Friday, April 06, 2012

We are Born with Greatness

Blossom into Life. Be a Flower of Spiritual Transformation. Caress the Earth with every Breath and Shine your Light for all to see. Taste the Richness of Positive Possibilities and Feel the Miracle of Being. The Time has come to Give Life to your Dreams. Walk in Beauty, Sing to the Heavens and Soar with the Angels for you are a Celestial Being. We become more Beautiful when we Serve the Greater Good. Be Genuinely Thankful and you Grow Spiritually. Bring your Hands into Prayer and make this a Prayer that begins and ends with the words I Love You! Amen!

The Sun is a Cleansing Prayer that Greets me every Morning with Love and Light.

Dedicate your Life to Helping others. To Enlightened Explorations that place you firmly in the Loving Arms of Sacred Mother Earth. Believe in Miracles and you establish a Conscious link with the Divine. We Journey to Higher states of Love and Joy when we Dedicate ourselves to making the World a Better place. Dedication Inspires Transformation.

From the Seed of Spirit grows the Tree of Life. Awake and Arise. Let the Positive Energy of the Sun warm your Soul and Inspire you to Sing your Heart Open. You are Born of Good Thoughts and Actions. You are Born of Love. Embrace your Birthright and Share its Beauty. Know that You are a Seed from the Tree of Life and from You will grow something Sacred and Beautiful.

My Spirit wants to know if your Spirit can come out and Play. They can Share their Unique Gifts as they Frolic through Fields of Friendship. They can fill their Hearts with Light and Transform Dreams into Reality. They can Inspire us to Honour everything in Life. My Soul wants to know if your Soul can come in and Love.

Please See that which is before you. Please See the Beauty that surrounds you. Please See my hand outstretched in Friendship. Please See your own Divinity. Please See the Light of Awareness. Please See the Path to Wellness. Please See the Best of Yourself. Please See the Fire of Freedom. Please See the Wisdom of Hindsight. Please See the Seed of all Creation. Please See the Power of Kindness. Please See the Soul of Nature and Please See the Breath of Life. Please, Please, Please! Thank You!

A Great and Wondrous thing happens every morning when i Awake. I am overcome with Joy for the Gift of Life, the Gift of Love, the Gift of Opportunity and the Gift of Freedom. My Gifts are many and I Embrace the day with Gratitude. I am Blessed.

I am the Morning Sun and I am Radiant. I am the Evening Moon and I am Glorious. I am the Light of Life and I am Miraculous. I am You and You are Beautiful.

I Pray for Deep Knowing and Insight that i may Guide people on their Journey of Spirit. I Pray for Inspired words from within that i may Touch people in a way that Impacts them Positively. I Pray for the Highest Good and Purpose in all that i do that i may Serve Humanity with Love. Life is a Prayer and we are Messengers of Spirit. Explore with me the Deeper Meaning of Existence and Together ours will be a Prayer that brings Joy and Happiness to the World. Amen.

Child of the Universe embrace my Spirit and Nurture my Heart. Father of the Sky elevate my Soul and Illuminate my Path. Mother of the Earth hold me close and say I Love You. We are here to Love and be Loved nothing more nothing less. Good Morning I Love You.

I am Earth and Stone. I am Love and Light. I am the Best part of you as You are the Best part of Me. We are Beautiful.

Let Wisdom Guide You. Live your Heartfelt Purpose and make that Purpose to Serve the Greater Good. Positive Transformation occurs when we Walk in Tandem with the Universe. We are Celestial Beings. We are Angels on Earth. Heaven is in our Heart and Nirvana is in our Soul. We are Enlightened Travelers of Divine Spiritual Essence. A New Awakening is reaching out to us. Love your Life for your Life is Love.

Set your Souls Compass to Heaven. Point your Life in the Direction of Love. Chart a Course to Joy and Happiness. Where we go in Life is our Choice. Choose places that Elevate the Spirit. Choose places that Inspire the Heart and Choose places that Stimulate the Mind. Journey towards a Destiny of Bliss and Beauty.

We are Born with Greatness. We are Gifted with Harmonic Vibrational Energies that Cleanse the Soul and Uplift the Spirit. We are the Dreams come True for Higher Powers. We are a Treasure of Beauty that takes your Breath away. We are Love.

Women are the most Beautiful Flowers in Gods Garden. I bow at the Temple of the Feminine for Earth is my Mother and She is Breathtaking.

Every Cell of your Being is Connected to the Love that Exists within. Horizons Expand when we Acknowledge, Accept and Appreciate that Love is Who, What and Why we are. Love is our Destiny and the Destiny of every Living thing. Experience your True Self, Lighten your Spirit, Discover your Passion and Create some Unique that Serves the Greater Good of Humanity. The Path to Connectedness begins with an Awareness that Inspires and continues with a Love that Knows no Bounds. Live your Love.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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