Thursday, February 07, 2013

Souls Of Light And Beauty

May the Beauty of Nature Inspire you to Live your Dreams as you Explore your Universe and May your Life be a Sacred Healing Ceremony that Creates Harmony and Peace within your Mind, Body and Soul.

A River of Love runs through each and every Soul it is up to us to let that River Flow Freely that it may Bathe and Cleanse those around us with the Light of Inspiration and Transformation.

Live Joyfully and make a Spirited Contribution to the Betterment of the World you Live in. They who are Selfless are Souls of Light and Beauty who Bless the World with Compassion and Kindness. Love Joyously and make a Soulful Contribution to the Betterment of your Life and the Lives around you.

Unique are they who Blossom from within as they find their True Path in Life. They are Flowers of Light in Earth's Garden who Gift us with Seeds of Creation that we too may Grow. They are the that which brings Peace and Positivity to the World we Live in. Blessed are the Unique.

To Live in Absolute Joy we must Love in Absolute Truth for Honesty and Integrity are those things which make the Spirit Soar.

Enriched are the Lives where Love is the Inspiration for a Lifetime of Opportunities and a World of Possibilities for they are the Masters and Mystics who will Lead us to a Greater Tomorrow.

Bless the Universe with your Love and Connect with Kindred Spirits who are One with Nature for it is when we show our Gratitude to Mother Earth that We open Portals into other Dimensions and Realities.

Discover the Treasure of Who you really are and Share that Gift with the World. You are a Compassionate Person of Spirit who is on a Healing Path of Exploration and Discovery. Voyage Deep within to a Place of Profound Understanding and Unconditional Love. Live Proudly for You are Sacred. We are Magnificent Masterpieces and once we Accept that Truth we can sit back and Enjoy the Wonder of it All.

A Positive Change has Transformative Power. We Experience Freedom within when we make Better Choices in our Life. Empower yourself by making Changes that Impact not only your World but the World of others and you will Live always in Love and Light.

Let us all Aspire to Change the World. Let our Creative Vision be one of Global Unity. Let our Divine Birthright be that of Transformation. Let us go Forward with the Knowledge that to Change the World we must first Change ourself. Let us be the ones to Save the Planet for future Generations. Let us all Aspire to Change the World.

Open and Aware are We who Embrace the Purity of Life with Sweet Wings of Faith and an Expression of Gratitude.

Inspire yourself. Be the Light that Guides your way. Be the Source of all the Good that enters into your Life. Be the Gift of Love that Touches your Heart. Inspire yourself.

i am beautifully imperfect. my imperfection is a divinely inspired source of love. those broken parts of my mind, body, soul and spirit are the things that transform dreams into realities. i am beautifully imperfect.

Not all of us see the Light at the end of the Tunnel, Some of us see the Light within while others see the Light in the Sky. The Important thing is that we Respect what each other See and that We encourage others to Find their own Light.

The Immortal Reality of an Awakened Soul and a Transformed Spirit is that they are One with the God in each of Us.

Mystical and Magickal are they who let their Light Shine Forth in ways that Honour the Divine within and Accelerate Spiritual Evolution.

My Soul is an Angel whose Beauty gives Expression to the Profound and whose Light Inspires me to Awaken to my Divinity and Share my Sacred Self.

Be a Breath of Light that Creates Joy and leaves a Positive Indelible Impression on every Soul you Touch and you will be given Wings that you may Ascend to your Rightful Place in the Heavens.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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