Monday, October 31, 2011

An Exploration of Spirit

( Words of Wisdom from Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Every day is an Exploration of Spirit. A time to find the Treasures the Universe has to offer. Today i Wish to find Bliss and Happiness. To find a way to make Love and Joy flow into my Life. To find Emissaries of Divine Light who hold all things Sacred. I wish to uncover Infinite Possibilities and Transforming Power. I wish to unearth Mystical Experiences and activate my Spiritual Gifts. I wish to find Mother Earth and Father Sky watching over me with Open Arms. What Treasures are you Hoping to find today?

Good Morning Life. I look forward to spending the day with you. I look forward to bringing out the Light in others and opening my Soul to the Sacred. I look forward to Exploring the True riches of Enlightenment and Lighting a Candle of Love. I look forward to Living the day in Harmony and Balance. I look forward to Walking into a new Reality and finding Spiritual Unity with everybody i come in contact with. Good Morning Life. I Love You.

Love who you are. Love the Spirit of the Land and People. Love and Celebrate our differences. Love your Higher Self and Align with your Inner Shaman. Love the Ocean of Being and make room for Miracles. Love the Landscape of your Soul. Love the Teachings of the Heart. Love the Keepers of Sacred Traditions and make deeper Empathetic Connections. Love your Life Purpose and Love who You are.

The Power of Divine Love can transport us to a Sacred realm where the Truth of each Moment is Kindness and Compassion. A place where people Nurture the Children of the World that they may Live the Love that is their Birthright. Let us come Together for a Brighter Future and Create new Communities of Spirit. When we are born we are Kissed by a Butterfly and become Angels on Earth. The time is now make this Earth our Home and to make our Home our Heaven!

Your Soul is a Painting. A Masterpiece of Awakened Insight and a place where Karma flows Freely. Your Spirit is a Song. A Symphony of Contemplative Prayer and Transformation. You are a work of Art. A Creation of Beauty and Truth. The Global Community is a Gallery of Illuminated Souls and Inspired Spirits. We are each a Unique Incarnation to be Cherished and Valued. Your Life is a Canvas - Create, Paint, Sing, Dance, Live and Love!

Bless your Life for it is a Sacred Adventure. Bless the Divinity within for it feeds your Soul. Bless the Pathways of the Imagination for they Transform Human Experience. Bless the Mystic in you for it accesses Higher Dimensions. Bless the Nature of Creativity for it Paints a Portrait of Kindness. Bless the Light of Unity for it brings us Together and Bless you for you are everything that is Beautiful in Life.

Ours is a Web of Life that is Sacred. Rivers flow Sweet for those who Rejoice in Life and celebrate Heaven on Earth. Experience the Miracle of each Moment as you Dance in Joy and Light. The Heart opens when we Embrace the Sacredness in everyday Existence. There is a Sacred Choir within each of us Singing a Song of Peace and Freedom. Let us gather together as a Global Family and Manifest a Destiny of Love.

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