Thursday, October 01, 2015

Seek Something More Meaningful

seek something more meaningful and you broaden your awareness as you light the way to a unique spiritual journey of compassionate guidance and transformational energy where every step is divinely inspired and every choice leads to your highest truest self.

come with me to a place where anything is possible and together we will spread well being and joy as we empower others to heal. let us embrace our sacred purpose and share our glorious gifts with one and all. come with me to a place of light where we will open a magickal doorway to a beautiful new reality where we all gather together as a loving community of spirit. come with me.

do something special. do something beautiful. do something magickal. do something miraculous. do something.

there is a place of pure magick in the depths of your soul where your inner joy waits patiently to be liberated. explore your soul, discover your greatness and live your joy.

free your soul and allow your divine self to shine that all the world may know that you are an instrument of spirit on a path of eternal light.

imagine greater things. see them in your heart and soul then set them free. from imagination comes inspiration and from inspiration comes transformation.

you nurture your whole being when you choose a more meaningful direction. when the path you are on is one of kindness that leaves you feeling inspired life becomes a joyous journey of positive choices and actions. be a deliberate creator of powerful experiences with heart and soul that facilitate healing and guide you beyond all light to where heaven waits.

to better express who you are connect to your inner wisdom and set free the sacred essence within.

at this moment you have before you the opportunity to awaken. you can at this time choose to make your next step one that moves you toward a place of pure love. the road to happiness is a path we build ourself when we walk in the light of spiritual well being.

a desire to help others fills our heart and soul with divine healing energy and empowers us to create a positive atmosphere where we may embrace greater awareness and live our highest purpose.

greater balance and harmony comes to those whose intention is to empower. they are the messengers of light who have come to the realization that the truth is in the heart and seek to share that truth with the world.

bring your gifts to the world for by sharing your beauty with others you empower yourself into wholeness as you embrace a greater sense of peace and a higher level of being.

choose a more positive direction and yours will be a journey where higher levels of joy guide you to your divine self.

walk with me towards positive change where we will free ourself of burdens as we remove boundaries and throw away limitations. dance with me in the sunlight of our beauty where we will live our divinity and embrace our highest self. soar with me into the heavens where we will sing with angels as we touch the face of god.

there is a place of inner knowing within you that opens every time you reach out to others with kindness and compassion. it is the voice of yoir soul saying thank you and bless you. it is the light of creation leading you home. it is a map of miraculous intention. smile at the world, say i love you and listen to the messages from within.

( MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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