiant glow of love. you are a glorious melody and my soul dances in the presence of your glory and greatness. you are my friend. you are my every breath. you are my wife and the mother of our child. you are a gift and a blessing. i love you.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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