Thursday, May 21, 2015

Imprint Love On The Soul

a blessing to all whose purpose is wholeness in life and whose passion is to imprint love on the soul of every beautiful being of light they encounter along the way.

may ours be a soulful journey into the realm of spirit and may ours be an enchanted life of nurturing experiences and heartfelt communication touched by joy.

power your day with love. generate positive energy as you venture forward. light the world with your smile. you are a radiant powerful being of beauty who at any moment can inspire and transform yourself and others.

dreams are roses that bloom when we water them with light and love. nurture, nourish and embrace your dreams with the belief that they are yours to create and yours to live.

every step along our path is a divine experience that touches and teaches us in ways that are loving and inspiring. be mindful and yours will be a voyage of light for it is through awareness that we create our own sunshine.

there is great joy in this moment. close your eyes and breathe in the beauty of the blessings that are waiting to be embraced. reach out with the knowledge that there are treasures of spirit awaiting your caress. smile for yours is a heart as vast as the sky. there is great love in this moment.

belief is the greatest gift we can give ourself for to fully believe in the joy and beauty of who you are is to live your true nature and fall in love with your life.

special are the gifts you were born with. special is your unique destiny. special is the path you have chosen. special is the beautiful light of your true self. special is the reality of your goodness. know, believe and live this truth - you are special.

live with purpose and find your freedom as you cultivate a life of abundant blessings and sacred awareness for you are a light from heaven placed on earth to illuminate a path to the divine self that all may find their way home to the beauty of their true essence.

i love the love that is who i am for it moves me to love myself in a way that inspires others to love who they are as well as moving them to love me for my goodness and true beauty. i love the love that is who you are.

compassionate is the way of the spiritual self. look within to that sacred place of kindness and embrace its beauty for it is when we set free the love that is our true nature that we become more fully alive and begin our journey along a path that illuminates and transforms.

bless the joy in simple things. the carousel opened in port dalhousie yesterday and we took our five year old darwin there to enjoy its ancient beauty. the thing that makes a child so magickal and wondrous is the great joy they feel in doing the simplest of things. my son likes to collect sticks when we go for a walk then shove them in a bush in our front yard. that is life at its most real and beautiful. i think today i will sing for no reason and dance just for the fun of it. bless the joy in simple things.

beautifully unique and gloriously blessed are we. the greater our understanding of our true and sacred self the more magnificent our lives will be. spiritually authentic and divinely loved are we.

this is a sacred moment. you are a divine being. you have a beautiful heart and a loving purpose. voyage above and beyond this sphere of existence to your sacred authentic self and you will discover a deeper soul level where truth and beauty dance in celebration of your magnificence.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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