Friday, April 13, 2012

I See the Angel in my Soul

Brightest Blessings on this Beautiful Day. Blessings of Love to One and All. I give to you Joy and Light that you may Share it with others. I give you my Heart and Soul that it may Inspire you to Awaken fully to Life. Blessings on your Journey. Blessings of Kindness, Caring and Compassion. We are Unique. We are Snowflakes from Heaven that Radiate Love and Light. We are Beautiful. Brightest Blessings on this Beautiful Day. I Love You.

Treat your Life with Gratitude. Live more Mindfully and Create a Life you Love. Dance, Sing and Chant for Life is a Celebration. Ours is an Evolutionary Journey and our Destination is a Place of Joy and Reverie. Welcome to your Future - Make it something Beautiful.

Yours is a Beauty that Harnesses the Sun and makes the Soul Smile. It is Natural and Breathtaking. It is a Gift from God and Goddess which Inspires the Spirit. You are Beauty. You are Truth. You are Light and You are Love.

Your Soul is filled with Sacred Wells of Healing Energy. Look inside for there is Magick within you. Open your Heart to Love and Joy. You are capable of Greatness. Do that which makes your Heart Sing. Life is a Song and you are a Singer. Make every Song a Song of Love, Peace, Freedom, Happiness, Health and Beauty.

Awaken to a Brand New Day. A Day of Compassionate Awareness and Higher Understanding. Arise to a New Dawn. A Dawn of Joyful Existence and Love Profound. Awake and Arise.

With Respect and Love I communicate from the Heart a Message of Hope and Happiness which Connects deeply with the Soul. Live and Love Wisely. Make every Moment a Mystical Experience of Positive Change. Beyond this World is a Garden and I will meet you there and Together we will Manifest an Environment of Peace, Freedom, Beauty and Truth.

The Arms of Sacred Mother Earth are many that She may Embrace all her Children with Love and Light.

I Meditate to the Heartbeat of all Life. With Integrity and Wisdom i Sail on a Wave of Inner Peace. The Presence of Angels has Cleansed my Spirit and made mine a Life well Lived. I walk an Enlightened Path of Freedom and Bliss where Personal Transformation is a Choice to be Cherished. Bless each and every Soul who has Contributed to my Spiritual Education. I am Better Man today than i was yesterday and I will be a Better Man tomorrow than i am today. I am The Ancient One with Heart of Buffalo Journeys with Spirit of White Wolf.

The Voice of an Angel whispered in my Soul a Message of Mystic Enchantment and Profound Wisdom. I was Inspired to Explore Greater Realities and Dedicate my Life to Truth and Love. Listen to your Angel and Know that We are never alone for we are Precious and We are Loved.

I Opened the Window of Wellness and found a Soul Centered Life of Bliss. I Opened the Door to Enlightenment and found a Spirit Centered Life of Love. It is when We Open ourselves to Possibility that we Find what we are Looking for and what we need.

Breathe from the Spirit. See from the Soul. Live from the Core of your Being and Love from the Heart. Life is a Creation and We are Carpenters of Consciousness. Together we can Build a House of Inspiration, A Community of Kindness and a World of Love.

This Moment is a Gift. This Day is a Day of Opportunity. This Time is a Time of Transformation. Greet this Moment with Imagination and Expanded Awareness. Greet this Day with Grace and Gratitude. Greet this Time with a Peaceful Soul and a Loving Heart. Explore your Highest Purpose and Rejuvenate your Mind as you Cultivate Serenity, Bliss and Beauty. Love is Resplendent for those who See with Spiritual Eyes. This Moment is a Blessing....

I see the Angel in my Soul and I am Inspired. Within each of us is an Angel that Breathes Happiness. Embrace your Angel.

The Whispers of the Ancients are Guiding me to Nurture my Mind and Spirit. The Voices of the Ancestors are leading me to the Sacred Flame that i may see my Life in all its Glory. The Wisdom of the Angels is eliminating negative Thoughts and Creating Positive Transformation. I Live a Life of Love because I Listen and Learn.

I Greet this day with Gratitude and i Greet every Soul i meet with Love. Welcome to my Life.

Share with me your Wisdom. Share with me the Beauty of Who You Are. Share with me the Light within your Soul and the Love within your Heart. Share with me and I will Share with you. I will Share my Knowledge. I will Share the Blossom of my Being. I will Share the Glory and Greatness of every Life i have Lived. Share with Me.

Float with me in the Womb of Life and Together we will Honor the Beauty of the Natural World.

Life is a Blossoming Tree and We are Seeds of Self Expression. Believe in the Wonder of your Existence and Create a Life you Love. The Universe within you is Magickal and Mystical. Be a Bolt of Inspiration and let your Desire to Make a Difference guide you to a more Authentic Life. A Life of Extraordinary Achievement and Evolution of Spirit where you Reap the Benefits of your Sacred Journey and Experience Deep Joy.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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