Monday, October 31, 2011

An Exploration of Spirit

( Words of Wisdom from Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Every day is an Exploration of Spirit. A time to find the Treasures the Universe has to offer. Today i Wish to find Bliss and Happiness. To find a way to make Love and Joy flow into my Life. To find Emissaries of Divine Light who hold all things Sacred. I wish to uncover Infinite Possibilities and Transforming Power. I wish to unearth Mystical Experiences and activate my Spiritual Gifts. I wish to find Mother Earth and Father Sky watching over me with Open Arms. What Treasures are you Hoping to find today?

Good Morning Life. I look forward to spending the day with you. I look forward to bringing out the Light in others and opening my Soul to the Sacred. I look forward to Exploring the True riches of Enlightenment and Lighting a Candle of Love. I look forward to Living the day in Harmony and Balance. I look forward to Walking into a new Reality and finding Spiritual Unity with everybody i come in contact with. Good Morning Life. I Love You.

Love who you are. Love the Spirit of the Land and People. Love and Celebrate our differences. Love your Higher Self and Align with your Inner Shaman. Love the Ocean of Being and make room for Miracles. Love the Landscape of your Soul. Love the Teachings of the Heart. Love the Keepers of Sacred Traditions and make deeper Empathetic Connections. Love your Life Purpose and Love who You are.

The Power of Divine Love can transport us to a Sacred realm where the Truth of each Moment is Kindness and Compassion. A place where people Nurture the Children of the World that they may Live the Love that is their Birthright. Let us come Together for a Brighter Future and Create new Communities of Spirit. When we are born we are Kissed by a Butterfly and become Angels on Earth. The time is now make this Earth our Home and to make our Home our Heaven!

Your Soul is a Painting. A Masterpiece of Awakened Insight and a place where Karma flows Freely. Your Spirit is a Song. A Symphony of Contemplative Prayer and Transformation. You are a work of Art. A Creation of Beauty and Truth. The Global Community is a Gallery of Illuminated Souls and Inspired Spirits. We are each a Unique Incarnation to be Cherished and Valued. Your Life is a Canvas - Create, Paint, Sing, Dance, Live and Love!

Bless your Life for it is a Sacred Adventure. Bless the Divinity within for it feeds your Soul. Bless the Pathways of the Imagination for they Transform Human Experience. Bless the Mystic in you for it accesses Higher Dimensions. Bless the Nature of Creativity for it Paints a Portrait of Kindness. Bless the Light of Unity for it brings us Together and Bless you for you are everything that is Beautiful in Life.

Ours is a Web of Life that is Sacred. Rivers flow Sweet for those who Rejoice in Life and celebrate Heaven on Earth. Experience the Miracle of each Moment as you Dance in Joy and Light. The Heart opens when we Embrace the Sacredness in everyday Existence. There is a Sacred Choir within each of us Singing a Song of Peace and Freedom. Let us gather together as a Global Family and Manifest a Destiny of Love.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A New Way of Being

( Thoughts on Life by Micheal Teal aka The Ancient One )

Greet this day as a Feast of Love and Awareness. Celebrate your Aliveness and Shine your brightest Light. The Happiness you Deserve is but a Smile away. The Health of Humankind begins with a Hug and a Kind Word. Greet this day with Positive Wellness. Use your Sacred Imagination and Create a New Paradigm. A Paradigm of Loving Guidance and Inspiration. Good Morning Sunshine.

Welcome Beautiful Soul. Welcome to my Garden of Love. I am on a Heart Centered Journey to bring Light to the shadows. I am here to Share the Magick i have found and nourish your Spirit with Inspiration and Revelation. I am a Vessel of Peace who is on a Divinely Guided Path of Selfless Generosity. I Embrace the right to be Alive by Living and Loving in a way both Profound and Positive. Welcome Beautiful Soul. I Love You!

Free your Soul and your Life will Change forever. You will become a more advanced Human Being and a Living Manifestation of Love. Life is a Miraculous and Loving Journey and your Divine Blueprint is one of Enchantment and Imagination. By speaking a Language of Light you begin a Conversation with the Universe that enables you to Experience the Sacred. Free your Soul.

I Recognize that you are Truly Divine. I Feel the Healing Energy of your Thoughts. I connect with your Light. You are a Magnificent Individual. You are a Visionary Messenger. You are an Inspired Creation of the Universe. I Embrace the Heart of your Destiny. I AckNowledge your Heavenly and Earthly Treasures. I Awaken to your Sacred and Prophetic Essence. I Love You! Do you Recognize me?

Bathe in Awareness and Cleanse your Soul that you may Embrace the Life you were meant to Live. Radiate Grace and Enrich the World with the Beauty of your Heart. The Colours of your Spirit are a Rainbow of Joy and Divine Essence. Live your Dreams and Dream a Life of Purpose and Vision. We are Blessed with Choice. Choose a New Way of Being that Guides you to Love!

A good Breakfast is the best way to start the day: A cup of Divine Wisdom, A bowl of Evolving Spirituality and a Love most Profound, A plate of Passion and Purpose with a side of Soul Based Courage, Honey for the Spirit and Fruit from the Tree of Life. Eat Heartily for Life is a Feast. What is on your Breakfast table on this fine morn?

Create a Life worth Living. Plant your Dreams in Gardens of Profound Inspiration. Connect with your Soul and Honour the Place in which you Dwell. We are on the cusp of new Birth and Creativity. We are approaching a Global Transformation and Awakening. Open your Heart, Soul and Spirit to New Thought, New Consciousness and a New Way of Being. The time is now to Live in Love. I Love You!

More Wisdom From Buffalo Bear

The Earth is Changing

We must prepare for the coming storm.

We must care enough to save our Sacred Mother
Earth. Its time to be responsible for our own actions
and to teach the little ones to respect and honor
our planet.

Forgiveness , Tolerance , Understanding ,
Compassion , Love , Love , Love - these are all
crucial to our survival.

Our Collective Consciousness can raise Vibrations
of Love which will begin the healing process.

Recycle and stop polluting , those who do not
change will find the coming changes much more
difficult to deal with.

You have the Power to make a Difference. Never
hate anyone ar anything. Respect and honor our
Animal friends for what happens to them affects us

Pray for Sacred Mother Earth o be saved. Visualize a
world where no one goes hungry and we all live in
Peace and Harmony.

If we start to change one soul at a time then little
by little we will begin to heal and transcend to a
higher state of consciousness.

Visualize a world where we can all breathe easily
and even the tiniest plant is treated with honor and

We are entering a time of enlightenment and
increased spiritual activity.

Think not just of yourself but what will best serve
the higher goodness of the whole.

These are the words of Buffalo Bear Walks With
Wolves. She is a Lakota Medicine Woman who has
dedicated her life to helping others. Hers is a
wisdom which is timeless , a knowledge which
transcends and transforms. Listen to your heart
when you read her words and you too will begin a
transformation that will help heal our planet.

Buffalo Bear Walks with Wolves


Last year i was honored to receive an email from a
Lakota Medicine Woman called Buffalo Bear Walks
With Wolves. She has become a mentor and friend
and her words have enlightened and enriched my life.

She has an ancient body of knowledge which she
has chosen to share with me. Hers is an exciting
vision of a happier world. Her wisdom has helped
me on my way to achieving a higher sense of self.
Her wide ranging knowledge has awakened in me
strengths that were dormant. She is a visionary with
a deeply spiritual way of life. Hers is an authentic
education that is leading me on a journey of

Buffalo Bear has given me lessens to heal the heart
and deepen my spiritual roots. She has fed my
spiritual hunger with words uplifting and

I have had many influences in my life and will have
many more. Each person you meet can offer insight
and wisdom. Buffalo Bear has taught me much . I
would like to share some of her wisdom with you.
Please read the following and accept it with the
honor and respect it deserves.

Work for the good of everyone.

Walk on sacred Mother Earth softly
and with total beauty.

Time is precious.

People are Spirit Beings having Human
experiences not Humans having
spiritual experiences.

Be responsible for your thoughts , for
thoughts have power too.

Learn about respect not only for you
but for every living thing.

Everything happens for a higher purpose

Think before giving advice.

Appreciate who you really are.

Never judge another soul.

Make the right choices for the right

Open yourself to happiness and

Learn about true forgiveness and
unconditional love.

Make your earth walk a meaningful one.

What you do affects all.

You have the power to re-create what
you wish to change.

We all must pitch in to save sacred
mother earth.

Give up substances that contribute to
self abuse.

We must stop being selfish as all
around us suffer from negative choices.

You are responsible for yourself and
your happiness.

As you think , so shall it be.

You have the power to create what you
wish to experience.

These are just a sampling of the teachings of
Buffalo Bear. Her wisdom , insight and love of
sacred Mother Earth is heartwarming and inspiring.
Her and her husband Crowhawk are beautiful beings
of light and spirit.

Ever person that we cross paths with can teach us
not only about them but aboutourselves as well.
People are knowledge and knowledge is

I thank Buffalo Bear Walks With Wolves for her
incredible spirit , love and wisdom. I also thank her
for the gift of my name The Ancient One With Heart
Of Buffalo Journeys With Spirit Of White Wolf.

Friday, October 14, 2011

We are Love

I am Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. I am Truth, Beauty and Bliss. I am Love. You are Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. You are Truth, Beauty and Bliss. You are Love. We are Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. We are Truth, Beauty and Bliss. We are Love. I Love You!

( Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Make your Heart Smile

Believe in your Gifts and Listen to the Voice of your Spirit. Live in the Moment and Connect with your Angels. Embrace the sheer Joy of Being you and Immerse yourself in a Lifestyle of Compassion and Awareness. Transform your outlook and wear Happiness like a Flower of extraordinary Beauty. You are a Smile on the Face of the Divine Mother made up of Love. Fall in Love with yourself as I have fallen in Love with You!

I am a Humble Servant of God created with Love. I honour all Living things and seek to do Good in the World. It is my Desire to Accept each moment with an open Mind and Heart. With every Breath the Stars of Heaven unfold and Hope blooms like a Garland of Wildflowers. By serving the Highest in myself I bring a Smile to the Face of every Angel that Guides my Way. I have Awakened to who I truly am and in doing so have seen the Beauty of Who you Truly are.

There is a Light in the Sky which Guides me. There is a Voice in the Wind that Whispers my name and Inspires me to have a Loving Relationship with Sacred Mother Earth. There is a Beating in my Heart that moves me to Dance in Sacred Celebration of Kindness, Joy and Happiness. There is a Truth in my Soul that Cleanses my Spirit and moves me in Life Evolving Ways. There is Life, There is Light and There is Love. I am truly Blessed!

I Give you the Gift of a Smile. I Give you the Gift of a Hug. I Give you the Gift of Freedom to be Who You Are. I Give you the Gift of Revelations and Insight. When we Share our Gifts we bring Heaven Home and the Gods Rejoice. I Give you the Gift of Celestial Wisdom. I Give you the Gift of Miraculous Change and Spiritual Values. I Give you the Gift of Prayer for all Beings and I Give you the Gift of Love. Good Morning I Love You!

Join me and Together we can Create a Community of Love. A Community of Sacred Language and Surreal Beauty where Joy is Free Flowing. A Community of Hope and Compassion where Kindness is commonplace. Join me and Together we can Create a World of Absolute Respect and Graceful Simplicity. A World of Romance and Reason where the Angels walk among us. Join me and Together we can Create a Global Community of Shared Happiness and Humanity. Please Join Me!

There is a Spiritual Metamorphosis taking place. A Pathway to Sacredness, Authenticity and Truth is being forged within each of us. Open yourself to the Oneness of Humanity, Live your Dreams and Dance your Bliss. Create a Landscape of Loving Harmony that Reaches into the Beyond. See your Beauty, See the Magnificence of the Infinite, See the Miracle of Existence and See yourself as Divine. The Belief in God begins with the Belief in the Self. I Believe in Me and I Believe in You!

Taste the Fruits of Love and Nourish your Souls needs. Access your Spiritual core and take your Life to new Heights. You are a True Blessing and by Sharing your Beauty and Wisdom you will make your Heart Smile. Angels of White Light are waiting to Guide you to a place of Peace and Inspiration. Open yourself to their Wisdom and you will Grow and Blossom. You are Divine, You are Sacred and I Love You.

You have the Passion and Power to make a Difference. Within you is a Hope for a Brighter tomorrow and a Desire to make that Dream a Reality. The Great Spirit is calling each and every one of us to Embrace the Sacredness of Life. Give your Spirit, Give your Soul and Give your Love to Humanity and you Create a Heavenly Atmosphere of Joy and Jubilation. Open your Heart and Smile because today is the day we Change the World.

( Words bt Micheal Teal aka The Ancient One )