Friday, May 25, 2012

Whispers from the Soul

To Know Bliss is to Live an Authentically Happy Life. Light the Lamp of Love and Live your Dreams as you Open the Door to Expanded Consciousness and Angelic Inspiration. Be an Akashic Visionary by Listening to the Ancients, Ancestors, Angels and Guides. Build a Foundation of Energy, Awareness and Imagination. The Wisdom of the Earth is there to provide us with the Tools for Evolution and Ascension. To Know Bliss is to Live, Breathe, Feel, Experience, Embrace, Believe and Be Love.

Women are a Gift to us All. I have seen True Beauty and I call it Mother, Sister, Wife and Friend.

Celebrate Life and the Spirit within. Humanitys Evolution is ready to Emerge from its Cocoon and Reveal the Butterfly of Love and Kindness that is our Future.

Journey to the Heart of Love and Align with your Inner Being. Awaken to a Whole New Light and Positive Life Transformation. Let us gather Together in Mind and Spirit. Let us Play in the Garden of Grace and Gratitude. We are One and the Moment has come to Build Walls of Dreams and Houses of Love.

My Prayer for Humanity is one of Spiritual Revelation and Soul Based Revolution.

Express Gratitude for the Presence of Angels. Listen closely for Mother Earth is calling and those who answer with Love will Ascend.

Plant Knowledge and Create something Beautiful. Unite Soul and Spirit as an Expression of Hope and Harmony. Channel your Energies and Give Joyfully as you Radiate Love and Build a House of Truth. Through effort comes Wisdom and through Wisdom comes Goodness and Gratitude. Cherish your Humanity for within it is a Deep Kindness that will Manifest in a Fertile Life of Spirit. Plant Love and Create something Extraordinary.

Come with me to the Field of Possibilities and we will Bask in the Sunlight of Awareness.

The Whispers from the Soul are the Teachings of the Ancestors. Listen, Learn and Love.

Live in the Flow of the Sweetness of Happiness. Awake to the Cosmic Forces that abound and seek Joy in all Relationships. Happy are they who embrace Earthen Spirituality and Universal Love.

By cultivating Peace and Happiness we honor a Sacred Contract as we Glimpse into the Mystical. Life thrives for those who Live in Awareness of the Beauty and Lyricism of Nature. To Love the Earth is to Love ourself. We are the Earth.

Love Deeply and Live in Peace. Behold the Light within for it Inspires Joy. Life Transforms when we allow Love to Flow through every Cell of our Being. Caress the Heart, Embrace the Soul, Stimulate the Mind and Enrich the Spirit as you Ignite your Fire and Create Social Change. A Soul based Life creates a Journey of Bliss and Delight. You are the Creator of your Fate and Future. Create a Destiny you can Love and every Moment is a Miracle of Ecstasy and Enlightenment. Love is Who You Are.

Somewhere on the Outskirts of the Soul is a Warm and Loving Environment where Beauty Blossoms and Spirits Roam Free. Sprinkle Kisses on the Stars and come with me to where Earth and Heaven meet. I Love You.

Earth is Life. Life is Love. Love is Life. Believe in the Love you Embrace and your Soul Blooms into Being as your Spirit Blossoms.

We are of the Sun. We are of the Light. We are Beautifully Authentic and Blissfully Divine. We are Alive and We are Love.

Immerse yourself in Thoughtful Learning and move in a Positive Direction as you Sow Seeds of Light and Create something Beautiful.

Live from the Heart and Rise above Challenges. It is when we Live in a Joyful Way that our Dreams have Wings. Create a Stream of Consciousness where you experience Possibilities, Breakthroughs and Epiphanies. You are a Sacred Gift and by Embracing a Healthier Way of Living you Manifest a Miracle that Benefits the Soul and has a Monumental effect on the Spirit. Living and Loving is its own Truth. Do this and the Truth will not only set you Free it will Welcome you Home.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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