Thursday, September 03, 2015

Planting Sacred Seeds

spirits are all around planting sacred seeds from which an extraordinary life blossoms. this is a magickal world and if we make our path one of affirmative prayers and loving actions we will find our wings and our journey will be something beautiful to cherish and celebrate.

deeply loving actions create unique spiritual experiences that frame our lives in a way that changes our focus and leads us along a path of profound transformation.

start living your dreams. make your purpose to turn hopes and wishes into realities. seek to manifest your passions and yours will be a journey far greater than imagined. the door to truth is waiting for you to open it. wake up to your destiny.

love the day. love the choices that give you joy. love the moments that bring you happiness. love the flow of positive energy within. love the beauty of your true and sacred self. love every breath. love!

yours is a life of higher aspirations worth loving. the more you love yourself the more power you have to change and the more joy and happiness you will create in your life.

allow yourself the freedom to expand your boundaries and live your life with purpose. by reaching beyond your limits you will begin to chart your own course in a way that creates a positive flow in which moments become miracles.

the soul is ready for you to release a beautiful flow of focused passion that all may be immersed in the beauty of who you are as you imprint your love on their hearts.

accept who you are and allow your dreams and aspirations to become realities that lift the spirit and make yours a fantastic journey of love and compassion where true and lasting happiness is your destination.

be kind to yourself. appreciate each moment. let yours be a people loving path. life is a joyful experience when we show ourself the love and compassion we deserve.

you have deep inside a healing altar of light and if yours are prayers of positive intention that call on higher wisdom you will discover that you connect more meaningfully with others and yours becomes a life transformed.

something greater will come your way when you open your heart to the limitless possibilities of love. you are an enlightened being and when you accept this truth and follow your heart life will become a series of beautiful experiences.

focus on the positive and you will be a healing presence whose purpose of being is to help yourself and others discover the beauty within.

may the healing fire of love within you be a light into the world that heals and empowers yourself and others and may yours be a joyous journey of positive outcomes and miraculous results.

love your whole life and you bring light into the world for it is when we love our existence with all our heart that we allow inspiration to flow and our path becomes one of great spiritual purpose and divine guidance that changes lives and serves the highest good.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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