Monday, April 07, 2014

The Importance of Love

life is filled with lessons. delve more deeply into transformational learning and change your life for the better. discover the sacred. discover the importance of love. discover the beauty in all things. to live life well is to find your true self and to love yourself with all your heart. let that be your lesson.

yours is a vivacious spirit. you are a profound gift. the positive energy of your soul is such as to inspire and uplift. you are a timeless prayer of love. believe in yourself and believe in your sacred glory.

lead a fulfilling life compelled by passion where you cultivate peace inside and yours will be a journey of positive energy and spiritual focus where every moment is a transformational experience.

let our intention be to inspire. let our intention be to uplift. let our intention be to create a more compassionate world. let our intention be love.

share freely your gifts for you have the ability to touch souls and change lives.

delight in your life. live with gratitude and appreciation for all your blessings. there is beauty and richness everywhere. breathe in the love that abounds and listen to the gentle voice of spirit as your journey of discovery takes you to your true self.

love is your divine birthright. it is a unifying healing experience of deep abiding joy. it is the key to creating a great and wonderful world. it profoundly changes life for the better. love is who you are. live your love.

love and healing are my guides. kindness and compassion are my companions. spirit and soul are my friends. you and i are one. all are one. i love you.

ignite the fire of joy within and embrace your beauty for it is when we accept our true self that we experience the spiritual in ways that transform and transcend.

you are love. know that you are love. feel that you are love. accept that you are love. believe that you are love. embrace that you are love. acknowledge that you are love. appreciate that you are love. understand that you are love. love that you are love. you are love.

a deep commitment to love and life affirming changes make the souls sacred journey one of profound encounters that inspire the spirit and caress the heart.

within you are unique magickal gifts and by connecting with your essence you create greater fulfillment and joyful realities that will guide you to a balanced and happy life.

accept that every moment is inspirational and yours will be a sacred path of spiritual liberation where you live your dreams as life unfolds in positive vibrations of happiness.

you are a source of radiant love. you are powerfully and spiritually alive. your life is a prayerful song of inspiration. you are in the process of awakening. we make better choices and live a better life when we believe and accept how wonderful we are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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