Friday, December 20, 2013

Claim Your Joy

claim your joy. evolve with every beat of your heart. claim your joy. fully experience life. claim your joy. embrace compassionate spirituality. claim your joy. heal through awareness. claim your joy. soar into clarity. claim your joy. be open to the world around you. claim your joy. fall in love with yourself. claim your joy. live the truth of who you are. claim your joy.

Freely express your Humanity in ways that Enrich the Lives of Others and you not only Awaken to All that You Are, you also Awaken others to the Beauty of who they Are.

when we serve most lovingly we embrace our sacred self and embark on a wonderful journey of spirit where we live in light and love in a way that blankets the world with heavenly joy.

i share with you direction and guidance. i embrace you with the bright light of understanding. i gift you with inspiration that turns dreams into reality and opens the door to self empowerment. i love you.

live in light and you will have harmony within. we who listen to the ancient heartbeat of sacred mother earth and respond with love are the ones who will change the world.

life is miraculous when we live with purpose and seek to open hearts. a positive direction and perspective makes one feel more alive and instills a feeling of peace and harmony. let us come together as a conscious spiritual community of magickal light beings and celebrate the beauty and richness of life, love and each other.

it is by awakening the love within that we bring more happiness into our life and inspire ourselves to walk a path of joy and wonder where every moment is miraculous and profound.

i have bled and i have risen for i am worthy of happiness. i have been broken and i have risen for i am deserving of love. it is the light within that guides me to rise. it is the sacred within me that moves me to persevere. i will always rise for i am a person of value with a destiny that is divine. i have been battered but i have risen for i am the ancient one.

positive thought and heart centered action have a transformative power that can change your life forever. to create a joyful life and a greater sense of harmony we must first believe it is possible and then take action in a way befitting the beautiful angel we are destined to be.

embrace the light and you feel more empowered. embrace the truth and you feel more aware. embrace the sacred and you feel more spiritual. embrace the love and you feel more alive. life is a warm loving embrace for those who walk their path with their arms wide open.

listen with your heart and celebrate the sacred for it is when we open ourselves more fully to the beauty within that life becomes a rewarding experience of limitless joy.

help people heal and yours will be a blessing infused life of love where the soul evolves in ways that leave you spiritually refreshed and embrace by the divine.

be true to yourself and you create wholeness. live an authentic life of gratitude and appreciation and you will experience more joy and happiness. higher living is the result of higher thought and higher action. love yourself and you manifest miracles.

yours is an inspirational story. you are a beautiful flower and the book of your life is one of blossoming and transformation. Each chapter is significant and meaningful. you are meant to touch lives in ways positive and profound. you are a fascinating individual of character whose very essence is glorious. yours is an inspirational story.

let us all come together in divine purpose. connecting and communicating in ways that tear down barriers and build bridges to a better way of life. with love and positive thought and action we can create an empowered future overflowing with spirit.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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