Friday, December 27, 2013

Shine A Light On The Magick Within

when you polish your imperfections you shine a light on the magick within. the truth of who we are is that we are beings of holistic bliss and infinite blessings. by accepting our true self we open ourselves to the inspiration around us and are better able to see the vision of spirit in the air. flow and grow in the joy and grace of positive evolution as doing so creates a passion for helping others and an incentive to help yourself. the opportunity to awaken is here and the moment you embrace the reality that you are an enlightened soul your spirit will be uplifted and your heart will sing. be perfect in your imperfection for flaws are but flowers waiting to blossom.

do you realize the importance of your journey. do you know how significant your actions are. are you aware of how meaningful your life is. are you aware of how special you truly are. know that the greatest truth in life is that you are a beautiful being of light and you are loved.

let us exchange positive energy. let us share the love within. we each have within us the light of the divine and by sharing the beauty of our soul we make profound changes in our lives and the lives of those we touch.

open the door to healing and you let something extraordinary in. open the door to wholeness and you let something magnificent in. open the door to love and you let something miraculous in. welcome. come on in. my door is always open.

create beautiful things and yours becomes a life expressed as pure joy. there is beauty in passion, there is beauty in purpose, there is beauty in your smile, there is beauty in your touch, there is beauty in your heart and there is beauty in your soul. create sacred things and yours becomes a life expressed as pure love.

expect miracles and allow love to flow through you. it is by opening ourselves to possibilities that we begin to see truth and beauty. it is by believing in that which is beyond our reach that we begin to see magick and miracles. it is when we are open to belief that we transform and ascend.

you control your own destiny. fuel the imagination and build your dreams. be a prism of light and source of spirit that helps people grow. live from your essence and allow the deepest love within the freedom to fly. embrace the feelings that move you and move forward into a greater tomorrow. you control your own fate.

in moments of change the flames of opportunity illuminate a path to a place of sensitivity and insight where we may see our beauty and manifest our dreams. hold me in transformation and as we become one we will also become many and the glowing presence of our destiny will put a smile on our soul.

with joy and goodwill connect more deeply with spirit and you will create a higher awareness and enthusiasm for life that will transform you in ways that reach across the universe into realms of light and love.

in prayerful introspection see the eternal truth and beauty deep within as you provide inspiration for others and achieve the life you so desire.

the voice of the soul lovingly communicates the greater possibilities and sacred opportunities that are waiting for us in higher dimensions and the life beyond. listen to your soul and you change your life in a positive way that will guide you through eternity.

it is when we have the courage to heal that our life becomes a sacred journey of inner transformation and mystical revelations where we accept and love our true self.

toward the horizon i can see a spiritual solution that will one day lead us to planetary healing and transformation. therefore i choose to love each and every day with all my heart for i know that miracles can happen and i believe that joy and happiness will one day be our reward.

the light of your countenance is such as to inspire me with its radiant glow of love. you are a glorious melody and my soul dances in the presence of your glory and greatness. you are my friend. you are my every breath. you are my wife and the mother of our child. you are a gift and a blessing. i love you.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 20, 2013

Claim Your Joy

claim your joy. evolve with every beat of your heart. claim your joy. fully experience life. claim your joy. embrace compassionate spirituality. claim your joy. heal through awareness. claim your joy. soar into clarity. claim your joy. be open to the world around you. claim your joy. fall in love with yourself. claim your joy. live the truth of who you are. claim your joy.

Freely express your Humanity in ways that Enrich the Lives of Others and you not only Awaken to All that You Are, you also Awaken others to the Beauty of who they Are.

when we serve most lovingly we embrace our sacred self and embark on a wonderful journey of spirit where we live in light and love in a way that blankets the world with heavenly joy.

i share with you direction and guidance. i embrace you with the bright light of understanding. i gift you with inspiration that turns dreams into reality and opens the door to self empowerment. i love you.

live in light and you will have harmony within. we who listen to the ancient heartbeat of sacred mother earth and respond with love are the ones who will change the world.

life is miraculous when we live with purpose and seek to open hearts. a positive direction and perspective makes one feel more alive and instills a feeling of peace and harmony. let us come together as a conscious spiritual community of magickal light beings and celebrate the beauty and richness of life, love and each other.

it is by awakening the love within that we bring more happiness into our life and inspire ourselves to walk a path of joy and wonder where every moment is miraculous and profound.

i have bled and i have risen for i am worthy of happiness. i have been broken and i have risen for i am deserving of love. it is the light within that guides me to rise. it is the sacred within me that moves me to persevere. i will always rise for i am a person of value with a destiny that is divine. i have been battered but i have risen for i am the ancient one.

positive thought and heart centered action have a transformative power that can change your life forever. to create a joyful life and a greater sense of harmony we must first believe it is possible and then take action in a way befitting the beautiful angel we are destined to be.

embrace the light and you feel more empowered. embrace the truth and you feel more aware. embrace the sacred and you feel more spiritual. embrace the love and you feel more alive. life is a warm loving embrace for those who walk their path with their arms wide open.

listen with your heart and celebrate the sacred for it is when we open ourselves more fully to the beauty within that life becomes a rewarding experience of limitless joy.

help people heal and yours will be a blessing infused life of love where the soul evolves in ways that leave you spiritually refreshed and embrace by the divine.

be true to yourself and you create wholeness. live an authentic life of gratitude and appreciation and you will experience more joy and happiness. higher living is the result of higher thought and higher action. love yourself and you manifest miracles.

yours is an inspirational story. you are a beautiful flower and the book of your life is one of blossoming and transformation. Each chapter is significant and meaningful. you are meant to touch lives in ways positive and profound. you are a fascinating individual of character whose very essence is glorious. yours is an inspirational story.

let us all come together in divine purpose. connecting and communicating in ways that tear down barriers and build bridges to a better way of life. with love and positive thought and action we can create an empowered future overflowing with spirit.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 13, 2013

There Is Always Love

there is always a higher and better way. there is always an opportunity to serve the greatest good. there is always a place for peace and tranquility. there is always sacred worth in the human spirit. there is always enough light to decorate your soul. there is always time for relevant change. i live my life with the knowledge that no matter the challenge if i look deep enough there is always love.

love and acceptance stimulate the spirit, expand consciousness and gently guide us through transformation and ascension.

i have something to give. no matter how battered my spirit i persevere because i know my worth. no matter how bruised my soul i forge ahead because i know value. no matter how beaten my body i continue to climb because i know my significance. once again i rise. once again i soar. once again i fly. mine is a life of meaning and contribution. i have something to give.

there is a greater wisdom in the soul of those who live without limitations for it is when we push the boundaries of existence that we find the greatest treasures and discover the greatest truths.

there is joy in every breath when we embrace our beautiful planet and allow the great winds of happiness to transport us to a place of joyous loving relationships where every moment is precious and all people dance freely in the light of a better tomorrow.

life becomes a beautiful tapestry woven of joy and happiness when we celebrate the things we love in a soulful way that honors all things sacred and inspires others to share their light.

the gift of transformation is something we give ourself. we give it when we cleanse our soul. we give it when we sail on oceans of inspiration. we give it when we create nurturing environments that enrich and enlighten. we give it when we walk a path of healing and empowerment. we give it when we seek to liberate and illuminate the lives of others. we give it when we truly love ourself. the time has come to gift yourself with the treasure that is transformation.

if you are in need of love and light know that i am here. if you are in need of love and light know that we are here. if you are in need of love and light know that you are here. love and light are always here and once you know and believe it your life transforms.

it is not those times when you cant see the light that are the most difficult. it is those times when you see the light but just dont care. it is those instances when life has beaten you to within an inch of your life and you feel you have no fight left in you. it is that moment when light stops being saviour and starts being apathetic and unsympathetic. i have walked this path many times in my life and have always risen. i am a survivor. i am the hero in my book of life. i refuse to allow those without heart, without soul, without conscience to keep me down. at the end of the day it is my belief in my innate goodness that keeps me alive and inspires me to help others. so when darkness and light become different sides of the same coin know that you can find me in the periphery of an alternate reality playing with my inner child. i am brave, i am strong and i am beautiful. this is who i am.

positive perceptions and beliefs enhance and enrich the lives of those who live their truth and embrace their wholeness. theirs is a blossoming path of empowerment, meditation and prayer leading to a rich inner life. cultivate the positive and you liberate you spirit and soul.

a meaningful loving life is achieved when we find freedom within and soar on the wings of intention to a place of timeless wisdom and pure giving where joy is our new reality.

when you awaken the knowledge within you reach a higher spiritual reality. when you manifest your souls purpose you enter a new awareness which will guide you to the life you deserve. life is beautiful when we are awake and aware.

you are a spirit child. a child of light born of love. you are soul being. a being of bliss born of pure heart and divine purpose. you are a miracle to be shared.

a positive outlook brings peace into the soul and elevates your sacred vibration. a belief in yourself opens you to all blessings and infuses the spirit with infinite power. compassionate choices allow the flower of life to blossom in ways that fill our heart with hugs and happiness. the joy and beauty of life is that we by our thoughts and actions can create goodness and greatness.

( by MiCHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, December 06, 2013

Consciously Create What You Desire

consciously create what you desire. create a life immersed in pure spirit. create a better future of deep gratitude where you surround yourself with beauty. create a journey of light that ignites passion and purpose. create a bliss inducing mission to help humanity. consciously create what you desire.

ancestral guides and angelic overseers lead me to a place of peace where lifelong dreams become infinite realities that i may in my turn lead others to live their dreams and love their life.

choose to believe that within you is a transforming energy that can make yours a happier and healthier life. choose to believe that by exploring higher realms you open the door to infinite possibilities. choose to believe that yours is a life of meaning and significance. choose to believe in your greatness and the miracle of your existence. choose to believe!

unfolding before us is a feeling of love. it is an all encompassing energy that blankets the soul. it is a gift from higher dimensions meant to uplift and inspire. we need only accept its beauty and embrace its truth for ours to become a life of sacred experiences where balance, harmony and bliss are the blessings that make each moment heaven on earth.

we reach new heights of joy when we walk a path of heart that opens our spirit to peace and our soul to miracles.

within each heart is a place of divine love and by opening your heart and sharing that love you have a positive impact on others that is transformational and truly wonderful.

a happy and meaningful life is the reward for those who accept their true self for by embracing the beauty of who we are we transmit healing energy and manifest infinite and profound spiritual guidance and inspiration. it is the belief that we create and control the joy in our lives that moves us forward to a place of positive change. your life has more meaning when you acknowledge the meaning of your life is love.

you deserve to be loved. connect more deeply with others. share your beauty and truth. activate more happiness. you deserve to be loved. awaken the joy within. nurture your sacred self. know that you are worthy. you deserve to be loved. believe in your greatness. embrace your magnificence. accept that you are a blessing and a gift. you deserve to be loved. i love you.

from within your heart is a reservoir of positive energy that illuminates your highest and greatest good. open your heart and release its content for you are an angel of enlightenment born to bring bliss to the world.

when we nourish the light within we create a spiritual environment overflowing with positive thoughts, ideas and actions in which we honour one another and experience each and every moment of our lives in a loving way.

yours is a unique spiritual path of greater soul insight and deeper awareness. look at the beauty within and let the purest light of its love guide you to experience life in ways that serve the betterment of all humankind.

walk a sacred path of spirit and feel the love and warmth of truth and beauty flow into your life for it is when we embrace our divinity that hearts and heavens open.

positive changes and a divine consciousness ignite the spark within which moves the spirit to a place of freedom, the soul to a place of peace and the heart to a place of love.

in quiet reflection i embark on a path to transforming with wholeness of mind and spirit as my goal. in spontaneous inspiration i am empowered and exhilarated by the experience of profound healing i receive from every smile and warm embrace. in esoteric philosophy i have come to believe that more joyful feelings are mine to create. in quiet reflection i embark on a path to love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )