Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Community of Spirit

together we can build a community of spirit. together we can create an environment of higher consciousness and soulful liberation. together we can manifest a rich and fulfilling life of love. there is much we can do together for we are one and we are beautiful.

commit to living life in a positive way and you awaken the hope within. positive empowering actions create a higher state of bliss. its really that simple: positive creates positive creates joy creates peace creates happiness creates love...

connect with your core and embrace the bliss of your own soul. the answers you are seeking are within you, for you are a blessed child of the universe with the power to heal. immerse yourself in your true beauty and you will be enveloped by a sacred wisdom that is truly life changing.

a sacred paradise exists within each soul. it is a place of supreme bliss that whispers wisdom to our spirit. it is a place of motivation and inspiration that celebrates life. journey within for it is there that you will truly know yourself and is then that you will feel most at home.

we are born of love and within each of us are profound resources of light which when embraced will nourish the heart and awaken joy while guiding us to true happiness.

an authentic and purposeful life immersed in true spiritual love creates a path of enlightenment which leads to a loving environment where kindness is commonplace and happiness is infinite.

the miracle of love is a magickal blessing which creates an atmosphere of joy, beauty and goodness. let us make it our life's work to manifest miracles that all may experience the glory of love.

encourage others to grow. encourage others to live beyond their reach. empower others to open their hearts. empower others to live their dreams. inspire others to walk in beauty. inspire others to embrace joy and kindness. encourage, empower and inspire others and when you see the glorious impact it has on their lives repeat those actions with yourself.

a shift in awareness is upon us. you can feel the change in energy. an awakening of spirit is on the horizon and it is breathtaking. the time has come to explore and experience the beauty of your true self that you may better experience the greatness of others. transformation is on its way and the butterfly of our spirit will soon fly free.

when you experience a deeper connection with yourself you open heart and soul in a way that inspires deeper connections with others.

if we elevate our consciousness, fortify our soul and dedicate ourselves to spiritual transformation ours will be a beautiful flowering which blossoms into a higher quality of life.

my soul and life purpose is to restore hope and joy in others and myself. to remind people of how beautiful they are. to help others understand what a blessing they are. to awaken people to their dreams. to show all that they are a gift to humanity. i have seen the light and it is you.

we are on a journey of unfoldment. a deeply healing journey of universal goodness. let us come together as one vibrant spiritual community and miraculously heal ourselves and our planet. we are one and ours is a shared experience. let us dedicate ourselves to making that experience one of great love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Monday, April 21, 2014

Embrace Life in a Higher and Better Way

there is always a higher and better way. we have the choice of how we react to life. we can react in kindness. we can react in compassion. we can react in love. our world transforms when we make the conscious choice to embrace life in a higher and better way.

we are each of us in our own way beautiful angels and it is our choice whether the path we walk is one that leads to heaven, for heaven is a place within us and if we are brave enough to spread our wings the gates will open and welcome us home.

think in ways positive and you bring light into your life. act in ways positive and you bring love into your life. live in ways positive and you bring the sacred into your life. embrace the positive.

when i gaze at the night sky i see within the glow of celestial bodies your name written across the heavens for you are sacred and the beauty of your essence inspires me to awaken to all that i am that i may truly embrace all that you are.

inspire me, empower me, that i may be, all i can be and together we can be as one. you are the light that guides my soul to all that is good. you are the beauty that moves me through fields of kindness and landscapes of love. inspire me, empower me, that i may be, all i can be and together we can be as one.

ignite your passion and purpose that the flame of your dreams and visions may guide you to make your heart sing in ways that inspire spiritual enlightenment and create an atmosphere of compassion and contemplation where all live in love.

with every breath we are evolving into our true self. with every breath wisdom comes to us like raindrops from heaven. with every breath we create a divine tapestry of spirit and soul. with every breath we manifest sacred awareness. with every breath we dream our world into being. with every breath we inspire love. breathe deeply and enjoy life.

we are on a pilgrimage to spirit. we are on an expedition to the soul. ours is a voyage of passion, purpose and prayer. ours is a journey of love, light and laughter. awaken to the sacred. awaken to your highest vision. awaken to the beauty of your true self. today is your day to smile and rejoice in celebration of life and all its blessings.

live your divinity. live your uniqueness. live your truth. live in a way that makes every moment a joyous expression. a world of opportunity and possibility is ours to shape as we like. we can awake at any time and create something beautiful. we are masters of our own fate. live your light. live your love. live your reality. live in a way that makes every breath a pearl of sacred discovery.

there is a rose garden of serenity within every soul where our true self blossoms that one day we may become beings of heartfelt intention who live and breathe love for that is our essence and that is our destiny.

awaken oneness. awaken consciousness. awaken kindness. awaken lightness of being. awaken truth. awaken joy. awaken compassion. awaken transformation. awaken love. it is when we are truly awakened that we see with clarity our path and purpose.

make yours a higher standard of loving. live in the moment and make every moment something beautiful. explore the depths of your heart for it is there you will find spiritual pathways that inspire joy and cultivate inner peace. sail the ocean of life with insight and inspiration as your guides. the dance of creation is a dance of love and by living your truth you make yours a higher standard of loving.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Monday, April 14, 2014

You are a Wonderful Gift of Ethereal Grace

align with who you are for you are a wonderful gift of ethereal grace. live with more freedom and know that you have a greater purpose. feel the goodness in each breath and realize that every moment is an opportunity to flower. believe you can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and allow your eternal soul to guide you along a path of loving and healing experiences. you are a miracle and by living that truth you create a beautiful life of spirit.

be more loving toward others and your create more happiness. be more loving toward yourself and you create more joy. be more loving.

words heal. words enrich. words enlighten. when you share your words with others do so in a way that has a positive impact. no criticisms, no negative responses, no angry or hurtful comments... words uplift. words inspire. words transform. say something nice.

the good path is one of deeper spiritual intelligence. the good life is one of deeper joy and love. look within and find your goodness for it is there that your journey to happiness begins.

create a warm and caring environment. create a happy and fulfilled life. you are the master of your own fate and your life is yours to create how you see fit. create an atmosphere of love and light.

walk a joyful path of self discovery and you will find ancient ancestral wisdom which will guide you to a place of calm and loving peace where you may live your every dream.

this is a message for you. you are a gift graciously given by heaven to caress the world with the light of love. you are on a spiritual growth journey to a paradise of your own creation. you have much to offer humanity that will change lives for the better. you are beautiful and talented beyond words. you are a glorious miracle of transcendent glory. this is a message for you and the message is i love you.

life changing transformation comes to those who live lovingly and compassionately with a sincere desire to serve the betterment of humankind and to touch souls in a way that has the greatest impact.

it is when we feel at home within that we are free to be ourself and embrace a clear vision and purpose which will guide us to the love and light that is our birthright.

connect to your own guidance and you will embark on a transformative journey of tenderness and compassion which awakens your sacred self and moves you towards higher levels of transcendence.

today is a day of miracles. your every breath is a miracle. every act of kindness is a miracle. the joy of children at play is a miracle. the light of a loving smile is a miracle. you are a miracle. today is a day of miracles. count your blessings and rejoice.

greater self love deepens and enlivens all our relationships for to truly love who you are enlightens the spirit, inspires the soul and expands the heart in extraordinary ways.

immerse yourself in the purity of light and emerge feeling connected. seek to live in a way that benefits the whole and you will experience spiritual connections that transform your life. honour who you are by being a sacred messenger of love and sharing the glow of your greatness. you are a miracle to be cherished. believe in yourself.

a holistic way of living in which you treat mind, body, soul and spirit as one is a path that leads to healing and happiness. if we nurture our total self with those things that are positive we create beauty and truth. feed your mind wisdom, feed your body pure organic safe food, feed your spirit divine light and feed your soul sacred love. do this and you will never go hungry for you will be nourished by the joy of being.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

Monday, April 07, 2014

The Importance of Love

life is filled with lessons. delve more deeply into transformational learning and change your life for the better. discover the sacred. discover the importance of love. discover the beauty in all things. to live life well is to find your true self and to love yourself with all your heart. let that be your lesson.

yours is a vivacious spirit. you are a profound gift. the positive energy of your soul is such as to inspire and uplift. you are a timeless prayer of love. believe in yourself and believe in your sacred glory.

lead a fulfilling life compelled by passion where you cultivate peace inside and yours will be a journey of positive energy and spiritual focus where every moment is a transformational experience.

let our intention be to inspire. let our intention be to uplift. let our intention be to create a more compassionate world. let our intention be love.

share freely your gifts for you have the ability to touch souls and change lives.

delight in your life. live with gratitude and appreciation for all your blessings. there is beauty and richness everywhere. breathe in the love that abounds and listen to the gentle voice of spirit as your journey of discovery takes you to your true self.

love is your divine birthright. it is a unifying healing experience of deep abiding joy. it is the key to creating a great and wonderful world. it profoundly changes life for the better. love is who you are. live your love.

love and healing are my guides. kindness and compassion are my companions. spirit and soul are my friends. you and i are one. all are one. i love you.

ignite the fire of joy within and embrace your beauty for it is when we accept our true self that we experience the spiritual in ways that transform and transcend.

you are love. know that you are love. feel that you are love. accept that you are love. believe that you are love. embrace that you are love. acknowledge that you are love. appreciate that you are love. understand that you are love. love that you are love. you are love.

a deep commitment to love and life affirming changes make the souls sacred journey one of profound encounters that inspire the spirit and caress the heart.

within you are unique magickal gifts and by connecting with your essence you create greater fulfillment and joyful realities that will guide you to a balanced and happy life.

accept that every moment is inspirational and yours will be a sacred path of spiritual liberation where you live your dreams as life unfolds in positive vibrations of happiness.

you are a source of radiant love. you are powerfully and spiritually alive. your life is a prayerful song of inspiration. you are in the process of awakening. we make better choices and live a better life when we believe and accept how wonderful we are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )