Thursday, September 24, 2015

Make The Angels Sing Your Praises

elevate yourself by allowing the truth of who you are to wrap you in the loving arms of a beauty so sacred as to make the angels sing your praises as the heavens open to your glory.

acts of love are gifts we give ourself and others which resonate deep within our being that we may experience greater joy as we immerse ourself mind, body and soul in this amazing journey.

the most miraculous changes occur as a result of positive thoughts and good intentions.

change your reality and you change the reality of others. choose a path of positive direction and meaning and you embrace the welfare of others in a way that enhances and enriches their lives. know that solutions born of love give birth to truths that enlighten. if there is joy in the experience yours becomes a soul directed life where the spirit flowers and greater well being is your reward.

a heart dedicated to loving is a pure and free source of positive energy which expands horizons and breathes life into all it embraces.

honor your feelings by exploring the depths of your soul and making yours a caring environment of light bursting with joy where life is a celebration.

complete self acceptance plants seeds of change which if nourished and nurtured will make ours a divinely delicious garden of pure love.

every moment is an opportunity to evolve. every choice is a chance to improve the quality of your life. everything we do in life can help us grow. it is up to us to decide not only the path we walk but how we walk it.

if we are spiritually focused and devoted to sacred growth our life will be an inspiring and uplifting journey of compassionate self acceptance where the heart and soul find fulfillment.

welcome with an open heart every soul that crosses your path for doing so is a celebration of spirit that will guide you to a life of selfless service, devotion and personal well being.

create good outcomes by going where love wants to go for it is there that your flowering essence will blossom into its true beauty and you will find inner peace.

i have seen angels, apparitions and aliens and all have contributed to who i am in ways that make me devote myself to assisting others along their path that they too may know the beauty of what lies beyond.

an inspired life of unique sacred beauty is our reward for traveling along an open path of love for love is the way to enlightenment.

if we are to change our life for the better we must be willing to heal. we need to cultivate an awareness of self which leads us to accept and believe that we are ethereal beings of light. we have to be open to the gentle waves of energy within for they will guide us to a place of heart embracing transformation. these are the choices we must make to change the path we are on.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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