Friday, February 22, 2013

We Are Made Of Light And Love

We are made of Light and Love. Shine your Light that all may Experience your Glory and Share your Love that all may See the Beauty of your Soul.

To be a Messenger of Transformation we must first Change ourself for when we Change the World around us also Changes.

When we can Walk through the Garden of Life and See the Reality of Existence we Bridge Dimensional Realms and enter into a Dwelling Place for Spirit and Soul.

Deep and Passionate is the Heart that is Spirit Inspired for it Knows that Heaven is not a Place in the Sky but a Place within where Love Blossoms.

Goodwill attracts Good People which Creates Good Opportunities which lead to a Good Life. Awake every day with Goodness in your Heart and yours will be a Good future where Good things happen. Be Good!

Be sure to take Great Pleasure in the Miraculous Journey that is Life. The more we Love and Appreciate our Life and the World around us, the Better a Place the World will Be.

The Sun, The Moon and The Stars are Divine Teachers and We are Students on the Road to Self Mastery.

Be Happy with Yourself. Speak with the Angels for they will tell you that You are Worthy. The Soul of the Sacred is within you. Ignite the Flame of Spirit as you are a Higher Being and the World is a Better place with you in it. Life is a Sonnet written on the Heart and every Word says I Love You. Be Happy with Yourself.

On the Horizon of Enlightenment you will find a Good Heart and a Generous Spirit. If you closely you will See they are Mine.

We are Cosmic Creations of Love. We are Children of the Divine. We are Sacred and Beautiful. We are the Glory of God and Goddess. We are the Enlightened Ones.

Smile at yourself in the mirror and look with Spiritual eyes for you will Experience your True Beauty.

From a Kind Heart Spirit Flows. Live a Life of Compassionate Action and you will Impact the World in ways Positive, Peaceful and Profound.

I approach everything in Life with Blissful Awareness and Positive Intention which allows me to leave an Imprint of Love.

This Moment is Yours. It is a Moment for Loving yourself and Loving others. This Moment is yours. It is a Moment for Dancing under the Light of a Joyous Moon. This Moment is Yours. It is a Moment to Nourish yourself from within and let Goodness be your Cause. This Moment is Yours.

Woven within the Soul of my Essence are Birds of Paradise that Guide me to other Worlds and Dimensions whenever they Spread their Wings and Fly.

In the Garden of my Soul there is a Statue of an Angel which Protects my Thoughts and Actions that I may Harvest Fruits of Love which will Nourish me for Eternity.

Be Beautifully Alive. Be a Light of Love that Shines on everyone you meet. Be a Breath of Kindness that Radiates from the Heart. Be an Inspiration that makes every Moment a Living Masterpiece. We can Be whatever we decide to Create. Be Sacred. Be Joyous. Be Happy. Be!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Heart Of Eternity

Just to be Alive at the same Time you Exist is to be at One with the Universe for You are Heaven and Earth and Together we Light the Heart of Eternity with Love.

The Flower of Love is a Work of Art shaped by Nature and placed on Earth to Light our Journey and Fire our Heart that we may know Pure Bliss and Enlightened Ecstasy.

Your Smile is a Poem that Caresses my Soul. Your Touch is a Song that Inspires my Spirit. You are a Work of Art that Elevates the Mind to an Enchanted Land of Dreams. We are Beautiful. We are Love!

Our Heartbeat is a Positive Mantra gifted to us by God and Goddess that we may Live our Lives in the Lap of Love as We make our way Home to Heaven.

I have Tasted who you are and all of Heaven rejoiced for you are the Nourishment my Soul needs and I am the Angel your Spirit desires.

My Humanity and Divinity are Lovers seeking to give Birth to a new Reality that Gives Love to All People.

I Believe that within the Soul of every Human Being there are Miracles at Work which will Transform our very Essence once we Realize that Self Discovery and Enlightenment are the same thing.

The Lightness of your Being becomes a Powerful and Inspiring Force when You send forth Positive Thoughts and Vibrations.

Connect to Mother Earth in ways that Celebrate the Spirit for You are a Being of Higher Evolution whose Destiny is to Improve the Lives of Others.

You can Change the World. You can Awaken the Spirit. You can Transform Lives for the Better. You can Live a Balanced Life of Happiness and Harmony. You can Touch Peoples Soul in ways Profound. You can Love and Respect yourself. These are the things that You can Do.

You are an inspiring individual and the sunlight of your soul illuminates the glow of your many gifts. Thank you for sharing your story and abilities. By sharing yourself you cultivate spirit and nourish the souls of all blessed to cross your path. I applaud your reality and celebrate what you have achieved. I wish you the freedom to be who you really are as you live your dreams. You are Loved!

May you open your heart to others as you live your destiny and May the seasons of transformation change you in ways that embrace a higher vibration.

May you honour the divine within as you discover the light of unity and May the music of your soul be a symphony which serenades the sunlight of enlightenment.

Born of Goodness. Born of Kindness. Born of Greatness. We are Born to Love in every Breath and Live every Moment as a Miracle.

The River of Dreams becomes an Ocean of Truth when we Open our Heart, Mind and Soul to the Reality of which way the Wind really Blows.

May yours be a Path of Gratitude that Transforms your daily Life by Connecting you with Spiritually Passionate People who will Open your Soul to the Truth that You are an Angel generated by Love.

Breathe Reverence and Respect into your Life by adopting a Positive and Peaceful Perspective that Reflects the Divine within You.

Respect Yourself enough to Believe that You are Worthy of the Highest State of Love.

We are all Stars in a Vast Universe of Love and Light where every Face is the Face of God.

I vow to begin my day with Goodness. I pledge to start my Morning with Kindness. I give my word that I will approach every moment with Love in my Heart. The Transformation has begun and I am Blessed.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Souls Of Light And Beauty

May the Beauty of Nature Inspire you to Live your Dreams as you Explore your Universe and May your Life be a Sacred Healing Ceremony that Creates Harmony and Peace within your Mind, Body and Soul.

A River of Love runs through each and every Soul it is up to us to let that River Flow Freely that it may Bathe and Cleanse those around us with the Light of Inspiration and Transformation.

Live Joyfully and make a Spirited Contribution to the Betterment of the World you Live in. They who are Selfless are Souls of Light and Beauty who Bless the World with Compassion and Kindness. Love Joyously and make a Soulful Contribution to the Betterment of your Life and the Lives around you.

Unique are they who Blossom from within as they find their True Path in Life. They are Flowers of Light in Earth's Garden who Gift us with Seeds of Creation that we too may Grow. They are the that which brings Peace and Positivity to the World we Live in. Blessed are the Unique.

To Live in Absolute Joy we must Love in Absolute Truth for Honesty and Integrity are those things which make the Spirit Soar.

Enriched are the Lives where Love is the Inspiration for a Lifetime of Opportunities and a World of Possibilities for they are the Masters and Mystics who will Lead us to a Greater Tomorrow.

Bless the Universe with your Love and Connect with Kindred Spirits who are One with Nature for it is when we show our Gratitude to Mother Earth that We open Portals into other Dimensions and Realities.

Discover the Treasure of Who you really are and Share that Gift with the World. You are a Compassionate Person of Spirit who is on a Healing Path of Exploration and Discovery. Voyage Deep within to a Place of Profound Understanding and Unconditional Love. Live Proudly for You are Sacred. We are Magnificent Masterpieces and once we Accept that Truth we can sit back and Enjoy the Wonder of it All.

A Positive Change has Transformative Power. We Experience Freedom within when we make Better Choices in our Life. Empower yourself by making Changes that Impact not only your World but the World of others and you will Live always in Love and Light.

Let us all Aspire to Change the World. Let our Creative Vision be one of Global Unity. Let our Divine Birthright be that of Transformation. Let us go Forward with the Knowledge that to Change the World we must first Change ourself. Let us be the ones to Save the Planet for future Generations. Let us all Aspire to Change the World.

Open and Aware are We who Embrace the Purity of Life with Sweet Wings of Faith and an Expression of Gratitude.

Inspire yourself. Be the Light that Guides your way. Be the Source of all the Good that enters into your Life. Be the Gift of Love that Touches your Heart. Inspire yourself.

i am beautifully imperfect. my imperfection is a divinely inspired source of love. those broken parts of my mind, body, soul and spirit are the things that transform dreams into realities. i am beautifully imperfect.

Not all of us see the Light at the end of the Tunnel, Some of us see the Light within while others see the Light in the Sky. The Important thing is that we Respect what each other See and that We encourage others to Find their own Light.

The Immortal Reality of an Awakened Soul and a Transformed Spirit is that they are One with the God in each of Us.

Mystical and Magickal are they who let their Light Shine Forth in ways that Honour the Divine within and Accelerate Spiritual Evolution.

My Soul is an Angel whose Beauty gives Expression to the Profound and whose Light Inspires me to Awaken to my Divinity and Share my Sacred Self.

Be a Breath of Light that Creates Joy and leaves a Positive Indelible Impression on every Soul you Touch and you will be given Wings that you may Ascend to your Rightful Place in the Heavens.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, February 01, 2013

The Eternal Essence Of Life

Nature is where Free Thinking Beings discover not only the Beauty of Life but the Grace and Glory that is within the Hearts of all Living Creatures.

Naked is my Inner Child as he collects Water from the Well of Transformation to Nourish his Spirit and Bathe his Soul for he Knows well that Water is the Eternal Essence of Life and we are its Offspring.

If you follow my Spiritual Footprints you will see that they lead to a Place in the Heart where a Beautiful Light connects God and Goddess in an Uplifting and Loving way that Invites you Home to your own Special Gifts.

Possibilities are Illuminated when we Awaken the Imagination. We are Creators and Spiritual Alchemists who if we so Choose can Transform our World into something Beautiful that Touches every Soul with great Love and Kindness.

Love is the Language of Angels. A Language true to the Heart that Speaks to the Radiant Beauty within. Speak to me with Loving Words and I will respond with Joyous Conversation that Touches the Soul.

When we Heal ourself we make a Positive Contribution to the World for the more Balanced and Whole we are the Better able we are to Share our true Beauty, Wisdom, Love and Light.

It is when Heaven and Earth align in the Heart and Soul of all Sentient Beings that Dreams turn into Realities.

Wisdom is an Innate Creative Gift passed down from the Ancients with the Intent of Creating a Better World.

Those of us who are Graduate Students at the University of Life take Pleasure in Serving for in our studies we have Learned that Giving and Sharing are Profound Gifts to be Worshipped and Respected.

I am Unique and Empowered. My Life is a Neverwaking Dream of Passion and Compassion. I Stand Proudly before the Cauldron of Transformation for I know that whatever Change comes will be my Destiny. Mine is a MultiDimensional Reality where the Soul is Guided by a Divine Presence to Places of Pilgrimage where Love is the only Truth. I am The Ancient One.

All the Sacred Nourishment we need is provided by Mother Nature and the Divine Feminine.

Insightful Listening and a Desire to Share will Create Positive Possibilities that will Enhance and Enrich your Life.

Blessings from Spirit. May the Love that is the Holy Essence of Life be Profoundly Embedded in your Soul as you Explore new Dimensions of Being and May you Intuit and Feel the Natural Flow of the Sacred as you Voyage into Realities of Lightness.

Within every Smile are Healing Springs of Hope and Peaceful Beauty that Inspire and Transform.

All Living Beings have the Potential to make a Positive and Lasting Impact on the World. We are all made of Spiritual Energy and have the Capacity to Create our own Universe. The Transformational Tool that will take us to the Holy and Magickal place of our Dreams is Belief.

Today I will cast a Spell of Goodness and Kindness. I will use my Magick to Create Miracles that Transform. I will use my Intuition to Breathe Spirit into those I Love. Today I will Manifest something Beautiful that Touches the Soul in ways Profound. This is what I shall do Today.

To have a Happy and Loving Home we must let our Soul Sing and our Spirit Dance for Freedom and Liberation are the Forces in the Universe that give us the Inspiration to Create a Better World and a Better Life.

( MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )