Friday, April 27, 2012

Arise to a World of Change

Live your Ideas. Thoughts are Realities waiting for a place they can call Home. Think Positive and Create a Reality so Positive as to Inspire the Sun to Shine a little Brighter.

I wish for Light and Peace on Earth. I wish that all Immerse themselves in that which makes the Heart Happy. I wish for all to Awaken to the Reality that we are Connected by Spirit. I wish more people would Believe in Magick and Miracles. I wish for a Land of Joy where none go hungry. I wish for Life to be a Garden of the Heart where Love is a Way of Life. It is only with the Help, Guidance, Friendship and Support of others that We can make those Wishes come True. I Wish........

Our Heartbeat begins to Glow when we Accept and Embrace our Spiritual Essence.

You are a Beautiful Gift to the World. The Spirits Dance with Joy whenever you Smile. Love Yourself with all your Heart and Life will Flow in ways Passionate, Profound, Magickal and Miraculous.

Live more Compassionately. Love more Spiritually. Through Kindness and Caring we Evolve as Beings of Light. Live and Love with Joy in your Heart.

The Tools for Positive Change are: Internal Aliveness, Karmic Connections, Infinite Gratitude, True Inspiration, Greater Self Awareness, Inherent Wholeness, Earth Healing Spirit, Collective Consciousness, Sacred Wisdom, Social Awareness, Evolutionary Values, Visionary Mysticism, Soul Progression, A Divine Voice and Infinite Fields of Love.

We are capable of Becoming that which Lights the World. We are capable of becoming Beacons of Love. We are Transformative, We are Transcendent, We are Beautiful and We are Capable.

A Perfect Miracle is one in which All are Loved. A Miracle that Ensures that not one Soul goes hungry. A Miracle where Peace and Freedom are Universal. A Miracle where we Widen and Deepen our understanding of Spirit. A Miracle where everyone has a Place they can call Home. Where is that Perfect Miracle and Who will help me find it?

I am Washed by the Waters of Love and Transformed for the Better.

Seek New Landscapes of Spiritual Exploration. Embrace the Higher Self and Rejoice in the Brilliance of Who You Are. A World of Shared Good is a World in Contact with the Divine. Seek not Hindsight but Kindsight. See with Soulful Eyes the Kindness in others and in return they will See the Kindness in you. Explore, Expand and Experience a World of Kinship where the Collective Vision is one of Kindsight.

The Soul is a Sacred Garden where Seeds of Joy and Love Blossom into Being. To have a Happy Life we need only spend more time in the Garden.

Our Soul Mission on Earth is to be Kind to each other. Our Collective Cosmic Destiny is to Live Together in Peace and Freedom. Our Spiritual Purpose is to Gift the World with our Love. Open yourself to the Sacred and Celebrate the Beauty of Being and the Miracle of Living.

My Inner Child has a Puppy and at night they cuddle up inside and help me fall Asleep.

Every Word I send out into the Universe is meant to be Shared. My Words are a Blanket of Love and every Soul is my Inspiration.

When one Heart speaks to another the Universe Rejoices for the Language of Love is the Greatest Gift of Life. Speak with your Heart, See with your Soul and Walk in Spirit. Illuminate your Life with Joy and Goodness. From my Heart to yours I say I Love You.

Child of the Earth experience the Awakening of Aliveness and Ascension. Arise to a World of Change where Expanded Consciousness and Empathic Development are Pure and Natural. The New Way is a Joyful Way and all who Embrace it on a Deep Soul Level will Transform and Transcend. Child of the Earth Welcome Home.

Life is to be Explored and Enjoyed. Let your Spirit soar and your Creativity Sing as you Discover a Love for Beauty and a Passion for the Sacred.

Love is a Gift you Share with Joy and Abandon. It is a Treasure beyond your wildest Dreams to be Cherished. Rejoice in the Beauty of Love for it is the Light of your Soul and Passion of your Heart. It is Healing and Transformative. It is Evolutionary and Enlightening. It is Liberating and Inspiring. Love is the Tree of Life which you Climb one Branch at a Time for every Branch contains something and someone else to Love. I give to you the Gift of Love that you may Share it with the World.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, April 20, 2012

Incorporate Love into every Moment

Be the Navigator of your Life. Sail the Seas of Grace, Gratitude and Generosity as you Engage and Enrich the World. Those who have the Courage to lead a Spiritual Life are Radiant as a Summer Flower. Change, Evolve and show your Courage by Shifting your Perception and Awakening the Kindness within. Have a Loving Relationship with Yourself and You open your Life to new Opportunities, Experiences and Possibilities. Be the Navigator of your Life and set your Compass for Utopia.

Love and Respect Yourself. The Victorious and Courageous are those who Accept, Acknowledge and Appreciate the Beauty of their Existence. The more you Love Who You are the more the Universe will Bless You.

Life is meant to be Playfully Experienced. Live, Laugh, Love and Celebrate.

Incorporate Love into every Moment of your Life and yours will be a Life worth Living. A Life Blessed and Beautiful. A Life where the Bliss of your Being impacts the Universe in a Positive Way.

A Time of Miraculous Change is upon us. There is Joy in the Journey for the Sun is in our Hearts Illuminating our Path. Explore, Enjoy and Share your Unique Gifts for as the World Transforms so do We.

Leave a Unique Imprint on the Souls of those you meet. Make Deeper Spiritual Connections and Journey to Landscapes of Inspiration and Imagination. Walk to the Edge of the World and Touch the Heart of the Elders. Life is an Adventure of Holiness and Happiness. Sacred are they who Smile when they Love.

Walk with me through Forests of Joy where we will Dance with Leaves in our Hair and Love in our Heart.

Craft your Future with a Positive Message and Transformational Teachings. Know that a Fresh Perspective and a Sense of the Sacred will Release the Joy within. Those who are Truly Inspiring are those who Serve the Greater Good. Craft your Future with Kindness and Compassion. You are the Past, Present and Future.

Live Life in the Flow of Spiritual and Cultural Evolution. Heal, Grow and Transform by using your Creative Energies to Experience more Joy and Freedom. Life is at its Best when we Live our Greatest Self.

It is when we Live with a Sense of Wonder and Hope that we Grow and Evolve. The Dignity of Human Life makes us True Spiritual Warriors on a Quest for Greater Purpose and Profound Change. Embrace Life Fully by Immersing yourself in Nurturing Activities and Soul Changing Lessons of Love. Magick happens to those who Live their Love and Love their Life.

Angel of the Morning Inspire me with your Loving Touch. Angel of the Evening move me with your Heartfelt Guidance. Angel of my Soul embrace me that I may know True Joy. Angel I Love You.

Welcome what is Already here for that which you Believe is Beyond your Reach is Within. The Presence of Love is everywhere. Listen to the Voice of your Soul and Connect with your Beauty. Welcome Home.

Let your Soul Dance. Life is meant to be a Celebration. A Joyful Journey of Treasured Relationships and Lessons in Love. Let your Spirit Sing. Life is meant to be an Ethereal Experience. A Profoundly Enriching voyage of Boundless Love. Let your Heart Smile for when we Dance our Soul and Sing our Spirit we are truly Home.

Love Dwells in all Beings radiating Divine Grace and bringing people Together in Celebration of Life. May all Beings be Happy and May all Beings embrace the Love within.

Blessed Child of Light I Love You. You Lift me to the Heavens that I may see the Sacred in all things. You Nurture my Soul and Inspire me to Awaken to who I really am. You touch all our Lives letting us know that We Are One. You are the Stranger i see on the Street and the Angel i see in the mirror. Blessed Child of Light I Love You.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, April 13, 2012

I See the Angel in my Soul

Brightest Blessings on this Beautiful Day. Blessings of Love to One and All. I give to you Joy and Light that you may Share it with others. I give you my Heart and Soul that it may Inspire you to Awaken fully to Life. Blessings on your Journey. Blessings of Kindness, Caring and Compassion. We are Unique. We are Snowflakes from Heaven that Radiate Love and Light. We are Beautiful. Brightest Blessings on this Beautiful Day. I Love You.

Treat your Life with Gratitude. Live more Mindfully and Create a Life you Love. Dance, Sing and Chant for Life is a Celebration. Ours is an Evolutionary Journey and our Destination is a Place of Joy and Reverie. Welcome to your Future - Make it something Beautiful.

Yours is a Beauty that Harnesses the Sun and makes the Soul Smile. It is Natural and Breathtaking. It is a Gift from God and Goddess which Inspires the Spirit. You are Beauty. You are Truth. You are Light and You are Love.

Your Soul is filled with Sacred Wells of Healing Energy. Look inside for there is Magick within you. Open your Heart to Love and Joy. You are capable of Greatness. Do that which makes your Heart Sing. Life is a Song and you are a Singer. Make every Song a Song of Love, Peace, Freedom, Happiness, Health and Beauty.

Awaken to a Brand New Day. A Day of Compassionate Awareness and Higher Understanding. Arise to a New Dawn. A Dawn of Joyful Existence and Love Profound. Awake and Arise.

With Respect and Love I communicate from the Heart a Message of Hope and Happiness which Connects deeply with the Soul. Live and Love Wisely. Make every Moment a Mystical Experience of Positive Change. Beyond this World is a Garden and I will meet you there and Together we will Manifest an Environment of Peace, Freedom, Beauty and Truth.

The Arms of Sacred Mother Earth are many that She may Embrace all her Children with Love and Light.

I Meditate to the Heartbeat of all Life. With Integrity and Wisdom i Sail on a Wave of Inner Peace. The Presence of Angels has Cleansed my Spirit and made mine a Life well Lived. I walk an Enlightened Path of Freedom and Bliss where Personal Transformation is a Choice to be Cherished. Bless each and every Soul who has Contributed to my Spiritual Education. I am Better Man today than i was yesterday and I will be a Better Man tomorrow than i am today. I am The Ancient One with Heart of Buffalo Journeys with Spirit of White Wolf.

The Voice of an Angel whispered in my Soul a Message of Mystic Enchantment and Profound Wisdom. I was Inspired to Explore Greater Realities and Dedicate my Life to Truth and Love. Listen to your Angel and Know that We are never alone for we are Precious and We are Loved.

I Opened the Window of Wellness and found a Soul Centered Life of Bliss. I Opened the Door to Enlightenment and found a Spirit Centered Life of Love. It is when We Open ourselves to Possibility that we Find what we are Looking for and what we need.

Breathe from the Spirit. See from the Soul. Live from the Core of your Being and Love from the Heart. Life is a Creation and We are Carpenters of Consciousness. Together we can Build a House of Inspiration, A Community of Kindness and a World of Love.

This Moment is a Gift. This Day is a Day of Opportunity. This Time is a Time of Transformation. Greet this Moment with Imagination and Expanded Awareness. Greet this Day with Grace and Gratitude. Greet this Time with a Peaceful Soul and a Loving Heart. Explore your Highest Purpose and Rejuvenate your Mind as you Cultivate Serenity, Bliss and Beauty. Love is Resplendent for those who See with Spiritual Eyes. This Moment is a Blessing....

I see the Angel in my Soul and I am Inspired. Within each of us is an Angel that Breathes Happiness. Embrace your Angel.

The Whispers of the Ancients are Guiding me to Nurture my Mind and Spirit. The Voices of the Ancestors are leading me to the Sacred Flame that i may see my Life in all its Glory. The Wisdom of the Angels is eliminating negative Thoughts and Creating Positive Transformation. I Live a Life of Love because I Listen and Learn.

I Greet this day with Gratitude and i Greet every Soul i meet with Love. Welcome to my Life.

Share with me your Wisdom. Share with me the Beauty of Who You Are. Share with me the Light within your Soul and the Love within your Heart. Share with me and I will Share with you. I will Share my Knowledge. I will Share the Blossom of my Being. I will Share the Glory and Greatness of every Life i have Lived. Share with Me.

Float with me in the Womb of Life and Together we will Honor the Beauty of the Natural World.

Life is a Blossoming Tree and We are Seeds of Self Expression. Believe in the Wonder of your Existence and Create a Life you Love. The Universe within you is Magickal and Mystical. Be a Bolt of Inspiration and let your Desire to Make a Difference guide you to a more Authentic Life. A Life of Extraordinary Achievement and Evolution of Spirit where you Reap the Benefits of your Sacred Journey and Experience Deep Joy.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

Friday, April 06, 2012

We are Born with Greatness

Blossom into Life. Be a Flower of Spiritual Transformation. Caress the Earth with every Breath and Shine your Light for all to see. Taste the Richness of Positive Possibilities and Feel the Miracle of Being. The Time has come to Give Life to your Dreams. Walk in Beauty, Sing to the Heavens and Soar with the Angels for you are a Celestial Being. We become more Beautiful when we Serve the Greater Good. Be Genuinely Thankful and you Grow Spiritually. Bring your Hands into Prayer and make this a Prayer that begins and ends with the words I Love You! Amen!

The Sun is a Cleansing Prayer that Greets me every Morning with Love and Light.

Dedicate your Life to Helping others. To Enlightened Explorations that place you firmly in the Loving Arms of Sacred Mother Earth. Believe in Miracles and you establish a Conscious link with the Divine. We Journey to Higher states of Love and Joy when we Dedicate ourselves to making the World a Better place. Dedication Inspires Transformation.

From the Seed of Spirit grows the Tree of Life. Awake and Arise. Let the Positive Energy of the Sun warm your Soul and Inspire you to Sing your Heart Open. You are Born of Good Thoughts and Actions. You are Born of Love. Embrace your Birthright and Share its Beauty. Know that You are a Seed from the Tree of Life and from You will grow something Sacred and Beautiful.

My Spirit wants to know if your Spirit can come out and Play. They can Share their Unique Gifts as they Frolic through Fields of Friendship. They can fill their Hearts with Light and Transform Dreams into Reality. They can Inspire us to Honour everything in Life. My Soul wants to know if your Soul can come in and Love.

Please See that which is before you. Please See the Beauty that surrounds you. Please See my hand outstretched in Friendship. Please See your own Divinity. Please See the Light of Awareness. Please See the Path to Wellness. Please See the Best of Yourself. Please See the Fire of Freedom. Please See the Wisdom of Hindsight. Please See the Seed of all Creation. Please See the Power of Kindness. Please See the Soul of Nature and Please See the Breath of Life. Please, Please, Please! Thank You!

A Great and Wondrous thing happens every morning when i Awake. I am overcome with Joy for the Gift of Life, the Gift of Love, the Gift of Opportunity and the Gift of Freedom. My Gifts are many and I Embrace the day with Gratitude. I am Blessed.

I am the Morning Sun and I am Radiant. I am the Evening Moon and I am Glorious. I am the Light of Life and I am Miraculous. I am You and You are Beautiful.

I Pray for Deep Knowing and Insight that i may Guide people on their Journey of Spirit. I Pray for Inspired words from within that i may Touch people in a way that Impacts them Positively. I Pray for the Highest Good and Purpose in all that i do that i may Serve Humanity with Love. Life is a Prayer and we are Messengers of Spirit. Explore with me the Deeper Meaning of Existence and Together ours will be a Prayer that brings Joy and Happiness to the World. Amen.

Child of the Universe embrace my Spirit and Nurture my Heart. Father of the Sky elevate my Soul and Illuminate my Path. Mother of the Earth hold me close and say I Love You. We are here to Love and be Loved nothing more nothing less. Good Morning I Love You.

I am Earth and Stone. I am Love and Light. I am the Best part of you as You are the Best part of Me. We are Beautiful.

Let Wisdom Guide You. Live your Heartfelt Purpose and make that Purpose to Serve the Greater Good. Positive Transformation occurs when we Walk in Tandem with the Universe. We are Celestial Beings. We are Angels on Earth. Heaven is in our Heart and Nirvana is in our Soul. We are Enlightened Travelers of Divine Spiritual Essence. A New Awakening is reaching out to us. Love your Life for your Life is Love.

Set your Souls Compass to Heaven. Point your Life in the Direction of Love. Chart a Course to Joy and Happiness. Where we go in Life is our Choice. Choose places that Elevate the Spirit. Choose places that Inspire the Heart and Choose places that Stimulate the Mind. Journey towards a Destiny of Bliss and Beauty.

We are Born with Greatness. We are Gifted with Harmonic Vibrational Energies that Cleanse the Soul and Uplift the Spirit. We are the Dreams come True for Higher Powers. We are a Treasure of Beauty that takes your Breath away. We are Love.

Women are the most Beautiful Flowers in Gods Garden. I bow at the Temple of the Feminine for Earth is my Mother and She is Breathtaking.

Every Cell of your Being is Connected to the Love that Exists within. Horizons Expand when we Acknowledge, Accept and Appreciate that Love is Who, What and Why we are. Love is our Destiny and the Destiny of every Living thing. Experience your True Self, Lighten your Spirit, Discover your Passion and Create some Unique that Serves the Greater Good of Humanity. The Path to Connectedness begins with an Awareness that Inspires and continues with a Love that Knows no Bounds. Live your Love.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )