Friday, June 08, 2012

I Cast Light upon the Darkness

There is always Light when you Trust in Love. Change your Thoughts and Feelings and you Bloom into Being. The Gateway to Inspiration opens when we choose Transformation as a way of Life. The Time has come to Evolve Spiritually. Be your own Hero. Be your own Teacher. Be your own Mystic and Be your own Shaman. Trust your Heart for deep within it is a state of Unity and Bliss that will Nurture the Living Soul. We are the Weavers. We are the Light. Live in the Light.

Believe in the Love you Embrace. Believe in the Wonder of a Sunset. All thats Beautiful comes from Belief for when we Believe we see with eyes of Spirit.

Fan the Flames of Freedom, Fan the Flames of Love, Fan the Flames of Light and of God Above. Fan the Flames of Hope, Fan the Flames of Joy, Fan the Flames of Happiness for every Girl and Boy. Fan the Flames of Peace, Fan the Flames of Pride, Fan the Flames of Enlightenment and the Truth which lies Inside. We are the Fire, We are the Flame, We are the Fire, We are the Flame.....

I Pray in Prose for Life is but a Poem and I am but a Poet.

At this moment on Sacred Ground i give Birth to Healing Energy. I weave this Energy into the Fabric of Life creating a Garment of Love. I Share the Abundance and Blessings of this Energy that all may Benefit from its Healing powers. We are all Healers. We all have the Ability to Transform and Transcend. It begins with Belief. Believe in yourself and you become your own Healer. Believe in your Innate Spiritual Essence and you Heal the World. Believe in Love and the Heavens open. Believe!

We are the Breath of Life. Mother Earth is Alive within each of us and We are Poetic and Powerful Messengers of Transformation. We are the thing Dreams are made of and the Dream things are made of. Breathe in Positive Energy and Live your Dreams.

Drink from the Cup of Love and you Evolve to a Higher Reality where every day is a Miracle of Holistic Choices and Mystic Creations.

Tonight i cast Light upon the Darkness for the Darkness is not my enemy it is but another side of me. We who have truly seen Darkness better Appreciate the Light. Those of us who use our struggles as Inspiration know that anything is Possible. We who have crawled our way Home from the bowels of hell that we may Share our Love with all Beings are Ascending Souls. Tonight i cast Light upon the Darkness that all may see the Beauty of my Shadows.

Today i followed my Soul and was led to undiscovered Opportunities and Extraordinary Moments of Empowered Living. Today i followed my Spirit and was led to the Richness of the Earth and Miraculous ways to Inspire. Today i Followed - Tomorrow I Lead!

Blessed are they who have Compassion for all Life for they are the Ones who Guide people toward Enlightenment.

I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Light and I am Love. I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Hope and I am Joy. I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Transformation and I am Growth. I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Beauty and I am Bliss. I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Unity and I am Peace. I am Sacred, I am Human, I am Light and I am Love. I am Sacred and I am Human!

The Light of Truth is within your Reach. The Light of Hope is but a Dream away and the Light of Love is at Home in your Heart. Embrace the Light.

Live with Light. Live your Uniqueness by Voyaging through Abundant Gardens of Wisdom and Fertile Fields of Creativity. Be Alive in the Moment and Live your Higher Self. The Essence of who we are is Love. Live your Essence. Make every Thought a Flowing Affirmation and every Breath a Celebration of Spirit. Imagine the Unimaginable and Dream the Impossible. Rejoice in the Knowledge that Bliss is your Birthright. Live your Bliss.

In Celebration of Life i transmit Positive Energy and Blessings to All.

I Love you on a Soul to Soul Level for within my Soul is where my Inner Child resides and he is a Child born of Light and Love.

In Thoughts and Prayers i Embrace the Light of your Soul. In Esoteric Knowledge i walk a Path of Love, Compassion and Creativity. In Pleasure and Joy i manifest the Life i was Born to Live. In Oneness with the Universe i Live from the Heart and Love from the Soul. Life is a Sacred Relationship and i am a Faithful Partner. In Service to the Greatest Good i bring my Dreams into Reality. I am Truth, I am Beauty, I am Light, I am MicHEAL and I am The Ancient One.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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