Thursday, May 28, 2015

We Are Teachers And Healers

we are teachers and healers who by living an authentic life become whole in a way that embraces the soul of the earth and moves us forward on a path of transformational adventures where we create the life we want and deserve.

a life of passion, purpose, meaning and direction is a life of cosmic awareness that heals the spirit and creates peace in every breath for our intentions lead to actions which guide us to beautiful insights where we experience the divine.

live and love your truest self and yours will be a journey of spirit where you open the door to understanding and live in the light of joy.

the more aware you are of the present moment the more you flower within and the more you realize that yours is an inspiring true story of an empowered enlightening being.

you are a divine messenger whose thoughts and actions positively affect lives. celebrate yourself and let yours be a love that embraces everything. you are a sacred blessing.

set yourself free that your light and love may soar over landscapes of spirit for you are an extraordinary gift born to inspire whose path is one of transcendence and transformation.

enjoy being alive by discovering your true nature as doing so opens gateways to kindness and reveals pathways to deeply transforming experiences. simply delightful is a life of soul and self where to live is to serve ourself and others in a manner that pleases the spirit and inspires angels to sing.

i have a passion for possibility and a love for opportunity. i live to shape my own reality in a way that best suits my spirit. i seek to touch hearts and souls in a way that serves as a catalyst for transformation. i have a passion for beauty and a love for bliss.

a life built on a spiritual foundation is one of balance and wholeness where our magnificent divine soul is free to live its beauty and we are free to spread our wings and fly.

we are awakening beings and by shining a light on our sacred beauty we open ourselves to existential guidance from magickal dimensions which leads us to live a self empowered life where we feel more positive about our future and the future of all humankind.

there is a place on every path where earth meets heaven to find that path we must simply awaken our innate compassion and be who we were born to be. live your true self and yours will be a powerful and inspiring voyage on an ocean of bliss where we all unite in love.

live with an open mid and loving heart for doing so will bring forth your true beauty that all the world may see you through sacred eyes. by opening ourself up to spirit we create an empowered future of joyful purpose where we help others heal as we evolve into beings of light.

you are a servant of the soul, a divine being of love and light with the power to move mountains. believe in yourself. feel good about yourself. know that yours is a path empowered by love. once you accept and embrace these truths a miraculous transformation of bliss and beauty will guide you to the heaven in your heart.

making joyful connections is truly life altering for the goodness of others motivates and inspires as it helps us expand and grow into a more beautiful and spiritual existence.

i am unapologetically spiritual. i wave my freak flag high. i am who i am not who others want me to be. i am weird and wonderful. i am oddly strange. i am a beautiful mess. my name is micheal. this is who i am.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Imprint Love On The Soul

a blessing to all whose purpose is wholeness in life and whose passion is to imprint love on the soul of every beautiful being of light they encounter along the way.

may ours be a soulful journey into the realm of spirit and may ours be an enchanted life of nurturing experiences and heartfelt communication touched by joy.

power your day with love. generate positive energy as you venture forward. light the world with your smile. you are a radiant powerful being of beauty who at any moment can inspire and transform yourself and others.

dreams are roses that bloom when we water them with light and love. nurture, nourish and embrace your dreams with the belief that they are yours to create and yours to live.

every step along our path is a divine experience that touches and teaches us in ways that are loving and inspiring. be mindful and yours will be a voyage of light for it is through awareness that we create our own sunshine.

there is great joy in this moment. close your eyes and breathe in the beauty of the blessings that are waiting to be embraced. reach out with the knowledge that there are treasures of spirit awaiting your caress. smile for yours is a heart as vast as the sky. there is great love in this moment.

belief is the greatest gift we can give ourself for to fully believe in the joy and beauty of who you are is to live your true nature and fall in love with your life.

special are the gifts you were born with. special is your unique destiny. special is the path you have chosen. special is the beautiful light of your true self. special is the reality of your goodness. know, believe and live this truth - you are special.

live with purpose and find your freedom as you cultivate a life of abundant blessings and sacred awareness for you are a light from heaven placed on earth to illuminate a path to the divine self that all may find their way home to the beauty of their true essence.

i love the love that is who i am for it moves me to love myself in a way that inspires others to love who they are as well as moving them to love me for my goodness and true beauty. i love the love that is who you are.

compassionate is the way of the spiritual self. look within to that sacred place of kindness and embrace its beauty for it is when we set free the love that is our true nature that we become more fully alive and begin our journey along a path that illuminates and transforms.

bless the joy in simple things. the carousel opened in port dalhousie yesterday and we took our five year old darwin there to enjoy its ancient beauty. the thing that makes a child so magickal and wondrous is the great joy they feel in doing the simplest of things. my son likes to collect sticks when we go for a walk then shove them in a bush in our front yard. that is life at its most real and beautiful. i think today i will sing for no reason and dance just for the fun of it. bless the joy in simple things.

beautifully unique and gloriously blessed are we. the greater our understanding of our true and sacred self the more magnificent our lives will be. spiritually authentic and divinely loved are we.

this is a sacred moment. you are a divine being. you have a beautiful heart and a loving purpose. voyage above and beyond this sphere of existence to your sacred authentic self and you will discover a deeper soul level where truth and beauty dance in celebration of your magnificence.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Place Of Spiritual Integrity

appreciation and gratitude awaken the divine and move us toward a place of spiritual integrity where healing intentions inspire all to become more loving. contented is the sigh of those who are truly thankful.

you are a glorious revelation of immense value whose truth and beauty delight the heart and serve the whole.

express your divinity by sharing your light and unique aliveness as you walk in truth and beauty towards the heaven that is your destiny.

acknowledge your breathtaking magnificence and become your passion. a fascinating new reality will be yours the moment you accept and embrace the truth that you are magickal and amazing. love who you are and life becomes a series of sacred experiences where dreams come true and miracles are your reward.

we are guides and angels. we are beings of divine light meant to uplift the world. be who you were born to be by fostering emotional and spiritual wellness as you make life transforming choices and journey to a blissful state of joy and happiness.

open your heart to others and yours will be a more rewarding life in which you blossom into beauty allowing the world to see the miracle of who you are.

paint the heavens with the beauty of your true self for you are a masterpiece to be admired and cherished. by sharing your greatness you breathe life into the soul of all blessed to experience your sacred essence. it is when we realize that we are free to soar that we are carried away by the winds of change to a place of infinite possibilities.

leap into life with the knowledge that spirit will give you inspiration and soul will give you wings to fly.

create good fortune. build bridges to places of beauty and truth. paint the sky with rainbows of love. manifest a world of miracles. you are capable of great things and the moment you believe fully in yourself the gateway to opportunity will open and your whole world will change for the better.

a warm and open heart is a nurturing source of love which embraces the oneness of the universe as it inspires a dance of transformation. open your heart and let the light in.

embrace the beauty within and it will encourage and empower a future of grace and glory where yours is a path of pleasure enhanced by the sacred and guided by the higher self.

journey deep within to that place in your soul where healing life force energy resides for there you will find a reservoir of strength that will guide you down a transformational path of light that will positively change your life.

join me in a compassionate prayer of self awareness and self love for it is when we embrace the beauty of who we are that we open ourself to life in a way that allows the flow of positive energy within to be set free and we begin to make our life a sacred loving sanctuary of happiness and joy.

liberate the child within that it may touch the soul of the ancients and together they will inspire you to awaken to your true self and live the life you were born to live.

yours is a journey of discovery worth the effort for you will discover that you are beautiful, amazing, magnificent, glorious, brilliant, magickal, miraculous and divine.

choose to seek guidance from spirits and transform your life. choose to set your soul in motion and change your world for the better. the choice is yours. choose to love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Thursday, May 07, 2015

You Are A Being Of Light In The Presence Of Angels

shine with beauty for you are a being of light in the presence of angels and heaven is waiting for you to express your true self that it may open its gates and say welcome home.

great changes occur when we realize that we are deeply spiritual beings whose passion and purpose is to love and be loved.

a wish to serve others and a desire to unearth the sacred self creates a beautiful tapestry of soulful significance that shapes our inner and outer life in a way that feels good and inspires us to be the angels on earth we were born to be.

acceptance of self opens up a world of possibilities for the more we love, respect and appreciate who we are the more likely we are to walk in wellness, connect with positive people and be immersed in the sacred light of love.

manifest new possibilities, make deeper spiritual connections, find peace within and yours will be a beautiful fulfilling life of great joy and lasting inner peace.

know that you are on an unfolding path of beauty and when you truly recognize how lovely life is and how breathtaking you are every moment will become a transformative spiritual experience.

treasure each moment for with every breath we learn something new as we awaken to our purpose. cherish every soul for with each new person we meet we learn more about ourself and the world of the sacred. life is at its most beautiful when it is loved, treasured and cherished.

look deep within and you will discover that you have a heart shaped soul. a soul of transcendent beauty that flows into inspiration and connects with the divine.

let spirit come through you. let the flow of life force energy inspire your heart. answer the voice within by saying yes. it is when we get out of our own way and let go that we discover just how magnificent and miraculous we are.

without knowing it you are constantly impacting peoples lives in a way that creates positive change. you are making a unique contribution that connects others to the light. you are making a difference. be proud in the knowledge that you are someone special whose life has meaning.

we are infinite beings of divine love and by living our greatness and doing those things that matter the most we will come to realize that the soul has answers and that every moment of our life is a beautiful treasure.

allow your soulful spirit to implement true change that you may live your evolutionary potential with an integrity of purpose that moves you to achieve the impossible as you live your life in the most beautiful way.

yours is a flowing heart of positive energy awareness which if embraced fully will facilitate transformation and guide you to a world of true beauty that is mindful and miraculous.

be truthful with yourself and you will discover that spirituality is alive. believe wholeheartedly in yourself and you will discover that love is alive. life is a joyous exploration filled with divine revelations when we live our truth and believe in who we are.

To walk the earth in friendship is to embrace the highest human potential. Friendship bathes us with warmth and life while inspiring our soul to blossom.

Live more mindfully , write a new chapter in your life , reclaim your wholeness and feel reverence in your heart , for by planting these seeds you will create a beautiful garden that will bear fruit to sustain your soul and nourish your spirit for eternity.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )