Monday, April 21, 2014

Embrace Life in a Higher and Better Way

there is always a higher and better way. we have the choice of how we react to life. we can react in kindness. we can react in compassion. we can react in love. our world transforms when we make the conscious choice to embrace life in a higher and better way.

we are each of us in our own way beautiful angels and it is our choice whether the path we walk is one that leads to heaven, for heaven is a place within us and if we are brave enough to spread our wings the gates will open and welcome us home.

think in ways positive and you bring light into your life. act in ways positive and you bring love into your life. live in ways positive and you bring the sacred into your life. embrace the positive.

when i gaze at the night sky i see within the glow of celestial bodies your name written across the heavens for you are sacred and the beauty of your essence inspires me to awaken to all that i am that i may truly embrace all that you are.

inspire me, empower me, that i may be, all i can be and together we can be as one. you are the light that guides my soul to all that is good. you are the beauty that moves me through fields of kindness and landscapes of love. inspire me, empower me, that i may be, all i can be and together we can be as one.

ignite your passion and purpose that the flame of your dreams and visions may guide you to make your heart sing in ways that inspire spiritual enlightenment and create an atmosphere of compassion and contemplation where all live in love.

with every breath we are evolving into our true self. with every breath wisdom comes to us like raindrops from heaven. with every breath we create a divine tapestry of spirit and soul. with every breath we manifest sacred awareness. with every breath we dream our world into being. with every breath we inspire love. breathe deeply and enjoy life.

we are on a pilgrimage to spirit. we are on an expedition to the soul. ours is a voyage of passion, purpose and prayer. ours is a journey of love, light and laughter. awaken to the sacred. awaken to your highest vision. awaken to the beauty of your true self. today is your day to smile and rejoice in celebration of life and all its blessings.

live your divinity. live your uniqueness. live your truth. live in a way that makes every moment a joyous expression. a world of opportunity and possibility is ours to shape as we like. we can awake at any time and create something beautiful. we are masters of our own fate. live your light. live your love. live your reality. live in a way that makes every breath a pearl of sacred discovery.

there is a rose garden of serenity within every soul where our true self blossoms that one day we may become beings of heartfelt intention who live and breathe love for that is our essence and that is our destiny.

awaken oneness. awaken consciousness. awaken kindness. awaken lightness of being. awaken truth. awaken joy. awaken compassion. awaken transformation. awaken love. it is when we are truly awakened that we see with clarity our path and purpose.

make yours a higher standard of loving. live in the moment and make every moment something beautiful. explore the depths of your heart for it is there you will find spiritual pathways that inspire joy and cultivate inner peace. sail the ocean of life with insight and inspiration as your guides. the dance of creation is a dance of love and by living your truth you make yours a higher standard of loving.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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