Friday, February 22, 2013

We Are Made Of Light And Love

We are made of Light and Love. Shine your Light that all may Experience your Glory and Share your Love that all may See the Beauty of your Soul.

To be a Messenger of Transformation we must first Change ourself for when we Change the World around us also Changes.

When we can Walk through the Garden of Life and See the Reality of Existence we Bridge Dimensional Realms and enter into a Dwelling Place for Spirit and Soul.

Deep and Passionate is the Heart that is Spirit Inspired for it Knows that Heaven is not a Place in the Sky but a Place within where Love Blossoms.

Goodwill attracts Good People which Creates Good Opportunities which lead to a Good Life. Awake every day with Goodness in your Heart and yours will be a Good future where Good things happen. Be Good!

Be sure to take Great Pleasure in the Miraculous Journey that is Life. The more we Love and Appreciate our Life and the World around us, the Better a Place the World will Be.

The Sun, The Moon and The Stars are Divine Teachers and We are Students on the Road to Self Mastery.

Be Happy with Yourself. Speak with the Angels for they will tell you that You are Worthy. The Soul of the Sacred is within you. Ignite the Flame of Spirit as you are a Higher Being and the World is a Better place with you in it. Life is a Sonnet written on the Heart and every Word says I Love You. Be Happy with Yourself.

On the Horizon of Enlightenment you will find a Good Heart and a Generous Spirit. If you closely you will See they are Mine.

We are Cosmic Creations of Love. We are Children of the Divine. We are Sacred and Beautiful. We are the Glory of God and Goddess. We are the Enlightened Ones.

Smile at yourself in the mirror and look with Spiritual eyes for you will Experience your True Beauty.

From a Kind Heart Spirit Flows. Live a Life of Compassionate Action and you will Impact the World in ways Positive, Peaceful and Profound.

I approach everything in Life with Blissful Awareness and Positive Intention which allows me to leave an Imprint of Love.

This Moment is Yours. It is a Moment for Loving yourself and Loving others. This Moment is yours. It is a Moment for Dancing under the Light of a Joyous Moon. This Moment is Yours. It is a Moment to Nourish yourself from within and let Goodness be your Cause. This Moment is Yours.

Woven within the Soul of my Essence are Birds of Paradise that Guide me to other Worlds and Dimensions whenever they Spread their Wings and Fly.

In the Garden of my Soul there is a Statue of an Angel which Protects my Thoughts and Actions that I may Harvest Fruits of Love which will Nourish me for Eternity.

Be Beautifully Alive. Be a Light of Love that Shines on everyone you meet. Be a Breath of Kindness that Radiates from the Heart. Be an Inspiration that makes every Moment a Living Masterpiece. We can Be whatever we decide to Create. Be Sacred. Be Joyous. Be Happy. Be!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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