Thursday, February 23, 2017

Make Yours a Life that is Liberated by Love

talk with your higher self and you will learn about the positive elements of your existence which will create a cosmic flow of energy that will enhance your divine beauty and make yours a life that is liberated by love.

there is an alchemical vibration emanating from our soul which bestows blessings upon us when we open ourselves to its divine beauty .

deeper exploration of our mystical essence is an act of sacred purification in which we create and discover happiness as we lovingly weave a world of divine truth and beauty.

we are blessed with spiritual self wisdom which is shared when we listen to the voice within. it is a wisdom that moves us to make extraordinary contacts as we awaken our relationships and open gateways to higher realms.

acts of kindness make ours a divine healing dance of revelations that inspire and celebrate humanity.

you are a beautifully crafted being of light who is on a meaningful spiritual path and by believing in this sacred truth you can manifest a joyous life.

by immersing ourselves in a sacred lifestyle we contribute to the greater good as we transcend this world.

be kind to yourself as this will create divine experiences of evolutionary purpose that embrace the heart and soul in an intrinsically rewarding and loving way .

intuitive revelations that inspire positive change come washing over us when we remove negative influences such as stress, doubt, worry and anger from our daily existence.

a meaningful life for the benefit of others is a blessing we bestow upon the world when we practice gratitude as we venture into angelic and spiritual realms which bring forth the beauty of our sacred self.

you are meant to make a difference in the world for you are designed with love and your every breath is an earthly treasure that reaches out to others with a light most beautiful.

when we truly take a step in the right direction joy overtakes us and we kindle an excitement for life that generates miraculous energy and stimulates positive change.

immerse yourself in a sacred lifestyle and you will start down a path of intentional choice that improves the quality of your life as you transcend this world.

bring forth the beauty of your evolutionary purpose by being kind to yourself as this is an intrinsically rewarding act of self love that contributes positively to the greater good.

waves of change wash over us every day and by allowing ourselves to truly experience their beauty we awaken into a reality of intuitive revelations that inspire and sacred actions that transcend.

by reaching out to others with love we create divine experiences which fill our path with earthly and ethereal treasures.

a meaningful life is one designed with love where you practice gratitude as you seek to make a difference in the world by living in a way that benefits yourself and others.

every step in the right direction kindles an excitement for life which generates a miraculous energy that stimulates positive change.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spiritual Maturity Inspires Us to Embrace the Sacred in Others

spiritual maturity inspires us to embrace the sacred in others which creates positive changes in our lives that lead to higher dimensions and realms of love.

spiritual awareness opens us to ethereal connections which empower our life with radiant esoteric powers that awaken the heart and soul of our true sacred self.

gratitude and appreciation are gifts we give ourselves and the world which manifest the hearts desires making life a self healing journey defined by positive experiences.

look closely for the light within illuminates the beauty coming from the soul that we may see clearly the celestial energies and amazing healing powers we are blessed with.

the universe speaks to us and if we listen closely to the message it is sharing we begin to live at a higher vibration as we make our life a sacred celebration of the evolution of our soul.

the more committed you are to transformation the easier it will be to illuminate your essence and manifest your aspirations.

listen to the wisdom of your angels and guides as they will inspire you to bring forth the beauty within that all the world may see your glory and know your greatness.

we are heavenly beings on an existential quest of transformative healing to a place beyond the physical world where we may live our higher self as we align with our sacred purpose.

mine is a path of magickal intent where i flourish from within as i blossom into an existence of spiritual realities in which love and light are my lifelong companions.

we all have extraordinary powers and by truly loving who we are and believing in our blessings we fill our life with sacred possibilities as we perform miracles that manifest beauty and bliss.

a solid foundation of love and light attracts wisdom from other realms which make ours a rich and rewarding path of magickal intent where our every breath is a source of inspiration.

i wish for you a spiritually motivated life of awareness and happiness where you express your wholeness in ways that embrace your divinity and guide you to higher levels of love.

wisdom from spirit heightens our sensitivity and facilitates deep healing when we honor its essence and live its truth by being the force of light and love that is our destiny.

in the heart of our existence an evolutionary awakening is happening which if embraced will guide us to a meaningful and liberating place of higher self love where we may bathe in the light of a beautiful new reality.

you are a being of infinite love and akashic energy whose heart and soul are filled with life changing insights which when believed in and followed lead to healing waters that bless.

angelically beautiful are those whose higher path and purpose is a divinely inspired blessing that benefits others in loving compassionate ways.

communicate from the heart and yours will be a unique healing journey whose spectrum of light illuminates a path that helps others ascend.

open your heart to the divine loving presence as you awaken to your spiritually and you will begin to know yourself at a soul level as you live your sacred purpose.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 09, 2017

A Hugely Rewarding Life of Innate Beauty

with uniqueness and authenticity may you manifest infinite possibilities and positive liberating energies which make yours a hugely rewarding life of innate beauty and wholeness.

we are healers and nurturers. we are creators of light. we are divine beings who illuminate and inspire. we are sacred and beautiful. this is who we are.

connect to higher sources of light as this will make you feel alive and enriched as you are immersed in a path that is sacred and blissful.

sacred light beings let us share our higher vibrations of love with the world that all may feel the joy of freedom and happiness as they discover new ethereal realms of experience.

something truly magickal happens when we live our divine purpose. we heal from within and ours becomes a heart centered path of purification.

love and appreciate who you are as this will open you to the energy of your higher self which will awaken your true sacred potential thereby making your life an exciting and rewarding adventure.

this is a time of blessings and by living a life of spiritual service in which you make inspired decisions yours becomes a joyful harmonious existence where every breath is a gift to humanity.

beautiful shining being of positive powerful actions may you unfold into a new reality in which you open your soul to the light and breathe in the love that is your birthright.

focus on helping humankind and flow with the changes this creates for yours is a path of greater benefit and by sharing your light you blossom more fully.

listen and you will hear the cosmic sacred heartbeat. look and you will see beacons of light which illuminate your unique essence. life is filled with mystical revelations waiting for us to awaken.

within you is a higher vibration. accept its blessings and you will connect to spiritual realms of kindness and generosity where every step raises you higher in your celestial evolution.

the more love you feel for yourself the more choices you will make that serve the greatest good for love of self lights the flame of your divinity.

self love and acceptance miraculously guides us through the beauty of life that we may see and experience the glory of who we truly are.

beloved earth being may yours be a blissful state of consciousness where you see life from a soul level perspective thereby making yours a spiritual adventure in which you manifest angelic connections that make your world the heaven it is meant to be.

with pure love let us walk with the divine into higher realms where the lightness of our being radiates a truth which illuminates our every breath with ethereal beauty and celestial joy.

be open to your intuition and unique essence as this will help you to make your dreams take flight while empowering your magnificent sacred self.

we are changing and evolving every day and by expressing our divinity in compassionate understanding ways our transformation becomes one of transcendent truth and spiritual rebirth.

may yours be a life centered in love where the light flowing through you creates a powerful spiritual awakening which empowers you to step into your greatness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Divine Centeredness and Sacred Beauty

profoundly inspired, empowering a nd life changing are those blessed souls who find complete well being through divine centeredness and sacred beauty.

a compassionate spirit which listens to the voice of the soul is a blessing of insight and inspiration that embraces our existence with the beautiful sunshine of a life most sacred.

ultivate inner peace as this will help you create sacred connections of joy and serenity which will make your journey a spiritual adventure of powerfully enlightening inspiration for the soul.

our path is one of cosmic light and by following that light we foster more joy which embraces us with a life force energy that makes us powerful beyond measure.

listen to the whispers of the angels and you will hear absolutely amazing messages that will facilitate positive change by inspiring you to let your natural gifts emerge.

ours is a pure life divinely inspired and those who walk through it open heartedly with spirit as their guide and love as their companion are the ones who bless the world with a light that empowers and enlightens.

powerful and profound are we who use the light of our divine essence to connect with the world in beautiful ways that are important and meaningful.

journey with me in mindful awareness to fields of consciousness where we may cultivate spiritual alignment as we nourish and enlighten the world around us.

sacred living allows us to see with amazing clarity the beauty of our soul and to shine brightly thereby making ours a life that serves the betterment of all.

i am at one with the universe for i have embraced self transcendence and ventured through healing pathways and angelic realms to a world of heart warming wisdom and life changing experiences.

we expand and evolve when we share our pure love and light as they are blessings whose transformational power improves the quality of life for ourselves and others.

we have within our reach a universe of possibilities and by using our divine energies for the greater good we bring those possibilities closer and closer until they become opportunities that enrich and empower.

connect to your divinity with universal love and healing wisdom as this will make yours a community of joy where people embrace their own truth and bathe in the glory of each others sacred light.

metaphysical thought manifests infinite awareness which creates miraculous phenomena that facilitate positive personal transformation.

spiritual vitality, healing honesty and life changing insights are tools of transformation that make their home deep within our soul and by loving who we are life becomes a journey of glorious beauty and greater well being.

you are an extraordinary being. you are a sacred warrior. dive happily into the future and you will find your own truth which will lead you beyond your own boundaries to your ethereal home.

angels and spirit guides help people transform. they are catalysts for positive change who when believed in offer compassionate support which inspires joy and makes us radiantly happy.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One