Friday, May 25, 2012

Whispers from the Soul

To Know Bliss is to Live an Authentically Happy Life. Light the Lamp of Love and Live your Dreams as you Open the Door to Expanded Consciousness and Angelic Inspiration. Be an Akashic Visionary by Listening to the Ancients, Ancestors, Angels and Guides. Build a Foundation of Energy, Awareness and Imagination. The Wisdom of the Earth is there to provide us with the Tools for Evolution and Ascension. To Know Bliss is to Live, Breathe, Feel, Experience, Embrace, Believe and Be Love.

Women are a Gift to us All. I have seen True Beauty and I call it Mother, Sister, Wife and Friend.

Celebrate Life and the Spirit within. Humanitys Evolution is ready to Emerge from its Cocoon and Reveal the Butterfly of Love and Kindness that is our Future.

Journey to the Heart of Love and Align with your Inner Being. Awaken to a Whole New Light and Positive Life Transformation. Let us gather Together in Mind and Spirit. Let us Play in the Garden of Grace and Gratitude. We are One and the Moment has come to Build Walls of Dreams and Houses of Love.

My Prayer for Humanity is one of Spiritual Revelation and Soul Based Revolution.

Express Gratitude for the Presence of Angels. Listen closely for Mother Earth is calling and those who answer with Love will Ascend.

Plant Knowledge and Create something Beautiful. Unite Soul and Spirit as an Expression of Hope and Harmony. Channel your Energies and Give Joyfully as you Radiate Love and Build a House of Truth. Through effort comes Wisdom and through Wisdom comes Goodness and Gratitude. Cherish your Humanity for within it is a Deep Kindness that will Manifest in a Fertile Life of Spirit. Plant Love and Create something Extraordinary.

Come with me to the Field of Possibilities and we will Bask in the Sunlight of Awareness.

The Whispers from the Soul are the Teachings of the Ancestors. Listen, Learn and Love.

Live in the Flow of the Sweetness of Happiness. Awake to the Cosmic Forces that abound and seek Joy in all Relationships. Happy are they who embrace Earthen Spirituality and Universal Love.

By cultivating Peace and Happiness we honor a Sacred Contract as we Glimpse into the Mystical. Life thrives for those who Live in Awareness of the Beauty and Lyricism of Nature. To Love the Earth is to Love ourself. We are the Earth.

Love Deeply and Live in Peace. Behold the Light within for it Inspires Joy. Life Transforms when we allow Love to Flow through every Cell of our Being. Caress the Heart, Embrace the Soul, Stimulate the Mind and Enrich the Spirit as you Ignite your Fire and Create Social Change. A Soul based Life creates a Journey of Bliss and Delight. You are the Creator of your Fate and Future. Create a Destiny you can Love and every Moment is a Miracle of Ecstasy and Enlightenment. Love is Who You Are.

Somewhere on the Outskirts of the Soul is a Warm and Loving Environment where Beauty Blossoms and Spirits Roam Free. Sprinkle Kisses on the Stars and come with me to where Earth and Heaven meet. I Love You.

Earth is Life. Life is Love. Love is Life. Believe in the Love you Embrace and your Soul Blooms into Being as your Spirit Blossoms.

We are of the Sun. We are of the Light. We are Beautifully Authentic and Blissfully Divine. We are Alive and We are Love.

Immerse yourself in Thoughtful Learning and move in a Positive Direction as you Sow Seeds of Light and Create something Beautiful.

Live from the Heart and Rise above Challenges. It is when we Live in a Joyful Way that our Dreams have Wings. Create a Stream of Consciousness where you experience Possibilities, Breakthroughs and Epiphanies. You are a Sacred Gift and by Embracing a Healthier Way of Living you Manifest a Miracle that Benefits the Soul and has a Monumental effect on the Spirit. Living and Loving is its own Truth. Do this and the Truth will not only set you Free it will Welcome you Home.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, May 18, 2012

Walk with Me along the Ocean of Love

Walk with me along the Ocean of Love and We will Bless the Source of Life. Let us Explore with Imagination the Freedom of Truth. We are Woven of Wisdom and Divine Light. We are Enchanted and Evolved. We are Divine and Sacred. Fly with Me above the Heavens and We will Decorate our Souls with Waves of Bliss and Spirit. Let us Journey Deeply into Ethereal Realms and Let us Channel the Sacred Energy of the Universe. Walk with Me.

Love penetrates the Soul in ways that Uplift and Transform. Love promotes Harmony, Hope and Joy. Love is Who We Are. Love is All We Are. Be Love!

May your Path be Threads in a Tapestry Woven by Angels. May it Guide you to the Beauty of Truth. May it Enrich, Empower and Enlighten You and May Universal Peace and Love be the Sunshine that warms your Soul.

Live a Life that is Nourishing to the Spirit and you will Assist Humanity by Creating Positive Change and a Vision touched by Inspiration.

Help Create a Future that Benefits All. Help Create a Worldwide Community of Heartfelt Gratitude that Liberates the Divine Within. Help Create a Spiritual Reality of Alchemical Knowledge, Insightful Clarity and Positive Thinking that Enlightens the Soul. Help Create Inner Peace and Outer Bliss. Help Create a Life that Inspires and Enriches.

Live Life Authentically by Seeing with your Heart and Embracing Higher Spiritual Truths.

I See a Future that is Nourished by the Divine. I See a Future Empowered by the Light within. I See a Future of Enhanced Wellbeing and Service to Humanity. I See a Future of Love most Sacred. I See a Future and I See You. You are the Future.

A Spiritually Sustainable Life is possible when we Embrace the Power of the Moment and Channel our Higher Self.

We all have within us Self Healing Abilities. The Possibilities are endless when Access those Abilities. Embark on a Magickal Adventure to your True Self and you will Experience Extraordinary Changes and Divine Love. Heal yourself by Assisting people on their Journey. Heal yourself by Filling your Heart with Love. Heal yourself by Seeing the Beauty of Who You Are. We all have within us Self Healing Abilities. Heal Yourself!

A Reverence for Life brings with it True Spiritual Joy. Journey with me to other Dimensions where we will Create Rainbows and Liberate Souls.

I have a Wondrous Vision where Spirits Dance on the Shores of a Land called Love.

Let us Climb the Sacred Tree of Life as the Whispering Winds share a Message of Hope for a Better World and a Brighter Tomorrow.

The Gateway to Enlightenment is a place within your Soul where Happiness and Freedom reside. The Door to Timeless Wisdom can be found by Seeking Sacred Moments and Cultivating Self Awareness. We are the Answers which we Seek. We are the Visionaries. We are the Mystics. We are the Messengers and We are the Soothsayers. Be the Essence that Glows by Embracing the Presence of Joy within and allowing your Dreams to Fly. A New Dawn is here and the Sunshine of our Spirit is the Beacon that will Illuminate the World and Transform the Universe.

Dreams come Alive when the Soul and Spirit are in Harmony with Earth and Sky.

Open the Mountains of your Spirit to greater Possibilities. Open the Rivers of your Soul to the Blessings of the Earth. Open the Gardens of your Heart to the Flowering within you. To be Open is to Awaken the Healing Light that you may Truly Know Love.

Heaven is a place where Children play and every Child is the Face of God.

Know and Love the World. Know and Love all Living Beings. Know and Love Yourself. Know and Love.

Through Self Exploration and Evolution we can Manifest Profound Happiness. We can Uplift and Purify the World around us. We can Travel to Etheric Realms where the Mountains and the Rivers are extensions of our Spirit and Soul. We can Create a Reality built on Miracles. We can Fly through the Stars with Feelings of Peace in our Heart and We can stare Life in the Face and say I Love You.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, May 11, 2012

Doorways to Greater Awareness

I opened the Window to my Soul and saw my True Beauty. I now leave the Window Open that I may Breathe in Awareness. I opened the Door to my Spirit and saw my Authentic Self. I now leave the Door Open that i may let in more Light. I opened the Gateway to my Heart and saw You. I am Blessed.

The Flower of Life Blooms with the Power of Possibility. Today it is Possible to Heal with Guidance and Love. Today it is Possible to Live the Life you Want. At this Moment it is Possible Harvest your Dreams and Shout your Joy to the Heavens. This is the Time to take your Blossoming Spiritual Self and make your Possibilities Realities.

Life is a Divine Offering. Let us gather at Dusk and again at Dawn to Pray in Thanks for the Beauty that is Life.

Woven into our Lives is Awareness, Insight and Inspiration. Deepen your Love for Life by making your Journey a Soul Exploration. A Voyage of Grace and Beauty to an Empowered and Balanced Life. Smile with the Knowledge that from Dream to Reality life is an Open Book and You are the Author. Write something Beautiful.

Awaken and Empower You. Arise and Liberate your Natural Joy. Life is a Creation and You are a Creator. Create Positive Change and Eternal Love. Awake and Arise for the Future is now and You are Beautiful.

There is a Sacred Place in the Heart. A Supportive and Nurturing Place of Spiritual Enhancement where the Soul whispers Words of Wisdom. Live always in that Place and you will Transform and Ascend.

We are all Born with Beautiful Energy and Bountiful Gifts. Life is a vast Universe of Changes and Choices. A Soul Journey of Karmic Connections and Deep Spiritual Transformation. A Glowing Symphony of Contemplation and Meditation. We are all Born with Sacred Joy and Guidance from the Angelic Realm. Claim your Birthright.

Make a Difference in the Lives of those around You by Sharing the Vibration of your Spirit and Sacredness of your Soul.

When we are Thoughtful in Vision we Float on a Cloud of Knowing and move Forward on our Path. Be Aware in the Moment and the Magic Carpet of Life will lead you to the Ultimate Oasis and Union with the Divine.

Love is the Medicine of Miracles. A Smile, A Hug and A Kiss can Gently and Compassionately Heal the World.

Paint the Light within with the Bliss of Love. Sail the Ocean of your Soul with a Sense of Freedom and you will find Peace and Comfort at every Destination. Climb the Mountain of Spiritual Awakening and Rejoice. You are Alive!

Leave a Karmic Imprint of Insight and Inspiration. Use the Blueprint of your Soul to Create an Extraordinary Life that Serves as a Gift to Humanity. Make your Relationship with Sacred Mother Earth one of Blissful Absorption and Spiritual Immersion. Live in Lightness and Open your Heart as Wide as the Sky that all may See your True Beauty. The Secret of a Happy Life is to Share, Give, Bless and Live Love.

Meditation infuses your Life with spirit and Inspires your Soul to Smile.

Those who have the Courage to be Free connect to the Spirit World and open Doorways to Greater Awareness.

You have been Blessed. Blessed by Divine Energy. Blessed by Integrity and Truth. Blessed by Kindness and Compassion. Blessed by the Joy of Being. Blessed by Spiritual Enrichment. Blessed by Wisdom and Wonder. Blessed by the God and Goddess within. Blessed by a Community of Loving Support. Blessed by Light and Blessed by Love. You have been Blessed.

We are all Born with a Purpose. A Purpose to Live with Joy and Passion. A Purpose to Achieve Great Things. A Purpose to Create Positive Change and a Purpose to Love. Live Your Purpose.

I Live with Channeled Guidance. I Harvest Wisdom from the Soul and Embrace the Mystical side of Life. I Listen to my Angels and Communicate with my Ancestors. I See my Path Clearly and Live Cheerfully. I Awaken the Imagination and leave Unique Spiritual Fingerprints wherever i go. I have found my Freedom in the Philosophy of Kindness. I am Light. I am Love and I am The Ancient One.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, May 04, 2012

I Come to you in Prayer

Blessed Be for We are One Love. We are a Community of Higher Beings on a Journey to Supreme Bliss. We are Bathed in the Waters of Luminosity that we may Light the Path to Heaven. We are Beautiful beyond Imagining. We make the Universe Sparkle and the World a Better Place. We are Miracles Dancing in Divinity and We are a Living Manifestation of Love. Sunrise to Sunrise we are Blessed and We are Sacred.

Positive Inspiring People Light the Love in my Heart. They Change Lives by crossing the Spiritual Ocean and Illuminating Mind and Soul. They offer little Treasures of Insight which fill every cell of your Being with Love. Positive Inspiring People are those i call Friend.

Sit with me on the Banks of the River of Love an we will Sing a Song of Hope and Happiness which will Inspire the Earth to make room for Miracles.

Love Who You Are and Live Your Truth. Let the Ocean of Pure Joy that is your Essence bathe you in Healing Waters of Awareness and Enlightenment. You are a Divine Being and the World needs you to be Divine. Live your Highest Self and Share that Self with the Universe.

Open the Sacred Dimensional Doors of Possibility and become the Teacher, Healer and Visionary you are meant to be. Greatness and Beauty come from within. Look inside your Soul and you will find the Wisdom of the Ancients and they will Guide you to Be the Messenger of Transcendence and Transformation that is your Destiny.

Walk your Path Passionately for it is the Path of a Spiritual Warrior. Let your own personal Brilliance light your way as you Inspire all Sentient Beings. Wake up to New Possibilities and Ancient Wisdom. Opportunity is something you Create and Success is what you do with that Creation. Therefore it is our Destiny to Create a Path which Benefits all Humanity. Walk your Path Lovingly for it is the Path of a Spiritual Prophet.

Deep Peace and Wisdom come from Nurturing Calmness and Embracing the Bliss of the Universe.

Each of us must decide with every Thought and every Breath what will be our Contribution to the World. Will it be a Kind Word that helps Souls on their Journey, Will it be a Knowing Glance which lifts the Spirit of a fellow Seeker, Will it be a Loving Touch that Inspires the lost and lonely to Live Life Well or Will it be a Generous Smile that Reaches across the Universe and says I Love You? What will be your Contribution to the World?

The Light of the Heart is overflowing with Possibility. Let that Light Illuminate your Path that you may be a Transformational Catalyst. It is when we use the Light within us that the Greatest Changes occur.

Positive Attitude Flows in Alignment with the Divine when we turn our Dreams into Realities.

Live a Life Evolutionary and yours will be a Path that leads to Happiness. We are Born to Evolve Spiritually. It is our Birthright to Transform and Transcend. Let Love unfold and fall into Freedom as you Communicate with Spirit. All levels of Being come Together in Unity and Peace when we allow the Flow of Grace to Heal our Soul. We Experience more Light when we Realize that every Act of Kindness is a Revolutionary Act. Join the Revolution and yours will be a Journey of Miracles and Sacred Euphoria. Live a Life Revolutionary.

Be a Spiritual Creative. Life is Art and We are Artists of Spirit. Every Smile, every Kiss and every Kindness are Masterpieces in Heavens Gallery. We become more fully Alive when we Create something Beautiful. Sing a Song of Joy for Mother Earth, Dance under the Moon in Celebration of Who You are and Paint the Sky with Rainbows.

A Life of Inner Peace is Natures Gift to those who Live their Truth and Love Mother Earth.

A Smile is Sacred. A Laugh is Divine. Our Deep Spiritual Nature is Nurtured by Heart based Living. Illuminate and Transform by Smiling, Laughing and Sharing those parts of you that are Gifts from the Source. A Kiss is Holy. A Hug is Heavenly and You are Beautiful.

Set the Soul aflame by Embracing the Essence of Goodness. Bud and Bloom with the help of Angels and Guides. Awaken from the Dream and Create a Reality of Love.

Wake up to new Possibilities. Generate Joy and Live a Mindful Life. Share your Love and Feel better about Yourself. Create a Conscious Evolution and a Spiritual Revolution that will Please the Heart and Inspire the Soul. You are whatever you Choose to be. Choose Love!

I come to you in Prayer. Walk with me toward the Light of a new Humanity and Together we will Touch the Face of God.

Live your Life in a Compassionate Way and it will be a Happier Life. A Global Spiritual Awakening is under Way and those of us Immersed in the Purest Love are Sparks of Light who will Ascend thereby Illuminating the Path for all who Follow. May the Sun Shine upon all who Enhance every aspect of their Lives with Graceful Energy and Increasing Awareness for they are the Messengers, Mystics and Prophets of The New Dawn.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )