Friday, June 22, 2012

There are Angels at my Window

In my Vision of the future there is great Joy. There is a World of Peace where people Celebrate the Glory of the Universe. There is an Ocean of Oneness where Awakened Minds embrace the Spirit of Generosity. It is a Loving World. A World in tune with the Heavens where Angels guide us to Positive Experiences. A World where Waterfalls of Wisdom cleanse our Souls and Bathe us in Joyful Spirituality. In my Vision of the Future all are Happy. Who will Join me in making this Vision a Reality?

A Positive Reality grows in Gardens where the Infinite aspects of Beauty are Cultivated.

To Create a Happier Life drink from the Cup of Hope. Explore the Sacred World inside and Live your Life like a Poem of Love. Happy are they who Choose Love and then Nurture and Nourish it.

Blooming in the Meadow of Inspiration is Love. Love is a Gift you give yourself and Share with others. Make your Dreams come True by Living from the Soul and Loving from the Heart.

Brightest Blessings on this Beautiful day. The World belongs to us. Lets Create something Magickal born of Dreams that Inspires the Soul.

Every Child is a God for they are Pure and Innocent. Bless the Child and you Bless the World.

Live simply and embrace the Wholeness of things. Listen to your Angels and Celebrate the Wonders of Nature. Together we can Create a New World. Together we can bring Heaven Home. Together we can Love. Life is at its Happiest when Shared.

Walk with me along a Path of Welcoming where we will Communion with Kindred Spirits and Sacred Souls. We are a Blessing and a Gift. We are Divinely Guided Beings destined to Live from Connectedness. Sail with me along an Ocean of Spiritual Gratification where we will Communion with Evolutionary Forces and Universal Life Energy. We are Self Aware Messengers of Freedom destined to Expand and Enrich the Lives of all we meet. Dance with me.....

Seeker of Enlightenment live an Inspired Life. Enjoy the Journey and Express Gratitude for all your Blessings. You are a Divine Light on an all encompassing Spiritual Landscape of Love.

Positive Thinking will Guide you on a Cleansing Journey to your Higher Self.

In the Desert of my Soul there is an Oasis of Love where the Sun always Shines and the Heart always Glows.

Sometimes I Dream of Beautiful Portals of Light which lead to Landscapes of Love and I Awake Transformed.

There are Angels at my Window. They are Ministers of Love here to Share the Beauty of Life. They are filled with Joy for they Know that when the Soul learns to Smile the Universe will Open and all will Ascend. I hear Birds Singing and with the Angels they are Composing a Symphony of Love. My Spirit is flying Free to where the Sun and the Moon meet. My Destiny is a Limitless Sky and an Infinite Sphere of Kindness, Caring and Compassion. I Know the Miracle for I am the Miracle and I am Beautiful.

The Good we do for others Purifies the Heart and sets the stage for something Miraculous.

The Soul is as wide as the Sky and as deep as the Ocean. Immerse yourself in its Transcendent Beauty and you will emerge Transformed.

Bring your Heart to me and I will Awaken it to Possibility. We will Travel to places where Dreams Blossom and Dolphins Dance. We will Voyage to places of Illuminated Freedom and Inspired Peace. Bring your Heart to me and We will Live in Love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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