Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Opportunity For Good

this very moment in your existence is an opportunity for good. you can choose right now to guide and direct yourself along a path of richness and spirit. you can invite your angels in as you let your demons out. you can respond to any given situation with love. these are things you can do. for your true self knows that this very moment in your existence is an opportunity for good.

let love and gratitude flow through you and accept your blessings. do what makes you happy and allow your deepest intentions to become your most beautiful realities. yours is an evolving story of spirit and you have control over what you write.

explore new possibilities and opportunities as you move in a positive direction for these are choices that will profoundly empower you on your path and guide you to a place of lasting happiness.

do that which serves your soul and your life will be a feast of joy and happiness that gently nurtures your divine self as it inspires a new passion for being alive.

every experience is a gift. every person is a treasure. every moment is a blessing. given these truths we should be living our lives as a celebration. open yourself to the beauty around and let the love that is your essence rejoice as you immerse yourself in every gift, treasure and blessing you have.

when you contribute to the happiness of others you find greater joy and spirit reveals itself as you journey into higher realms where you emerge into your sacred self.

we are beautiful ever evolving beings of light and by following a path of purposeful living and peaceful loving solutions we increase our spiritual awareness as we move joyously toward heaven on earth.

strengthen the positive by living your sacred worth. allow your spirit to guide you to the heart of compassion. untether your soul that the world may experience your divine beauty. this is your world to shape and you do so by sharing your glory and living your greatness.

unexpected opportunities based in spirit come to us when we commit to empowering others to overcome lifes challenges by embracing the light and living their love.

with pure love open yourself to lifes blessings for by doing so you see more clearly the gateway to heaven and yours becomes a deeply spiritual and purposeful life of great joy and happiness.

good things happen when we are more awakened and compassionate. miracles occur when we embrace loving awareness and share our divine caring presence. we are beautiful bright lights born to shine. we are souls in transformation born to be a source of inspiration. live this truth and yours will be a journey of joyful aliveness.

you have deep within your heart and soul a reservoir of pure positive energy and by believing in who you are and immersing yourself in its cleansing waters you develop yourself spiritually as you expand your capacity to love.

to fully love and accept yourself is to choose to grow for it is through belief in the beauty of who we truly are that we transform into healing loving angels of light.

a soul filled life creates a flow of events which uplift the heart and awaken the best in you that you may realize your true nature and commune with the divine.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Freely Unfold Into A Life Of Beauty

spiritual well being comes when we are brave enough to wake up to a new reality where we freely unfold into a life of beauty. embrace the essence of who you are by creating a safe and supportive environment where you may live a larger destiny as the world within provides guidance and wisdom. it is through mindful self compassion that we heal our heart and soul thereby becoming the gods and goddesses we were born to be.

to be a hero is to be yourself. to be yourself is to love life and the world around you. to love life and the world around you is to embrace all with kindness and compassion. to embrace all with kindness and compassion is to be a hero. to be a hero is to be yourself.

share your gifts with others. share what brings you joy. to show kindness and compassion is to fill the heart and soul of humanity with insight and inspiration.

faith can heal. belief can heal. have faith in who you are. believe in your greatness. hope can heal. dreams can heal. have faith in your hopes. believe in your dreams. you are a blessing and a miracle and the gateway to glory opens the moment you have faith and believe.

these are times of great change and those who illuminate their lives by stirring the magick within will open our hearts to the spirits of the land that we may all embrace higher wisdom as we immerse ourselves in unlimited possibilities and opportunities for growth.

awaken to the positive and allow its powerful feelings to inspire you to be true to yourself and forge a new clear path where you may explore your connection with spirit.

have an intimate conversation with your angels, ancestors and guides. listen and let their healing words infuse your mind, body and soul with spiritually transformative power. follow the path they bring you to for it will lead to greater understanding and a richer and fuller life of divine beauty and sacred love.

make your life better by building bridges of spiritual growth to places that light the fire within your soul for it is through actions that inspire hope that we make miraculous connections which help us evolve into our sacred self.

i hear messages from beyond which guide me to mystical planes where i embark on magickal adventures that lead to positive enriching experiences. all of this occurs simply because i listen.

selfless service to others creates a more compassionate life. every time we help another soul we manifest more meaning and inspire greater beauty. open your heart and let the light of love within guide you to your greatness that you may live the beauty of your true and sacred self.

a new earth is forming where we will connect with higher planes and awaken from within for ours is a journey of light and we are beautiful celestial beings on a sacred path of love.

to help and heal creates an expansion of light which in turn illuminates opportunities for growth that have a positive impact on our collective evolution.

we are positive loving people and by lighting the sacred fire within we create meaning in life that leads us to a place of greater glory where the miracle of our divinity begins to unfold into a blossoming flower of beauty, bliss and spiritual mastery.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Heartbeat Of Our True Sacred Self

the heartbeat of our true sacred self plays an ancient song of love and when we listen closely and open ourself to its beauty life becomes a tribal dance of kindness, caring, compassion and community.

whenever we help another soul to create a beautiful life our life becomes all the lovelier for life is a garden and when we plant seeds of joy, beauty, happiness and bliss we grow miracles that nurture ourself and others.

you are an extraordinary individual with an extraordinary life on an extraordinary journey of extraordinary adventures to extraordinary places of extraordinary light where you will discover extraordinary love. be extraordinary. its who you are.

a commitment to positive change will open doorways into other dimensions and realities where you may see more clearly just how wonderful you are and blossom into the beautiful being of light that you were born to be.

love from the heart and live from the soul for by doing so you create an atmosphere of kindness and caring which will positively transform your world.

a beautiful life is a gift we give ourself when we truly love and respect who we are. believing in yourself is a gateway to greatness. open the gate and explore the wonders that await you.

you are a blessing to others. you are a blessing to the earth. you are a blessing to the universe. blessed are we who know and love you. blessed are we who experience your greatness. blessed are we who are touched by the light of your divinity. you are a blessing.

engage your soul in a sacred dance as you sing a song of spirit and celebrate the truth and beauty of who you are.

we all have a higher calling but not all of us hear or heed the call. listen closely and take the message to heart and yours will be a path of transformation and ascension.

open yourself to new realities, ideas, dimensions, beliefs... the more open you are and the more willing you are to change the better your life will be. for every obstacle you remove there is a blessing waiting to embrace your essence.

there is light within the soul and love within the light. open your soul and unleash its beauty that all may benefit from your love and light.

awaken to a life of boundless joy. awaken to a life of passion and purpose. awaken to a path of positive intention. breathe in the beauty of who you truly are and allow yourself the opportunity to see your sacredness and use your gifts to explore the magnificence of your being as you serve humanity with love and compassion. awaken!

i am connected to you and you are connected to your neighbor and she is connected to a friend at work and they are connected to someone they met in cyberspace and he is connected to me... we are all connected.

when the soul of the sacred and the heart of the spirit discover each other is the moment in our existence where we have the clarity to live our highest good and love our true self in a way that serves humanity and the universe.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Metaphysical Wellness And Divine Bliss

be a spiritual facilitator. embrace self acceptance and bless the earth with a life well lived. we grow and develop into more loving people when we awaken and explore our true self for it is then that we experience metaphysical wellness and divine bliss.

there is a healing energy within and when we believe in who we are that energy creates thoughts that empower and actions that guide us to spiritual epiphanies which embrace the wholeness of our being with love.

i hear the voice of angels. i hear the call of spirit. i hear the words of the ancients. i hear the songs of the ancestors. i hear messages for my previous incarnations. i hear god and goddess. i hear because i listen. i hear you. i hear.

a higher level of being and a richer happier life come to those who reach deep within to the treasure trove of inspiration that is their birthright and share its beauty that others may open to enlightenment and discover their path and purpose.

choices shaped by love help us create a path of profound change connected to the divine and filled with spirit guided experiences.

you are responsible for your own joy. you are the architect of your existence and if you so choose you can build your life into something beautiful. shape your world using pieces of hope, happiness, truth, belief, kindness, compassion, light and love. you are responsible for your own destiny.

walk in the beauty of the light that shines within with the knowledge that when you embrace those things that serve you well you infuse your life and the lives around you with the healing power of spirit.

to grow spiritually you must be your true self for this will foster inner peace and guide you to happiness.

once you realize there is something greater than yourself the healing power of love shines a new light on life that you may see with clarity the beauty all around you.

i put anger away and i felt at peace. i put stress away and i felt great joy. i put fear away and i felt profoundly happy. life becomes more beautiful the more you release and let go of those things that do not serve you well.

to appreciate the beauty of who you are is to embrace greater self awareness for it is by loving and respecting yoursellf that you communicate with angels and rise above the ordinary to heavens where you become one with your divine essence.

be kind to yourself. a compassionate act of kindness toward yourself creates a flow of positive energy which will guide you along the way of spirit to a place of light where the soul is nourished with a love divine.

each moment holds a miracle. each breath has within it messages of light. every step brings with it a spiritual epiphany and each choice has the potential for life affirming change. you are a miraculous vessel and the time is now to see the truth and live its beauty.

beautiful are they who know that to create the life they desire and achieve their soul purpose they need only ride the waves of change to the place of light within.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Seek Something More Meaningful

seek something more meaningful and you broaden your awareness as you light the way to a unique spiritual journey of compassionate guidance and transformational energy where every step is divinely inspired and every choice leads to your highest truest self.

come with me to a place where anything is possible and together we will spread well being and joy as we empower others to heal. let us embrace our sacred purpose and share our glorious gifts with one and all. come with me to a place of light where we will open a magickal doorway to a beautiful new reality where we all gather together as a loving community of spirit. come with me.

do something special. do something beautiful. do something magickal. do something miraculous. do something.

there is a place of pure magick in the depths of your soul where your inner joy waits patiently to be liberated. explore your soul, discover your greatness and live your joy.

free your soul and allow your divine self to shine that all the world may know that you are an instrument of spirit on a path of eternal light.

imagine greater things. see them in your heart and soul then set them free. from imagination comes inspiration and from inspiration comes transformation.

you nurture your whole being when you choose a more meaningful direction. when the path you are on is one of kindness that leaves you feeling inspired life becomes a joyous journey of positive choices and actions. be a deliberate creator of powerful experiences with heart and soul that facilitate healing and guide you beyond all light to where heaven waits.

to better express who you are connect to your inner wisdom and set free the sacred essence within.

at this moment you have before you the opportunity to awaken. you can at this time choose to make your next step one that moves you toward a place of pure love. the road to happiness is a path we build ourself when we walk in the light of spiritual well being.

a desire to help others fills our heart and soul with divine healing energy and empowers us to create a positive atmosphere where we may embrace greater awareness and live our highest purpose.

greater balance and harmony comes to those whose intention is to empower. they are the messengers of light who have come to the realization that the truth is in the heart and seek to share that truth with the world.

bring your gifts to the world for by sharing your beauty with others you empower yourself into wholeness as you embrace a greater sense of peace and a higher level of being.

choose a more positive direction and yours will be a journey where higher levels of joy guide you to your divine self.

walk with me towards positive change where we will free ourself of burdens as we remove boundaries and throw away limitations. dance with me in the sunlight of our beauty where we will live our divinity and embrace our highest self. soar with me into the heavens where we will sing with angels as we touch the face of god.

there is a place of inner knowing within you that opens every time you reach out to others with kindness and compassion. it is the voice of yoir soul saying thank you and bless you. it is the light of creation leading you home. it is a map of miraculous intention. smile at the world, say i love you and listen to the messages from within.

( MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )