Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Community of Spirit

together we can build a community of spirit. together we can create an environment of higher consciousness and soulful liberation. together we can manifest a rich and fulfilling life of love. there is much we can do together for we are one and we are beautiful.

commit to living life in a positive way and you awaken the hope within. positive empowering actions create a higher state of bliss. its really that simple: positive creates positive creates joy creates peace creates happiness creates love...

connect with your core and embrace the bliss of your own soul. the answers you are seeking are within you, for you are a blessed child of the universe with the power to heal. immerse yourself in your true beauty and you will be enveloped by a sacred wisdom that is truly life changing.

a sacred paradise exists within each soul. it is a place of supreme bliss that whispers wisdom to our spirit. it is a place of motivation and inspiration that celebrates life. journey within for it is there that you will truly know yourself and is then that you will feel most at home.

we are born of love and within each of us are profound resources of light which when embraced will nourish the heart and awaken joy while guiding us to true happiness.

an authentic and purposeful life immersed in true spiritual love creates a path of enlightenment which leads to a loving environment where kindness is commonplace and happiness is infinite.

the miracle of love is a magickal blessing which creates an atmosphere of joy, beauty and goodness. let us make it our life's work to manifest miracles that all may experience the glory of love.

encourage others to grow. encourage others to live beyond their reach. empower others to open their hearts. empower others to live their dreams. inspire others to walk in beauty. inspire others to embrace joy and kindness. encourage, empower and inspire others and when you see the glorious impact it has on their lives repeat those actions with yourself.

a shift in awareness is upon us. you can feel the change in energy. an awakening of spirit is on the horizon and it is breathtaking. the time has come to explore and experience the beauty of your true self that you may better experience the greatness of others. transformation is on its way and the butterfly of our spirit will soon fly free.

when you experience a deeper connection with yourself you open heart and soul in a way that inspires deeper connections with others.

if we elevate our consciousness, fortify our soul and dedicate ourselves to spiritual transformation ours will be a beautiful flowering which blossoms into a higher quality of life.

my soul and life purpose is to restore hope and joy in others and myself. to remind people of how beautiful they are. to help others understand what a blessing they are. to awaken people to their dreams. to show all that they are a gift to humanity. i have seen the light and it is you.

we are on a journey of unfoldment. a deeply healing journey of universal goodness. let us come together as one vibrant spiritual community and miraculously heal ourselves and our planet. we are one and ours is a shared experience. let us dedicate ourselves to making that experience one of great love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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