Friday, December 13, 2013

There Is Always Love

there is always a higher and better way. there is always an opportunity to serve the greatest good. there is always a place for peace and tranquility. there is always sacred worth in the human spirit. there is always enough light to decorate your soul. there is always time for relevant change. i live my life with the knowledge that no matter the challenge if i look deep enough there is always love.

love and acceptance stimulate the spirit, expand consciousness and gently guide us through transformation and ascension.

i have something to give. no matter how battered my spirit i persevere because i know my worth. no matter how bruised my soul i forge ahead because i know value. no matter how beaten my body i continue to climb because i know my significance. once again i rise. once again i soar. once again i fly. mine is a life of meaning and contribution. i have something to give.

there is a greater wisdom in the soul of those who live without limitations for it is when we push the boundaries of existence that we find the greatest treasures and discover the greatest truths.

there is joy in every breath when we embrace our beautiful planet and allow the great winds of happiness to transport us to a place of joyous loving relationships where every moment is precious and all people dance freely in the light of a better tomorrow.

life becomes a beautiful tapestry woven of joy and happiness when we celebrate the things we love in a soulful way that honors all things sacred and inspires others to share their light.

the gift of transformation is something we give ourself. we give it when we cleanse our soul. we give it when we sail on oceans of inspiration. we give it when we create nurturing environments that enrich and enlighten. we give it when we walk a path of healing and empowerment. we give it when we seek to liberate and illuminate the lives of others. we give it when we truly love ourself. the time has come to gift yourself with the treasure that is transformation.

if you are in need of love and light know that i am here. if you are in need of love and light know that we are here. if you are in need of love and light know that you are here. love and light are always here and once you know and believe it your life transforms.

it is not those times when you cant see the light that are the most difficult. it is those times when you see the light but just dont care. it is those instances when life has beaten you to within an inch of your life and you feel you have no fight left in you. it is that moment when light stops being saviour and starts being apathetic and unsympathetic. i have walked this path many times in my life and have always risen. i am a survivor. i am the hero in my book of life. i refuse to allow those without heart, without soul, without conscience to keep me down. at the end of the day it is my belief in my innate goodness that keeps me alive and inspires me to help others. so when darkness and light become different sides of the same coin know that you can find me in the periphery of an alternate reality playing with my inner child. i am brave, i am strong and i am beautiful. this is who i am.

positive perceptions and beliefs enhance and enrich the lives of those who live their truth and embrace their wholeness. theirs is a blossoming path of empowerment, meditation and prayer leading to a rich inner life. cultivate the positive and you liberate you spirit and soul.

a meaningful loving life is achieved when we find freedom within and soar on the wings of intention to a place of timeless wisdom and pure giving where joy is our new reality.

when you awaken the knowledge within you reach a higher spiritual reality. when you manifest your souls purpose you enter a new awareness which will guide you to the life you deserve. life is beautiful when we are awake and aware.

you are a spirit child. a child of light born of love. you are soul being. a being of bliss born of pure heart and divine purpose. you are a miracle to be shared.

a positive outlook brings peace into the soul and elevates your sacred vibration. a belief in yourself opens you to all blessings and infuses the spirit with infinite power. compassionate choices allow the flower of life to blossom in ways that fill our heart with hugs and happiness. the joy and beauty of life is that we by our thoughts and actions can create goodness and greatness.

( by MiCHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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