Friday, June 01, 2012

We are Souls of Love and Light

To Achieve Inner Peace one must Live Joyfully and Creatively. One must Embrace Complete Truth and Illuminate a Path to the Spiritual. One must Ignite the Light within and Bathe in Celestial Essence and Energy. The Path with Heart is the Path that leads to Heaven. The Path with Hope is the Path that leads to Greatness. The Path with Love is the Path that leads Home. To Achieve one must Transform. To Transform one must Ascend and To Ascend one must Love.

We are Souls of Love and Light. We are Spirits of Hope and Happiness. We are Messengers, Mystics and Masters. We are Miracles.

Heaven is a Playground and those of us who keep the Spirit of our Youth Alive. Look within and let your Inner Child out to Play.

We all Live in a World of Possibilities. It is Possible to Transform. It is Possible to let your Spirit Fly. It is Possible to Cultivate the Core of your Essence. It is Possible to Brighten your World. It is Possible to Create a Joyful Life. We all Live in a World of Possibilities and its just Possible that We can make it a World of Love.

I live in Absolute Joy when I see a Child Smile. I Experience Absolute Love when I feel the Breath of a Woman on my Soul. I am Happy for I am Loved.

Beloved Planet Earth I come to you a Humble Servant. I give you my Word that I will lead a Spiritual Life and Light the Way for others. I Vow to follow the Path to Ascension and Radiate Beauty while Empowering People with an Enlightened Perspective. Beloved Planet Earth I am an Angel of Guidance and I will Open peoples minds to Universal Truth and Spiritual Rejuvenation. I Pledge to Create Unique Opportunities and Manifest Awareness that all Humanity may Appreciate and Acknowledge your Love and Beauty. Beloved Planet Earth I Love You!

I am a Visionary of Light. I See my Path and I am Inspired to Enjoy Life and Immerse myself in Kindness.

Mother Earth watches over her flock and we who Feel her Presence are the Ones that will Thrive, Survive, Transcend and Transform.

Join me on a Spiritual Pilgrimage of Higher Vibrations and Angelic Energies. A Journey of Inspiring Messages and Genuine Spiritual Connections. A Voyage of Evolving Spirit and Collective Awareness. Join me and Together we will Change the World.

The Key to Life is to Feel Good and Love Yourself. Life is a Sacred Experience and by Embracing your Divine Self you Enhance Spiritual Development and Live the Miracle.

The soul speaks to us in dreams, inspiring us to embrace a personal relationship with our spirit guides that we may become enlightened beings.

Light the New Dawn with Heavenly Blessings. Open your Soul to the Sacred and Journey to the Highest Spheres of Kindness and Consciousness. Inspire every Thought with Earthly Awareness and Celestial Awakening. The New Dawn is here and You are Beautiful. Give yourself into the World that it may say Thank You for the Gift of You.

Light a Candle of Love that it may Illuminate the Path to Joy and Happiness. Light a Lamp of Wisdom that it may Guide you to a Life of Harmony and Balance. Light a Fire of Spirit that it may Inspire you to Breathe Change and Celebrate Wholeness. Love from the Inside Out and you Inspire the Soul. We are Beings of Light and by Sharing that Light we achieve Serenity and Create Transformation.

The Beauty of Existence has Captivated my Soul and Inspired me to Share the Love in my Heart with all of Humanity. It is my Desire to Manifest a Life of Joy that I may pass along that Joy to the Universe and all her Inhabitants. Today I Awake with a Loving Heart and a Joyful Spirit. These are my Gifts to You.

The Shaman Dreams of Sacred Words and Ancient Wisdom. Follow me into my Dreams and We will Voyage into Angelic Realms of Love and Light.

Earth is filled with Spiritual Content. Breathe in the Beauty that surrounds you and Rejoice in the Knowledge that Life is a Garden and We are Gardeners.

My Positive Affirmation is this: I will Live in Joy. I will Facilitate Transformation and See with Eyes of Compassion. I will Evolve my Soul to its Birthright of Clear, Pure Ethereal Healing Energy. I will Embrace Compassion and Grace. I will Open my Heart to Kindness and Inspiration. I will see Heaven in the Rainbows of my Happiness and I will Live in Light and Love.

Come with me on a Holy Adventure of Love and Infinite Light. We will Follow a Path of Divine Healing Energy to a Place of Inspiration and Imagination where Dreams become Realities. We will be Face to Face with Angels in a Loving and Supportive Environment. Come with me on a Sacred Journey of Wonder and Wellness. We will Commune with Spirit Guides and Open Gateways to Higher Dimensions. We will Create a Mighty Kindness that Inspires the Sun to Shine and the Soul to Smile. Come with Me...

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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