Friday, September 18, 2015

Positive Affirmations Can Change Lives And Transform Worlds

positive affirmations can change lives and transform worlds and its the easiest thing to do. you simply smile and say i love you.

expand into enlightenment and you will find within a peace and tranquility that will inspire you to be of service to humanity by living and sharing a life of heart centered love.

beyond your vision is a place of harmony and love. to get there you need only embrace a positive mindset for doing so will lead you to an enlightening state of consciousness that will open gateways to the world of spirit making yours an extraordinary journey of light.

explore spiritual experiences and you will awaken to the beauty within as you discover that you are a pure positive presence on a journey to the divine source.

you are a vibrant and unique multidimensional being and the light of your soul is filled with positive energy and transforming insights. embrace your true calling and you will build a spiritual bridge to sacred encounters that heal and invigorate. you are a universal and divine being of love.

you are on a spiritual adventure and by illuminating the sacred you begin to understand your essence. it is the realization that life is a pilgrimage to the scared self that creates a recipe for miracles that nourishes mind, body and soul.

live beyond the here and now. explore other dimensions of reality. immerse yourself in alternative realms of light. seek not to live outside the box but to live in a world free of boxes and boundaries. be free for with freedom we find our wings and it is then we fly.

wisdom and joy are ways to wellness. love and light are ways to wellness. awaken to the beauty of your sacred self and walk softly into ways of wellness for it is then that you will discover your blessings and live your divine destiny.

something miraculous happens when we explore the power within. we begin to weave a web of light that transforms our daily life and makes ours a magnificent quest that connects us with the eternal.

your angels and guides share valuable life lessons that are magickal and transformative your job is simply to listen and learn.

a higher dimensional future is our reward when we embrace our souls essence in a celebration of love for it is the realization of our greatness that liberates and elevates.

the more spiritually conscious we are the more transformative blessings we attract into our lives and the better able we are to heal ourselves.

a heart devoted to love is a gift to be shared for its prayers and good intentions help others along their path by bringing more joy and satisfaction into their lives.

you are a sacred treasure and by seeking to joyfully experience each moment of your existence with love as your guide you commune with angels as you connect to the divine.

our glorious universe is constantly sending us kisses from heaven in the form of acts of kindness and compassion. as you walk through this life remember that every smile, gentle touch and kind word are sacred gifts sent from above.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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